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Draconian Soul

Proof that I'm not dead. I was just in a slumber, waiting for reason to rise again. I might have found that reason.


Gummy is the best pet in the world! He always listens to me, never moans or complains when I talk too much, and always comes along with me without any resistance. Sure, he isn't much of a talker, but he's a really swell listener. Every day I spend with him is super fantastic!

Yet, Mr. and Mrs. Cake always look sad every time I play with Gummy. Those sillies! Don't they know that Gummy couldn't hurt me even if he wanted to? He's all gums! Duh! Even my friends have been showing "concerns" about my relationship with Gummy.

I don't know why they're being such party poopers all of a sudden!

Edited by Bad_Seed_72 and pre-read by Skeeter the Lurker and Flint Sparks.

Polish translation can be found here

French translation over here

Fan sequel over there

Equestria Daily took this thing in too. It be right over yonder

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Was a lot of fun to look this over. Glad to see it got posted so soon! :pinkiehappy:

Garbo #3 · Dec 2nd, 2013 · · 8 ·

The first thing that came into my head seeing that story pic:
No, Stop Pinkie! Stop Eating Gummy! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

And this was a creepy one to help with.

DAMN creepy.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I dunno if I should cry or what....

More sad than I expected... I loved it though. Especially with Pinkie Pie narrating. What a wonderful way to end my night.

And now I'm sad. Bravo.

Oh... Oh my...:fluttershysad:

Why does this make so much sense?:rainbowhuh:

So... Gummy's dying? :rainbowhuh:

At first i was sad, but then i pictured what pinkie looked like to the Cakes and realized she is insane :pinkiecrazy:

I honesty don't get it...Maybe I should stop reading stuff at midnight.

Oh Luna damn it why the feels so much feels I'm crying right now

NOOOOOOOOOOOO. GUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage::fluttershysad::applejackconfused::raritydespair::raritycry:

I wonder who is going to tell Pinkie that Gummy pass away.

This was an awesome little first-person story. Deserves to be Featured. :pinkiesad2:

I knew what was happening when Gummy refused to eat. That's a huge red flag that they are either sick or about to die. For Gummy, it was the latter sadly. It's sad how Pinkie is so ignorant.

Gummy sadly passes away, though pinkie doesn't realize it.

Poor Gummy... poor Pinkie Pie... :pinkiesad2:

OMJay #21 · Dec 2nd, 2013 · · 7 ·

Twist ending: Gummy was dead all along, like the cat from Pet Semetary.
Written by M Night Shamallama. :twistnerd:

Oh my god...:fluttercry:

He must be REALLY good at playing dead! :pinkiehappy:

Kind of creepy how pinkie is so ignorant of gummy. It makes me wonder what she would do if her friends died...

*Curls around self in a big ball of feels*


*Cries silently*

I'm not crying...

The lack of a conclusion and the predictability of the plot prevented me from getting into it.

The plot totally isn't super obvious from the description or anything.


This story is exactly what I expected it to be, but it wasn't bad. I must admit I feel slightly cheated that the story ended before Pinkie Pie fully realized the truth though.

i love gummy and i really liked how gummy was dead all along i felt sad but it was a great unspoken plot twist well done to the great author who wrote this well writen and good plot 9/10 (\ pinkies insane:pinkiecrazy: we love you gummy :heart:

OK. Spoilers.
I just read the description and I just know that Gummy will be imagined by Pinkie or dead all along. I don't know how I know but something tells me that.
Edit: Alright. Now that I read the story it's kinda sad. Pinkie just can't let go of Gummy and pretends that he's still alive. But in her sleep she knows that he's gone and cries because of the loss every time she's sleeping whilst holding his cold dead body. That tugs at my feels. :pinkiesad2:


I've seen this fic idea before, but this one is the best for any of them. I read the whole thing in Pinkie's voice. Bravo


Waiting for Gummy

Rosencrantz and Gummystern are Dead

I love you, too, Gummy!

Oh I do hope he has fun at his party, a party where half of the ponies there aren't happy isn't a very good party at all.

That was me trying to not feel sad about Gummy.:fluttershysad:

It didn't work!:raritycry:

I saw this before it became featured. Glad to see this got the viewers it deserves. :pinkiesad2:

Yes! It's finally in the box! :yay:

Oh, Pinkie... :ajsleepy:
I think someone should just quietly take Gummy while she's sleeping. When she wakes up, they can tell her he went on an adventure to a greater place where he wouldn't feel sick anymore.
Yes, it's treating her like a child, but I think it would be easier on everyone than to get her to see the truth.
I wanna hug her... :fluttershysad:

Man, am I glad I read this story. I really love how its told through the vein point of Pinkie, someone who, in this case, doesn't really understand whats happening around her. The readers can obviously see why some one would react they way they did to Gummy and Pinkie playing together so often, but Pinkie can't. i hope you write more stuff like this! :pinkiehappy:

Huh. I thought that this was going to be a sad little story about Pinkie having to give up Gummy because his teeth are coming in, and she lets him go into the wild so he can grow up and whatever... :pinkiesad2:

...this, though... :pinkiesick:

Y'know, for a site dedicated to happy cartoon marshmallow ponies, there's a heck of a lot of disturbing stuff 'round here.

That last line...


Friend: Stop it BCC, you're crying.
Me: No, I'm not crying! I'm just watering my mustache.... :moustache:

I knew what was coming from the description and it STILL hit me in the emotional gonads! :fluttercry:

Oh, pinkie...It's not easy finding your pet's getting old:fluttercry:...I'm not crying, I'm just...watering my face...:twilightsheepish:

:raritydespair: I was having such a nice day...now im all teared up n hugging my doggies n freaking hem out a lil...but this story is very well written:pinkiecrazy:

.... Time to break out the nets, fancy jacket with the buckles down the back, and the ponies in those smart white uniforms, Pinkie Pie's finally gone off the deep end

I have an 8 year old sister, and our cat died today. I had to explain to her what that meant. She reacted just like this. Then I get on here and read this... why do I do this to myself? :applecry:

Goddamn, this was neat. I'll concede a point in writing Pinkie Pie sadfics.

Well written to the point where I was reading it as pinkie, here thank my thumbs up and keep writing.

At first I thought that Gummy was going to have been a stuffed animal/plush toy, from a toy store, Then I realized that it wasn't.

Good story. :pinkiesad2:

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