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The Little Pony Legend. - MaggiesHeartLove

Twilight Sparkle and her friends travel to a whole new world unlike anything they had ever seen and meet a surprising new friend....Avatar Korra!

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A leaf in the wind

A leaf in the Wind

It had only been two days, and so far the Mane Six and their little dragon friend were adapting rather well. Or as well as they could. On this day, the ponies and Spike were all eating their breakfast outside in the temple courtyard, because Tenzin wouldn't allow them to eat with people. He had already caught them sleeping in Korra's room and ordered them to sleep outside. Much to their annoyance and disappointment. As they ate their meals in the courtyard, which he at the very least allowed them to eat on plates, the lemurs of the island accompanied them. Fluttershy took an immediate liking to the animals, which was really no surprise there. The ponies all briefly stopped eating when they heard Twilight Sparkle struggling.

The alicorn princess kept on trying to summon that fire she did the day they arrived, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't summon it again. All that came out of her horn were magenta magical beams, but she knew that her fire powers, or firebending as Korra would have put it, was not just magic. She could tell they were different, she just had to tap into whatever it was that triggered it. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't master it.

"Twilight, what are you doing?" Spike asked.

"Trying to summon that fire thing I did last time." She grunted in annoyance. "But I can't figure it out! And Korra makes it look so easy."

"Why don't you take a break and eat?" Spike suggested, "This Air Temple fruit and vegetables are actually really good." as he reached for an apple on his plate, a lemur came over and beat him to it. "Hey! Get back here!" Spike started to chase after the winged mammal, who carried the apple in his mouth. Twilight Sparkle joined her friends as Spike chased the apple thief.

"I can't believe Tenzin ordered us to eat our breakfast outside." said Rainbow Dash as she stomped her hoof, causing her plate to shake a bit, "And I can't argue with him because he won't understand a word I say!"

"I know." said Applejack, "What I don't get is why Korra and Tenzin's kids can understand us but nopony--I mean, nobody else can."

While they continued talking Spike continued to chase the lemur behind them, getting more and more annoyed as he ran. "Wait until I get my hands on you!"

"Well, there is also his wife Pema." Rarity added.

"I'll admit, it is kind of strange." said Twilight, "The spell from the book, us meeting Korra, my new powers, people not understand us. It's a real mystery. In the meantime, I say we just keep an eye out for anything that might help us get back home and I'm sure Korra will do the same."

"Let's not forget, you still need to learn how to master that new power of yours." said Applejack. "And if anyone can help you with it, it's Korra."

Spike, who was still chasing the lemur, slipped and face palmed in front of Twilight. "You win this round, pal!" he shouted while waving his fist at the the lemur, who had already flown away. Along with his apple. "You guys sure have faith in her don't you?" the dragon asked as he sat back up and dusted himself.

"Of course Spike." said Twilight, "In some way, she kind of reminds me of…me."

"And me!" said Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie jumped happily, "And me! She's super duper fun! She even showed me this cool karate move. Watch." Pinkie performed the trick Korra had taught her, doing a jump kick followed by a backflip with perfect ease and strikes a karate pose for her finishing stance. "HEYA! Cool, right?"

Rarity clapped her hooves, "Marvelous!"

"That'll definitely come in handy in case we ever run into that Adon guy." said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack arched an eyebrow, "You mean, Amon?"

The ponies has heard more about this mysterious masked man both from Tenzin, the radio and the news. Korra still didn't give him much thought, confident the whole thing was just some crazy phase. Even if he pulled a real threat in the future, the ponies had complete confidence in Korra.

Rainbow rolled her eyes, "Whatever, he's creepy, he's got a mask, wants to eliminate benders, yada, yada, bottom line; if he ever tries anything on us, he better watch out! Until then, I'm gonna go and see if Korra has any more papayas. Be right back." Rainbow spread open her wings and flew up towards the window of the temple where the Air Acolytes gathered to eat, but stopped midway when she overheard Korra's voice…

"And in the final round, the Buzzard Wasps won in a decisive knock out!" the Avatar enthusiastically read from the newspaper while Rainbow Dash hovered only a few feet away from the window. She lowered the paper to speak with her airbending master, who sat opposite her across the table in the dining hall of the temple.

"What do you say we go to the arena tonight? Catch a few pro bending matches?"

"Pro bending?" Rainbow wondered. She had never heard of such a thing, and Korra had yet to mention it to them yet. She hide behind the window to hear the rest of the conversation, not wanting to rudely interrupt the conversation, or give the impression she was eavesdropping.

"That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending!" she heard Tenzin say, speaking in a tone that further emphasized his disapproval.

"Come on, Tenzin." Korra pleaded, trying to her best to sound innocent as she could, "I've dreamed of seeing a pro bending match since I was a kid and now I'm just a ferry ride away from the arena." she turned to her side, pointing her thumb towards the golden arena just across the bay. It was so close she could almost touch it.

"Korra you're not here to watch that drivel, you're here to finish your Avatar training." As Tenzin spoke, Rainbow Dash mocked by mimicking him with her mouth, "So for the time being I want you to remain on the island."

"Is that why you're keeping the white lotus sentries around to watch my every move?" Korra asked unamused while pointing to the various sentries around the room. Even though she was now free from the compound, living on the island with stern eyes watching her still felt like like a prison.

"Yes. I believe you require a calm quiet environment, free from any distractions."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes at this. Of all the kill-joys in the world, Tenzin was the biggest she had ever met. "Well, what about the ponies?" Rainbow's ears twitched upwards in surprise when she heard Korra's question. "If I can't go maybe they can. I know Rainbow Dash would love it and Twilight Sparkle has been asking me non stop questions about--"

"No." Tenzin interrupted, "You stay on the island and so do they." Tenzin said sternly, "They don't know how to survive in the city and we can't risk anybody else knowing the truth about their origins."

Korra slumped her shoulders, "Right, I forgot about that for a sec."

"I'm sorry, but you girls will stay safe here."

Korra sighed in defeat, no longer seeing any other reason to argue with him. Especially after stating the Mane Six would be safe on the island…even if it meant they would be prisoners just like she was, which was the last thing she wanted. But, what more could she do now?

"Fine. You're the master." the Avatar turned herself around, resting her elbow on her knee as she gazed at the window and at the arena in the distance. It was the color of pure gold with a large green-colored glass done that stood at the very top of the roof. She sighed sadly. One of the sad sacrifices of being the Avatar.

Rainbow lowered her ears in disappointment as she too looked at the golden arena in the distance, "Aw man." she sadly flew down back to the others.

"Where are the papayas?" Fluttershy asked.

"Forget the papayas! I just heard Korra and Tenzin talking." Rainbow replied.

"What were they saying?" Rarity asked.

"They were talking about this thing called pro-bending."

At the very mention of the name, Pinkie Pie immediately began to jump up and down excitedly. "Pro Bending!? I love pro bending!….What's pro bending?"

Twilight rolled her eyes, "Obviously, it has something to do with bending." she pointed out in her usual straightforward manner.

"Yeah. It's a sport for benders that they show over there in that arena." the ponies all looked at the golden arena over the horizon, to which Rainbow was pointing at, "Korra said she's dreamed of seeing a match since she was little and from the excitement in her voice, It's gotta be awesome!"

"But, what do benders do in a pro-bending match?" Fluttershy asked curiously.

"Not sure. Probably for benders to compete against one another in competitions or something!"

"I hope it's not too aggressive." said Fluttershy, already trembling at the thought.

Twilight tapped her chin in thought, thinking about the game itself. A place where benders could show off their talents. As typically competitive as it sounded, Twilight was intrigued.

"Actually, I think it's a great idea!" said the alicorn, voicing out her opinion to the others, "I've been reading some books about bending history and it's absolutely fascinating! A pro-bending match sure sounds like the perfect opportunity to see individual bending skills in person, and to learn more about my new powers." the alicorn squealed with glee as she galloped in place.

The ponies had so far only seen a small demonstration of the art of bending itself from Korra. To them, it still seemed like a magical ability. The same way unicorns move object with their horns, Korra could move the water and earth with her hands. Her movements were so firm yet engaging to watch as well. If there was an entire sport dedicated to this 'magical' skill, it would most definitely be a good learning experience for them. They could only imagine how it would be like the sports back in Ponyville, thrilling but fun to watch.

"I would love to see real firebenders in action!" Spike said excitedly, "Maybe Korra can learn some new moves and she can show them to me" as he says this, Spike did some karate moves.

Rarity flipped her mane, "Normally, I don't do sports of any kind, but if they move with the same passion and grace as Korra does when she bends, I suppose it wouldn't be so bad."

"Why not?" Applejack said. "Sounds like it could be fun."

"Is there a match tonight? Is there?!" Twilight asked Rainbow Dash, just as excitedly.

"Is there?!" Pinkie Pie added, also beaming with excitement. The group awaited for Rainbow's reply, but she lowered her ears in disappointment.

"Yeah, that's the thing...Tenzin won't let her go."

"What?!" Twilight and Pinkie exclaimed, both backing away in shock.

"You couldn't have mentioned that five minutes ago?" said Spike in annoyance.

"Why not?" Twilight asked, feeling upset.

"Something about it being "a mockery of the noble tradition of bending"! Or something." said Rainbow as she mockingly mimicked Tenzin's voice. The ponies all lowered their ears in disappointment.

"Awww, that stinks!" said Pinkie Pie as she sadly slumped on the floor.

"And since she can't go…" Rainbow began to say,

"…We can't go." Applejack finished her sentence, "I guess pro-bending will just have to wait for another time."

"With Tenzin making the rules, there probably won't be another time." Spike said as he crossed his arms and sat on the ground mopping.

"I once saw those White Lotus fellows listening to something on the radio," Rarity said, "maybe it was a match."

"I guess we could always listen to it." Fluttershy said, trying to sound as enthusiastically as she could.

Rainbow Dash sat down in defeat, "Not as fun as watching though. Too bad, Korra sounded so excited."

The group of friends sat back down to finish eating their meals, while Twilight looked over to the pro-bending arena with anticipation. She wanted to see a pro-bending match just as much as they did. After all, what better way to understand Korra's world than to learn more about their unique, 'magic'.


Twilight knocked on Korra's door for the third time in a row, calling out to her stubborn friend. "Come on, Korra! Tenzin's waiting."

"I'm not coming out in this!" Korra said stubbornly through the door.

"Oh, come on. It's not so bad." Rarity said sweetly.

Korra let out a loud angry groan before walking out of her room. The Avatar was wearing a traditional airbending outfit with an irritated expression. The outfit consisted of the traditional air nomad design and colors, orange and yellow. Her collar was upwards, colored in yellow with a red parka over the shirt, which was split at the front, a red sac, yellow pants and wearing the same boots she had on before, along with the annoying long sleeves.

Rarity crinkled her nose at the sight of the outfit, "Eh! On second thought, it is bad." being an expert on fashion, Rarity could tell in an instant that orange was not cutting it for Korra, at all. "Why does Tenzin even want you to wear that? There was nothing wrong with your old look."

"He thinks this will help me "get in touch" with my inner airbender." Korra used air quotes with the words 'get in touch' before pouting in annoyance.

"Well, I know something that might help.", with the glowing of her horn, Rarity magically rolled up the long orange sleeves, leaving Korra's toned arms bare. She levitate Korra's signature armband with water tribe markings on it and placed it on her right arm. The unicorn smiled in satisfaction, "Now there's the Korra touch it needs!"

"Thanks, Rarity." Korra scratched the pony's ear, making her smile.

Twilight took the lead and galloped ahead, "Come on. Let's make you an airbender!"


Korra, Twilight and Rarity walked beside Tenzin underneath a wooden shed outside. The two ponies marveled at the trees that passed by them and at the adorable flying ring-tailed lemurs that flew. The island was truly breathtaking, there were wide open spaces for the ponies to gallop freely, tall trees that served as wonderful shade, and the food they served was delicious, especially since the mares were all vegetarians. At the corner of her eye, Korra noticed the two looking around in wonder.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Korra asked.

"Yes it is. My father build this whole place from top to bottom." Tenzin replied, sounding somewhat proudly and unknowingly prevented the two ponies from replying the question, which was actually aimed at them and not him.

"Actually, I was--"

"So, my mother informed me that you've never been able to airbend before."

