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I have nothing... therefore I am nothing. Revel in your darkness, for it is my light that made you blind. :3

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Why not? · 4:20pm May 9th, 2019

Alrighty, why the heck not?

So, it's been some time since I've actually written anything on here and oh boy.... has time been a good changer. I kind of cringe read through some of my stories and... eh... ( shivers. )


Let us just do a break down and revamp!

So, I shall be revamping some stories and restructuring them... that should be fun!

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Thank you for adding My Office. Now. to your library. :trollestia:

2265280 Ah, I see. My wit and the writing style, which serves as a mask to cover a profound meaning: Profound things do love masks, that is a more italicized form of Friedrich Nietzsche's writing style - plus his own syntax style - I cooked up for my Dionysos, Der Antichrist persona do cause laughter. Unfortunately, I won't employ it in my first story nor in the next 9 novels I got planned. Maybe, I'll write a short story utilizing it.

~Der Gekreuzigt

Yes, your statements have piqued my interest... and were undoubtedly hilarious. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the follow, I guess? I'm not sure what I did to get your attention (I think you might've been impressed by my rebuttals, but that's a groundless supposition; I need clarification.). I guess I'll tell you the prologue of my first story will come out the day after tomorrow or a day or two after that. Anyway, glad you're following and stay tuned. :raritywink:

~Der Gekreuzigt


uh... :unsuresweetie: write stuff... go. :facehoof: :twilightsheepish:

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