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Draconian Soul

Proof that I'm not dead. I was just in a slumber, waiting for reason to rise again. I might have found that reason.


Celestia has told me that a dragon's average lifespan is two thousand years. That is a long time be alone. It gives you a long time to reflect on the friends you lost, something I'm not ready to do. However, the years have aged me mentally, and I have learned the difference of my friends mortality compared to my own.

While my friends withered away, one remained, one that is near and dear to my heart. I know I will lose her eventually too. The chances are, I'll lose her really soon. But until that faithful day, I'll enjoy every moment with her.

She's all I have left. I'd be lost without her.

Artwork provided by the fantastic Kill Joy

Thanks Flint Sparks for making this fic a little more legible.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 90 )

A frozen heart,

Looks like Spike needs to... let it go.

you never fail to be awesome

Just another thing I could relate with her with.

This should be a 'to'.


Pretty sure that apostrophe isn't needed.

Not trying to nitpick or anything; I just felt that a story this saddening deserved to be perfectly written. I cannot wait to read the rest, and to feel my heartstrings tug. :raritycry:

That was a great story, most of these style story are so hopeless and just pain sad. But with your great work I ended it with tears down my face, snot flowing, but a hopeful and content smile on my face.I hated seeing Spike go through all that pain,the pain we as Spike fans all know he will go through. But it is nice to see that Rarity "finally" did something for him near the end (all tho you would think she would have develop some feeling for him after all those years) anyway long story short great story, You made my night.:moustache:

Amazing! I was looking for a good story to read tonight and boy did you deliver. This story was quite emotional and well written. Props to you and thanks for the read :). Now to get some sleep...

its up! and its actually really good:scootangel:
i like it

This was a very beautiful piece of literature. The bittersweet end really drove it home for me. I must thank you for writing this masterpiece

Really? An entire 80 YEARS and Rarity never confronted Spike about his feelings for her?

Beautiful story. I almost cried on the bus home while reading this! :raritycry:

Congrats on getting Featured. :scootangel:

Damn dude. Freaking marvelous story. Congrats on the feature, as always it is well earned. :twilightsmile:

Quick someone get me a pocket watch and a timelord i can fix all this :rainbowdetermined2:

Artwork provided by the fantastic Kill Joy

Oddly... Fitting..

Oww..... the feels....

just wondering if you wrote this after twilight became an alicorn
if you did then twilight would live forever
just saying.
great story:twilightsmile:

It was stated by the writers that Twilight would not be immortal just because she was an alicorn, no more than Cadance would. It's really only Celestia and Luna from what I recall.

So regardless, she is still mortal.

Woah. That was-- wow. Just wow.
That could be a movie.


For the first time in forever,

or maybe he just wants to have some freedom like Anna

Comment posted by Violet Shimmer deleted Mar 18th, 2014

I'm afraid to read this after 'He'll Never Leave Me'.

The terror of sorrow and tragedy... I have a quota! I don't like going over!

But it's Draconian Soul. Therefore I must.

Hey, no wonder he still loves her. Love is an open door.

You have officialy murdered my feels.:fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::ajsleepy::applecry::raritydespair::raritycry:

Oof. Right In The Feels...... :fluttercry:

No..No.No I'm staying away from this FIC.I'll give you my like but I'm not even touching this.. I can't handle this level of feels......

Going... going... gone.

I really must stop reading such well written death fics. Everyone loves to watch the hero go down in a blaze of glory, to see them die twisted and lost, to achieve a true happiness, or to just have a perfect ending.

And I could not think of a more perfect ending for Spike. I hate it. I could steel myself for tragedy, give a triumphant cry for the last victory, chuckle maliciously as the hero becomes the villain and dies for it.

I cannot stand the passing of heroes quietly, in rest, or by the doom that is time. Yet it happens. All stories roll to an end. Even Spike's, wherein Celestia and Luna come to see him once more.

Too sad... :pinkiesick:

10/10 - "Would read again." Kennytonsworth

I'm sure if she asked him to spike would get for rarity the still beating heart of celestia herself

I love this story too much. I can't say 'Ow in the feels', as much as I want to. This deserves proper praise. This was well-written, stays true to the pony's personality, and from what I saw, no mistakes. Along with a heavily emotional topic as death, and an even worse one, watching as those around you die.

I nearly started a new river in my house. 10/10.

Sadly, I'm in too good a mood to bother reading this sort of fic. Too long for something relatively simple, for one. No doubt it's a real tearjerker, so here's a freebie Thumbs Up.

And because the story title makes me think of one of my guilty pleasures, time to ruin the feels for everyone. Cheers :pinkiehappy::

Holy crap. The feels to bubble when I read the description. After reading it, well...:raritycry:

Anyway, You may have all my feels, as well as a thumbs up.

Comment posted by Psychobogle deleted Mar 19th, 2014

Beautiful story from start to finish. Bravo!

I cried like a bitch.

After reading this, I just kept thinking,

Everything that we are now, is everything we can't let go, or it's gone forever. Far away.
I hope tomorrow is like today.

not a chapter was a tear unshed. this goes into the tradegy that does face spike in his future as a dragon

Rarity has green flames coming out of her ass in that pic.

This sir was beautiful, and I have a better respect for Rarity because of it. Thank you for writing this beautiful story, and I hope to see more of your work on this site.

Simply marvelous, words can't describe it, wonderful story. I actually cried, and given everything that is saying something, bravo, bravo!

:moustache: : Life is too hard, gonna kill myself
:raritystarry: : please don't
:moustache: : okay
Honestly it felt a bit of lackluster. Was this the point when they talked about how Spike never says no to Rarity? How it was resolved came quite jarring on otherwise great story.

The feels..... just that damn love potion part is what got me hard...:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:

I started growing null to the concept.

Numb, I think you mean here.

They were trivial task, I know,

it should be tasks

Cool story, I truly felt the feels. Only thing I really have to say, is that in the coverart the plant make it look like Rarity's farting.

So, Rarity's infertile (you know, even we nonmagical humans have ways of dealing with that), which causes her husband to abandon her.... ALICORN Twilight is apparently dead... Rarity mysteriously keeps hanging on...

And all of this is just thrown at the reader, matter-of-factly with little vested emotional involvement other than previously familiarity with the characters.

This is already smacking of cheap melodrama.

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