As he mentioned this, Korra stopped on her tracks, Rarity and Twilight bumping into her legs in the process. "Yeah, but I don't know why. The other elements came so easily to me, but every single time I've tried airbending--" to emphasize her point, she sticks out her tongue and blew a raspberry, "nothing." she said as she placed a hand on her hip. Tenzin placed his hand on her shoulder and spoke kindly, "That's perfectly all right. You just need to be patient." he began to roll down her sleeves, covering her arm band, much to Rarity's annoyance. "Often the element that's the most difficult to for the Avatar to master is the one most opposite to the Avatar's personality. For Aang, it was earthbending."

"Yeah. Well, I'm about as opposite an airbender as you can get." Korra said sadly as she glanced to the ground.

Twilight flew up to her and playfully nudged her shoulder, "Hey, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. After all, you're gifted and you are--"

"Twilight! I appreciate the optimism but, I don't think now's the right time for a song."

The alicorn blushed while smiling sheepishly, "Sorry."

Tenzin looked at the two girls interacting with a skeptical look on his face. Despite the obvious that these ponies appeared to have the capacity to speak like normal humans when it came to Korra and even his children, he himself couldn't understand why he couldn't hear them as well. He simply decided to ignore it for now.

"Let's begin your first lesson." he said as he walked on ahead. Korra and the ponies shortly followed.


Korra and the ponies followed the airbender up the plate of stairs outside. As they neared the top they saw what appeared to be large gates with air symbols on them. Waiting for them were Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

Both Ikki and Pinkie were jumping and shouting excitedly, "Korra's gonna airbend! Korra's gonna airbend!"

Korra looked curiously at the strange object. "What is that contraption?" she asked. She had never seen anything like this before. She wondered what her teacher had in mind.

"A time honored tool that teaches the most fundamental aspect of airbending." Tenzin instructed.

Pinkie jumped happily, "Oh, he said fun!"

"He said, "fundamental" Pinkie Pie.", Jinora corrected.

"There's still the word "fun" in it!"

Tenzin looked at his eldest daughter, "Jinora, would you like to explain this exercise?"

"The goal is to yield your way through the gates onto the other side without touching them." Jinora explained intelligently.

"Wow, somebody's been doing their homework." said Twilight, being very impressed by the young girl's knowledge beyond her years. She knew she found yet another kindred spirit, next to Korra.

"Seems easy enough." Korra said while smiling confidently.

Rainbow scoffed, "HA! You can make it through, no sweat!"

"Jinora forgot to say you got to make it through while the gates are spinning!" Ikki added, speaking very fast which was something she often did.

Tenzin stood in an airbending stance as he twisted and turned his hands and he thrusted them forwards, creating a powerful burst of air. His coat flapping in the wind as the gates began to spin around rapidly. This amazed the ponies, since it was the first them they've seen actual airbending.


"Bending is cool!" Spike said, jumping up and down like an excitable little child.

Tenzin released a small leaf from his hand which them began to move swiftly through the gates. "The key is to be like the leaf." he instructed as the little piece of plant flew elegantly through the gates as if it were dancing.

"Flow with the movement of the gates. Jinora will demonstrate."

Jinora decisively ran up to the gates, with her father following her with his gaze. The young airbender weaved her way through the ancient airbending tool with complete ease by moving in swift fluid motions, rapidly switching directions each time one of the spinning gates came near her. She moved just like…well, a leaf.

"Airbending is all about spiral movements." Tenzin instructed, "When you meet resistance you must be able to switch direction at a moment's notice."

The ponies watched in amazement at the way the young girl moved so gracefully through the contraption without a single problem. Once Jinora was out, the girls all stomped their hooves in applauds, while gazing in awe at the child's skills.





"Nice one, kid!"

Pinkie Pie held up a sign with a ten on it, "Ten out of ten!" she cheered.

Jinora unleashed a powerful wind to make the gates spin around rapidly once again. It was now Korra's turn to give it a try. The young Avatar looked on in determination.

"Let's do this."

"Good luck." said Fluttershy, encouragingly.

Rainbow Dash cheered, "Go get em, Korra!"

Decisively, Korra ran all full speed toward the gates, but the minute she stepped foot into the tool she let out a cry in pain. She was already colliding against the fist gate she encountered. She slammed right into the next one, and the next, and the next…and the next…and the next.

Tenzin and the ponies all grimaced in pain as they watched the poor girl struggle. After a couple of more hits to the side, and to her face, Korra was tossed out on her behind. Twilight tried her best to offer her friend some smart advice.

"Um, Korra maybe you should--", but Korra simply got back up, grunted and ran back into the gates to try again. Twilight frowned while rolling her eyes, "Aaand there she goes." She knew that this was not going to be pretty.

The Avatar managed to avoid the first two gates but collided into the next one. This same routine continued for a while. Try as Korra may, she just kept on getting hit. Everywhere she turned it was, BAM!, SLAM! and OW!

"Oh! That's gonna leave a mark!" Pinkie Pie said as she winced at the sight.

"Don't force your way through!" Jinora advised by calling out to her through cupped hands… right before Korra got hit again.


"Dance! Dance like the wind!" Ikki advised as she clenched her fists and motioning expensively.

"GAH!" Korra cried out as she got hit once again.

"Be the leaf!" Meelo said while waving his arms in a strange, almost unrealistic fashion. Just as Korra got hit…again.


"Don't get frustrated!" Twilight called out, before wincing once Korra got hit again.

"I'm pretty sure that ship has already sailed." Spike pointed out, earning the usual annoyed glance from Twilight.

Finally, Korra got hit in the face one last time, the poor girl groaned in exhaustion and spun around on her own axis before falling on her back. She had two black eyes and could barely stand up. The ponies and Spike hovered over her, looking on in sympathy.

Rarity smiled awkwardly, "I, really thought you would get it that time, eh." she nervously chuckled.

"You okay there, hon?" Applejack asked sympathetically.

"Yeah. Nothing's broken. Just my pride."

"Well, it wasn't so bad, right girls?" Fluttershy asked hopefully. But even the ponies couldn't lie their way out of this one, and even if they could Korra wouldn't believe them. She knew she had messed up, the pain in her face and body were proof of that.

"It was only the first try." Twilight said, smiling encouragingly. "You'll be passing through those gates in no time at all."

"Glad you think so." Korra said, "Now could one of you hand me some ice, please?"

"I'll go get it!" Fluttershy quickly flew ahead inside to get Korra the ice while Tenzin sighed and shook his head disappointingly. This was not going to be easy.


"Airbend!" she stretched her hands forward, trying to unleash a blast of air from her hands at a newspaper with a picture of Lin Beifong….but nothing.

That night in the courtyard, Korra attempted to airbend at a newspaper with Lin's picture on it, which was sustained by a rope. The others sat beside Naga watching her progress, which so far wasn't going so well.

The Avatar grunted in frustration. "What is wrong with me? Airbend!" she stretched her arms forward again, but still nothing.

Naga, Spike and ponies all looked at her with concerned, until they noticed Korra's eye beginning twitch, which could only mean one thing...

"She's gonna blow! Again!" Spike shouted in panic before quickly hiding behind Naga's head.

Twilight immediately stood up and tried to get the Avatar to calm down. "Korra, breath! Breath!"

Ever so slowly, Korra lowered her clenched fists and did the breathing exercise Twilight had taught her. For a moment, the young Avatar managed to calm herself, completely lowering her arms to her side and taking in the slow deep breaths. Once it seemed all was clear, Spike sighed in relief as she wiped away a drop of sweat from his brow.

"Wait for it!" Pinkie added with a smile.

After two seconds, Korra angrily firebended at the newspaper, burning it into a crisp, along with the rope it was hanging from. The girl then sighed as she placed her hands on her knees.

"Feel a little better?" Twilight asked.

"Almost." Korra stood up straight and did the breathing thing again, "Okay, now I'm calm. Sorry about that." she said apologetically.

Twilight casually waved her hoof, "That's okay. I've exploded a few times in the past myself."

Spike laughed, "Ha! A "few" times?"

Twilight glared at the dragon's comment, and he slowly hid behind Naga's head once again. Korra groaned, scratching the back of her neck. "Thanks, Twilight." Korra let out a tired sigh. "Maybe I'm just not cut out to be an airbender."

"Don't worry, you'll get it." Rainbow said as she flew upwards to Korra, "I mean, why wouldn't you want to learn how to bend air? You'll be able to do these awesome air scooters the kids do, plus you can fly!" the cyan pegasus flew around the Avatar, leaving behind a rainbow streak as she did. "It would be so awesome if we could have flying races. Not that you'd ever beat me, of course." the pegasus smiled proudly.

"Oh, is that a challenge?" Korra smiled cockily at the pegasus in return. One of the many things that made them such good friends was their equal competitive spirits. "Well, airbending aside, why don't we get back to another matter of business." Korra said as she squatted down to Twilight's level, "Like showing you how to master your firebending."

The alicorn blushed and scratched the back of her neck bashfully, "Oh, um. I don't know. I'm not even sure if I'll get all the moves correctly. Plus, ever since we met I haven't been able to get it to appear again."

"Don't worry. We'll learn as we go along."

Seeing the determination in Korra's eyes, the alicorn took in a deep breath and gained a look of determination, "Okay, Let's give it a try."

Korra straightened herself and took her stance, "The first thing you need to do, is let go of your fear."

Twilight's eyes widened a bit in surprise, "How did you know that I--?"

"I could tell you were scared to use fire on account of how dangerous it can be. And you're right. But there's more to it than that." Korra explained, "My teachers always taught me that fire is the element of power, of the will to accomplish one's tasks and desires. Some people think firebending is fueled by hatred, rage and anger, and while it can be triggered by it sometimes, it's not always the true source of it. It comes from the very control of your breath, not just the physical size or strength."

Twilight was very impressed with Korra's wisdom with the element of fire. Having spent so many years training in the South Pole mastering the elements didn't go in vain.

"Here, let me show you." Korra took her stance and took in a strong deep breath. She felt the energy of fire within her. After a few seconds, she unleashed a powerful fire blast into the air from her fist, followed by a loud grunt. The flames diminished in mid air, as small specks of amber fell down in a stunning sparkly fashion. Rarity marveled at the beauty, not only was bending strong and power, it was beautiful too.

"Give it a try. Since you're a beginner, we'll start small." Korra said to the alicorn, "Just think of something you really want. Put all of your energy into it."

The princess nodded and did as Korra instructed. She closed her eyes and took in a strong deep breath, releasing it slowly.

"Control your breathing. Feel the energy inside of you."

The alicorn kept her eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply. Her horn began to glow as her closed eyes slightly squinted. She focused her energy into what she wanted, her desire, her thrive. Korra could feel the energy within the pony, and with a prod smile she said, "Now…let it go!"

Twilight stood up on two legs and rose her head up, her wings spread open, and a powerful magenta flame shoot right out from her horn and up into the sky. It diminished and fell all around in sparkling amber just as Korra's did. The ponies and Spike all clapped happily at what Twilight had accomplished.

"That…was…AWESOME!!" Rainbow Dash did three air flips while exclaiming happily at Twilight's amazing new skill.

"I…I don't believe it."

"I knew you could do it!" Korra exclaimed proudly.

"I did it! I firebended! Whoa!" then right out of her horn, came out another flame, that Korra quickly diminished by moving her arms in a circular motion. "Oops! Sorry!"

"That's okay! I think that's enough practice for tonight."

"Good idea."

"But wow, I've never seen power like that before!"

"Well, I guess it just comes with having alicorn magic on the side. But that sensation was amazing. Now I know why fire of your favorite element, Korra."

"What were you thinking about that got you so pumped up?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"I was just thinking about the times when I was determined to help my friends, or eager to learn a new spell, or ace the next test."

Korra smiled proudly as she placed her hands on her hips, "Twilight Sparkle, you are a true prodigy."

The alicorn blushed with a smile, "Well, I'm happy to have such a great teacher."

Then the ponies' ears perked up at the sound of static. The sound was coming from a side building of the temple, "Ladies and gentlemen I'm coming to you live from Republic City's pro-bending arena!" they heard the voice from the radio say, "Where tonight, the best in the world continue their quest for a spot in the upcoming championship tournament."

Twilight gasped excitedly, "Is that a pro bending match?"

"You girls wanna go check it out?" Korra asked the ponies, all of which nodded in agreement.

