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This is the forgotten library

This is a place to save all the treasures in scrolls.

I've managed to get a new assitent here.
Now I just need some poni to help me manage the library,
if and when I figure how to elevate the poni I'm looking for.

Punnies, like us

If you need a friend, and stuff just may be the place to start looking.

if you're looking for art, or need help improving; Amateur Artists Unite, this may be a place to stat.

If you like/love AppleJack, Apple Bucks just may be the place for you?

For the Changelings in our midst, I have finally added a new location; Queen Chrysalis takes Manehattan, with some fun, culture and a chance to enjoy Manehattan.

If you're supporting for Celestia for President, this is your place.

If you are, or desire to be a Citizen of The Solar Empire This is the road to the Capital.

For those of you who belive Gems and Crystals have powers, or just enjoy reading stories about it; Five Magics may be the place for you.

For all the fns of Bambi, this is he newly opened refuge.

If you are looking for a group for Ponies, either uncommon or not originating from within the Canon Equestria; Goo Ponies, Tentacle Ponies may be what you are looking for.

Time to be Happy, Happy, Happy, life's too short to be sad and blue!

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391932 oh, the Ancent History. Now I need to dig up this one scrap of obscure refference to know what little was actually known af her?
We know scores more of Prince Blueblood, not so much that he was very likable at the Gala?

They are the oposit of being one-another's Oposits, whihc is curious to see. although, Surprise is said to be a white Pegaus with blond mane and purple balloons. Wonder if she has her own army (horde) of clone Ponies? If she does, that would make for a haunting sight.

Hay, how about I make it a triarchy and throw in the necxt or even earlier version of them? She would entertain the masses by squinking her version of Cinema. Oh, and she is Pink as well.

391931 in that heart warming eve? Rarity played a Princess?

That'd be weird.... I think

391926 Since I don't know Platinum, it is easier to go with Blueblood.

Yet, how about a Diarchy with surprise & Pink and her Infernal Pies?

391925 let's have Princess Platinum as princess

391920 All the more Reason for her to be in control? Would she spread her kindness through her domination?
If Pinkie Pie rules, everyone would be laughing their Arses off, all day.
If Applejack dominated, all would be totaly and perfectly honest to a fault.
So, how much fun couldn't you dream up here?

391919 yes. but she's the element of kindness

391915 ah, so Fluttershy is best Dominant, then?

I guess I forgot to add the stair of hers in my Equation.. sure does get Ponies in line, and pretty quickly ..

391914 NOPE!
my vote is for Flutterchy

391912 Just follow the steps and see what you get?
Start with iron Will, then add the consequences of discord, following up with the Grand Galloping Gala?
Top this off with the Flutterbat and see where you end up?
Not sure if Flutterguy effect adds anything to the situation, but it could give posture to her claims, in the ears of others?

Would you prefer Pinkie Pie have that one all over Equestria Party?

391864 Fluttershy and total domination? you're okay?

391861 So many Jolly Ponies.

..and now I just had to invent one more.. :pinkiegasp:

Speaking of, Total Domination isn't Twilight Sparkle, but Fluttershy, just check their respective personality matrixes and see the poihts.

391860 oh... like that...

391848 There may very well be a Marvels group on the site already. I think I saw the link at some point, as I look at pages and brows their group affiliations.

What I had in mind is more on the line of OC Pony types, like Goo and Tentacle Ponies.

Bat, Flutter and Sea Ponies are just uncommon or old Types. There are also the two types of Breezies.

391847 a marvel group here? yeah!!!!
sounds good

391845 Foals grows up to become Mares, or Stallions *giggles*

Maybe she get the mark for entertaining too? Or were you hoping for the Msrvle Hero(in)?

I still think she needs her very own group, for us to marvel at her, as it were.

391837 Or, you just Marvel at her beauty and grace?

She would be sure to enjoy entertaining you as well, if you enjoy her act, as it were.

391836 spiderfoal :rainbowkiss: now in marvel enterthayment

391835 As in spider Ponies?
Ponies spinning nets and all that fun *giggles*

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