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Cows With Guns

My name is Chris. I like reading, video games, chemistry and ponies.

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Okidokiloki, I shall add it to my read later list :)

45667 does cupcakes include reading my stories? :rainbowwild:
(keep in mind that prologue and chapter one of The Lost Wonderbolts need edits)


Because I don't want to steal art from someone else without buying or getting it gifted to me, I am too lazy to get a good screenshot from the show myself and I don't have an OC to make with that OC creator thing.

If only my artistic friends would stop being so lazy make me something :ajbemused:

I probably SHOULD just grab a nice screeny from the show, but I will do it at the official start of school holidays..

Also, thankyou for posting on my page, if you want to earn a cupcake, you can follow me and read my future writings :p

44128 wat he said. now y u no have profile pic?

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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