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How is a raven like a writing desk? Poe wrote on both.


Falling behind again · 11:14pm Nov 15th, 2019

Will catch up after I've had a bit of time to decompress. Reasons below.

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Thank you for Favoriting and liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far.

Hoping you return to more horsewords with new chapters/responses for “To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt”! I love how Celestia reacts to the shenanigans of her Purple (former) Protege and Anon (with the occasional sweet response to Stu Luck Pid).

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

In reference to your bio, both also produce flat notes.

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