Welcome to the Bat pony, Changeling, Merpony, Alicorn, and Hybrid OCs Group

Looking for a place with no alicorn OC haters?
Then you came to the right place! In this group you can post stories with any type of OC as the principal character. You can also post stories with a cannon character as the principal character but it has to be one of these types:

Bat ponies, Changelings, Merponies, Alicorns, or Hybrids


1. No haters allowed.

2. You can post a story in multiple folders, but please put them in the right ones.

3. Be nice on the forums.

4. Have fun!




We are currently looking for admins. If you would like to be one send me a PM or leave a comment on my user page.

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387224 So am I... irony that you're also here

Yeah! I like your groups ideas. :pinkiehappy: I'll go ahead and post some of my stories here as I write them! Kekekeke!

If you need or want any assistance from me, go ahead and inbox me. I can always be a backup sort of deal. :scootangel:


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