Korra, Spike and the ponies all gathered on top of the roof to listen to the pro bending game, for which a group of white lotus sentries were attentively listening to as well. The girls and dragon all sat together listening to the man describe the game in such vivid detail.

"Grab your snacks and grab your kids because this next match is gonna be a doozy!"

Rainbow Dash was hovering over them the whole time, since she was too excited to even sit still. Twilight paid extra close attention to what the opponents did with their bending, even Rarity was intrigued by the game. Pinkie Pie had a soda hat on her head and was eating popcorn.

They all had excited looks on their faces as the announcer's voice became more and excited as he narrated the game. They especially were impressed by a particular player named Mako who the man describe to have 'moxie'. Their eyes widened with anticipation and excitement as the man narrated,

"Yomu is hammered back to zone three! Clock is winding down, can Yomo hold on? He's teetering on the edge of the ring now. The Fire Ferrets line up to strik---" Suddenly the radio shut off. The ponies and dragon all groaned in disappointment, while Korra looked horrifiedly disappointed.

"Hey!" cried Rainbow Dash, "What gives?"

"Korra, come down here please!"

Their expressions all quickly from 'disappointed' to 'were dead' looks when they heard Tenzin's not-at-all-happy voice. "Busted." said Applejack, her ears lowering in the process.

"You guys stay here." Korra tells them before lowering herself down, surprising the sentries in the process, while the ponies and Spike listened from above.

"You shut it off at the best part!"

"I already told you, I don't want you listening to this distracting nonsense."

Twilight scoffed, "Nonsense?!" she asked irritatedly.

"But it's their radio," said Korra, "And, technically, you said I couldn't watch a match you didn't say anything about listening to one."

Rainbow and Fluttershy hoof bump at Korra's cleverness, while Tenzin stuttered a bit before bitterly replying, "You know what I meant! And anyway, s-shouldn't you be in bed by now?"

Tenzin turned with a wave of his cape, creating a small gust of wind that made Korra's ponytails and was it pelt billow for a brief moment before settling. Korra remained stone still, completely unfazed.

"Coast is clear!" Korra called out to the ponies without needing to turn around. The ponies and dragon all jumped down.

"What's his problem?" asked Applejack "The sport ain't that bad."

Rarity nodded in agreement, "Even I have to admit it does have a very dynamic and thrilling appeal to it, and I'm often against anything sports related."

"I just don't understand him sometimes." Korra said, "But he's right, it is late. Let's go get some sleep."


The next day Korra and Tenzin were meditating alongside his children underneath a gazebo near a cliffside. The others watched from a safe distance and Fluttershy looked at them curiously, "What do you think they're doing?' she asked

"They're meditating." Twilight answered, "Tenzin says it's suppose to help Korra with her spiritual enlightenment."

"That must be torture for her." Rainbow added, "Just sitting around doing nothing? How is that suppose to help?"

"Well, Tenzin is the master, he's got to know what he's doin'" said Applejack.

"I still find it boring." said the pegasus.

"It's suppose to help her get in touch with her spiritual self." said Twilight, "Maybe I'll give it a try."

"Me too" said Fluttershy. The two ponies walked over to Korra to give this meditation thing a go.

"You go ahead, I'll probably blow her concentration." Rainbow Dash said, "And I'm starting to think I'm Tenzin's least favorite pony right now."

"Well, you did flare your nostrils at him." Rarity pointed out.

"He wanted us to eat from the floor!"

"I didn't say it wasn't for a good reason."

Korra was having serious trouble concentrating. Meditation was so boring, she couldn't do anything. All she had to do was sit still. This was torture for someone as restless as herself. She then sensed somebody---or somepony---approach her. Korra opened her eyes and saw Twilight and Fluttershy sitting beside her.

"Twilight, Fluttershy, what are you doing here?"

"Moral support," said the alicorn.

"Korra, no pets allowed during meditation." Tenzin ordered, making Twilight pout in annoyance.

"Come on Tenzin. They won't be any trouble" Korra said.

Tenzin sighed in defeat, "Alright." he said before returning to his meditation.

"How's it going so far?" Twilight asked in a slight whisper.

"Not that great." Korra replied sadly, "I think I'm doing it wrong."

"There's nothing to do." said Tenzin, believing she was talking to him, "Let your mind and spirit go free. For air is the element of freedom."

At the mention of this, Korra couldn't help but chuckle. Tenzin was unamused by this reaction. "Is something...funny?"

"Yeah, you're telling me to embrace freedom but you won't let me listen to the radio? And forget about leaving this island."

"Please Korra. Look at Meelo, he's able to meditate peacefully."

Korra and the two ponies looked at the young boy who really was in a peaceful state…while snoring and blowing nose bubbles. And drooling.

"Actually, I think he's a sleep."

"What? Well, at least he has the relaxing part down."

"Whatever. None of this airbending stuff makes any sense to me" Korra said rather impatiently.

"I know you're frustrated but give it time. Eventually, it'll just click"

Twilight smiled at her friend for reassurance, "He's right you know. Just relax and don't think too much."

Korra decided to listen to Twilight and gave meditating another try. If Twilight could master fire power in one night, then maybe Korra could get the hang of this meditation business. Twilight and Fluttershy both sat up, placed their front hooves together and started to meditate alongside Korra.

Two seconds latter…

"Yeah, it's not sinking in yet." said Korra, just about ready to give up.

"Give it another try." Twilight insisted while opening one eye.

Korra groaned in annoyance, "Fine." she said before returning back to her attempts at meditation.

At first, all was calm, until Twilight's horn began to instinctively glow, surrounding Tenzin in a sparkly magenta outline aura. At first he was oblivious to it, until he realized he was literally weightless. He opened his eyes and gasped to see that he was levitating a few feet up in the air.

"Hey, hey! Whoa!"

Korra and the ponies opened their eyes and the Avatar started to laugh at the scene. "Korra! Tell your friend to stop this right now!" Tenzin demanded while trying to reach the ground with his hands, which made it appear more as if he were trying to grab hold of something.

"Ha, ha, ha, I'm sorry Tenzin! Twilight!"

"Sorry!" the alicorn awkwardly placed him back down. The alicorn blushed in embarrassment, "Force of habit. Won't happen again."

Tenzin glared angrily at the pony.

"Oh, come on Tenzin, where's your sense of humor?" Korra asked in between laughs. Tenzin simply sighed before returning to his position and they all tried to meditate once more.

All that was heard was the sound of the gentle ocean breeze……………………………………

"GAH! How long has it been already?!" Twilight shouted as she frantically ruffled her mane.

"Five seconds." Korra answered blankly.

Twilight let out an exaggerated sigh in defeat and lowered her brows. "Yeah, even I can't do this."

"Want some lychee juice?"


"Let's go."

The two girls stood up and walked away, much to Tenzin's annoyance."Korra! The meditation's not over yet." he said sternly, but Korra simply ignored him as she and Twilight kept on walking. This girl was seriously being difficult, Tenzin thought.

"Daddy, can I have some lychee juice too?" Ikki asked sweetly.


He then arched an eyebrow at Fluttershy. Unlike Korra and Twilight, Fluttershy was perfectly calm, but once she realized she was the only pony left she figured there was no need for her to stay. That and Tenzin's serious demeanor really frightened her. She nervously got up and started to back away.

"Um, I think I'll just let you continue. Bye."


"Man, that mediation stuff is so boring." Korra said after taking a sip of her drink. She and Twilight were sipping their juice inside the kitchen. "I gotta say Twi, I'm surprised you didn't last long. I thought meditation would be a breeze for you."

"Honestly, I kind of thought so too. Normally I don't mind a little peace and quiet or staying still in one place. But, I guess my mediation revolves more around reading and doing magic rather than sitting around with my eyes closed doing absolutely nothing!" she said the last word in mid groan. She arched an eyebrow when she heard Korra giggle.

"Now I know why firebending came so easily for you." Korra said, "You've got a fiery side, Twily."

"What? I do not!" the pony protested, earning a smug smile from the Avatar and the alicorn lowered her ears in embarrassment. "Okay, I see your point."

"There you are," said Applejack as she and the others entered the kitchen, "Tenzin's wonderin' if you're gonna come back."

"Not gonna happen." Korra said sternly while crossing her arms and leaning against the counter.

Rarity looked at her with sympathy, "Korra, I understand it's frustrating when things don't go the way you want them to, but with a little time and inspiration you will become a fabulous master in no time."

"I apreciate the advice, Rare." Korra said as she placed her empty cup on the table, "I want to be able to airbend, really, but I'm just not feeling it. I wish I could find something that will really help me get the hang of it. Or at the very least give me a boost to start off."

"You're not feeling the inspiration yet, darling."

Korra heard music fill the air as Rarity batted her pretty eyelashes at the Avatar while smiling excitedly. Korra knew what this meant.

"Go ahead."

The white unicorn opened her mouth as her beautiful voice filled the room.

(This song is a parody of "The Perfect Slumber Party" from Sofia the First)

A little inspiration

Is best explained to sing

Because a little inspiration

Really is a funny thing

It kind of has a mind of its own

It doesn't come when it's forced

Cause a little inspiration

Comes when it's needed most

Before long, the rest of the Mane Six joined in the song as well.


It could be up high


Or down bellow


Just close your eyes and--

Rainbow & Rarity & Twilight,

---Go with the flow


And when it's not even on your mind you'll start to feel it grow

As Twilight sang the final note, she magically changed Korra's outfit back to her original one, much to the Avatar's satisfaction.


Just a little inspiration


It just takes a little time

So don't force it in, don't throw a fit, you'll find the right fit


The right fit


Inspiration takes its time

They all walked outside into the fresh air as Korra danced across the yard filled with trees.


A little inspiration

Though I'm not sure I'll find it here

Perhaps my inspiration

Could be found somewhere else near

The Avatar began climbing the trees of the island as she continued to sing.

A stroll in the spark

Or climbing a tree

Or watching pro benders fight in groups of three

She unleashed a beautiful fire blast up into the air, releasing golden sparkles all around the ponies. Rarity admired the way they made her mane shine.

Showing bending flare without a care

Now that sounds like freedom to me

The Avatar lied on the grass, a blissful smile on her face while the ponies all got the same great idea.


"Well, in that case."

Just a little inspiration

Although it might be kind of insane.

It's worth the risk

We must act quick

If we want it to click


Want it to click


The inspiration's gonna sink in


First we gotta get in


We will if we sneak in


You sure you want in?


For a little inspiration, it's worth the risk


So count us all in

Korra got up and they all looked at the pro-bending arena as they all shared the same mischievous grins,


Then let the games begin



With matching grins, the two friends a fist/hoof pumped. Tonight, they were gonna sneak into the pro-bending arena!


"This won't end well."


Latter that night Korra and the ponies looked out the window of Korra's room. They saw one of the white lotus sentries on guard. Man how Korra hated having them around to watch her.

"How can you stand having those guys watch your every move all the time?" Rainbow asked the Avatar.

"I don't. It's been like that practically my whole life."

"No wonder you've done this before." said Spike as he popped his head near the opening of the window, looking down at the guard. Korra lowered his head down and turned to the others.

"Follow my lead, and keep quiet."

Then, to their surprise, dramatic spy music plays as Pinkie Pie lowered down from the ceiling using an extension cord while wearing a full body black spy jumpsuit. She did a backflip and lands on the floor striking a sneaky pose.

"Let's do this."

The others all looked at her with skeptical looks, "Pinkie Pie, what are you doing?" Korra asked. the Pony reverted back to her happy-go-lucky self.

"What? This is me being sneaky!"

"Honey, lose the suit." The Avatar kindly tells her, making Pinkie sigh sadly.

Once the sentry was gone from sight, Korra jumped out the window and landed safely on the ground of the courtyard while the ponies all quietly flew down. Rainbow was carrying Rarity, Fluttershy was carrying Applejack, Twilight was carrying Pinkie Pie and Spike was riding on Korra's shoulder. Korra nodded to the girls as she ran towards the cliff. Spike looked at her with worry.

"Ah, Korra, please don't tell me you're gonna--"

"Hold your breath."

"Oh, no you are! AHHHH!" Spike screamed as Korra jumped off the cliff. With a swipe of her arms, she waterbended the water upwards as she dove right in. With Spike clinging to her, Korra elegantly swam across the bay all the way to the arena with the ponies flying above the water. They could see her diving beneath the waves.

"She. Is. So. Awesome!" Rainbow Dash said excitedly in a half whisper, her eyes sparkling.


