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I attempt to entertain with my amateur stories. I also think I sort of know what makes a story good and try to help others if I can.


Every pony feels sorrow at times and for different reasons, even Pinkie Pie. Sometimes things just don't workout, despite your hard work.

Thanks go to General Zoi for the Pony Creator. I used it to make the simple cover art.

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I really like this pinki pie, it is cute and light hearted but awesome work looking forward to seeing more work from you :twilightsmile:

4334003 Glad you liked it. I did something a little different for this story than usual. I liked writing it though. I also like the way I portrayed Pinkie Pie here, but I'm Biased :pinkiesmile:

4334052 lol the pinky here is close to the original when she wants to focus on something it is like a laser :pinkiesmile:

I get the feeling that this cupcake is special because, this fic is published on Pinkie Pie's birthday, and Pinkie Pie whipped up that cupcake to celebrate the occassion. :pinkiesmile:

4334603 I didn't even know that. :pinkiegasp: heh heh. Wow... I guess Pinkie Pie broke through the space time continum and put the idea in my head to write a story about her or something. :pinkiehappy: Thanks for telling me. :pinkiesmile:

That was pretty good, however I think the title should be "Ode to a Cupcake".

4334742 Yeah I thought about the title later, you do make a good point though. I thought about "The Perfect Cupcake". But the story is also about how Pinkie dealt with her loss. So the current title kind of works still. :twilightsheepish:

Now, I'll admit, about a week ago I checked out you're stories because your one of the people who seems to be following my story, and I wanted to check you out in thanks. But when I looked at your line of stories, most of them were incomplete, and the only two that weren't looked two depressing for my tastes. But after checking your stories out again and giving this one a shot, I see now that it was a mistake to avoid it, because this is really good.
I can't really think of any cases of spelling mistakes, weird grammar, or bad writing of any kind. Everything feels well described, with the exception of the cupcake itself, since at first I thought she was baking a batch if them, and it took me a few seconds to understand when the cupcake had been ruined. The story also felt quite unpredictable, excluding the obviousness of the cupcakes destruction especially when Pinkie stands next to a window. The story went multiple directions I didn't see coming (at first when Pinkie took the quill and paper I thought she was going to write a suicide note). Pinkies little cupcake poem is also a decent piece of poetry. My emotions were also effectively tweaked by this story, as I felt happy at the baking of the cupcake, sad at its destruction, and the ending was just happy and heartwarming for me.


Great story, and the only thing keeping the score from getting higher is personal taste, as I prefer stories like University Days and Dreamlocked Chronicles. Keep up the good work.

5542312 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Glad to hear you gave the story a chance and ended up liking it. I tried to show that it was just one cupcake because she wanted it to be the perfect cupcake that required extra attention. It seems the story did for you what I wanted it to do for readers. It gets sad and we have some "Pinkamena" appearing, but she recovers as I feel fits her character.

I do have some sad parts in my stories, but very rarely do I keep them sad. Things get dark at times and sometimes really dark, but then they get better. I'm not a fan of completely sad stories myself. There is enough of that in real life. So when I write stories and read stories I look for stories that aren't just sad and dark only. Still, I'm glad you chose to read one of my stories :twilightsmile:.

Also the other completed story is kind of meant to be a funny one. It is a loose Discworld crossover if that helps, but you can read and not read what you want. Thanks once again for reading this story. Also I really appreciate the review.

I must say I expected some kind of a twist, with the second part of the story unrelated to cupcakes. But sometimes the lack of a twist is a twist in itself :trollestia:

I wish I could do poetry.

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