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Proof that I'm not dead. I was just in a slumber, waiting for reason to rise again. I might have found that reason.


Spike has always considered Ponyville his home, and has always held Rarity a special place in his heart. That is, until a group of dragons showed up after years of looking for him. After meeting his real family and hearing why he was brought into the ponies' care, he starts to rethink his old thoughts.

Now he only has a week to make a decision: either stay with the ponies who loved and cared for him most of his life, or go with the dragons and finally be with his real family. The decision would have been all so clear...

...if there wasn't another factor in the equation.

Much love to those who oversaw the story:

Pre-Readers: Skeeter the Lurker & Mr101
Editors: The Abyss & Man_Demon

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Finally out! :rainbowkiss:

A new take on a Spike story.

This shall be good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

i am so happy this story came out first oh i'm loving it already

...Interesting idea... and to be honest I am kind of scared this will turn into a Celestia bash fic (the cover art doesn't help)

Well... you'll just have to wait and see. Nothing in life is ever that predictable :raritywink:

Lots of promise to this, I'm looking forward to seeing how Spike's egg got to Celestia's school.

Now this I like and I would believe spikes egg was stolen and sold in canterlot

Not much to say yet, though I will admit Rarity not going through her whole "Welcome to Caroselle Boutique; where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique." kind of tripped me up. Dunno why, it just didn't sound right. (That is, by far, the pettiest gripe I have ever indulged)

It is shaping up to be an interesting story, but I wonder what is going on here? Something is off already, though I cannot pinpoint what it is. I suppose I will have to wait and find out, eh?


Oh, I love this story already. :heart: Spike finally meets his mom, but a decision has to be made, and it is heartbreaking one. :fluttershysad: Either to stay with Twilight and the others or to go back with his real mom. Oh, you got me hooked with this. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Who knows :duck:

Glad you find it interesting, though I wonder what you find off. Whatever it is, the mysteries of this dragon/whatever's gonna happen will be revealed in due time.

Glad you like so far, and just by one chapter :twilightblush:. I will try my best to not disappoint :pinkiehappy:


Oh I wouldn't worry. It's like a writing based 'Pinkie Sense'. Sometimes I just get a feeling for 'something isn't right here', usually well before I can pinpoint where it is coming from. I usually like to keep any revelations I do make to myself, or vague, so I don't spoil for other readers.

Though I'll be honest. I don't have any real ideas yet (makes sense, since not much has been revealed!), but I have a feeling there was something hmmm...it's really hard to explain. It's like, I want to say 'Important for later on', but everything in the story will be important for later on. I'm not sure I can articulate it very well, and I certainly do not want to turn your comment section into a huge discussion. I'll just keep reading as you produce and see what comes from it.


Damn biatch, dis shit be awesome! :derpytongue2:

You don't see to many of these I wonder how you will handle how Spike came into Celestia's hoofs in the first place.

Fifty bits says he'll stay with the ponies.

Draconian, you've done it again sire.

I must ask, whose art is that, though?


Hi Bob! :pinkiecrazy:

You're on :rainbowdetermined2:

It's... to be honest I have no freaking clue. I just found this image like 10 months ago, with no real source and remembered it, and decided to write something with feels :twilightsheepish:

Almost man... almost :raritycry:

3297075 Mah nigga, you cant bet! Your the author! :rainbowlaugh:

Which is why you should never bet on a story I could rig for you to lose :rainbowwild:

Another one by Draconian? Geeze, I've not managed to finish Sweet as Lavender yet... I've got so many projects I'm working on myself lately!

Still, an automatic thumbs up, time I slap a watch onto you, and this one'll go to the very top of my read later list.

A neat idea. Not quite flowing at the moment though, work on that. Definitely could do with a few tweaks here and there.

Damn.......you just killed my feels man

3296907 Maybe Spike having such a detailed memory from before he was hatched? Or recognizing and accepting his mother so quickly? It is rather odd, considering such factors as imprinting and upbringing. But for all we know dragons are just that neurologically developed pre-hatching. It could simply be that it runs counter to the biology and development we're familiar with in our world.

There's also a bit of an 'out of the blue' sense of his sudden depression and yearning for his biological parents, which is rather distinct from the show. Maybe it needed a more subtle approach to feel completely 'genuine'?

Anyway, I get the same sense as you, but also can't put my finger on it. It's so early in the story, we'll just have to see how it's handled. It may all resolve itself once we have more information.

This is so adorable! :yay: write more! :flutterrage:

3296919 Well, being a huge Spike fan, I'm sure you won't disappoint. :raritywink: I hope that with Spike's real mother being there, this gets the Mane Six, and especially Twilight to show that they really do love and care for Spike as their own.:pinkiehappy: I mean I don't want to spoil anything if I have, and I don't want no spoilers, but I would like to see Spike stay with the ponies, but if they don't do anything to show him that they really do love him, then I would cheer for him if he does go with his mom.

The egg nestled closely to the dragons chest

should be dragon's, unless the egg is being nestled by more than one dragon.

“Well, sug, looks like you’re going to hatch soon,”

... I can only PRAY that 'sug' was intentional as a shortening of sugar, or some other draconian term, because that would be really sad to have two typos in the first two paragraphs of the story with as many pre-readers and editors as you have. *Goes back to reading*

Spike duly replied,

Do you MEAN duly, as in "in accordance with what is required or appropriate", or dully, aka sluggish, dull, the opposite of brisk or energetic? Because I THINK you mean the second one...

“Well, I just need a few gems, just a few sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.”

Don't use 'just' like that, two times in a row in the same sentence. That's just redundant.

This fic has great promise, but I have to ask... If this isn't season three compliant with Twilicorn, when IS it taking place? Did the Dragon Migration not happen? Because Spike seemed pretty much like he didn't give a damn about dragons after that, and he's not only 'fire-proof', he's LAVA-proof. Just saying, you need to clarify some stuff here pretty soon, or you'll confuse your readers.


Worried about who to stay with?
Who says you're forbidden from visiting the place where your memories were made? Sure, he can go check out where his family's like, but if those parents refuse to even let him the entertain the idea of visiting his pony friends, they aren't parents worth having.

Wow, I have very confusing thoughts about this.

3297106I want to lose: Spike should go with his birth mama.


Usually SadSpike and SadTwilight comics just make me cringe. That one was pretty decent.

-read the description-
-is intrigued-
-reads comments-
-more intrigued-
-reads first chapter-
-shall now cry shed liquid pride all over my pillows tonight-

You never disappoint! Can't wait to see where this goes :pinkiehappy:

It is a bee a utiful story

3298540 that just sounds wrong man...


I shall keep myself posted. You have intrigued me...

Though I would have preferred a more detailed description of Spike's mom... if she is Spike's mom.

I shall see where this tale leads us readers... :moustache:

I can see a mindblowing twilight:twilightoops:

I read a story where Spike met his father. Spoiler alert, he's actually dead but animated by some crazed dragoness who also killed Spike's mother in order to get Spike because he's part of a super dragon line with untold power. Oh, and it also had sparity. This story might not turn out like that.

I sense some misunderstanding over the horizon. Did Celestia really steal Spike's egg? (Personally, I hope not.) Why did it take so long for Spike's mother to find him? Why is Spike now feeling homesick? Is she really Spike's mother? Can she really be considered as his mother even if he was entirety raised by Celestia, Twilight and Ponyville? Where's dad? Is Spikey Wikey an only child? Hopefully, the following chapters will answer all.

lie on the floor...Curl in a ball...try not to cry...cry a lot

And after reading it all my feels just die. Thank you for killing them.

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