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Like I tell every one don't judge by my messages and comments half the time including this one are typed on my phone I kinda treat them like text messages not writing also most of the time you and feather book see my chapters after my editor has had a light to with It but yea I'm really really really bad with punctuation to :scootangel: oh yea and guess what I found a finished version of fighting is magic on equestria daily along with a few other mlp games their rely fun and honestly really well put together

1324014 Actually, if I may be honest, your problem (at least in text conversation; not so much in your writing, I've noticed) seems to be quite the opposite, having run-on sentences with very little punctuation.

Example: 1321895 The only punctuation in this comment is one ellipse (the three dot thing). On the bright side, that one ellipse was used expertly; points for that :twilightsheepish:!

Heh oops :twilightblush: sentence fragments are kinda bad for me I tend to do that a lot.

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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