The arena was brightly lit as light shined all around it. Tonight was a big night for many pro-benders, especially for those who wanted a shot at the Championship tournament.

The Arena was a colossal, glass-domed structure located on a small peninsula with four tall pillars on each corner, giving it somewhat of a rectangular structure with a glass-dome ceiling where all colors of the rainbow were reflected off of it's surface depending on the time of day. The building itself was of a golden color with shades of white, which only amplified it's aura, added by the lights that shinned and outstretched out into the night sky. A narrow path connected the building entrance to the mainland.

Inside the gym of the building, a young man with spiky jet black hair, amber eyes and a light medium skinned complexion was waiting impatiently for his teammates. He was wearing a pro-bender's uniform consisting of mostly red and white colors and a red sash around his waist, depicting the color of his element, which was fire. Finally, one of his teammates entered the gym.

"Finally, what took you so long?"

"Sorry, big bro, had a run in with some fans. You know how it is." the young man said rather smugly. How he loved having girls fawn all over him. His older brother face palmed himself as he made his way out.

"Honestly, Bolin. When are you gonna grow up and start using your head?"

His younger brother crossed his arms and pouted, "When are you going to lighten up and have a heart?"

"When people start bursting into musical songs at random." the amber eyed man said with bitter sarcasm. He had no time for silly games.


Korra rose from the water, Spike still clinging to her back. The little dragon had a fish in his mouth, its tail wiggling, before immediately spitting it out and stuck out his tongue in disgust. The ponies hovered near Korra and Spike and spotted an open window several meters above them. They had finally reached the arena.

"There's an opening." said Twilight, "We'll meet you up there." she and the others flew upwards, into the window and landed safely inside the building. Korra used a water spout to elevate her and Spike towards the window, and they landed inside near the ponies. Korra rapidly spun round to dry herself off. Spike was still clinging on to her shoulder, shaking in fear and shock.

"Spike, you can let go now." Korra said. But the dragon didn't let go, he was still rather paralyzed.

"I got it," Rainbow Dash yanked the little dragon off the avatar and placed him back down. Spike was still shaking. Applejack took hold of him, and shook him really, really fast. Once she stopped, his irises were rolling in his eyeballs, he held his head in place to make them stop.

"Thanks, I needed that."

"Come on. Let's check this place out." said Korra as she walked through the halls of the building with the ponies and dragon close behind. The building was just as large inside as it was outside. Korra stopped in front of the entrance of a large room, entirely filled with exercise equipment. Spike and the ponies marveled at the strange contraptions and the largeness of the area. Korra's eyes shimmered and the others walked inside. Rainbow Dash's eyes widened in amazement as she flew all around the room, leaving a rainbow trail behind as she did.

"Wow, look at all of this stuff!"

"Are these the exercise equipment they use?" Twilight asked as she placed her hoof on one of the weight lifters,

"Yep. This place is incredible." Korra replied, her eyes studying every inch of the place.

Rarity inspected the room and crinkled her nose in a somewhat, unimpressed manner. "If you ask me it could use at least a splash of color." she then began sniffing the air before sticking out her tongue out in disgust, "And would it kill them to put out some air fresheners, or something? It reeks of sweat and musk." she tried to fan the smell away with her hoof.


The ponies all jumped in surprise when they saw an angry elderly looking man approach them. He was wearing gym-like clothes and carried a very unwelcoming expression, "What are you doing in my gym?"

Fluttershy quickly hid behind Korra's back while Spike hid behind her legs. The other ponies all stood beside Korra getting into defensive stances.

"And what are you doing bringing pets in here?" the man pointed to the ponies.

"Uh, we were just looking for a bathroom and we got lost" Korra said innocently, though she didn't sound at all too convincing.

Spike face palmed himself in response, "Really? That's the best you can come up with?"

"Ah, the old "I had to pee" excuse. You know what I'm sick and tired of you kids sneaking in here without paying, I--" The man was jolted back when Rainbow Dash gained up on him, flapping her wings so they were face to face, and she growled angrily at him, telling him to back off. "Hey, would you keep your mangy pets under control!" Toza ordered.

Korra yanked on Rainbow's tail and pulled her back, "I am so sorry! She didn't mean it!"

"Yeah I did." Rainbow said bluntly.

"Not helping!" Korra said angrily through her clenched teeth.

"That's it! I'm taking you and your little troublemaking animals to security!"

"No, wait!"

"There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you."

The group of friends turned their heads towards the entrance, where a young man wearing a pro-bender's uniform suddenly walked in. He looked near Korra's age with black hair, green eyes and a friendly smile.

"You know him?" Fluttershy asked Korra in a whisper from behind her back.

"No, but play along anyway." she whispered back.

The young man smiled charmingly at the elderly man, who looked at the two teen annoyed. "It's all right Toza, she's with me."

"Yep, I'm with him." Korra replied with a happy smile, quickly falling into sync with the boy's rouse.

"So you see, we're together."

Korra was slightly startled by his words. As good-looking as this boy was, she really didn't feel comfortable being someone's pretend girlfriend, or even date. Besides, Korra wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment, and she certainly did not want this guy to think otherwise.

"Well not "together" together, more like friends." Korra pointed out somewhat awkwardly. The young man's eyes widened, realizing what his words might have meant to her. The last thing he wanted to do was to make this nice, and actually pretty attractive, young woman feel uncomfortable, or that he was some kind of a player.

"Right, friends no I didn't mean to imply." he said, almost just as awkwardly.

"Oh, you implied it." Korra said. Ponies all nodded in agreement.

But Toza was not buying this. "Yeah well those little miscreants shouldn't be in here either." he said angrily while pointing at the creatures, "No pets allowed!" Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes at the man, and Korra stepped forward.

"I apologies for that." Korra said, "They're just really protective. But please don't send them out."

"Yeah, they're perfectly trained." The boy assured before whispering to Korra, "They are trained, right?"

Korra simply smiled confidently, "Watch this. Ladies. And Spike." the avatar snapped her fingers, and all six ponies and Spike stood perfectly still in front of Toza while wearing happy/cocky grins. Korra winked at them and they winked back. The boy arched an eyebrow in curiosity. What was this girl planing?


To the boy's amazement, they all sat down, obeying Korra’s command without complaints. Rainbow Dash and Rarity silently snickered for they knew perfectly well what Korra was really doing.

"Back flips." Korra commanded again. They did as she said and did back flips with ease. Toza arched an eyebrow as he watched.

"Cute eyes and pouty lips." she commanded again. They all put on cute adorable eyes and made pouty lips with their ears lowered.

The boy pressed his right hand over his heart, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. "Awwww."

"Now air flips."

The boy looked at her curiously, "Air what, now?"

His jaw dropped as he witnessed Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle suddenly spread out their wings and did amazing aerial acrobatics in mid air. They twirled, they zigged and they zagged all in perfect and elegant synchronization. Twilight and Fluttershy held hooves as they spun around upwards and strike a pose in mid air while Rainbow Dash created a rainbow heart shape as she flew around. Finally, they landed perfectly in front of Toza and they bowed.

"All right, I'll admit that is impressive." the man confessed. The ponies all smiled with anticipation, hoping he would change his mind. Finally Toza gave in. "Fine, just go already. I've got work to do." he said as he walked off and started lifting up barbells with his earthbending.

The young man stood aside, allowing Korra and the ponies to walk out first, "Right this way, ladies." Spike huffed at this. "Oh, and sir." the boy added.

"Why thank you." Korra said before whispering, "Seriously, thanks."

As they left, Rainbow Dash took one last look at Toza and blew a raspberry at him. But the moment Toza turned around, the fast flying pegasus was already gone.


"So I've never seen you around here before." The boy asked Korra as they walked down the halls.

"This is our first time at the pro bending arena."

"So you take these little cuties with you everywhere?" he asked while squatting down to the ponies level. He had never seen anything more adorable in his life…other than his fire ferret.

"You might say that."

Pinkie Pie jumped happily in front of the boy, "Thanks again for helping us back there. That guy was one sour puss."

Suddenly, the boy blinked twice before his eyes widened and screamed, "AAAHHHHH!" he backed up against the wall, fear and shock perfectly evident on his face. His eyes were large in size.

Korra looked at him with concern, "What?!"

"Did--Did she just….talk?" he said the last word in a squeaky voice. The ponies all gasped and Korra looked at the boy with a surprised face.

"Wait, you can hear them too?!"

While still in shock, he nodded his head. Pinkie Pie gleamed at this, "Awesome! A new friend! My name's Pinkie Pie, I just know where're gonna be the best of the bestest bestest friends!

"Um. Me...too?" he responded unsurely.

Korra grabbed the hopping pink pony in mid air and lowered her down, "Take it easy there Pink, let him soak it all in first."

Twilight walked up to the boy, who was still has his back pressed against the wall, "This is unbelievable. Now there's another person who knows we can talk?"

"Wait, did Toza hear them?" he asked.

Korra shook her head, "No. Apparently not everybody can. But you have to promise not to tell anyone else about this." she kneeled down and the ponies all stood next to her, Korra placed her arms around Pinkie Pie and Applejack. "If anybody found out just how special they really are, who knows what they will do to them."

The young man looked at Korra's face; it was plainly obvious she deeply cared about these ponies. He also looked at the ponies and their sad, hopeful, and super adorable faces. He slowly backed away from the wall and smiled, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Promise." he said while raising his hand as a sure sign of his word.

Korra and the girls all smiled happily, "Oh, thank you so much!"

Rainbow the flew up near him, "Okay, so now you know we can talk, we're all good so…" she flew even closer to his face, gleaming with excitement, "About that pro bending match?" she asked with a wide smile.

"Right this way."

The young man opened the doors into a place that looked like a balcony locker room as Korra and her friends all walked inside. "What do ya think? Best seats in the house, huh?"

Korra, the ponies and Spike felt their eyes would pop right out of their heads….


They saw the interior of the arena, the whole stadium was full of cheering fans. The playing field consisted of an octagon shaped ring on a platform in the very heart of the arena and a water pit down bellow. The field was separated into two equal sides; one red and the other blue, split into three zones and small discs mades from rocks resided in certain parts of the ring, no doubt for the earthbenders to use during a match.

High above it all, was a large glass rounded channeler that lit up the whole room. Rarity's eyes shimmered at how the golden lights reflected off of the walls, illuminating the colors of the glass dome high above. If it weren't for the bleacher seats or the ring below and pool of water, this place would have made a stunning ballroom. The unicorn awed in wonder. Each of the girls and Spike found something to be amazed by.

"This is even more amazing than I imagined." Korra said, looking in awe. Her blue eyes shimmering like stars in the night sky, which the boy immediately took notice of. She and her adorable companions had this child-like wonder that intrigued him.

"It's so big!" Spike said in wonder.

Twilight's eyes sparkled, "You could fit half of Ponyville in here!"

"I just love the interior designs!" Rarity said with wonder, her big blue eyes sparkling. "The gold colors, the breathtaking glass high above! It's--there are no words!"

"Glad you guys like it. Name's Bolin by the way."

"Korra." the Avatar introduced herself, still admiring the scenery. As they continued to take in the sight, two more boys entered. Their new friend heard one of them call out to him.

"Psst, Bolin!"

Bolin walked towards his caller. Out of curiosity, Spike Followed his new human friend who approached a tall guy with a brooding looking face. He had picky black hair and amber colored eyes. He looked a bit older than Bolin, maybe by one or two years.

"I told you, you have to stop bringing your crazy fan girls in here before the matches." Said the stranger as he pulled a pair of gloves gloves from his locker and proceeded to put them on. "Get her out of---" the taller guy then noticed Spike looking up at him with a curious look on his face. The young man arched an eyebrow at the strange creature.

"What is that?"

Bolin looked down, noticing Spike's presence, "Oh, yeah. These are her, um…" Spike made a 'cut it out' gesture telling Bolin to not tell him the whole truth, "They are her, special pets!" he said rather quickly.

"Well, get them out of here too." the taller boy said sternly and Spike growled at him in response. Just who did he think he was, anyway?

"Ah, come on Mako. Look, I kind of promised them they could stay. But man, I've got a good feeling about this girl, there's something special about her. I know it! And believe me, her friends are just as special."

Spike quickly ran back to Korra and she instinctively picked him up in her arms, something the little dragon had really come to enjoy. Bolin introduced them, "Korra, I would like for you to meet my big brother, Mako."

