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The Little Pony Legend. - MaggiesHeartLove

Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra!

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Endgame/The Element of Unity


Ephesians 2:8 ~

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.


Endgame/ The Element of Unity

Iroh, Asami, Bolin, Spike, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie traveled on Naga toward the Equalist airbase on the snowy mountain until they reached their destination. They saw the airbase down a mountain and the planes appeared to be preparing for take off.

“I think we found our secret airfield.” Iroh said.

“What was your first clue?” Spike asked sarcastically.

The general turned to the young earthbender, “Bolin, once we get down there I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircrafts take off.”

Bolin saluted him, “Ay ay captain! Ooh I mean general, general.”

He then turned to the ponies, “Ladies, get ready to fight any equalist that comes our way.”

Rainbow Dash saluted to him as well, “You got it, General Iroh, Sir!”

“But also be careful. I know the Avatar will never forgive me if I allowed anything to happen to you.” he then felt something hugging his leg, he looked down to see it was Rarity.

“How chivalrous of you.” she said while batting her eyelashes and Applejack dragged her away by her tail.

“Focus, Rarity.”

“Right! Sorry.”

The humans, ponies, and dragon, all headed down the mountain but Bolin stopped when he heard Naga whining. Pabu was on her head. “Alright you guys wait here until we get back okay.” he told them. The polar bear dog got up to follow but he stopped her by raising his hand, “Uh-uh, stay.”

Naga hesitantly sat down on the snow as Bolin headed along with the others. Fluttershy flew over and petted their heads, “Sorry, sweetie.” she said before flying off.

They walked down the snowy hill towards the base, but once there they didn't see any fences protecting the area. Asami arched an eyebrow at this, “Why would there be fence poles but no fence?”

Once they reached the middle of the fence poles, Asami, the ponies, Iroh, Spike and Bolin all felt the electricity overpower them as they cried out in pain before collapsing. The humans and ponies all laid on the snowy ground, unconscious.


The Pro-bending arena was packed full of non-benders/equalist supporters and equalists as well, anxiously waiting for their leader to come out on stage. Korra and Mako and Twilight awaited for Amon on one of the balconies while Twilight hid on the ceiling before landing at Korra's feet, the three nodding at each other, ready to expose Amon. The stage opened from the bellow and the masked villain rose up from beneath the platform with his fellow Equalists beside him. The entire arena quickly filled up with the sound of roaring applause from his followers. Twilight glared down at the rebel leader, “Don't enjoy it too much Amon, your reign of terror is about to end.” she muttered angrily to herself.

Amon took the microphone and spoke proudly to his followers as the stage light shined on him, “Thank you all for joining me on his historic occasion!”

""Thank you for joining on this occasion, blah, blah"", Twilight mockingly mimicked him.

“Shush, Twilight.” said Korra, in an attempt to silence the pony.

“Sorry, I just want to get this over with.”

Korra rolled her eyes underneath her goggles, “And you say I'm impatient.”

Amon continued his speech, “When I was a boy, a firebender struck down my entire family and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world.”

“That’s a lie Amon!"

All eyes fell on the balcony above as Korra and Mako removed their mask and Twilight made herself visible for all to see her and hovered by the rails glaring down at Amon.

“Or should I call you, Noatak?”

Amon stared daggers at Korra and her little pony who had her ears lowered and flaring her nostrils at him. Everyone in the room gasped and began asking questions as to what the Avatar was doing here. The Lieutenant prepared to take out his electric sticks, "You want her taken out?" he asked his leader, but Amon rose his left hand, signaling to step down.

"No." he walked forwards on the stage and spoke to the anxious crowd, “Everyone calm down, we have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let's hear what she has to say.”

Korra boldly stood tall on the balcony as she spoke to the crowd, her voice strong, confident and fearless, “Amon has been lying to you. The spirits didn't give him the power to take people's bending away; he used his bloodbending to do it." the Avatar pointed a finger downwards to the rebel leader. "Amon is a waterbender!”

The entire stadium gasped again, talking to each other in confusion. How could the Avatar say such a thing? Then again, the way she spoke sounded so incredibly sincere, there was no sign of nervousness to signify the possibility she was making this up. It was as if her voice was the very embodiment of honesty itself at that moment. Even those who hated the Avatar somehow, deep inside, they knew that she wasn't all Amon had made them to believe she was.

“This is nonsense.” said the Lieutenant, refusing to but what the Avatar was saying. Amon on the other hand, was actually amused by all of this.

“You're desperate Avatar. Making up stories about me is a pathetic last resort.”

“Your family wasn't killed by a firebender." Korra continued as she spoke to the large crowd of people, who surprisingly looked up at her with full attention. Twilight noticed this, she could tell that when Korra really had her heart set, she could be a great leader. "His father was Yakone, and his brother…is Councilmen Tarlokk.”

More gasps came from the audience, but Amon remained calm and collected.

“And if that wasn't enough, he planned on taking away my pony Twilight Sparkle in order to use her magic for his own purposes!”

Even more gasps were heard….shocker. Amon however, remained completely unfazed, “Hmph, an amusing tale. But I will show you the truth.”

Amon's hands reached up towards the back of his head and began removing his hood, exposing his dark hair, and began to untie the rope of the back of his mask. Korra, Mako and Twilight looked on with intensity as to what Amon was doing. He was about to expose himself in front of his followers, just what was he thinking? This made no sense.

Once the mask was off, Twilight's eyes widened in shock…

Right across Amon's face was a large burn scar! The entire room gasped in horror at the sight of the man's damaged face. “This is what a firebender did to me!” he pointed at his facial wound. Korra couldn't believe what she was seeing.


Twilight was just as confused, “B-but that's impossible!”

The trio was now even more confused than ever. How could there be a scar on his face? Did he do it himself just to make his story seem legit? They knew Tarlokk was telling the truth, so why did Amon have a scar? This made no sense.

“The Avatar is lying!” shouted a man in the crowd as Amon placed on his mask.

“I'm telling you, he's a waterbender!” Korra protested, but the people kept on shouting. Their belief in her quickly faded, it was clear in their eyes that the Avatar truly was a monster as Amon had said.

“They don't believe me.”

“It didn't work” Twilight said,

“We said what we had to, let's get out of here.” Mako got into a defensive stance as Equalists approached spinning bolas at them, ready to attack. Korra and Twilight also got into their fighting stances as they approached the opponents.

"I wouldn't leave yet, Avatar. You'll miss the main event.” Amon said as part of the stage rose up….Korra and Twilight's eyes widened in horror as they witnessed Tenzin and his children rising up from the stage door, tied up to poles and gagged.

Twilight gasped, “Tenzin!”

Korra felt her heart pounding with fear, “No...they got away. We saw them get away!”


Back at the airbase, the rest of the ponies and the humans were all unconscious inside a cage-like prison. Bolin and Iroh were tied up back to back, so were Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack and Pinkie Pie and Spike. Asami had her hands tied behind her back. The young woman stirred awake at the sound of a familiar voice.


She groaned as she sat up and was now face to face with the man on the other side of the bars. Hiroshi looked at his daughter with regret. "Asami, I know I have hurt you…and I am sorry. But I believe that one day, you will come to your senses and we can be a family again.”

Asami was shocked by this, how could she ever return to Hiroshi after all he did? He had hurt innocent people all because one firebender did him wrong years ago. Even Asami was smart enough to know that you shouldn't blame all dogs just because one bit your hand.

“Are you insane? How can we be a family after everything you've done?! Mom would hate you for what you've become!”

Hiroshi was enraged by his daughter's response, “How dare you! I am avenging her death!”

An equalist walked up to him, “The airplanes are ready for take off, sir.”

“Good, annihilate the fleet.”

Iroh and Bolin both gasped, “But, how did he—“ Applejack began before being interrupted by Hiroshi, who smiled wickedly at the young firebender in the cell.

“That's right, General. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know exactly where they're hiding.” He took one final look at his daughter before walking away, making her feel even more bitter at his betrayal.

“Yeah, you better run!" Rainbow shouted threateningly from inside the cage, despite knowing he couldn't understand her, "When we get out of here you're gonna be sorry you ever messed with us!”

“And just how do you suppose we do get out of here?” Asami asked.

“I don't suppose you know how to metalbend.” Iroh asked the earthbender behind him.

“That is a negative sir.”

Rarity then grabbed their attention, “Ahem! I believe you are forgetting something.” she made her horn glow and Bolin grinned.

“Oh, yeah! Magic.”

The unicorn used her abilities to easily untie Bolin and Iroh and then Asami as well as herself and the rest of the ponies.“Thanks Rarity." said the heiress, "Now see if you can break the lock.”

Rainbow Dash flew to the bars, “Stand back, everybody. I got this.” with all of her might, and a powerful karate yell, she kicked the lock of the metal cage with her hoof…..she remained frozen for a few seconds before shouting, “OW!” the pegasus rubbed her sore hoof and Pinkie Pie winced at the sight.

“Oooh, that's gotta hurt.”

Rarity tapped on the bars with her hoof, “It's made of pure metal darling. Not even your powerful hooves could break that.”

Spike got on his knees, shouting to the heavens, "How are we gonna get out of here now?!"

Suddenly, at that very moment, the front doors of the inside base were broken down from their hinges and crashed to the ground as a familiar white mountain of fur came running inside with a red mammal on her back.

“Naga!” Bolin cried out, “Over here, girl!”

Naga rushed towards her friends, rose up on her hind legs, and with one mighty roar, she used her powerful front paws to push the metal bars, making them bend down as if they were mere tinfoil underneath her enormous weight. Fluttershy flew up and hugged the polar bear dog, smiling with glee.

“Oh, thank you Naga!”

Rainbow Dash cheered, “You rock girl!”

Bolin grinned, “Who needs a metalbender? We got NAGA! YEAH!”

Spike ecstatically jumped on her head and began showering the polar bear dog with multiple kisses of gratitude, “Muaw, muaw, muaw, muaw, muaw! My hero!”

Now free, the group of friends ran out of the base heading towards the planes that began to take off. Iroh ran ahead of them, “I'm going after those airplanes!" he said and he dashed towards the plans.

“Wait for us!” said Rainbow Dash as she and Fluttershy flew beside him. determined to hep. Naga hoisted Bolin on her back by grabbing onto his shirt while Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike all jumped onto Naga's back. Rarity screeched to a halt when she spotted Asami running towards a mecha tank and jumped onto the cockpit.

“You sure you can drive that thing?” asked the unicorn.

