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I attempt to entertain with my amateur stories. I also think I sort of know what makes a story good and try to help others if I can.


Story updates and a question about something no one remembers happening probably. · 7:16pm Oct 19th, 2018

I know it has been a while since I last updated a story here and so I wanted to write this in the hopes it will assure people that I won't be disappearing for multiple years again... Sorry about that if anyone noticed.

Rainbow Rocks: Unfinished Business:

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I know you probably get asked this all the time but have you made any progress writing your stories recently? I’m especially curious about Rainbow Rocks Unfinished Business and Bonds & Friendship. Seriously though your version of the Dazzlings in Unfinished is one of my favorite depictions of them on the site.

I was wondering if you had plans on continuing The Truth of Bonds and Friendship anytime soon? It's my favorite Naruto cross over so far and would enjoy seeing more of Naruko.

Thank you for adding "The Reality I Choose" to your list of favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for favouriting "Fallout: Equestria Girls" :twilightsmile:

Looking over your check list and I think you should check off the last one, cause I love 'The Truth of Bonds and Friendship'. I have to honestly say it's my favorite Naruto crossover. :twilightsmile:

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Wishful Thinking List.

I know several people already have one and it is much like joining a "band wagon" but I have decided to start a list of things wish to happen. Some are very lofty. Others are rather mundane. (More to come later possibly....)

[x] get positive feedback from at least one person on one of my stories! :pinkiehappy:
[x] write a story with over a 100 views.
[x] write a story that gets over a 1,000 views.
[x] write a story that makes it to the popular stories box! (my Rainbow Rocks story did for a good while on the first day it was posted. I'm counting it!)
[x] write a story that gets featured... (Rainbow Rocks: Unfinished Business 1/6/2015 even if only for a short bit.)
[ ] write a story that gets an actual review from one of the many reviewing bronies.
[ ] inspire someone to do a reading of a story.
[ ] write a story that inspires a good bit of fanart.
[ ] write a story that inspires spin-offs from other users.
[ ] write a story that inspires a whole bit of fanwork in any form.
[ ] write a story that gets discussions going, and I am alerted to these topics.
[x] get over 10 followers.
[ ] get over 100 followers.
[ ] get over 1000 followers.
[ ] inspire someone to make a TvTropes page for at least one of my stories.
[ ] get reviewed by one if the site semi-official reviewers.
[ ] receive a comment on a story from at least one of the well known users on the site.
[ ] find out someone on here also follows one of my other non-pony fanfic stories (I use the same user name on fanfic.net).
[x] receive over 10 likes for one story.
[x] receive over 50 likes for a story.
[x] receive over 100 likes for a story.
[ ] receive over 1000 likes for a story.
[x] write a story that someone else tags for one of the many groups on here.
[ ] get interviewed about a story (again who doesn't want this to some degree?).
[ ] get followed by one of the somewhat well known people on fimfiction. (trying to figure out if I have this or not yet...)
[ ] Learn I convince other people to write stories that don't fall to Crossoveritis!
[x] write a story that many people really enjoy and they actually tell me they do so.