The ponies all instantly recognized the name, "Wait, Mako?" Rainbow asked.

Korra recognize it was well, "Mako? Wow, I heard you playing on the radio." she said excitedly and offered him her hand to shake. But Mako simply ignored her and walked by as he placed on his helmet.

"Come on Bolin, we're up."

"Or, I could just meet him latter." Korra said in half-disappointed.

"Sorry, my brother gets real focused before a match."

Rarity scoffed at Mako's direction, "Pro-bending star or not, nobody treats a lady like that!" she said to herself. The unicorn then looked down at the boy's feet and smiled mischievously. She slightly hid behind the other girls and inconspicuously began using her magic. All of a sudden, Mako's feet gained a slightly bluish glow and they started to move against his will.

"Hey, what the--"

Rarity then proceeded to take off Korra's top hair tie, making it look as if it slipped from her head. "Hey! What gives?", Korra lowered down to get it while Rarity forced Mako to walk back toward her. The young man was completely dumbfounded as to what the heck was going on. It was like his feet were possessed. To his relief, he finally stopped and gained control over his feet, at the very moment the avatar stood back up…

Mako's eyes widen when he saw Korra removing strands of hair from her face, which almost looked as if she was flipping her hair, which flowed down her shoulders like a chocolate river. The light framed her face and her blue eyes shimmered like crystal blue orbs and her smile was dazzling and adorable.

"Uh…" was all that came out of Mako's mouth. Rarity smiled in satisfaction at the way he looked at Korra, who remained completely unfazed. Korra arched an eyebrow at the boy's sudden change in attitude. First he was rude and now he was mute. Korra simply shook it off.

"Well, like I said before, I heard you play on the radio. You were really amazing. I'm Korra."

She offered him her hand to shake. This time, Mako takes it. "Oh, um, nice to meet you."

Korra smiled politely and Mako almost smiled. Spike, who was still in Korra's arms, arced an eyebrow at this. The ponies all watched the scene, some smiled while some arched an eyebrow. Mako noticed Korra's bright blue eyes shimmering in the light. It was a stunning sight. But then, he snapped himself awake. "Uh, yeah well, c-come on Bolin." he walked away again, but a tint of blush was evident on his face.

"Ooookay. That was a little random." said Korra

"Well, wish me luck." said Bolin as she placed on his helmet, "Not that I'll need it" he joined his brother and other teammate onto the ring.

"Good luck. Knock em out!" Korra encouraged while striking a fist in the air. She looked at Rarity with a serious glare.


"What did I say about using magic?" Korra said sternly with her free hand on her hip, the other arm holding Spike.

"Well, I couldn't let that boy get away with being so rude to you. The one thing I really can't stand is rudeness."

"What about dirt?" Applejack added.

"And split ends?" added Fluttershy.

"And bad mane days?" added Rainbow Dash.

"And bad breath?" added Twilight.

"And burping?" added Pinkie.

"And forgetting to put on mascara?" added Korra.

"What's your point?" Rarity asked, "Besides, nobody saw anything."

Korra rolled her eyes as she placed Spike on the rail so he could watch the game and Korra placed back her hair tie, "Though I don't understand why you had to let my hair down to---Wait a minute!"

"Uhhhhh, oh, look the game's starting!" Rarity said quickly to avoid the subject, but Korra crossed her arms, even though it had only been a few days, she already knew the unicorn well enough. And what she was capable of doing.

"Rarity, it's sweet, but the last thing I'm looking for is you playing matchmaker for me and some random guy."

"I wasn't trying to, I just wanted him to see how dazzling you really are so he'd reconsider his earlier behavior. And what's wrong if he finds you attractive? It's not a crime."

Korra simply chuckled and stroked the pony's mane, "I appreciate it, but it's not necessary. Besides, that Mako guy is soooooo not my type."

"That's not the impression we got when you heard him on the radio…" Fluttershy said in a sing-song tone while smirking. Korra nervously fiddled with a piece of her hair.

"Uhhhhhhh" Just then, a spotlight fell onto the stage, "Oh, look the game's starting!"

They all drew their attention to the ring, as the announcer spoke, "Introooooooducing, the Fire Ferrets!"

The whole stadium burst into a loud applauds as Mako, Bolin and their third team member waved to the adoring crowd from the platform that slowly took them to the ring. Bolin, especially enjoyed the screams he received from his fangirls.

"Aaaaah! I love you, Bolin! Aaaaah!"

The ponies simply rolled their eyes at this.

"The rookie Ferrets came out of nowhere and have made it further than anyone expected this season." said the announcer, "But tonight, they face their toughest test yet, folks."

Korra, Spike and the ponies all watched excitedly. Applejack and Pinkie Pie sat on the railings, as did Spike while Twilight, Rainbow and Fluttershy flew beside Korra. Even Rarity was intrigued by this. Twilight Sparkle kept her eyes focused, ready to learn all she could about bending.

The bell sounded which signaled the start of the match:

Bolin was already ducking under a fire blast from the opposing team's firebender while Mako fired one himself at the opponent. Bolin rose an earth disk and kicked it to his opponent, who then destroyed the disk with a fire arc and shoots another fire attack, for which the Ferret's waterbender, Hasook, avoided by diving to the ground.

"Wow! That was close" said Rainbow Dash, her wings flapping excitedly.

Hasook used his water to block a fire blast but ended up sliding backwards and lands on the ground due to the powerful blast. He pulled up more water and blasted at the other team, but the earthbender cartwheeled out of the way in time.

"Hasook is the first to feel the heat of the Tigerdillos! He tries to return the favor, but they're too fast for him,--" He rose up an earth disk and kicked it in Mako's direction, but the young firebender calmly moved out of the way. "---while Mako shows off his trademark, "cool under fire" style!"

Mako easily avoided both the earth disk and an incoming fire blast and then retaliated with two fire blasts at the opposing team, while also avoiding an incoming water bullet, followed by another earth disk.

"Holy guacamole!" Spike said excitedly, "Did you see that? That guy is awesome!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged her shoulders, "Eh, he's okay I guess."

As Mako shot another fire blast sat the earthbender, Twilight, Rainbow and Korra all watched with excited smiles and their eyes sparkling with glee. The alicorn had never seen anything like this before; each bender moved with such passion and strength and agility. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. Twilight was especially impressed by Mako's firebending. Korra was right before, fire was so much more than just raw power. It was somewhat symbolic of 'burning passion' and thrive for one's goals. She now fully understood the purpose of it.

The opposing firebender and waterbender both moved in front of Mako's incoming attack and the waterbender shoot a water bullet at Hasook and Bolin, knocking them backwards into zone two.

"Oooh, the Tigerdillos score with a walloping one-two combo!" said the announcer.

Bolin and Hasook quickly scrambled on their feet while Mako directed his attention to the opposing benders. Korra and the ponies watched nervously for it seemed the Fire Ferrets were going to lose. Korra clutched her hair while Twilight was also biting on her mane in despair. Rainbow Dash was biting her hooves.

Mako jumped up and spun around his axis in the air, successfully avoiding the earth disk and fire attack that was coming right at him, before landing perfectly on the ground and flipped to avoid another incoming fire attack, unfortunately he wasn't fully prepared for the earth disk that came at him and hit him square in the chest. The impact caused Mako to be pushed back, having his foot pass zone one. The line lit up red as the horn blew.

"Mako's over the line!" said the announcer. The firebender mentally slapped himself at this mistake.

"The Tigerdillos get the green light and advance into Ferret territory!"

"Come on, Ferrets!" Both Korra and Rainbow Dash shouted at the same time, while Korra rose her fist into the air for encouragement.

The opposing waterbender shot a water bullet at Mako but his brother quickly came in and blocked the attack with an earth disk, giving Mako the chance to jump and unleash a fire kick at the waterbender, but the opponent jumped over the blast. The opposing earthbender threw an earth disk at Hasook and the boy was knocked back to zone three.

Mako jumped over another incoming water attack, for which in response, stroked his teammate Hasook, followed by another water attack and earth disk which pushed him over the rim. The young man fell into the water.

"And Hasook takes a dip! He'll be back for round two!"

Meanwhile, the two brothers dodged the earth and water attacks, Bolin rose an earth disk to shield himself against the water blasts but the impacted pushed him back to zone three. Mako landed in the third zone just when the bell rang, signaling the end of the sound.

"Round one goes to the Golden Temple Tigerdillos!"

The opposing team cheered for their victory, while Mako angrily glared at Hasook, who had finally joined them. This guy was no help to them.

Both teams stood in their fighting stances as the bell sounded, signaling the start of round two. Each player unleashed a powerful attack of their respective elements, forcing the Fire Ferrets back into zone two.

"The Fire Ferrets are knocked into zone two and the Tigerdillos advantage!"

The Tigerdillo's earthbender threw a disk at Hasook who blocked it with his waterbending, while both Mako and Bolin attacked the opposing team. Bolin was then knocked by an earth disk by the other earthbender while Mako was punched by two fire blasts and Hasook send two water arcs at the Tigerdillos. Their earthbender was knocked to the ground. The bell rang, signaling the end of round two,

"The Fire Ferrets cinch the round in the closing seconds!"

While Bolin and Hasook celebrated, Mako didn't look at all to happy. They could have easily lost, but lady luck appeared to be on their side tonight. As the announcer continued to speak, the young firebender suddenly had the urge to look up at the balcony of the locker room. Where Korra and the ponies watched with anticipation. Mako noticed Korra again. He felt his heart skip a beat, but he quickly shook off those thoughts. He had a match to concentrate on. Korra looked at Mako curiously, why was he looking at her and her friends just now?

"I think somebody likes you!" Rainbow Dash said with a sly grin and nudging Korra's arm. The Avatar simply shook her hoof away, scoffing at the idea.

The bell rang again and both teams wasted no time to unleash their attacks. The Tigerdillo waterbender aimed water at Hasook who tumbled out of the way and ran to avoid another attack. Mako destroyed an incoming earth disk with a fire blast as Hasook shoot his water bullet, but just as Bolin himself launched an earth disk, Hasook was hit by a water blast and crashed into Bolin. The two ended up on the floor. While they were down, the Tigerdillo earthbender attacked with an earth disk and the two benders fell into the waters below. Just when the buzzer sounded.

Korra and the ponies all clenched their heads, while others bit their hooves, in despair, "Oh, no!" It was all up to Mako now. He quickly ducked under a water blast and easily avoided three fire blasts as well as two earth disks.

"Come on Mako! Show em some real Firepower!" Spike shouted while waving his fists into the air.

Despite the incoming attacks, Mako was unresponsive as he stood at the rim of zone three. The young man panted while remaining in his fighting stance. Fluttershy was covering her eyes, "I can't watch" she said fearfully. Twilight and Rainbow were both biting their hooves, Applejack bit into her hat, Pinkie Pie and Rarity both pulled their manes in suspense, as Korra did with her pony tails. The announcer's voice, only intensified the suspense.

"He is dancing on the edge of the ring, surviving the three on one barrage! It seemed his plan is to let the Tigerdillos punch themselves out!"

Finally, Mako unleashed a fire blast which vaporized an incoming water bullet which made contact with the opposing waterbender. The bender was knocked off the playing field. Mako continued shooting multiple fire blasts.

"And his plan is working!"

Korra and the ponies cheered for him from the sidelines. Even Rarity was cheering loudly, the unicorn briefly stopped, and blushed in embarrassment.

Mako continued unleashing his fire blasts at the opposing team's firebender. He was then knocked back by a fire blast against the back pole of the ropes and fell into the water. Mako kept attacking the Togerdillo earthbender as his fire destroyed his earth disks, covering the field in dust. Mako emerges from the smoke and unleashed a fire blast which knocked his opponent straight into the water.

"It's a knockout! What a wing-dinger of a hat trick, folks! Mako pulls off the upset of the season, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets!"

The entire stadium went wild with cheers and applauds for the Fire Ferrets. Spike and the ponies all jumped and cheered happily for their victory. Pinkie Pie even blew on a party horn and had pom poms on her hooves.

Korra watched wide eyed as Mako removed his helmet. Despite their victory he still wore a serious face. The young woman was totally enchanted by the Fire Ferret's performance…but she was even more impressed with Mako. She had never seen anyone with such power and fire that nearly rivaled her own. She kept on smiling, not taking her eyes off of him.