Asami began tweaking with the controls inside of the machine and smiled in satisfaction, “Ha, just like a Future Industries forklift. I've got this covered.” she put on her seatbelt, closed the cockpit and started to move the machine towards the inside of the base. Rarity looked at the remaining mechas curiously before boldly jumping into the cockpit of another. She used her magic to work the controls, and to her surprise, she managed to master some of the machine's features.

"This doesn't seem so hard", she said as she pulled on a lever and from the claw of the machine an extension cord shoots out and strikes one of the planes still on the ground. The aircraft exploded right before her eyes. Instead of feeling bad, Rarity cheered in triumph, "AHA! Asami and Korra are not the only fast learners on this team.” she said confidently at her happy mistake.

Iroh continued running towards the rising plane, he clenched his fists, placed them near his hips and shoot two burning flames which hoisted him upwards as if he were a rocket, aiming himself towards the plane. Rainbow Dash flew to the cockpit, yanked the pilot by pulling on his jacket and lunging him out, giving Iroh the free privilege to fly the machine. The pegasus ponies flew beside the plane.

“Stupid question: do you know how to fly this thing?” Rainbow asked.

Iroh smiled at the pony, “There's a first time for everything.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes, “I hate it when humans say that!”

It took a short while, but Iroh managed to get the hang of the machine. He flew upwards on the plane as the two pegasus ponies followed him.


Back at the rally, Amon had Tenzin and his family tied up by poles. They were only seconds away from losing their bending forever. The air nation would be no more. “Tonight, I rid the world of airbending. Forever.” said Amon with the his hands raised up, ready to finish the job. But a certain Avatar wasn't having it.

“Amon let them go!” Korra shouted in a demanding tone.

“You're welcome to come down here and try and stop me.” the man mocked.

“Let's get him!” Twilight said fiercely as she and Korra attempted to attack Amon but Mako quickly grabbed Korra's arm and Twilight's tail, stopping them from doing so.

“He's trying to bait you guys.”

“I don't care!” said Twilight.

“We have to save them!” Korra added.

“The Avatar needs to be reminded of the power I posses.”, Amon slowly walks towards Tenzin and his children. Twilight glared at the man bellow. She was done running. It was time to face the problem head on.

“Well you need to be reminded of the power I posses!”

The fire within Twilight sparkle burned like a thousand suns, her horn glowed a bright magenta, amazing the crowd below, and with all of her might she zapped the stage with a powerful fire-like blast of her magic followed but a lightning blast from Mako. Twilight used her magic to levitate both Korra and Mako onto the stage, easily avoiding the bolas being thrown at them. Once they landed the two teens send a barrage of firebending attacks to get the Equalists away from the airbenders. Twilight knocked one Equalist off the stage with her blasts. The crowd dispersed and ran away from the stage. As Mako and Korra continued to fight them, Twilight ran to free the airbenders. Using her horn like a blowtorch to unlock Tenzin's chains.

“Where are Pema and the baby?” she asked asked

“They're imprisoned.” Tenzin responded.

“And Beifong?"

“I don't know, yet”

Once free, Tenzin assisted Mako and Korra as Twilight freed the kids. Mako threw a fire punch and fire kick as Tenzin ran in front of him and fired two air blasts, which knocked an Equalist and the Lieutenant off the stage. Once free, Jinora was so happy to see her alicorn friend.

"Twilight!” the young girl hugged the princess.

“It's gonna be alright." Twilight said, "What happened?”

“Your spell worked, but the equalists were relentless," Jinora explained, "they kept coming at us until the portal gave way.”

“I'm so sorry.” said the alicorn with regret.

“Don't be, you did your best”

Korra rushed towards Twilight and the children, “Follow us, kids.” she commanded and Twilight broke the doors with a powerful zap, allowing them to escape the room. They all reached a fork in the corridor and Korra turned to Tenzin, “Get them out of here. We'll create a diversion”

“Let's go get your mother and the baby" Tenzin told his children.

“Prison break!” Meelo shouted while pounding his fists into the air.

The airbenders quickly ran in the opposite direction while Korra, Mako and Twilight saw Amon enter the halls. Korra conjured up a flame wall to hinder Amon as the three ran ahead and entered one of the doors in the hallway. Amon hopped over the flames with ease and entered the room where the children had hidden.

As he walked into the room, Korra hid underneath a table covered by a cloth while Twilight was held tightly in her arms. Both girls could hear the other's heart beating fast. The masked man scanned the room, searching for any trace of his pray. The anxiety within the two friends grew, sweat dripping from their brows…finally, they saw Amon walk way from the table, the girls silently sighed in relief. But suddenly, Korra cried out in pain as she was dragged from under the table by an invisible force, releasing Twilight in the process. The alicorn peaked her head from underneath the cloth and gasped at the sight of Amon bloodbending Korra in mid air. The poor girl struggling to control her body, the pain visible in her eyes. This wasn't the same feeling she received from Tarlokk, at least she showed her some mercy in his bloodbending, but Amon did not. It was as if he was ready to end her life right then and there. It terrified her.

"To think, I almost felt pity for you." said Amon as he held her up.

Remembering the tale of who Amon once was, Korra tried to reason with him, despite her struggle she did her best to speak, "Noatak, please. You don't…have to do this." but the man did not listen and continued to bloodbend her, making her grunt and yell in pain. Before Twilight could react, Mako began shooting fire blasts at Amon with much furry.

“Let her go!”

But then Amon managed to dodge each attack and bloodbend Mako into submission by lifting him upwards like he did with Korra. He held both of them in mid air as Twilight watched with horror. Mako was thrown to the ground and Amon forced Korra on her knees. He grabbed her neck.


“Korra!” Mako watched helplessly as Amon was about to place his thumb on her forehead…


Amon was suddenly knocked against the wall by a powerful magenta colored fire blast, temporarily freeing Korra and Mako from his power. Amon was astonished at seeing the alicorn standing courageously in front of the mask man, breathing heavily.

“Get. Away. From. My. FRIENDS!”

Finding the power within her, Twilight rose on two legs and with her front hooves, and glowing horn, she unleashed another blast at Amon, who swiftly dodged it. Before Twilight could unleash another attack, she felt her body stiff and began to rise up from the ground beyond her own control.


Korra and Mako watched in horror as the alicorn kept on struggling in the man's grip but there was no use. Amon was too powerful.


Iroh, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were flying behind more equalist airplanes. Iroh stood up and used his lightning to knock two planes down from the sky. Rainbow saw one of the planes unleash a bola that was heading towards them…more specifically, at Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy, look out!” Rainbow quickly pushed Fluttershy out of the way but the bola became tangled in Iroh's propeller.


Iroh instinctively jumped out of the plane just before it exploded in mid air. The ponies flew down to save him but Iroh quickly used his firebending to boost himself. As he soared through the sky the ponies flew beside him, “You okay?” Rainbow asked the general.

“Yes, don't worry about me.”

“We're really sorry.” said Fluttershy.

“Don't be, you were just looking out for each other.” He navigated himself towards one of the planes and landed on the wing. As Fluttershy watched the general bravely cling on to the wing with all of his might, she remembered Korra's words;

"You do have a fighter deep inside of you and that fighter comes when it's needed most."

With a look of pure determination and courage, Fluttershy flew on ahead, surprising even Rainbow Dash. She flew right in front of the pane and landed onto the nose of the plane, where she gave the equalist controlling it her STARE!

The glance was far too powerful that the equalist actually shrieked like a little girl and willingly jumped right out of the plane. His screaming becoming more faint as he fell and opened his parachute.

Rainbow Dash's mouth hung open, “Wow! What did you do?”

Fluttershy simply smiled and shrugged, “What I do best.” with her airbending, Fluttershy created a gust of wind with her wings that helped hoist Iroh up onto the cockpit of plane, while Rainbow Dash flew ahead towards the last remaining plane and created a half moon fire kick with her hooves which knocked the plane down.

“Nice one, Rainbow Dash!” shouted the general.

“Just thinking like a firebender!" she said with a wink and a salute.

Iroh took control of the plane but then the ponies looked up and saw another plane dropping bombs down on them. The bomb fell on the left tip of the tail-wing. As Iroh tried his best to maintain control, Rainbow Dash turned Fluttershy, “I got an idea. Stay with Iroh!”

She flew up high as fast as her wings could take her, once she was high up enough she speeded downward, the wind flapping in her mane and face. Just when the pilot of the above plane was about to drop another bomb on Iroh's cockpit, Rainbow Dash unleashed her famous SonicRainboom which destroyed the plane and the bomb before it made contact with the general. Rainbow Dash smiled proudly as she crossed her hooves, watching the plane go down and the equalist lowering down on his parachute unharmed.

“Don't mess with the pony.”

She flew to the plane Iroh was on and saw it heading towards Aang's statue with Amon's mask. Rainbow Dash flew quickly to her friends just as Iroh jumped from the plane and Fluttershy quickly flew downwards, creating another gust of wind that lifted Iroh up higher and with her wind, she directed him towards the statue of Avatar Aang and the general quickly grabbed the Equalist banner, causing it to tear. He hinged in midair as the pegasus ponies flew beside him, and they watched as the mask of Amon fell off the statue, revealing the bright and heroic face of the air nomad Avatar.

Iroh smiled graciously, “Thanks for looking out for me, Aang." He looked at Fluttershy. "And thank you, brave little warrior.”

Rainbow hugged her friend, “Yeah, Korra will be so proud. Well, prouder.”

Fluttershy simply smiled and blushed.


Back at the airbase, Bolin had already rendered two of the five airships useless with his earthbending. Equalists in Mecha Tanks attacked him with their cables just as he finished. A lasso was suddenly tied around his waist which pulled him out of the way before the meca tank could hit him. The young man landed on his bum, smiling at the orange pony who smiled at him in return. Naga jumped at the mecas, grabbing the cables with her mouth and with all of her strength she flipped over three mecha tanks in one go. Bolin's mouth hung open at the scene.

“Wow!” was his only reaction.

Applejack saw another meca through another cable at them. The orange pony jumped up high and let out a fierce yell as she made contact with the ground, creating a massive earth wave that caused the machines to tumble over and explode as they fell down. “I am so over these mecha tanks!” she said as she tipped her hat. Two more mecha tanks came directly at them. But then, Pinkie Pie stood right in their path.

"Pinkie Pie!" Bolin and Applejack called out her name, but the pony bravely stood her ground. Her eyes fixed on the machines, glaring at them fiercely. Spike nervously covered his eyes with his claws. Then, Pinkie Pie took a stance, and in one single spin, added with a powerful yell, Pinkie Pie whipped her tail at the meca tanks…


The machines were pushed back by a powerful wind blast and the objects ended up smashing into one another, exploding as the equalists controlling them jumped out. Bolin and Applejack looked with bulged eyes, Spike's jaw dropped and Pinkie Pie happily smiled and lifted Spike up with her front hooves, crying out in victory,


“Can you put me down?” Pinkie did as Spike asked and lowered him.

