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The "Nightmare Rarity" arc in the comics has just ended and Ponyville must recover. Even more than the others, the Elements of Harmony must recover. And most of all Rarity, the Nightmare's main victim. But Spike faced his own ordeal, so after a few days rest he goes to visit Rarity where the two proceed to have a private chat. Rarity expresses her gratitude and apologizes for the vulnerabilities that allowed the Nightmare to use her. And then...the two discuss their own future. Rarity has made a decision. And as terrified as he is of rejection, Spike's long unspoken question is about to be answered.

WARNING--This story is EXTREMELY sappy. Life jackets are encouraged.

The title refers to Spike's temptation in the comic, not to anything that happens in this story.

This fic has been pre-read, but the reader has chosen to remain anonymous. He/she has my thanks.

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So many thumbs, and no reviews? Tisk tisk.

It goes a little fast, and I think it misses out on a lot of the good drama the relationship could have, but that wasn't what you were going for here. You used the 'Night Mares' arc of the comics to stunning effect, and every bit of the story felt like it was a perfectly natural movement to make. My issue with it isn't that is was good/bad, because it was without a doubt good.

But that is all. it seemed kind of... lackluster I guess? It was missing something that kept it just shy of greatness. I wish I could tell you for certain what that was, but I cannot. It is without a doubt a good story, and I did enjoy reading it, but I still think there was more that needed to be there.

Never the less, it gets a thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work!


PS: it is very rare for people to use 'Night Mares' in Sparity stories for some reason. It is always nice to see it, because I feel it really did a lot of good for their relationship.

I just recently read the Nightmare Rarity arc and this piece was a great cap to it.

*Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!*my heart the feels:raritystarry:great story:eeyup::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

I was about to say something silly about spike,
However i seem to have forgot who spike is?
Is he some sort of growth on Raritys back?

there needs to be more, this is a great setup for a good romance story

3397747Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm really not a very good writer (you'll notice that none of my stories are epics with lots of action; I'm lousy at writing both action as well as descriptive prose). Most of my stuff is short little slices-of-life where the characters talk to each other.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little story where Spike's dreams come true, but which remains true enough to the show and comics that they don't rush right out to get married.

Thanks again.

3396256Thank you for the kind words as well as the critique!

3396471Feels? I made **FEELS**???

I'm so happy!!!

3397758 If you insist, and BTW you get extra points in my book for using an icon of Foxglove, i love that character.:pinkiehappy:

3397787 Another Foxy fan! Yay!

I have some Foxglove fics over at fanfiction.net if you're interested. Foxy and Dale forever!

you don't actually know if they will be or not together in the show... you can always dream :3

sappy and sparity? I'm totally in!:raritystarry:

I know you probably won't do a sequel to this, but it would be awesome if you did. I enjoy how it's not a bullshit "Oh I like you too let's make out now" kind of story, it's just a nice sweet thing.

Thanks to Dorkking and Pia-chan for the kind words!

Very sappy... but fudge it. It so cute and heartwarming it brings a big smile to my face.

Even Sweetie Belle was considerate enough (or perhaps too exhausted) to cause her much trouble.

You're missing a negative there. The parenthetical works with "to cause her much trouble", but "considerate enough" needs a "to not cause her much trouble". You might try "was considerate enough (or perhaps exhausted enough) to not cause her much trouble.".

This was quite sweet; I'm a sucker for stories involving long, well-explored conversations.

I saw nothing wrong with this so don't sell yourself short. Besides remember how spike was born? He shares that bond because it was thanks to rainbow's sonic rain boom that got twilight to hatch spike. With that in mind spike shares the destiny bond the mane six shares as friends. It would explain much about spike's personality. That's why he is not your odanary dragon in equestria. What I'm saying is that spike has potential to be the exact opposite of most dragons and as you have put it. Has potential to be a knight. To be honest that right there is why I like him. I can easilly see spike as a Knight to the point of borderline certenty. His potential is just that strong.

4110563 Thanks a lot! Spike's a great little guy. Too bad he's been missing for most of this season.

I agree with the points you made in the author's notes, but it was still a good read. :pinkiesmile:

4690914 In my opinion that is not totally impossible in the show, but if it happens then most likely in last few minutes of last episode. :P

Also: very sweet story. :pinkiehappy:

Applejack is not only the strongest of our little group but runs an entire form while taking care of a family; plus she is the economic backbone of our entire town and much of this part of the country.

Farm, not form, also, slow down the dialogue a little, it's kinda fast-paced...

5586867 Thank you for the comment and for the advice!

This is pretty much what I think about why Spike loves Rarity -- and both why Rarity returns it and is afraid to fully express her affections for him. The only real difference is a matter of timing.

You might find Chapter 17 of Divine Jealousy and the Voice of Reason (takes place before Twilight's Kingdom, hence very late Season Four) interesting in this regard.

Oh, and one thing you got very right is that Rarity would research the issue. She doesn't make a big production of being a scholar as does Twilight, nor is she as deeply erudite, but Rarity is one smart mare, and very practical about any issue about which she truly cares. She is not at all a silly fluff-headed filly, though she sometimes pretends to be one for social purposes. She's the full intellectual equal of any major Pony characters on the show, save perhaps for Twilight and the Royal Pony Sisters themselves.

Thank you for the kind comment and for the recommendation! :pinkiehappy:

I liked so much about this fic, this is a good ending about the battle with Nightmare Rarity.

7193427 Thank you. Please check out my other fics as well.

7196283 I will, thanks! XD

Aww, what a wonderful ending to my favourite arc in the comic books. It certainly did the fluffiness at the end with Rarity hugging Spike justice.

The build-up was good and well-paced and I loved that entire interaction with Rarity and Spike. Her reasons were good, though she was in character for not caring too much about them. That last reason made sense though, so I'm happy that they are looking into it and taking their time, while also being together.

I'm glad you didn't make her oblivious to his feelings as well. And what she said at the end about expecting to be taken out once in a while was completely adorable and cute. It was really sweet over all.

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