Rainbow Dash began to fly around the locker room, leaving a rainbow trail around the locker room, "Best. Sport. EVER!"

"Even I must admit, they are quite dazzling." Rarity confessed, "Their uniforms could use a few modifications but none the less, not so bad."

"This is incredible." Twilight's eyes sparkled as she leaned against the rails while looking down at the ring, her wings flapping excitedly, "The way they move their bodies into the same synchronization of their elements, the fully stable and tactically adequate attacks. Their intense focus, quick thinking. I know it's not exactly magic but it's still just as amazing!"

"Uh, Twilight, you're kind of drooling." Spike pointed to the side of her mouth and Twilight whipped the saliva away with her hooves.


Bolin jumped in front of them cheering, "YAHOO! YES! One more win and we're in the championship tournament!" the young man took off his helmet and smiled confidently, "So, what you think Korra? Bolin's got some moves, hu?".

Korra grabbed his shirt with excitement, practically lifting him up, "What did I think? What did I think?! That was amazing!" she playfully shoved him backwards and the ponies all cheered happily.

"That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen!" said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack agreed, "You sure got some serious skills there, partner!"

But their cheers died down when Mako approached, along with Hasook, visibly upset with his teammate. "You did more than good out there!" Mako said sternly, "You nearly cost us the match."

"We won, didn't we?" Hasook replied, removing his helmet, revealing his annoyed expression.

"Barely!" Mako replied, showcasing his annoyance.

"Get off my case pal!"

Hasook threw his helmet aside before leaving, slamming the door on his way out. Mako simply grunted in annoyance, "Useless." he muttered, though the word was still heard by pony and dragon ears.

"You guys were incredible out there," Korra commented with a smile. Mako slightly flinched at the sound of her voice, "Especially you Mr. Hat Trick!"

"Oh, you're still here?" Mako said coldly as he walked by her, not even looking her way.

"Oh, you're still a jerk?" Korra replied irritably while Rarity scoffed at his attitude.

"Ohhhh." Bolin clenched his heart with his fist, mimicking the reaction of a wound.

"Burn!" Pinkie exclaimed.

Twilight simply shook it off, thinking this guy was not worth their time. "Anyway, that bending you did really was incredible. I'm blown away!" she said to Bolin.

"You were smashing." Rarity complimented while flipping her mane, "Both figuratively and literally."

Korra agreed, "Yeah, I've been immersed at bending my entire life but I've never learn how to move like that! It's like there's a whole new style here. You think you can show me a few tricks?"

"And me?" Rainbow and Twilight said excitedly in union. Korra and Bolin looked at them skeptically and both ponies blushed.

"Well, the moves we mean." said Twilight.

"Yeah, we can't bend but maybe we can at least learn how to move like you guys do. You know for self defense purposes." said Rainbow Dash.

"Ab-so-lutely!" Bolin said happily.

Mako rolled his eyes while he untied his protective gear from his hands. "Right now? Come on Bolin."

"Just ignore him." Bolin said while placing his hand to his side and speaking softly.

"Gladly." Rarity said while glaring at Mako.

"Yeah, I can show you the basics." Bolin told Korra, "I'm just not sure how my earthbending will translate to your waterbending but we'll figure it out."

Korra and the ponies smiled cockily at one another other, "Won't be a problem. I happen to be an earthbender." Korra said while crossing her arms in a somewhat smug manner. The Ponies giggled at her playful teasing.

Bolin looked at the young woman in confusion, "….I'm sorry, no, no! I didn't mean to assume! Cause I, you know, I was just figuring..with your Water Tribe getup…that you are…a Water Tribe…gal."

"No, you're right, I'm a waterbender. And a firebender." Korra kept on her smug smile and casual manner.

"Hmhmm….I'm very confused right now."

"AH COME ON!" Spike shouted, this guy was seriously dense.

Unlike his brother, Mako managed to place two and two together in a matter of seconds. "You're the Avatar. And I'm an idiot." he finally said to her while hanging his head in humiliation.

Korra smiled, "Both are true."

Bolin's eyes widened once the reality of the situation sunk into his brain. "No…way." he pointed to her while whispering at his brother, "The Avatar!"

Rainbow smiled proudly as she flew next to her friends and placed a hoof on Korra's shoulder, "The one and only…You are the one and only, right?"

Korra chuckled, "Yeah."

Mako walked up to them and pointed to the ponies, "Okay, so what's up with those…"things"."

Rainbow Dash flared her nostrils at this, "What is this jerk's problem?"

Korra quickly stopped her by yanking on her yellow tail. She didn't want a repeat of last time, "Easy girl." the avatar then looked at the firebender with a serious glance, "They're not "things" they're called ponies, and they would like for you to be a little more respectful to them."

"Or else what?" Mako asked, not feeling the least bit intimidated.

"Trust me, you don't want go there."

The ponies all glared at him but he simply shrugged, "Whatever."

"Oh, come on, bro. You gotta admit, they're pretty cute." Bolin said, "I didn't get their names by the way."

"Right." Korra started introducing each of the ponies one by one, "Well, this one here is Princess Twilight Sparkle, smartest pony you'll ever meet.", she said proudly as Twilight bowed before them.

"The one with the hat is Applejack. Great athlete and an even greater friend." The country pony winked and tipped her hat.

"Rainbow Dash, a girl with a need for speed." the pegasus flew rapidly around Bolin, making him chuckle, she did the same to Mako, but managed to mess up his hair, much to his annoyance.

"And this sweet little angel is named Fluttershy." the yellow pegasus hid shyly behind Korra's leg, "Say hello, sweetie." she encouraged in a motherly tone. Fluttershy gave them a shy wave.

"The fabulous Rarity," the unicorn flipped her hair proudly as Korra introduced her, "But don't get the wrong idea, she's tougher than she looks."

Pinkie jumped happily and hugged Bolin. "That happy one is Pinkie Pie." lastly, Korra picked up Spike in her arms once again, "And this cute little guy is Spike." she said while scratching his chin.

"Hey Spike. Is he even a pony?" Bolin asked.

"No, he's a dragon."

Bolin scratched his chin, "Really? Kind of small for a dragon, isn't he?"

Spike scold at the earthbender. "Well, he's a breed all his own." Korra stated proudly.

But while Bolin was fascinated by these beautiful creatures, Mako still wasn't amused, "Yeah, the short and un-intimidating bread." he said to the scaly dragon creature, making him narrow his eyes in annoyance.

"Nice to meet you too, bub!"

"Hey, he may be small, but my boy can take care of himself." said Korra with much confidence. Confidence and sass seemed to be her strong suite, it seemed. Mako could already speculate this woman not only had a big mouth but a big attitude.

"Where did you find them anyway?" Mako asked.

"More like they found me."

Bolin kneeled to their level, "Well it really is an honor to meet all of you. Especially you, Princess Twilight Sparkle." he said while bowing in respect.

Twilight smiled and bowed her head. "Thank you, Bolin. The honor is all mine."

"Well, at least one of these boys knows about manners." said Rarity while narrowing her eyes at Mako.

Korra nodded in agreement, "You said it, Rare."

"Said what?" Mako thought she was talking to him.

"Not you, her." Korra corrected while gesturing to the white pony. It was then, Mako realized what she really meant.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you can actually understand them?"

Korra placed her hands on her hips, "And what if I can?"

Mako arched an eyebrow at the woman, who didn't seem even the slightest bit intimidated by him. He was about to say something in return, because there was no way he was going to let this woman talk back at him like she owned the place. But, before he could even think about what to say next, he took notice of Korra's curves and then back up at her mesmerizing eyes. He quickly shook those thoughts away.

"Korra, it's okay if you told him. He can totally keep a secret." Bolin said.

"What secret?" his brother asked.

"Bro, they can talk, and I mean actually talk!"

Mako looked at his brother as if he had finally lost his mind, "Come on, Bolin. Quit making stuff up."

"I'm not!"

Korra began to think for a moment before whispering something into Spike's ears. He nodded and jumped down from her arms, whispering into Twilight's ear. She looked up at Korra, who nodded with a smile. Twilight nodded in return.

"Bro, how can you not understand them? They really can talk!"

"Look, I can buy that you're the Avatar," he gestured to Korra, "but there's no way these creatures, or whatever it is they are, can talk. Until I see some proof I'm not gonna… believe… it?"

Mako's eyes widened as he watched his pro-bending helmet suddenly begin to float in mid air…courtesy of Rarity's glowing horn. He then witnessed Twilight's horn glowed as well and magically made a white rose appear out of thin air before placing it in Korra's hair. The Avatar smiled smugly at his shocked face.

"Believe now?"

Ponies all smiled smugly at Mako, who could not believe what he had just seen. At least now he knew why his feet were suddenly possessed a while ago. "H--how--how did they--?"

"The ponies and Spike are not from this world." Korra started to explain, "They come from a whole other place filled with magic and wonder, called Equestria. But somehow they found their way here and have no idea how to get home. So they're staying with me until we find a way to send them back. I know it's a lot to take in but, so far as everybody knows, they're completely harmless animal companions of the Avatar. Once word gets out about just how special they really are…I can't bare the thought of what might happen. Bolin already figured it out and he promised not to say anything, so can we trust you to keep the secret too?"

The girls all looked at the two brothers with hopeful eyes. Mako took a moments to sink this all in. This woman, who was no doubt as fiery as a firecracker, was on her knees, surrounded by innocent looking creatures, practically begging for him and Bolin to keep their secret safe from anyone who could do them harm. Just by looking into her eyes he could see the devotion and desire to protect these ponies. He could easily relate to that. Mako looked at his brother then at Korra, her beautiful electric blue eyes shimmering. He saw the ponies and Spike all with shimmering eyes that can melt even the coldest heart. Finally, he let out a sigh.

"Fine. I promise I won't say anything."

They all smiled in return. "Thank you." Korra said happily.

"Just as long as they don't do any of that magical mumbo jumbo on me, got it?" Mako warned.

"Fair enough."

"Still doesn't explain how you and Bolin can understand them while I can't."

"Yet, another mystery." said Korra as she shrugged her shoulders. She looked down at Twilight. It seemed weird things were happening all around them.


Latter at the gym, Bolin was showing Korra some earthbending moves just as he had promised. The two brothers had changed out of their pro-bending uniforms and now wore matching white sleeveless shirts, black pants and boots.

As the ponies and Spike observed Bolin show Korra the right way to fight in a match. Korra payed close attention as the young man instructed, "Stay light on your toes, right up until the moment when you need to dig in and strike. Then…" He rose two earth disks from the three piles near them and send them flying towards the next and nearly hit the exact same spot. Korra was quite impressed by this as her mouth hung open.

"Okay, let me try it again." the young Avatar jumped from side to side before throwing two earth disks at the net, and much like Bolin, they hit the exact same spot.

"Wow! Nice adjustment!" said Bolin, obviously impressed by Korra's skills, "You're a natural at this."

Spike cheered, "Alright!"

"Nice!" Rainbow added.

"You rock, wo-hu!" said Fluttershy while making her usual soft cheers.

Mako simply shrugged his shoulders, "Not bad."

"What does it take to impress this guy?" Korra asked the younger brother.

"What? I said 'not bad'."

Korra pouted and the ponies glared at him, minus Applejack who flared her nostrils, making Mako raise his hands in surrender, "Hey, I may have promised to keep your secret but control them, will you?"

"Quit it guys." Korra ordered kindly before taking another annoyed look at Mako, "He's not worth it."

Rarity scoffed at him, "Hmp! I'll say he's not."

"You know what, it's getting late." said Mako "I think I'm gonna turn in. Nice to meet you, Avatar Korra."

"Yeah, been a real pleasure." she said sarcastically as he prepared to leave.

"Don't get hurt, okay." he added.

"I can take care of myself."

"I was talking to the ponies."

The ponies scoffed in disgust at what he just said. Korra crossed her arms, annoyed, "Hey! They can take care of themselves just fine!" she said defensively.

"Sure, they can." The firebender said sarcastically.

As Mako walked out Applejack kicked one of the earth disks from the top pile next to Korra and it hit the firebender right on the back, making him fall to the ground in a loud thumb. The girls laughed but the firebender was obviously not amused.


Korra tried to shield her laughing by covering her mouth, but she couldn't help it, "You were saying?"

Mako angrily got up and dusted himself before leaving, "I'm out of here. See you upstairs, bro."