"I--How did--When did?!" Applejack could barely speak, "How did you know you could do that?!"

"Just a hunch!" *SQUEE!*


Inside the base, Asami and Rarity worked together to destroy the remaining planes, “I think I'm starting to get the hang of this.” she said. Then another mecha tanks entered, grabbing the girls' attention. It was Hiroshi Sato.

“What are you doing?! You are aiding the very people who took your mother away!”

“You don't feel love for mom anymore!" Asami said angrily, "You're too full of hatred.”

Hiroshi was boiling with rage, “You ungrateful…insolent child!” the man charged his mecha tank at his daughter, but Rarity used hers to unleash the wires to entrap him, but Hiroshi avoided them and took his chance to ram his mecha into hers, launching Rarity away and land on her back. The cockpit opened and Rarity fell out, dazed from the attack.

Asami gasped, “Rarity!”

With her distracted, Hiroshi rammed his mecha tank at Asami also knocking her on her back. He bashed Asami's cockpit. “I now see there is no chance to save you!” He prepared for the final blow when chunks of rocks came hurling at him, hiding his mecha.

"Mr. Sato you are a horrible father!" Bolin exclaimed as he rode on Naga, hurling rocks at the man. Pinkie, Spike and Applejack rode with him. Asami seized the opportunity to stand up and ripped the arm off of Hiroshi's tank. Meanwhile, Applejack, Pinkie and Spike helped Rarity stand up.

Asami tossed her father into the hangar wall and teared off the door of his cockpit. Asami was about to unleash the final blow, her eyes burning with intensity…..but then she saw frightened look on her father's face and stopped…she couldn't do this. She refused. Hiroshi took this opportunity to launch a cabled claw at her, this distracted Asami for a moment as Hiroshi climbed out of the damaged mecha tank and attempted to escape. Asami hung her head, her heart breaking more and more.

“You really are a horrible father.”

With much pain, Asami launched a spinning wire trap which entangled and electrified Hiroshi into submission. Asami bowed her head and shed a tear. She jumped off of the mecah tank as her friends gathered around her, all looking at her with sympathy.

“We're really sorry you had to do that.” Spike said.

Asami had a serious face, “…I'm not. He deserved it.”

The ponies all circled around her, Asami lowered down and they all hugged her. Bolin then joined in the hug. “You're not alone”

Asami's eyes fly slightly wide open when Boin said this…she really wasn't alone.


Twilight continued to struggle in Amon's bloodbending grip. “I truly believed your power could be of great use to me" he said, "…I realize now that I had been foolish. You bring nothing but destruction. Even if I ended the Avatar here and now, you will never be loyal to me. Now, you will share the same fate.”

Twilight wiggled in his grasp as Amon placed his thumb on her forehead bellow her horn. Twilight closed her eyes shut, awaiting the worst.

“AMON STOP!" The man turned around to see the Avatar standing up with a pleading look on her face, "Let her go, please!”

“Face it Avatar. It's over.”

Korra began to cry at seeing her friend in such pain. She looked at Twilight's hurtful eyes, sparkling with rainbow colors, which manifested into her own eyes as memories of their times together replayed in her head. All the things Twilight had been through, all the wonderful things she had done for Korra. Finally, the Avatar got down on her knees, she looked directly at the man.

"If you let her go…I will let you take my bending."

Amon's eyes widened, “What?”

Mako couldn't believe it, “Korra…”

“No!” Twilight couldn't let her friend do that. But she had made up her mind.

“Go ahead.” she said, tears still streaming down her face, “Do what you want with me but please spare her life.”

Amon was utterly baffled by this act, “You...you'd be willing to sacrifice your own bending for this flea infested thing?”

“Hey, I'm right here!” said the unicorn angrily.

“Yes. Yes I would. She deserves her best chance.”

“This is truly pathetic of you." he said, "Trying to use sympathy as a last resort.”

Korra quickly became enraged and stood up. She could see all the darkness in Amon's heart. “A long time ago, you would have understood but you don't because you don't have friendship in your heart anymore.”

“Friendship?” Amon asked. The word itself almost sounded foreign to him.

Korra continued to speak with much strength in her voice, “From the moment I came to this city, you spoke about making it better. But how can you if you refuse to let go of the hatred inside your own heart? The same anger with which you've been poisoning the hearts of people everywhere. Equality should be about bringing everyone together, but all you've done was tear them apart. Just like your family was torn apart because your father was too blinded by his lust for revenge to see what he had become."

Amon was silent for a moment as he listened to her words, even though he did not wish to believe them. But Korra knew the truth. She could clearly see what this man had become, and all the wrongs he had caused because of his pride. She saw the world now through new eyes. The eyes her pony friends opened for her.

"Look around! This is where the path of hatred and revenge brings you! I choose to stand by my friends, no matter what or who they are." She once again got on her knees, "If you still want to, take my bending but please…set Twilight free. Her and Mako."

Mako didn't know what to do, he felt touched that she was selflessly putting his and Twilight's needs before herself, but at the same time he couldn't allow Korra to give up a part of herself, even if it wasn't the main thing that made her special. Bending or no, she was still the most incredible person he had ever known. There was no doubt about it.

Amon looked at Korra and then at Twilight, “Very well. But just to make sure there are no tricks.”, Amon clenched his knuckles and Twilight's wings began to twist! The alicorn screamed in pain!



Tears streamed down both Korra and Mako's faces as Amon send Twilight hurling to the wall. She landed on the ground and groaned.


Before she could reach her, Amon bloodbended Korra into position. He placed his thumb on her forehead…..Twilight felt something ache from within her, as if the power was being stripped from her friend and from herself.


Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie all gasped, their irises shrunk and they collapsed on the ground, groaning in pain. Bolin, Spike and Asami quickly rushed towards them.

Iroh, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy landed safely on the ground, but then, the two ponies felt a horrible sensation. Both fell to the ground as if something had been yanked right from within them.


Twilight opened her eyes and saw Korra falling down while Amon stood there arrogantly. Twilight began to cry. Korra had lost her bending.


“Finally. You are powerless.” Amon said mockingly.

Mako struggled to move his body as he laid on the floor, but Amon still had a powerful grip on him. Korra tried to bend at Amon, but quickly found that she couldn't. Twilight's horn started to glow faintly but her energy was drained as well. Amon chuckled at that, “What's the matter, little pony? Now that your precious Avatar has lost her bending you've lost all of your magic?”, Twilight let out a fait angry neigh, only making Amon laugh more, “I'm glad I didn't take you when I had the chance. You would have been useless to me either way.”


He turned around to see he Lieutenant walk into the room. He had seen everything. “Everything the Avatar said is true, isn't it? I just saw you bloobender her!”

Amon just stood there not saying a word. The Lieutenant removed his mask, looking down in disappointment. All this time, everything he had fought for, everything he had believed in, all based on nothing but a lie. How could he had been so foolish. His mind filled with rage, his fists clenching in anger. He threw his mask to the ground and smashed it with his foot.

“You traitor! I dedicated my life to you!”

He angrily charged at Amon with his kale sticks but before he could do any damage at all, Amon bloodbended him in mid air. Twilight watched in horror as the man choked in his grip.

“You've served me well, Lieutenant.” Amon threw him aside into a pile of timber, knocking him out. Amon turned and walked past Korra and bloodbended Mako into position, ready to take his bending. But Mako inconspicuously pointed his finger upwards at Amon. The man did not expect to see a powerful lighting from the young man, stunning him temporarily.

Twilight found the strength in her legs and managed to stand up, but wobbled as she tried. Mako fired a few more fire blasts at Amon and Twilight took the opportunity to send at least a good enough blast of magic to cause the timbers around Amon to fall on him. Mako quickly went over to Twilight and helped her climb onto his back. The alicorn rode him piggyback style, her wings badly broken. Mako walked over to Korra and carried her bridal style as he ran out to the corridor carrying both girls. Korra stirred awake in his arms and opened her eyes. Her once beautiful blue eyes now looked faded, almost white. She looked so weak.

“Mako…Twilight's wings...”

“Everything will be all right! We just need to get out of here.”

But then Mako unexpectedly stopped on his tracks as Amon bloodbended him, forcing Mako to drop Korra and Twilight to fall from his shoulders. Both girls laid on the ground. Amon bloodbended Mako and slammed him into the ceiling, the floor and the two walls on his sides like a rag-doll. Twilight shook herself up and turned to Korra, pulling on her collar with her teeth to get her to move while Amon bloodbended Mako into submission.

“I'm impressed. Nobody has ever gotten the better of me like that. It is almost a shame to take away the bending of someone so talented…almost.”

Korra opened her eyes and saw that Amon about to take Mako's bending away. Immediately she felt the same sensation in her heart that motivated her to give up her bending for Twilight. She couldn't save her, she couldn't let that happen to Mako. She just couldn't. With her remaining strength, she stood up.


As an act of desperation, Korra threw a punch at Amon, hoping to unleash some fire blast, but what happened next astonished everyone.

From her fist, came out a gust of wind, so powerful it blew Amon away from Mako, causing him to release him from his power and the villain to land on the floor. Twilight couldn't believe her eyes.


"Impossible!" Amon exclaimed.

Korra leaned against the wall and looked down at her hand in shock. She didn't understand what happened, but Twilight did. Her eyes sparkled when she realized, “Of course. Your love broke your block. You can airbend!”

"I…I can airbend?" Korra looked at her hand and then closed it into a fist, standing tall. “I can airbend!”

With new confidence, Korra continued to throw air-punches at Amon. He was forced back to the window at the end of the corridor by her powerful blows. But then he used his bloodbending once again to control Korra. Twilight ran to help but Amon bloodbended her too. The girls struggled in his grip but this time, they managed to fight back.

“No…” Korra began.

“You….” Twilight said next as her horn glowed.


At the exact same time, Korra unleashed an air-kick while Twilight unleashed a powerful light pink blast. Both attacks appeared to merge as one and the powerful impact blasted Amon right through the window!

He plummet into the water in front of his Equalist supporters. They all gathered by the railing and see Amon's mask float to the surface. Korra, Mako and Twilight walked near the damaged wall and see the mask floating up. The crowd of people didn't look very happy, they kept on shouting horrible things at Korra.

“Evil Avatar!” the Protester shouted.

