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Finding the storm clouds in every silver lining. Purveyor of stories with a lot of heart—broken hearts, typically.

I only use thumbs-down for stories that are incomprehensible or insufferable.
If I think your story has problems, I'll give you a thoughtful criticism instead.
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and yeah, thanks for being a coward and not saying shit to me and just blocking me. yes I know hitting you with a downvote attack was bad, and I am trying to have most of them removed save for that comment and story.

2303904 it doesn't help when you make an offensive story, be obnoxious back and then block them so they can't post replies.

Tundric Spirit has gone and given me a mass thumbs-down attack. On the same day he made an obnoxious comment disapproving of one of my stories, his statistics show that he made 12 story ratings, exactly the number of stories I have. The days prior have 0 ratings, and the days after have 0 ratings. And on that day, there's a matching thumbs down in the graphs of every one of my stories, even ones that get no traffic.

2120983 I would honestly want to see a route which explored/ruminated upon some of the injustices of Equestria's legal system, and which explored the main character's life post-dungeon on two tracks, one in which she was guilty, and one in which she was innocent.

Not really :(

Just a few half-formed thoughts.

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Eternally Yours has gotten a dramatic reading · 7:09am Feb 11th, 2017

ObabScribbler has seen fit to share my humble story with her many followers, and she did a very lovely job, too.

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