"Upstairs? You guys live here?" Korra asked.

"Yep, in the attic." Bolin replied, "It's nothing fancy but we got some great views."

"Wow, you're so lucky!" said Rainbow Dash, making Bolin scratch the back of his neck.

"Well, I don't know about that. So, back to bending. Why don't you throw that combo one more time?"

Korra got into her stance but before she could do anything, she looked at Applejack, "Hey, Aj why don't you do it with me"

"Really?" the country pony asked in surprise.

"Sure. You clearly have some fierce hoof work. Try kicking that disk when I throw the others."

"Alright, let's do it."

"Can I try?" Rainbow asked.

Korra nodded, "Sure."

"Don't forget me!" Pinkie said

They all got in front of the three piles of earth disks and into their stances waiting for Korra's command.


Korra earthbended the disks into the nest and then the ponies kicked three more disks into the net just like Korra did. Twilight stood next to the piles of earth disks, "Let me give it a try!"

"And me!" they all look at her skeptically at Rarity, "What? If Korra can do sports and still be fabulous, then so can I. Say the word, darling."

The unicorn got into a stance and Korra grinned. She was so happy the ponies found a real interest in bending.


The next day, Korra was still struggling with the gates. Her hair was a complete mess and she just kept getting hit no matter what she did.

"Patience Korra!" Tenzin instructed.

After so many hits, Korra could take no more. She growled angrily. Fluttershy covered her eyes with her hooves…again, "Oh, I can't look!"

In a fit or rage, Korra firebended at the gates in a fiery inferno. The ponies shielded their eyes as the gates were knocked out of their sockets and the burned remains scattered all across the yard. Tenzin, his children, Spike and the ponies all looked at Korra in awareness, their eyes wide and their mouths open as Korra panted, her hair now even messier than before.

"That was a two thousand year old historical treasure. What is wrong with you?!" Tenzin shouted.

"There's nothing wrong with me!" Korra angrily responded, "I've been practicing just like you taught me, but it isn't sinking in, okay? It hasn't clicked like you said it would!"

"Korra, this isn't something you can force. If only you would listen to me--"

"I have been!" Korra's voice grew even louder, "But you know what I think? Maybe the problem isn't me, maybe the reason I haven't learned airbending yet is because you're a terrible teacher!"

With that Korra runs off in a fit of rage.

"Yeah, you're a terrible teacher, daddy!" Meelo started trashing the remains of the gates like Korra did while Ikki and Jinora hugged their father in reassurance.

Spike sighed "Well, that didn't go so well."

Twilight looked in the direction where Korra went. A look of determination dawned on her face before beginning to follow her friend.

Spike was surprised to see Twilight's bold move to confront the angry human girl. "Um, Twilight?", he was even more surprised at seeing the rest of the ponies following Twilight. "Guys, I don't think now's a good time to confront Korra.” he said while catching up with them, “She's pretty upset and talking will only probably make things worse."

"You're right Spike." Twilight said, briefly stopping to face him, "But that's only if you don't know the right things to say."

"What do you mean?"

"This may sound a little weird but I can sort of read Korra's emotions and what she's really feeling."

"Me too." Fluttershy said.

"Me three." Pinkie said.

"I know she's mad," said Twilight "but I also happen to know that she didn't really mean those words. She just needs to know we're here for her. She's never had friends before."

Spike sighed, "If you say so."


Inside the halls, the ponies all walked towards Korra's room and stood in front of the door. They could hear her shouting from the other side, "Stupid airbending. Stupid Tenzin. Stupid gates!"

A loud groan was heard followed by a brief silence. Twilight took this opportunity to knock on the door, "Korra, it's us. We know you're upset but, we were wondering if maybe you'd like to talk about it. Only if you really want to, we'll be okay if you don't."

Another brief silence was heard before the door opened, "Come on in." Korra said calmly. They entered the room as Korra closed the door and sat on the side of her bed, looking at them all with a guilty look. "I'm sorry you girls had to see that."

"Hey, no sweat." said Rainbow Dash.

"It's just…GAH! Why is this so hard for me?! I've never had any trouble with the other elements before. And I know what you're gonna say: I need to be more patient and I shouldn't have yelled at Tenzin or said those horrible things that I didn't really mean!" Korra's eyes widen at the reality of what she had just said, "Wow…"

Twilight looked at her curiously, "What?"

"I've never admitted the truth so quickly like that before." Korra blinked and looked at Twilight. "I…I feel like I can tell you guys anything."

Twilight sat next to Korra on the bed, "We're here for you Korra. Anytime you need us, we're here."

Pinkie jumped on the bed next to them, "Unless we end up like really, really, REALLY far away and we had to be all HEY KORRA CAN YOU HEAR US!?"

Korra rubbed the ear Pinkie practically blew off, "Thanks for the example, Pinkie."

"Korra, we understand you're frustrated, but you really do got to take it easy. Tenzin is only tryin' to help you." Applejack said.

"I know, I know." said Korra.

"Korra, you're hot-headed, stubborn and incredibly impatient…" Twilight said, "but that's just one of the many things we like about you."

Korra blinked at this, "Really?"

"Of course. We've all made the same mistakes you've made at some point."

"Minus blowing up a ten thousand year old airbending tool." Rainbow added.

"Actually, it was two thousand years old." Korra corrected.


Twilight placed her hoof on Korra's shoulder, "The point is, you may not be perfect and because of that you'll make mistakes, but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. And when you realize you did or said the wrong thing, it's never too late to make things right."

Korra smiled as she stroked Twilight's face with the back of her hand, "Thanks you guys. I just need to take a break from all of this." she then smirked, "And I think I know just the place to do that."


That night at the arena, Korra and the ponies all snuck out again to go and see Mako and Bolin's match. Once they entered the locker room, they saw the two boys with sad/disappointed expressions. Bolin was sitting on the bench with his head hung while Mako was against the wall with his arms crossed wearing an angry expression.

"We didn't miss your match, did we?" Korra asked, "You guys look like you've lost already."

"We might as well have." Bolin said sadly.

"Hassok's a no good no show!" Mako said angrily. This was their one chance at the big time and their lazy, good for nothing waterbending teammate had abandoned them. The door of the lockers opened and the Referee walked in and addressed to the pro-bending team that was minus one player.

"You got two minutes to come out and play or you're disqualified" he said before leaving.

"Well, there goes our shot at the tournament." Mako said bitterly, "And the winnings."

"Can't you ask one of those guys to fill in?" Korra asked as she pointed to the other teams behind them.

"Na, the rules say you can only compete on one team," said Bolin, hanging his head in disappointment.

At hearing his word, Twilight's eyes shimmered with excitement, "This is perfect!" she said as she flapped her wings and rose up to Korra's level.

The avatar looked at her curiously, "What are you talking about?"

"What did she say?" Mako asked.

"She said: This is perfect." Bolin translated.

"And you said she was the smart one?" Mako said, making Twilight glare at him.

"Ignoring that. Korra, you can fill in for their replacement waterbender." the alicorn suggested.

"You think?"

"Great idea, Twilight!" Rainbow said, "You can totally get these guys into the tournament. You're the best waterbender we know."

"Technically I'm the only one you know."

Mako looked at his brother in confusion, "What are they talking about?" he asked somewhat demandingly.

"Twilight thinks Korra can fill in for Hassok." his brother tells him.

"Yeah, I'm a top notch waterbender, if I do say so myself." Korra said confidently while crossing her arms.

"But you're the Avatar, won't that be cheating?" Bolin asked.

"It won't be cheating if I only use waterbending."

Spike gave her a claws up, "That's telling em!"

"No way!" Mako protested, "I'd rather forfeit than look like a fool out there."

"Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence" Korra said sarcastically while feeling offended.

Referee came in again, "Time's up, you in or what?"

"We're in!" Korra exclaimed with a smile

"We are?" Mako asked in surprise

Bolin, clenched his fists together in victory, "Yes!"

"Hey, I didn't agree to this!" Mako stated.

"You can thank me latter.", Korra said as she opened the locker to get her new uniform and the ponies all happily stomped their hooves.

Mako only sighed in defeat. "This girl is crazy."


The ponies and Spike all watched from the balcony of the locker room as Korra entered the ring with the Fire Ferrets. Even Fluttershy couldn't contain her excitement, "I can't believe Korra is actually going to play in a real match. Oh, I'm so nervous for her."

Rainbow wrapped her hoof around her friend in reassurance, "Relax, she'll be fine."

"Looks like the Fire Ferrets have ferreted out a last minute replacement waterbender." said the announcer as Korra and her new teammates entered the ring. "Let's see if she's another diamond in the rough like the brothers from the school of hard knocks!"

The young girl was fidgeting at her new uniform, which was way too big for her, "Uh, note to self: ask Rarity to fix my outfit." she said to herself and the three benders got into their stances.

"Don't do anything too fancy or aggressive." Mako told Korra, "In fact, don't do anything. Just try not to get knocked off the ring."

"You got it, captain." Korra responded annoyed as her helmet slipped awkwardly before she adjusted it.

Pinkie Pie took out, from out of nowhere, a cap with Korra's face on it and a mini flag with a number one on it, and she also has a whistle around her neck which she blew really hard, almost damaging the ponies' ears, "Korra, Korra, she's our girl if she can't beat them, let's hope she can! Goooooooooooo KORRA!" she threw confetti everywhere.

The bell rang, singling the start of the match. Only a second after hearing the bell, Korra smiled confidently and immediately conjured up a powerful water blast with her foot which she used to knock out one player of the poising team over the side of the ring, who screamed before landing in the pool. Mako face palmed himself in embarrassment as Korra happily jumped and cheered, "Wo-hu! Man overboard!"

"Fire Ferret waterbender penalty, move back one zone" shouted the referee.

"Gah!", the ponies hoof palmed themselves.

"What? Why?" Korra asked in confusion.

"You're only allowed to knock players off the back of the ring! Not over the sides!" Mako frustratingly explained while gesturing to the sides of the ring with his hands.


"Tough break." said Rarity.

Twilight tried to remain positive, "Okay, no worries, it's only her first game she'll get the hang of it."

"Kind of like how she got the hang or airbending?" Spike pointed out rather sarcastically, resulting in Twilight glaring at the dragon.

"Not helping, Spike!"

The match began again and the opposing team were attacking Korra, realizing she was naive to the sport made her the perfect target.

"And we're back in action after that hiccup, but I'm not so sure this replacement player knows what she's doing."

Korra pulled up some water and fired it at the opponents, but was then immediately hit in the stomach by an earth disk and knocked back. Korra came to a halt and immediately jumped up to retaliate with a water blast shot via her feet. Korra landed again, but in the process, straddling the line. The Referee blew on his whistle and pointed,

"Foul! Over the line! Move back to zone three!"

Korra grunted in frustration, "Urgh! I'll show you over the line!" she muttered under her breath as she ran towards zone three. Mako grinded his teeth and sported an irritated look in Korra's direction. The bell ran signaling the end of round one.

"The Platypus Bears take round one!"

Mako closed his eyes and lowered his head in annoyance, while Bolin twiddled his fingers in embarrassment.

"As much as I love Korra, let's face it: those guys are goners." Spike said. The ponies all looked at each other, hopping Korra managed to pulled herself together. They knew she had skills, but would it be enough for her to win a game she's never played before?

The bell sounded again and the opposing team started attacking. "The Platypus Bears know a green player when they see one, and they are focusing the brunt of their bending on this poor girl!"

Korra was assaulted by all the elements of the other team. She used her waterbending to deflect the water blast of the Platypus Bears before conjuring up a shield to block a fire and earth attack, but the girl was then knocked back by the powerful force. She quickly blocked another water blast with one of her own but was kept on the defensive the whole time. The opposing fire and earthbender prepared to attack her. The ponies all anxiously watched from above as Korra was about to get hit until….

The Avatar impulsively rose up two earth disks to protect her from the incoming combo attack.

"Wait a minute! Did that waterbender just earthbend?!" said the announcer in shock.

The ponies all dropped their jaws while Spike literally passed out. The Referee blew the whistle, "Foul! I…think."

Korra laughed awkwardly as her helmet slipped over her eyes. Mako lowered and shook his head in disappointment.

"Equestria, we have a problem" Twilight said with worry.


Meanwhile, Back at the air temple, Tenzin approached a group of White Lotus Sentries who were listening to the game on the radio outside.