An unconscious Amon sank deeper as the water caused his "scar" to fade. He woke up and instinctively waterbened himself out of the water to save himself from downing. He created a whirlpool to lift himself up high, gasping for air, only to hear more gasps from behind him. Everybody witnessed the now scarless man's face, as well as witnessing him controlling the water to his will. The people were shocked at this, even the protester was speechless.

“He's waterbending!”


“The scar is fake!”

“The Avatar was telling the truth!”

Amon looked at Korra and Twilight, both sharing serious looks. To his fear, he could see both of their eyes shimmering, but Korra's eyes had more than just rainbow colors, they appeared to actually be glowing a mysterious blue shade as she glared at him. He didn't feel like he was looking at the Avatar anymore, he felt like he was looking at something far for mysterious and…magical. And it frightened him.

"What are you?" he asked himself.

"It's over Amon." Korra said strongly from where she stood, "Any power you once had is now gone. Today you've shown everyone exactly who you are. You've shown them what's in your heart."

Furious, Amon waterbened himself away dodging Mako's fire attacks as he disappeared from sight. Korra looked down at Twilight, who could barely move her damaged wings. Korra gently took the alicorn into her arms and hugged her gently, Mako also joined in the hug to comfort his friends. Twilight sadly watched as one of her tears fell down to the streets below. It sure was a long way down.


When Tarlokk heard the door open, he believe it to be the Avatar, honoring her promise. But he was very surprised to see Amon, only this wasn't Amon anymore. He wasn't looking at the mask, he was looking at a face he had not seen in so long.


"It's over, brother. I'm sorry for what I had to do to you."

"Our father set us on this path; fate caused us to collide. I should have left with you when we were boys."

Amon, once again Noatak, opened the cell door but was surprised to see it was unlocked, "How did--"

"Let's just say, a friend gave me a second chance."

Noatak was not completely sure as to what he meant, but he figured he was referring to either the Avatar or her ponies. He opened the door and allowed his brother out. "Leave with me now. We have a second chance. We can start over, together. Please, you're all I have left in the world."


Later, Team Avatar and the ponies were all gathered at the docks of Air Temple island. Tenzin was happily reunited with his family. Applejack kept pacing back and forth. “Where are they?”

“Iroh said Korra, Twilight and Mako would be here shortly.” Rarity said.

Spike was fiddling with his tail nervously, “I hope everything's okay.”

“Look!” Pinkie Pie pointed to the water.

They spotted a speed boat being driven by Mako heading towards them. He and Korra were now in their normal clothes and Twilight was no longer wearing her new outfit. She was still in Korra's arms wrapped in a blanket. They were accompanied by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They all had very sad expressions on their faces.

“What happened?” Tenzin asked with worry.

Mako wrapped his arm around a saddened Korra, “We managed to stop Amon." he said,"…but he got away.”

The others lowered their head in disappointment. “How did you stop him?” Tenzin asked.

Korra looked at her mentor. “I unlocked my airbending.” she responded sadly.

“You did?!" Bolin cried out happily, "That's great!”

“But it gets worse.” Rainbow said sadly.

Bolin looked at her confused as Korra hesitantly confessed, “He….he managed to take away my bending.”

They all gasped in horror at the news!

“What? No!” Spike exclaimed.

"The only element I can bend now is air. He took something from Twilight too." she removed the blanket that covered Twilight's torso and they all gasped in complete horror at the sight of her horribly injured wings. Crumpled with feathers falling off. Asami covered her mouth in shock, her eyes beginning to water. Even Lin felt heartbroken at the sight. Spike could feel tears forming in his eyes, “Twilight.”

Lin walked up to the girls, she gently petted Twilight's head, “I'm so sorry Twilight. And I can't believe Amon got you too, Korra.”

“But, on the upside, you finally unlocked your airbending.” Bolin said trying to brighten up the mood. They all looked at him with annoyed eyes, especially Mako.

“Bro, not the time.”

“Right, right. I'll just stand over here.” he backed away from the rest, “Quietly…in silence.”

As they saw another United Forces ship arrive, Tenzin walked to Korra, “You girls saved Republic City” he said proudly. But Korra was not quite feeling the satisfaction of the victory.

”But Amon got away.” she said sadly while Twilight nuzzled in her arms and Korra held her closer. Tenzin placed his hand on Korra's shoulder. Ikki spotted a familiar figure on the ship and happily cheered.

“Yay! Uncle Bumi's here!”

They all saw Tenzin's brother Bumi, a man wearing a United Forces uniform and howling at them happily. He was just as Iroh described him. Fluttershy arched an eyebrow, “When Iroh called him a "wild man" I thought it was just an expression.”

Tenzin sighted, "Great. Now I have to entertain my brother.”

They all headed towards the temple, but then Spike suddenly noticed something in the distance. It was pretty far but it kind of looked like a speed boat. Spike tried to get a better look but heard Mako calling for him, “Spike, come on buddy.”

The little dragon decided to shrug it off and followed the others. Unbeknownst to him and anybody else, this was the very last time he or any of them would ever see Tarlokk or Amon.


"The two of us together again, there's nothing we can't do!" Noatak was so happy to have his brother back, and he was actually relieved to have actually be rid of that mask he carried for so long. He and Tarlokk were riding in the middle of the sea on a speedboat. But while Noatak was happy, Tarlokk looked at him both angrily and confused.

"Yes, Noatak."

The former rebel leader chucked and smiled, "Noatak. Hmph, I had almost forgotten the sound of my own name."

Tarlokk noticed the electric Equalist gloves and looked over to his brother steering the boat. He took one glove without Noatak seeing him. He unscrewed the lid of the fuel tank, placing the electric glove above it.

"I will be just like the good old days."

A tear rolled down Noatak's cheek and Tarlokk electrocuted the fuel tank.



Korra called out his name as she climbed up the stairs of the attic. Twilight's wings were now wrapped in bandages as the alicorn followed her. Mako was behind them as well.

"Tarlokk, I'm sorry. Amon got away. But I promise we---" The Avatar stopped on her tracks when she saw the cell door open, with no one inside.

"He's gone!" Mako exclaimed in a somewhat angry tone. Korra noticed something stuck to the frame of the cell door. It was a note;

"Avatar Korra, if you are reading this, then congratulations; you've won. I know you promised you would return for me, but I believe I have caused too much damage to re-start in Republic City. But I am grateful to you none the less. For one brief moment, you gave me something I had long been deprived of…friendship. I am leaving with my brother, Noatak, but I doubt you will ever see us again. Not in this life at least.

Goodbye, and thank you….My Friends."

Korra sank to the floor as Twilight read the note in her hand. The part that read 'you will not see us…not in this life' was a pretty obvious message. Korra was shocked and horrified at the thought, Tarlokk must have felt so ashamed that he was willing to take his own life and his brother's. Mako gently took the letter from her hand. Once he read the words, he now knew why Korra and Twilight were suddenly so horrified.

"Losing my bending isn't the only worse thing to happen today." Korra said sadly as tears fell from her eyes.

In the ocean, an explosion sounded and soon, all that remained was an elective glove, floating in the surface water.


Back at the Southern Water Tribe compound, everyone, including Korra's parents, waited hopefully as Katara examined Korra and Twilight Sparkle in a separate room. The elderly woman walked out with a sad expression and everyone and everypony stood up with anticipation.

“I've tried everything in my power….but I cannot restore Korra's bending…or heal Twilight's broken wings.”

Everybody looked deeply disappointed, especially the ponies, “You sure you tried absolutely everything?” Rainbow Dash asked anxiously.

“Rainbow Dash, take it easy” Applejack said, trying to calm her down.

"But there has to be something else you can do. Anything!”

“You're the best healer in the world." Lin said, "You have to keep trying!”

“I'm sorry, there is nothing else I can do. Korra can still airbend, but her connection to the other elements has been severed.”

This was the worse possible news they could have ever received. The ponies all began to cry and Rainbow Dash angrily kicked the wall before landing on the floury, crying. The door opened once again and both Korra and Twilight sadly walked out. They see everyone looking at them with sympathy and sadness.

“It's going to be all right, Korra.” Tenzin assured her. But Korra remained monotone and serious.

“No. It's not.”

Applejack's ears perked up as an idea came across her mind. "Maybe we can transfer our bending to you." she suggested. "With a spell or something."

"I'd be more than happy to give up my bending for Korra." said Rainbow Dash.

"I as well." Rarity said.

"I don't think that's possible." Korra said sadly.

"Maybe we can at least try." Twilight suggested. But the Avatar turned her gaze away from them.

"No. After what I've done, I don't deserve my bending."

Twilight looked up at her, “Korra,—“

"Because of me you lost your wings.”

“Okay, maybe I did, but don't worry I--I'm sure they will get better. They don't look…that bad.” she said the last part very uncertainly. Pinkie Pie took a good look at the damaged wings.

“They look pretty bad to me. And I mean, really really bad.”

“Pinkie Pie, you're not helping!” Mako shouted.

“Katara's healing couldn't fix them what makes you think anything else will?” said Korra, her voice starting to rise as her anger took form. Her fists clenched while shaking, “I never should have let you come with me Twilight Sparkle!”

The alicorn sadly lowered her ears as the she tried to approach the Avatar, but she waved her hand at her, forcing her to fearfully back away. This was the first time she was pushing her away.

“No! Back off! I wish none of had ever come here in the first place!!” she yelled, surprising everyone in the room.

The ponies all lowered their ears and slowly backed away as Korra took her parka and walked outside, Mako reached out his hand to talk with her, but hesitated. The ponies knew for a fact Korra did not truly mean those words, but they still hurt none the less. It killed Mako to see her like this. He didn't want her to be sad. Maybe if she knew she was indeed wanted she would come to her senses. Her friends needed her…he needed her. With new determination, he walked outside as the ponies followed close behind. They stayed at the porch as they listened to the two teens talk.

"Korra, wait!" he called out. Korra saw Mako approaching her but was determined to keep herself isolated.

“Go away.” she said angrily as she came to a stop.

“I will, but I just want you to know, I'm here for you.”

“No, I mean, go away, back to Republic City." she gestured to the open gates of the compound, signaling he could just leave here and now before crossing her arms and looking away, "Get on with your life.”

Mako was confused by this, “What are you talking about?”

“I'm not the Avatar anymore. You don't need to do me any favors." she reached for her pocket and took out the petal he gave her before and allowed it fall on the ground. "There's nothing I can do for anyone or anypony anymore.” she started to walk away again, but Mako stopped her by placing his hand on her shoulder.

“I don't care if you're the Avatar or not.” The ponies listened attentively as he spoke and Korra turned around to face him. He placed his hand over his heart as he spoke, "Listen, when Tarlokk took you I was loosing my mind at the thought of never seeing you again. I realized…" the firebender caressed her face as he looked into her eyes and said...

"I love you, Korra."

The ponies gasped at this, but no one was more shocked than Korra. Mako then showed her the petal in his hand, "I've had the signs pointing me towards you all along. I was an idiot to even try to ignore them. I love you. Your kindness and your courage. I always have. Believe it or not, your powers aren't what make you so amazing…it's what you have inside."

Korra looked down at the heart shaped petal, in a way, it was like he was handing her his heart. But she was too confused and angry with herself to even think she deserved it his affection, or anybody else’s.

"I…I can't!"

She quickly ran away from him and jumped onto Naga's saddle and headed out from the compound.

“Korra!” Mako called her name, but she was already gone. The ponies ran next to Mako, all looking at the opened gates.

Tenzin walked next to him, “We need to be patient with her. It will take time for her to accept what has happened.”

Mako walked a few steps near the open gate. A look of determination dawned on his face, there was no way he was going to let her go again. Without even thinking twice, he ran out the gates at full speed after Korra. The ponies all followed him and ran out as well. Spike stayed behind with Tenzin, both shared curious looks as they watched the young boy and ponies run off.


Korra didn't even bother to wipe away the tears that rolled down her cheek as she rose on Naga.

(Parody of Pinkie Pie's lament)

For all my life, All I've wanted to do

Was to show them I could be a hero too

But maybe I was wrong

An Avatar, like me shouldn't be, at all

Once Naga arrived on a cliff above the sea, Korra got off and walked towards the edge. Memories of the past came back,

I've tried to get back on my feet

Whenever I failed a task

But now I don't know what to do

There's gotta be more to me

Than bending an element or two

I've lost all that I knew

I let my friend lose her wings

I've failed my past, now what is next?

For you?

For you….

Maybe it was best if she left. If she were gone. She was never a good enough Avatar anyways. She no longer had her bending, so what good was she now? She felt she had failed the world…and her friends. But that still didn't change the fact that she had broken the Avatar's legacy. She failed her destiny, and worst…her best friend lost her wings due to her foolish desire to take Amon down. Even when she tried to reason with him, he refused. Korra honestly did not know what to do next, but she was certain of one thing…falling down from this cliff was not the answer.

Mako and the ponies ran across the icy plane, following Naga's footprints as they went. He and the ponies finally stopped when they spotted Naga and Korra…near a cliff. Korra simply stood there as a tear rolled her her face and glistened as it fell into the ice below.

Mako called for her, “Korra! STOP!”

Korra didn't even turn around, instead she sat down in an infantile position and began sobbing. Mako attempted to walk towards her but stopped in his tracks. He gestured to the ponies, nodding his head, signaling them to go to her. Obeying his suggestion, the Mane Six approached the weeping Avatar and sat beside her. They did not say a word. Korra wiped away a tear as she looked down at their faces. As she did, she felt their hearts, their emotions. They didn't want her to leave nor did they want her to suffer. As she remain silent, she listened attentively to what they felt. They still loved her, they still saw her as their best friend, their protector, and their hero even though she now had no powers…or did she?

The memories replayed in Korra's mind as if they happened yesterday.

The time she showed Twilight how to firebend. When she and Rarity went shopping and she designed Korra that gorgeous gown. When Pinkie Pie made Tahno laugh. Rainbow Dash became friends with Asami, someone she didn't even like at first. Korra was the one who helped Fluttershy discover her bravery. Applejack helped her to be honest with herself. She even got Lin to see Tenzin as a friend again. She helped inspire people they could be friends rather than enemies. And Twilight, when she first met her, Twilight was a bookish nerd with a heart of gold, and now, while still the same egghead, she had found a new power and a new side to herself she never knew…just like Korra did. She discovered so much about herself, and realized she could help people in the smallest ways, even if at the time she wasn't completely aware of that.

They did not seem distressed that they did not know if they would ever return home, nor did they resent Korra for not having her bending anymore. Just being around her was enough for them. Their hearts felt full and content despite the situation. And that filled Korra's heart. They cherished the little moments, the simple moments rather than the big ones. These humble, simple creatures showed her a love that was hard to find.

For a moment…Korra smiled. The Ponies smiled along with her. They did not need words to say how they were feeling. All Korra wanted was to have her friends beside her. Nothing more. Despite still feeling upset of her loss, she could feel it slowly fading by the presence of so much love around her. Her mind drifted back to Mako, who he too was trying to be there for her but she was far too upset to allow him to do so. He cared about her for her, not her title, the same way the ponies cared for her for her. She was never truly alone.

Maybe Mako was right. Maybe her powers weren't the only thing that made her special.

The girls then felt the presence of someone behind them. Korra had a hunch on who it was. "Not now Tenzin. I don't feel like going back just yet." she said as she wiped away a single tear.

"But you called me here."

Korra and the Ponies jolted their heads up, the voice was not Tenzin's but Korra knew she heard it from somewhere. The young Avatar turned her head and saw a tall somewhat younger looking air nomad with a beard and tattoos on his head. Korra smiled at her past life.


Applejack blinked in surprise, “Are ya'll seeing what I'm seeing?”

Pinkie Pie said, “I don't know. Are you seeing Avatar Aang, who is Korra's past life, who is supposedly dead, standing right next to us?”

Ponies all nodded, “Yes.”

Pinkie smiled, “Then yeah!”

Mako watched in confusion, seeing the girls and Korra speaking to nothing but thin air.

"You finally connected with your spiritual self." Aang said proudly.

"How?" Korra asked in confusion.

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. You finally accepted that there is more to you than just your bending. You have found Kindness. Honesty. Laughter. Loyalty. Generosity. And Magic."

"Magic? What do you mean? The only one with real magic is Twilight."

"But you have it too. The most powerful magic of all. One you've allowed to enter into your heart. That is the greatest gift anyone can ever receive."

Korra was amazed to see more and more figures appeared behind Aang…all of her past lives. She knew she had a lot of them but, boy were they many. They stretched out all the way that their faces looked almost faded. The Avatar dated back to the beginning, and it showed. Korra smiled as Aang placed his hand on her forehead and shoulder as his eyes, tattoos, and hands glowed brightly, along with the eyes of all the previous Avatars before him and Korra. The Mane Six and Mako watched in amazement as Korra's head and chest glowed bright. Only the ponies could see the Avatars, Mako still couldn't, it was as if the girls were talking to thin air. One by one, the Avatars all faded away. Korra felt the energy within her, it was a familiar yet new sensation. Then, the Mane Six's five Elements of Harmony all instantly appeared on their chests, glowing brightly. Twilight was the only own without her element yet, but none the less, her broken wings glowed as well. Mako watched in amazement as the ponies’ chest and Twilight's wings glowed bright. Then Korra finally opened up her eyes…

To reveal two glowing orbs!

The ponies eyes opened wide as they also glowed along with Korra's. Twilight's eyes were the only ones not glowing, but her wings. Korra then rose from the ground creating an air-spout as she send a wave of air behind her, followed by a ring of fire, then rocks on the ground, followed by a giant wave that broke against the cliffside.

While Korra did all of this, the ponies were all levitated up as the Elements of the ponies unleashed rainbow sparkles all around Twilight's wings, which glowed brighter and brighter. Mako shielded his eyes from the light. When he opened his eyes, he saw Korra lowering down at the exact same time the ponies did as well, all of their eyes stopped glowing. Twilight was the last to be lowered down and the elements dissolved into the ponies' skin. She slowly stood up and stretched out her wings…now fully healed!

They all couldn't believe their eyes. Korra gasped happily and embraced all of them in a warm group hug. She couldn't even begin to describe how happy she was. “Twilight…your wings!”

“I know!”

Pinkie Pie hugged Korra from behind, “And you've got your bending back!”

Twilight hugged her tighter, “Oh, I'm so happy you're back to normal” she said with happy tears streaming down her face. Korra hugged her tighter as well.

“Me too. I'm so sorry for what I said to you before. I didn't really mean any of of it.”

“We know that!” the Man Six said all in union.

Korra giggled, "I know you know. Meeting you all was, without a doubt, the best thing that has every happened to me. I just felt so guilty for putting you through all of this."

The alicorn smiled, “Hey, we're friends.”

“More than that, we're family.” Rarity said while placing her hoof over her heart.

“And family sticks together no matter what, even through the hard times.” said Fluttershy.

Korra let a single happy tear escape her eye, “I love you girls, so much!”

They all embraced in another warm hug. Applejack then smirked as she remembered something. “Um, hate to break this up, but I believe you owe someone here a response from a previous conversation.” She pointed to behind her and Korra looked to see Mako smiling at her.

She smiled back as Rainbow nudged her arm, “Well? What are you waiting for?”

Not wasting another second, Korra ran towards Mako who had his arms stretched out wide and the two happily embraced in a loving hug. Mako lifted her up and twirled her around. Words could not describe the joy he felt at this very moment. The two smiled at each other, their eyes filled with so much love and happiness and shimmering with rainbow colors, even the ponies saw it. They knew deep inside that Korra had been right before….they really were meant to be together.

“I love you, too.” Korra finally said. The ponies all watched happily as Korra and Mako shared a passionate kiss. A kiss of True Love.


Rainbow Dash smiled proudly, “Looks like we found a happy ending for this love story after all.”

Once the two teens ended the kiss, they were surprised by Pinkie Pie who jumped in between them into Korra's arms. “I love you guys! So when's the wedding?”

The teens laughed as they were surrounded by ponies hugging them.


I look at these smiling faces

All the friends that I have made


You've made us laugh


Had such a blast


Found a voice that's all our own!


They love seeing me

The real me

You showed a time of my life like I've never known!

Korra and Ponies;

Like we've never known!

As the girls sang the high note and Pinkie Pie started singing while shoving Korra and Mako towards Naga.


You've got to get back out there

Show them you're back on track

After all this time, you finally found your place

Wouldn't let Amon beat you

Wouldn't let him get you down

Cause when you've got friends

They're nothing that we can't do!!

As Pinkie hit the high note, Korra took hold of the reigns and the group ran across the snow towards their friends and family.


At one of the Southern Water Tribe Temples, Lin walked up to Korra and kneeled before her. Korra placed her right thumb on her forehead and left on her heart. Her eyes glow and so did her fingertips. As this happened, the ponies' elements glowed, including their eyes. The others all watched proudly as Korra restored Lin's bending. Once Korra was done glowing, the ponies' eyes did too, Lin stood up and earthbended large rocks surrounding the temple; her bending was back!

The ponies all galloped and cheered:

“YEEHAW! Lin's back!” Applejack exclaimed happily.