"Pardon me, have you see Korra this evening? She's not in her room and I can't find her ponies either."

But the sentries were paying more attention to what the announcer was saying in the radio, "You've gotta be kidding me! She's the Avatar, folks! Playing in a pro-bending match!"

One of the sentries, who took a sip of his drink, immediately spit out the liquid all over the guard next to him after hearing this news. Tenzin's eyebrows twitched and his face, literally, became red with anger,

"I'll get her myself!"


Back at the arena, the ponies were anxious as to how Korra was going to play now that the secret was out. Thankfully, their worries were put to rest once the reef spoke, "The Avatar will be permitted to continue so long as she solely bends water!"

While the opposing team groaned disappointingly at this, the ponies sighted in relief as the bell rang, resuming the match.

The opposing benders knew that Korra was the weak link to the Fire Ferrets, having no experience in the game, and so they continued to target her. She deflected the disks with a water whip as well as the fire blasts and water bullets. She nimbly back flipped under another earth disk and water attack before crossing her arms in defense of the incoming fire blast.

"This girl may be the Avatar, but she's no pro-bender and the Platypus Bears are intent on exploiting that weakness!"

Spike, who had regained consciousness, was biting his claws as he watched the game and Rainbow Dash was nervously biting on her own tail while Pinkie Pie was biting on the rails, also nervously.

"They're giving her their best, and her best ain't good enough to stop it!"

The opposing team unleashed another wave of attacks at Korra and the poor girl was hit in the side by a fire blast and was knocked out of balance by an earth disk to the stomach, and finally thrown back by a water blast against the head. Rarity felt woozy at the sight. Finally, Korra fell over the rim and lands in the water.

"Aaaaand she's in the drink."

"She okay?" Rainbow asked worriedly. They all looked down bellow and saw Korra getting out of the water onto the platform.

"She's okay", Pinkie Pie said happily.

"Um, not exactly. Look!" Fluttershy pointed her hoof down and they all see none other than Tenzin!

Rainbow Dash gasped from above, "What's he doing here?"

"And how did he know where to find her?" Rarity asked,

Spike saw Tenzin talking to Korra and started to panic, "Aw, man she's in trouble!"

Korra silently gulped when she saw her airbending master standing before her with an angry expression. "Oh, Hey, Tenzin! I thought you didn't like coming to these matches," she chuckled nervously.

"What are they saying?" Twilight asked, trying to read their lips.

"Oh, I know!" Pinkie Pie puts on a beard and began talking in a deeper voice. She started to say what Tenzin was saying to Korra, her words and his lips in perfect sync.

"Once again, you have flagrantly disobeyed my orders. You were to stay on the island! Let's go" she said in a deep voice. Then Pinkie removed the beard, fixed her mane into three parts to match Korra's hair style and spoke in a more feminine yet sassy voice. She spoke at the same time the ponies see Korra's lips move.

"No, I'm kind of in the middle of something!" Pinkie Pie said defensively, matching Korra's body movement and lip movement from down below.

Pinkie switched back to the bearded and spoke like Tenzin, "I have tried my very best to get through to you by being gentle and patient, but clearly the only thing you respond to is force. So I am ordering you to come back to the temple right now!"

Pinkie switched her hair back to Korra, "Why? So I can sit around and meditate about how bad I am at airbending? You know I'm beginning to think there's a reason I haven't been able to learn it, because maybe I don't even need it!"

Back with the beard, "What?! That is a ludicrous suggestion! The avatar needs to learn airbending, it is not optional!"

Back to Korra, "No, this is what I need to learn! Modern styles of fighting"

Back to Tenzin, "Being the avatar is not all about fighting Korra, when will you learn that."

Back to Korra, "I have a match to go finish!"

Pinkie smiled at the other ponies who simply looked at her with their usual "Pinkie is crazy" looks. They then heard the announcer and see Korra back on the ring.

Round three began, the opposing team's firebender attacked Bolin but he crossed his arm and shielded himself for protection from the incoming blow but retaliated by throwing an earth disk but then forced to rise another one in front of him to defend himself against a water attack. Meanwhile, the firebender attacked Mako, who attempted to retaliate as unsuccessfully as his brother. The two opposing benders drove them into the corner of the zone, against the railing. The brothers were being showered by water streams, forcing them to remain in the corner. Meanwhile, Korra was constantly put on the defensive by fire and earth attacks.

Tenzin headed down an exit, "Now where are those ponies?" he asked himself, "I knew I never should have let Korra keep them. They're a bad influence!"

The crowd cheered and he turned around, seeing Korra in the ring, dodging an earth disk, but being formally hit by a water blast and pushed into the second zone. Tenzin sighed while covering his eyes with his hand. This was far to embarrassing to watch, even for him.

Spike was also covering his eyes with his claws, "This is to embarrassing to watch. Even for me."

"Have faith, Spike. Korra can so this." said Twilight confidently. Though deep down, she was still a bit doubtful. This match could end in only two ways: Korra wins, or Korra could lose as will Mako and Bolin. Only way to find out was to wait and watch.

The buzzer sounded off, signaling Korra had been pushed back into zone three.

"Looks like the Avatar's pro-bending debut is going to be cut short!" said the announcer, "She's been pushed back to zone three and the water is calling her name!"

The young woman was tearing over the rim and was about to fall…again. In panic, Rarity used her magic to give Korra back her balance and, in the process, helping her dodge an incoming earth disk. The unicorn sighed in relief as she removed a drop of sweat from her forehead.

It looked like things were not going well for Korra. But this spunky avatar had one more trick up her sleeve.

Spike was still covering his eyes, unable to see Korra losing the match.

"It's only a matter of time before…hold the phone! Stop the presses!" The announcer exclaimed in astonishment.

Twilight tapped on Spike's shoulder and pointed to the ring. His eyes widen at what he and the ponies were seeing; Korra had taken on an airbender stance and began dodging the opponent's attacks by using spiral movements, just like Jinora did to pass through the gates, changing direction at a moment's notice.

"She's moving like an entirely different player! All of a sudden, the Platypus Bear's strikes are only striking air!"

Korra continued this strategy, annoying the opposing benders. The ponies all gleamed at this!

"I knew she'd get the hang of it!", Twilight said proudly.

"That's our girl!" Applejack shouted just as proudly.

Tenzin couldn't believe what he was seeing. Korra had actually learned something from him after all, "How about that?" he said dumbfounded.

The opposing benders were finally loosing their energy, having used up so much of it on Korra, a decision they were now severally regretting. Seeing the chance, Bolin and Mako attack. Mako shot quick fire blasts at the opposing earthbender while Bolin aided him with his earthbending. The Platypus Bears' earthbender was pushed back by an earth disk while the waterbender was knocked off his feet by a water and fire combo. Korra spun rapidly around her axis and charged a powerful water bullet.

The ponies cheered loudly as Korra and the ferrets continued to push back their opponents with their respected elements. Mako directed three blasts from the other team and the opposing waterbender was hit and knocked back several zones into the water. The opposing earthbender took a hit from Bolin's earth disk followed by a water and fire attack from Korra and Mako and was pushed back into the water. Finally, the only one standing, nearly a few feet from the rail. Korra unleashed a powerful water blast that knocked him off the platform and into the water with the rest of his teammates.

The bell rung. The Fire Ferrets had won the match!

"What an upset, folks! The rookies, Avatar in tow, have nabbed a place in the championship tournament! I can not believe it!"

The ponies all cheered and danced at their victory. Pinkie Pie threw confetti everywhere, "YEAH, WO-HU!"

"I never doubted her!" said Spike as he hugged Twilight. She arced an eyebrow but was still smiling.

Tenzin was so proud he couldn't help but cheer, "Woohoo!" he shouted excitedly and pumped his fists, jumping for joy. He looked around and noticed some people eying him. He quickly regained his composure, fixed his long red cape, and walked out. Korra enjoyed the roaring applauds, this feeling was amazing. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew downwards towards the avatar. Bolin pretentiously placed his hand behind his ears to listen to the applause. Korra approached him and they high five each other.


"Whoa!", without warning, the two pegasus ponies tackled the girl down into a great big hug.

"You were amazing!" said Rainbow.

"Those moves you did were breathtaking!" added Fluttershy.

Mako walked over and then offered Korra his hand, wearing a smile on his face. Korra took his hand as he helped her up, "Korra, what can I say? You really came alive on that last round. The way you dodged their attacks, you are a natural."

The pegasus ponies hive hoofed each other in victory.

"Thanks. But I can't take all the credit. Someone else taught me those moves. And I think It's high time I gave him the apology he deserves."


Latter at the air temple, Korra was preparing to speak to Tenzin. She saw him with some other air acolytes helping fix the gates she had broken earlier. Seeing her struggle, Twilight nudged her leg, "Just tell him the truth. Go."

Korra nodded and took in a deep breath before approaching Tenzin, "I'm really sorry, about everything I said. I was really frustrated with myself and I took it out on you." Tenzin could clearly see that Korra meant every word.

"I think I owe you an apology too. I was trying to teach you about patience, but I lost mine."

"No hard feelings?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course not. By the way you were really good out there tonight. You moved just like an airbender."

"Wait, you stayed and watched?"

"I did. Pro-bending turned out to be the perfect teaching tool for you."

Korra felt so happy to hear that. She and her air bending master exchanged happy smiles. However, Korra's eyes began to slightly shimmer.

"See? I told you, all you needed was a little inspiration." Rarity said as she nudged Korra's leg.

Then out of nowhere, Tenzin gasped in shock as his eyes widened.

"What's wrong?" Korra asked.

"I--I heard."

"Heard what?"

"Them. The ponies. I heard them talk!"

The girls all gasped at this! First the air bender kids could hear the ponies, then Pema, then Bolin and now Tenzin can too?

"So, you can hear us now?" Applejack said in disbelief.

"It seems I can."

"Okay, how does this keep happening?" Rainbow Dash asked. All of these mysteries were already starting to get to her.

"You were right Korra, they truly are special. I can see now why you're all so good together." Tenzin said as he smiled kindly at the ponies, who all smiled in return.

"I'll see you tomorrow for airbending practice bright and early." Korra said as she began to make her way inside, "Oh and I permanently joined the fire ferrets and we're playing in the tournament in a couple of weeks." she said as she ran inside, leaving a very unamused Tenzin to sigh in dismay. Handling teenagers was no easy task, that much was certain.

Applejack smiled at the airbender, "Quite a free spirit, aint she?"

"No doubt." he said.

Pinkie Pie said, "Cheer up Tenzin, hey you wanna help me get everything ready for the party?"

"What party?"

"A "let's celebrate Korra learning how to move like an airbender and becoming a member of the pro-bending Fire Ferrets" party! Duh!"

She threw confetti again and Tenzin only stood there with a serious expression. He wondered if being able to hear the ponies, particularly Pinkie Pie, was a blessing…or a curse.


Latter that night, Mako sat by his window watching air temple island across the bay. He never would have imagined that he would meet the avatar, creatures from another world, and earn a new pro-bending teammate all in only two days. Even though he had only just met her, he started to think maybe his brother was right. Maybe there was something special about Korra.

"You going to sleep or what?" his brother asked, already getting ready for bed.

"In a sec." Mako replied, not taking his eyes off of the view in front of him.

Bolin let out a yawn, "Okay, good night."


Mako continued to look at the air temple on the horizon. Still thinking about a certain Avatar and her magical friends. He didn't know it at the time, but from that moment his life was about to change forever.


At that exact same time, Korra was watching over the pro bending arena with a smile on her face. After only a few days, she had made new friends and is now a pro-bender. She turned to look at the ponies, all in their own sleeping bags, sound a sleep and she smiled.

"I don't know what's in store from here on out, but whatever it is…I know you guys will be there with me."

She walked over to her bed and stroked Flutterhy's mane before getting into bed. She chuckled at Spike sleeping on her pillow and gently placed him on the left side of her bed before covering herself with the blanket and covering Spike with it as well.

"Sweet dreams, Spike. Sweet dreams, my little ponies."


In Ponyville, the book that lead the ponies to Republic City still remained in the floor of the library. A mysterious shadowy figure entered the library and approached the book, taking it with her.


Author's Note:

I'm a pretty big Makorra shipper, and I believed the relationship could have had a bit more depth into it. Hopefully you will get that with the rest of the story. The Ponies can be such good matchmakers.