Lin turned to Korra and smiled, “Thank you.”

Korra bowed and smiled in return. It felt wonderful to have given her back her bending. Tenzin walked up to his student, smiling with such pride in his eyes. “I am so proud of you. Avatar Korra.”

“Thank you, Tenzin.” Korra said before turning to everyone around her. Her eyes falling on a particular group of ponies. “Girls, would you come here, please?”

The ponies happily galloped toward the avatar and bowed. Korra kneeled down to their level, “I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am to you. You ponies are the most loyal, compassionate and forgiving friends I have ever had. I can't even imagine how I could have gone through all of this without you. My world may not have magic, but you've shown me that it can. And that is friendship.”

Twilight's eyes teared up and she hugged the Avatar, “I love you, Korra.”

“I love you, too.”

Just then, Korra's chest began to glow once again, taking everyone by surprise as she and Twilight ended the hug. In a blinding light appeared…a necklace with a golden ring but unlike the others before, the design is simple and had blue oval shaped gems around it. In the center was a magenta gem shaped in a six inch star. Twilight recognized it instantly.

“The Final Element of Harmony!”

“The Element of Magic.” Mako said.

Korra removed the necklace from her neck and look at it before placing it around Twilight. The gem glowed bright as both the Avatar and Alicorn felt the energy within them. The other elements appeared on the ponies as well and they all smiled and closed their eyes. Korra was the first to open her eyes, Twilight was the second, one by one, the rest of the Mane Six opened their eyes, all to reveal glowing white orbs.

Twilight rose up into the air and unleashed a powerful magenta flame into the sky, which took in the form of a heart, before disappearing in beautiful sparkles that fell all around. Rainbow Dash flew beside Korra and the two displayed some impressive and stylish forms of firebending, side by side. Next, she and Applejack both bended two rocks upwards before landing them again, just like Lin did. Next, Korra, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy twirled and spun upwards creating a powerful air spout that lifted them up. Korra landed and she and Rarity levitated the snow around them, creating a large stunning swirled ice sculpture.

Everyone was amazed by this stunning and powerful form of bending. It was as if the ponies' abilities had gotten stronger now that Korra had regained her bending. Then, the six Elements released rainbow sparkles that surrounded Korra. The others watched in aware as Korra's outfit began to change: her parka disappeared, her shirt turned light aqua, exposing her midriff but was covered by a transparent blue fabric, her pants became more slim as did her brown snow boots with water tribe patterns on the top, her fur pelt was now held by a white belt with a blue opal gem and in the center of Korra's shirt was a cyan heart-shaped gem with a white outline. She also had a small silver tiara with swirled patterns and two blue diamonds. Once the sparkles where one, Korra and the ponies' eyes reverted back to normal. They all gasped at her new outfit, the ponies all hugged her and Mako lovingly petted Twilight and placed his arm around Korra.

“I don't even know what to say about all of this.” said the firebender. He then felt something tug on his long jacket and looked down to see a very serious looking dragon.

“Now, you listen here bud! You better be good to Korra, or else I'll beat you up so bad you won't know what hit ya.”

Rainbow Dash stood by Spike, “That goes double for me” she said.

“And me” said AppleJack

Mako simply smiled, “Then why are you guys crying?”

Spike wiped away his tears, “Because we're so happy for you two!” he then hugged Applejack as he continued to cry. Pinkie Pie jumped in between Korra and Mako and happily shouted,

"Best day ever!"

Korra and the ponies giggled, until Twilight noticed something, “Um, Korra---“ The alicorn pointed to her cheek.

“What? Is there something on my face?” Korra asked as she caressed her cheek.

Mako saw it too, “Actually, there is!”

Korra used her waterbending to make an ice mirror and looked at her reflection: she saw what looked like a blue cyan pattern shaped in the form of a heart with a green star in the center with a white circle.

*It's the symbols of Raava styled in the form of a heart*

Korra couldn't believe it, “Is that a---?”

“A tattoo?” Bolin asked.

Twilight shook her head, “No. It's a--a—“

“Cutie Mark!” Rarity finished with a loud squeal!

Korra caressed the symbol on her face with her finger, “A Cutie mark? I have a cutie mark? But how is that even possible?”

“I believe I can explain that”

They all saw a bright portal open out of nowhere before their eyes. And from the portal, two figures appeared. Twilight recognized them immediately,

“Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!”

She quickly ran to hug her fellow princesses. The other humans were all amazed at seeing the two beautiful alicorns. One was white as snow with a long mane and tail that moved like gentle ocean waves and sparkled with sunlight. She had pink, light green and light blue streaks with a golden crown on her head, a golden bejeweled necklace with matching hose shoes and a sun symbol cutie mark on her flank. Her eyes were bright pink and her wings were so large she could fly higher and faster than any flying creature. Her sister was a bit shorter with a dark blue coat, a indigo mane that flowed just like her sister's but looked more like midnight ocean sparkly waves as well as her tail. Her eyes were a stunning teal color and has a dark colored crown on her head, a black necklace with a lunar symbol and blue sparkly horse shoes. Her wings were not as big as her sister's but still just as beautiful. She had a black spot on her flank added with a moon-shaped cutie mark. Both princesses looked at everyone with warm and kind smiles.

“Hello Twilight." said Celestia. She then turned to look at the young avatar, "And hello to you too, Avatar Korra.”

“You know me?”

“Of course, we do”

Korra hesitated to walk closer to the princess of the sun. Celestia was even more beautiful and majestic in person, Korra felt she wasn't even worthy to be in the presence of a creature so wise and royal as her. None the less, she slowly walked towards the two royal sisters, her hand slowly rising up to reach out to Celestia. Seeing her shyness, the princess nuzzled her face into her hand, which soothed Korra's self-consciousness. With more confidence, Korra embraced the princess with a hug as if they had known each other for years. She felt so warm and safe. Korra then turned to Luna, who also welcomed a hug. Both sisters felt warm and safe.

“It's an honor to meet you.” said the Avatar.

Luna bowed before her, “The honor is all ours.”

Korra turned to the others, “Everyone. Meet the rulers of Equestria; Princesses Celestia and Luna.”

Everybody bowed down in respect, “Welcome.” Tenzin said.

Celestia bowed graciously, “Thank you. But really, we should be thanking you for taking such good care of Princess Twilight and her friends. Just as we knew you would.”

Korra was taken by surprise by this, “What?”

“You knew we were here?” Twilight asked, she too was just as surprised.

“Yes we did." said Luna, "You see this was all part of the prophecy.”

“Prophesy? What prophesy?”

Luna's horn glowed bright and before everyone's eyes, as book magically appeared. It was the same book given to the Mane Six by the Tree of Harmony. The book was levitated towards Korra, who stretched out her hands as the book landed on them gently, the aura from Luna's magic faded once it made contact with the avatar's skin. The book spontaneously opened and the pages flipped around before reaching a certain page. The Avatar read the words out loud,

“When the time is right

Underneath the same light

A bond will ignite

At very first sight.”

“That's the spell that brought us here.” said Twilight and Korra continued to read,

"The Elements of Harmony.

Once there were six.

But the seventh completes the mix.

A heart that connects all the rest.

Increasing the Magic of Friendship at its best.

In another world can it be found.

Only when the seven spirits are forever bound.

Near and far, far and near

A true love is sealed.

The Element of Unity shall be revealed."

They all looked at each other in curiosity once Korra finished reading, “What the heck is all of that suppose to mean?!” Bolin asked.

“This book allowed me and Luna to witness you girls and see all of your adventures.”, Celestia explained.

Spike began to blush, “Wait, you saw…everything?”

“Well, not everything everything just the important things”

He sighed in relief, “Good! At least they never saw me in the bathroom.”

Asami crinkled her nose in disgust, “Ew!”

Celestia continued to speak, “You see, even though you girls gave up the Physical form of the Elements of Harmony, the very core of them still live within you. Just as they live within Korra."

The Avatar arched an eyebrow in confusion, "What are you saying?"

"This book foretold that one day, you ponies would travel to another world and bond with a being whose heart and soul embodied all six of the Elements together. And she would share a piece of her soul with each of you.”

Celestia's horn glowed as she then used her magic to form images of Korra's adventures with the ponies in the snow for all to see. First she showed images of Korra fighting and then being kind to others, like sharing her food with Gommu or singing to Fluttershy about being true to who she is.

“Korra, You may be a fierce and persistent fighter, but underneath that tough exterior you have an admirable compassion. Even if you did not realize it before, you have shown to be selfless and helpful to your friends, to strangers and even to those who weren't so nice to begin with.” As she said the last part, they all see an image of Korra being nice to Tahno and helping him laugh. “This part of you represents the element of...Kindness.”

Another image appeared of Korra; the moments of her helping her friends.

"You never give up on your friends no matter how hard the situation and even when they don't always agree with you. Your willingness to put even your own life and dreams on the line for others shows the element of...Loyalty.”

They see another image of when she was kind to Asami and told Mako to comfort her and showing Asami her new room at the island.

“Despite your conflicting feelings, you were willing to sacrifice your own desires for the sake of another who needed compassion and hospitality more than you did. This represents the element of….Generosity.”

When Korra wasn't telling Tenzin about being afraid of Amon and when she finally accepted it.

“Even if you weren't completely truthful about your fears, a strong part of you wasn't willing to lie. Your emotions and your heart showed the real truth, and when you really, really need to tell it like it is, you do so without hesitation. This represents the element of….Honesty.”

Another image appeared of Korra laughing and goofing off with her friends.

“You know you have a big responsibility as the Avatar and you know it can't all be fun and games but that doesn't stop you from enjoying life and brightening up each and every day with a smile and upbeat attitude which affects those around you. This represents the element of….Laughter.”

Images of Korra being surrounded by her loved ones.

"All of this added with the strong powerful love you feel for everyone around you makes you a true wonder of Magic. Friendship is magic, and friendship is love. Every time you exposed a side of your true self, you represented each of the Elements of Harmony. Not only were you able to summon and return the Elements to the ponies, but you also gave them a piece of yourself. The bond you girls share is unbreakable and always will be no matter how far away you may be from each other."

As the images disappeared, Korra was still slightly baffled by all of this, “So, the Elements of Harmony that appeared on me where really—“

“Extensions of your spirit." Celestia finished, "Now that all seven are together, you girls each share a piece the Avatar spirit with Korra.”

Mako then realized something as well, “So all of this would mean that Korra is—“

“The Seventh Element of Harmony. Unity!” Twilight exclaimed happily.

Celestia and Luna both nodded. Korra couldn't believe what she was hearing “I don't believe this. Me...an Element of Harmony?!” this was incredible.

Celestia smiled, “Believe it. And because of their bond, the ponies can visit Korra's world and return home whenever they like, and bring anypony else with them.”

At the sound of this news, Korra and the ponies all jumped and cheered and yelled happily.

“And what about her, cutie mark?” Mako asked.

“Not entirely sure, perhaps it's a little…added bonus.” Everyone simply laughed at this. The princess had a sense of humor too.

“This is great, now we can go back home and still come back to visit you all!” said Twilight.

Korra was just as happy, “I know!”

Celestia placed her hoof on Korra's shoulder, the avatar calmed down as she listened attentively to the alicorn, “You are a wonderful Avatar, Korra. And even though you still have much to learn and will no doubt make mistakes in the future, I know that you will overcome any obstacle you face. With the support and love of your friends.”

Korra blushed and bowed before her, “Thank you, princess.”

Celestia and Luna bowed to her as well.

“This is all great and all but, we still need to get back to Republic City." said Lin as she stood forward, "Things are still pretty messed up.”

“She's right.” said Asami.

“Mind if we help?” AppleJack asked.

“It'll be a pretty big job" said Korra.

Twilight smiled confidently, “I think we can handle it, especially if we get some help from our friends and family. Princess?”

“Of course. Now what do you say we all get back in style?”

Celestia's horn glowed as she magically created a stunning carriage with her and Luna pulling. “Hop on everyone” said Luna.

“You guys are gonna pull?” Rainbow Dash said surprised,

“It'll be a nice change.”

They all got on the carriage, Korra gave her parents one last hug before joining the others.

The princesses flapped their wings as the carriage took flight. The ride itself was magical, the princesses flew near the water and Korra sticked her hand in as fish jumped and splashed.


After a while, they all landed in Republic City park. The entire land looked grey and depressing and many buildings were destroyed with equalist banners hanging all around. Korra's heart hurt at what she was seeing.

“Look at this place.”

“It looks like it's been drained of sunlight” said Mako, equally sad.

“In a way it has." Celestia said sadly. Then she smiled at the young couple, "But we can change that.”

Twilight levitated the prophecy book, “This book works as a portal from our world, so….Princess Luna would you be so kind as to call our friends and family to help?”

“It would be my pleasure” said the moon princess. The book opened again as a portal came out of the pages, Luna walked through as Celestia placed the book in the center of the park, the portal hovering over it.

The others smiled, with their new friends, Republic City would be back as it was in no time.


A true, true friend helps a friend in need.

A friend will be there to help them see.

Twilight and Korra,

A true, true friend helps a friend in need to see the light

That shines from a true, true friend.

Twilight and Fluttershy flew off to find the tunnels and sees Gommu and some of his friends in the tunnel entrance.


The Avatar needs your help.

She's trying hard doing what she can.


Would you try and give it a chance.

You may find that you'll start to understand.

The people all come out ready to help in any way they could. At the park Korra and the others were walking along the streets looking for people in need of help. They quickly found some families that were all looked incredibly sad that Amon was lying to them, some were even tearing down the posters out of anger.


A true, true friend helps a friend in need.

A friend will be there to help you see.

A true, true friend helps a friend in need to see the light

That shines from a true, true friend.

Korra spotted the equalist protester on the floor mopping and offered him her hand. He looked at her suspiciously, “What is the meaning of this?”

Korra simply smiled, “Look I know we didn't get off on the right foot but now we need your help."

Twilight magically fixed the megaphone of the Equalist protector and Korra offered him her hand. He smiled at Korra and accepted her help…and her friendship.

They were latter at the park, with a large crowed of people and ponies. Even Twilight's brother Shining Armor and her sister-in-law Princess Cadence came to help, as did the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The protester spoke through his megaphone on stage.

“Alright. Listen up everyone! The time of the Equalists is over! It's time for a new beginning. So let's all help the Avatar and her new friends and get our city back! Together!”

People and ponies all cheered, “YEAH!”

“Let's do it!”, Korra happily exclaimed.

They all got to work rebuilding the city, people and ponies all working side by side, even benders and non-benders. This made the people happy, they realized now they can all be friends.

Ponies and people;

A true, true friend helps a friend in need.

A true friend will be there to help you see.

A true friend is someone who finds the strength to see the light

That shines from a true, true friend.

Rainbow Dash smiled proudly, “Looking good people, let's keep up the good work.”

Lin came by, “Korra, we found there are Equalists causing trouble a few blocks over.”

“I'm on it.”

“No let me do this” said Rainbow.

Asami placed her hand on the pony's shoulder, “I'll come with you”

Asami drove to where the Equalists are and talks/sings to them. The heiress quickly stepped out of her car and tried to reason with them,

“Equalits stop this now. Can't you see what your hate and anger has done to you?"

Look at where you are.

I'm sure this is not what you truly want.

If you try to swallow your pride.

You will find that you'll start to understand.

Rainbow and Asami,

A true friend doesn't care of the color of your skin.

A true friend is someone who let's forgiveness reign.

A true friend is someone who gives you the strength to see the light

That shines from a true, true friend.

As they sang the equalists, one by one began dropping their weapons, removing their masks and helping others in tearing down Amon's posters and releasing benders who had their bending taken away. Korra and the others then came by and see the results.

Tenzin was impressed, “I don't believe it. How did—“

“They just needed some kindness, that's all.” Asami said. Korra smiled.


A true, true friend helps a friend in need.

A friend will be there to help them see.

Asami and Korra,

A true, true friend helps a friend in need to see the light

That shines from a true true friend.

After a few days, things seemed to be getting back to normal. Posters were gone, buildings returned to their original glory, remains of the Equalist biplanes were destroyed for good, though some Asami decided to take so she could use them for good. All around, ponies and humans worked together to rebuild the city.

Applejack; “YEEHAW! Now that's more like it. What's next?”

Bolin; “Well, the Arena's still pretty damaged”

AppleJack; “I'm on it; I know just the ponies who can help.”

At the arena, Applejack arrived with her whole Apple family behind her, “Folks, meet my family”

Big Mac, Granny Smith and Apple Bloom waved hello, as well as her other relatives.

"Can you guys really fix this place?” Mako asked

Applejack winked, “Only if you help.”

“I'm in” said Asami as she rose her hand, followed by Korra, “Me too”

“We all are” said Twilight.

“Can I help out too?” They all turned around and were incredibly surprised to see Tahno, his former wolf bats team and other pro-bending teams behind him, all eagerly hoping to assist in any way.

Mako smiled, “Sure. Every hand counts.” he tossed him a hammer and Tahno smiled in return.

“Great! Come on Wolfbats, let's get out Arena back!”

Before long, they all worked together to fix the arena. Big Mac helped Toza with fixing the dome, ponies inside fixed the broken bleachers, the messed up ring, Apple Bloom, Korra and Asami worked together to repaint the ring while Applejack helped Mako hammer things together and Bolin and Tahno helped with the dome as well.


This place needs fixin' it's been down for a while.

Without it benders everywhere never seem to smile.

But if we work together this work won't be a lot!

Just a little time and love and care and look at what we got!

After many long hours, and in a day would you believe it! The arena shimmered like gold in the sunlight!

“It looks better than ever! Way ta go guys!” said Bolin

“It's not over yet," they all turned to see Shining Armor approach them, "there's still benders that need help.”

“I'll take care of that” said the avatar.

Korra was now healing a long line of benders who had lost their bending, as Mako watched proudly from the side.


A true friend is someone I never knew I'd need.

A friend who manages to brighten my day.

A true friend whose love has given me the chance to see that light

That shines from a true, true friend.

Once Korra was done with the last one, she ran up to hug Mako.


A true, true friend is always there

Even when you never asked them to be.

A true friend is someone who without a doubt is the light

That shines from a true, true friend

Luna whispered to Rainbow Dash, “Come on Rainbow, do your thing”

Rainbow Dash eagerly flew up high into the sky and did her famous Sonic Rainboom. Amazing everyone.


“I know right.” Rainbow Dash said when she saw Mako's impressed face.

Pinkie pie jumped onto the stage at the park, “Come on everybody I want to see you smile!

People and ponies all cheered, ”YAY PINKIE!”

All friends, both humans and ponies danced and sang all around the city, making it even more beautiful than it ever was before.

A true, true friend helps a friend in need.

A friend will be there to help them see.

A true, true friend helps a friend in need to see the Light

(See the light)

That shines

(That shines)

From a true, true Friend!


Everybody and every pony all gathered at Air Temple Island overlooking the newly brighter city. “It looks better than ever.” Twilight said happily

“Thanks to you guys” said Korra.

“You did a good job too, you know.”

Then Princess Cadance walked over to Asami with a saddened expression, “I'm sorry, Ms. Sato. I tried to get your father to remember what it was like to love but….”

Asami sighed sadly, “It's okay. I knew it was a long shot”

Korra walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder, “Asami I am so sorry, I thought for sure Cadence's magic would—“

“Actually, there was still a little speck of love within him somewhere. I felt it." This news caught Asami's attention. "It was small but it was there. There is still some hope for him. My advice; visit him Asami. Show him that if you are willing to forgive him…he can learn to forgive too and one day, hopefully…he'll come back.”

Asami smiled hopefully, “We'll just have to find out” Asami lowered down and hugged the princess, “Thank you for trying” She then turned to Korra, “And thank you.”

“Of course.”

Mako walked over and Asami smiled at both of them. Bolin came by and they all shared a Team Avatar group hug. The ponies joined in as well. Twilight then noticed Celestia nodding to her. “We should probably be heading back. We've been away from home for so long we've got a lot of catching up to do.”

“I should really get back to my boutique." said Rarity, "I have a whole new line of "Avatar" fashions to make.”

“And I'm WAY behind on my share of work on the farm.” said Applejack.

“It would be wonderful to see all of my animal friends again.” Fluttershy said happily.

Korra smiled, “I understand. I guess, this isn't really goodbye.”

“Just, until next time.” Twilight added, "Besides, you still need to show us how to properly use our bending powers."

"Of course!"

"And in the meantime…" Twilight's horn glowed as she made a box appear out of nowhere which landed in Korra's hands. The Avatar looked at it curiously before opening it. Once she saw what was inside, she gasped. "This way, you can always carry a piece of us with you, even when we're not around."

Korra gently took the gift from the box; it was a cyan gem styled into the shape of a heart with a silvery necklace ring around it, decorated with small oval shaped blue stones. "Girls…it's beautiful! But, I didn't get one for you."

"Of course you did." Twilight said and she and the rest of the Mane Six all briefly made their elements appear around their necks before they disappeared again. Mako walked over and gently took the necklace from Korra's hands and placed it around her neck. The lovely stone shimmered in the sunlight. Then, the book that laid on the ground began to glow brightly. The princesses backed away as the pages of the book began to flip rapidly, until a beam of light shined through, and before their very eyes, something began to take shape…

It was the chest from the Tree of Harmony. The object floated away from the book and landed in Korra's hands. They all looked at the object curiously.

"What's inside it?" Korra asked.

"We're still trying to figure that out." Twilight said. They noticed that on each corner there seven keyholes on the sides, and the top of the chest has a heart shaped emblem on it, similar to Korra's necklace.

"Seven locks. Seven keys." Tenzin said as he looked on at the object. They all looked up at Celestia and Luna for answers.

"I do not know where they are. But I do know that it is a mystery you will not be solving alone."

"Looks like we've got another reason to come back." said Applejack, earning a smile from Korra. Looks like their adventures were only just beginning.


The ponies all gathered next to the princesses, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. Asami petted Rarity's head, “See ya, Rarity.”

“Take care Asami. I just know you'll get Future Industries back on top. And if you ever need a new track outfit, don't hesitate to call.”

“And let me know if you ever need a test pilot.” said Rainbow

Asami placed her hand over her heart, “I promise, you’ll be the first to know.”

Fluttershy petted the animals on their heads, “See you soon Pabu. You too Naga. Bye kids”

“Bye, Fluttershy." Jinora waved, "I hope to see you all soon.”

“Us too”

“Time to go my friends.” said Celestia. The book opened and the portal formed. Luna bowed to Korra, “Farewell, young Avatar.”

Pinkie; “See ya soon”

Fluttershy,; “Bye everyone”

Rainbow; “Stay cool”

AppleJack; “Keep up the good work”

Spike; “Let me know when Pro bending season starts again.”

Mako; “Take care!”

Lin; “Thanks for everything”

Tenzin; “Goodbye”

Kids; “See ya latter!”

The ponies all entered one by one. Twilight was the last to go before she smiled at Korra. “We love you!” she said before joining the other ponies as Korra and the others watched the portal close and the book disappeared into a bright shining light.

“I love you too, my little ponies.”


A few hours later, Korra was sitting in the courtyard alone overlooking the city.

“You okay?”

Korra smiled as she saw Mako approach her and she got up, “Yeah. They've only been gone for a few hours but…”

“I know. I miss them already, too.”

"So, what do you think is inside that chest?" Korra asked.

"Who knows. All I know is that you guys will figure it out together."

They both smiled, and Mako started to nervously fiddle with the tips of his scarf, “So I was wondering if…you'd like to, I don't know…go to dinner with me tonight?”

Korra smirked, “I don't know. Are you asking me out?”

“Well, yeah. So yes or no?”

Korra giggled “For a guy who's pretty good at coming up with smart game plans, you really fail to see the obvious sometimes.” They both laughed happily and Korra give him his answer, “Yes, I would love to have dinner with you.”

Mako smiled, “Great!”

“But first, you wanna go for a ride?”


They both walked towards Naga, “After everything that's happened, things around here might seem a little boring without all of that pony magic.” said Korra.

“Not for me it won't.” said Mako. Korra looked at him curiously, “Why is that?”

He placed his hand around her waist, “With you around….there will always be magic.”

"Awww, aren't you a real romantic." she said both sarcastically/flirtatiously a she wrapped her arms around his neck. Mako happily placed his hands on her hips as their foreheads touched.

"What can I say? You bring it out of me."

Korra and Mako held each other in their arms and shared a loving kiss. Meanwhile, in Equestria, the ponies all watched them through a crystal orb coming out of the book. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, “Okay, does she know how corny that line is?”

“I'm sure she does.” said Fluttershy.

Twilight happily watched the young couple, “She just doesn't care.” The Six ponies all happily giggled as they watched the young couple ride on the polar bear dog into the sunset.

And just as Twilight Sparkle predicted; Korra did turn out to be something special. Not only did she defeat Amon, but she discovered some true, true friends, and changed the views of many around her…including Twilight's.

But this is just the first chapter on their many, many adventures that awaited them.

The Little Pony Legend

I used to wonder what friendship could be

The Little Pony Legend

Until you shared its magic with me

The Little Pony Legend

It's a easy be

And Magic makes it all complete!

The Little Pony Legend

Just know you are my very best friends!

As Korra and Mako happily rode off, high above, clouds took on the shape of the Mane Six's Cutie Marks…with Korra's new one as well.


Celestia and Luna approached their mysterious mare. "The first phase has been completed." she said as she continued to look on at the Tree of Harmony, now naked from its Elements of Harmony, but the tree was still just as powerful as ever.

"You could have met her, you know." said Luna, "You missed your chance."

"No, my dear. The Avatar and I shall meet face to face. But only in given time. Besides, it is not necessary that she is aware of me…yet."

Celestia rolled her eyes, "You just love to keep others guessing, don't you?…Mother."

The End……for now.


Romans 12:2 ~

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.


Author's Note:

FINALLY I posted the entire chapter, and a sequel is on the way. A re-write of book 2! So stay tuned!

BTW, you can find my Korra/Pony artwork on my deviantArt page. Thank you, God bless, *kiss, kiss*

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I can only imagine what would happen when Bumi and Discord meet.

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I seriously can't wait for the rest of Book 2 (already read the first chapter).

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4944438 Wow, I'm so glad you loved it! Thank you so much! And I am SO sorry about the typos. I swear, I check every chapter but somehow one or two always manage to escape my vision, it's annoying! Then again, I also type REALLY fast sometimes so there's also that.

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4948141 Oh dear. I got my work cut out for me. :twilightsheepish:

I'll go through it another time whenever I get the time to do it. But take note of the two I've already shown (tolled -> told, lier -> liar). I couldn't help but notice that these two were the most frequent (I noticed them more than once in at least each chapter) so just starting with these two (the "find and replace" function on your word processor (not sure if you're actually using one) is very handy in those cases.

One more thing. I wonder if you intended your songs to rhyme (like the originals did). If not, you might try to use line breaks (I think it's the right term) in between each verse to make it easier to follow. You do it in the ending song, but you don't seem to do it with the others.

And, I don't want to force you anything, but part of me would love to see the ponies to interact with the "Last Airbender" characters (imagine combining Pinkie Pie and Sokka). I have a certain preference on Avatar The Last Airbender over the Legend of Korra and I kind of been waiting for a crossover with these two. I know that due to how your story is structure, it's kinda impossible, but I wonder if you ever thought of it.

But I'll still be waiting for the rest of Book 2 (and maybe Book 3, who knows).

Alright! Finally finished it. This was great. It had been a while since I saw the actual episodes of Book 1, but I still remembered a great deal. You did a really good job integrating the ponies into the story.:pinkiehappy:

Now... I'm afraid I cannot start on your sequel just yet. Thing is... I've never actually watched any of the Book 2 episodes!:twilightblush: But I'll be back for the sequel after I've gone and watched them! Until then, keep up the good work!:yay:

Comment posted by MaggiesHeartLove deleted Jun 11th, 2015

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil.

Do no evil.

5314831 I'll be fixing this mistakes latter on when I have the chance. Thanks for mentioning and glad you like the story

This story deserves SOOOOOOO many more views. I mean, this has to be the longest story I have EVER read!!! Seriously, why isn't this guy working for Hasbro yet?

5329800 Sorry about that. It was a mix up with the chapters. It's fixed now.

Awesome story! I found myself singing along to all of the songs too, I really enjoyed it!

I'm this story's 100th like. Triple digits. I just really love your series. :pinkiehappy:

5468780 Thank you! That really means a lot to me! God bless!

Browsing for comedy stories see this "Hmmm"
*reads summary* "Twilight reading off a spell without thinking of consequences and getting her friends involved in it.... seems legit! I'll read it!"


5578702 I refuse to read it for the same reason. If it's just a retelling of the show, then there isn't any real reason to read it... Unless you're obsessed with ponies.

That was even cooler than I thought it would be and I was VERY exited in the beginning. And the part where celesta and luna come that was so unexpected and awesome. You did a great job working the ponies into the Korra episodes . :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry: Over all IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

I have just finished reading this. And I am impressed.

While there were tons of spelling and grammar errors, not to mention lack of line breaks, I found this to be a wonderful read. Definitely set on putting it in my favorites. I even stayed up 'till 2 in the morning and had to pry myself away so I could get some sleep.

If I can make one suggestion, work on either minimizing or removing the songs. It might be just me, but I think it would be best for the ponies to sing in private. I can't imagine a tomboy like Korra or a tough guy like Mako singing. The concept of Avatar/Korra has cemented the fact in my mind that some characters shouldn't sing because it would seem out of character. But that's just me.

I will be looking forward to the remaining three books and I do hope Korra will visit Equestria (I can imagine that Twilight's Castle will have a dojo for her). I also hope Korra will meet her polar opposite: Discord, soon.

Excellent work.

6064927 wow it's been a long time since iv seen this thing iv been dealing with school and working on animations so I haven't had time to write in a while so man this is crazy truth be told I don't remember this story sorry I can't give you a proper reply.

spent the day reading it! was very entertained. good work! (just typos and thats it) :)

6503321 Thank you very much. There is a comic to it. (Just click on picture to make it bigger)


I havent actually seen legend of Korra yet. I passed it of as just a crappy remake of Avatar. Then i realised i was acting like a brony hater. my face when I realised ---> :pinkiegasp:
I remember seeing this story and thought 'time to give it a chance'.
now I intend to watch the series. As Zuko would say: "I must restore my honour". :pinkiehappy:

Just finished reading, all in all it's a good crossover. I like how the characters interacted and development many of them recived. While there are a few typos here and there it's nothing I'll loose sleep over.

That being said, I loved this story, and now now it's time to move onto the sequel!

Say whuuuut?! :twilightoops:

You've made an amazing story, and I salute you for it!

8175733 Thanks, happy to hear your enjoying it so far, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how it can improve my writing. Have fun!

Overall pretty good, some of the later chapters have some grammar and pacing issues but overall pretty good. Before i go ahead and read the rest is it going to be pure Makkorra AU territory or will we get that glorious Korrasami goodness

Thanks. I’ve gotten a lot better with grammar and my spelling over the years. I just haven’t edited these chapters in a while. This series is loooooooooong.

Also, to answer your question, I wrote this series while Korra was still on the air. I did books 3 and 4 simultaneously as the episodes came. Thus, by the time korrasami was confirmed, I already had the end all planned out and just went with my plans. In short: No. Sorry.

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