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Someone once said I was passive aggressive. I disagree. I am far too impatient for that. I prefer just being normal aggressive. Don't worry about 'maybe' upsetting me, you will know.


When one allows their ambition to get out of control, it can be very difficult to stem it. That is, unless they have a friend who knows very well the dangers of succumbing to greed and desire.

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Short and sweet. I enjoyed it. :raritywink:


Glad to hear so! Thanks for your comment and it is always nice to know your work is appreciated.


"From all of you." He said. "You all taught me everything I know...I just think it's right to pass those lessons back when we forget."

I love this line for two reasons. The first is that it reminds me of what I think Spike's link to the Elements of Harmony is. By being a good friend to all six of them, he is the recipient of their best qualities, and in this way has a place in Equestria's mythology rather than just being a character that some folks (believe it or not) consider dispensable. The second reason is that there is truth in what he says. People are born to learn, but sometimes we forget lessons, sometimes even what our own experiences have taught us. It's not extremely uncommon that someone needs to learn a lesson multiple times before it sticks.

EDIT: In my headcanon, if the Element artifacts were to be destroyed, Spike could forge new ones from his magic dragon fire.

Thanks so much for the review! Honestly, I often feel very bad for Spike. It seems the Mane Six often forget he exists unless it is a 'Day In The Limelight' episode. Recall in the end of the 'True, True Friend' song, Spike is with Twilight the whole way, but at the end when she pulls all her friends into a levitation hug, no Spike. The hell Twilight?

I think the biggest break he ever got was in the Nightmare Rarity arc of the comics, but what can you do? Still the little guy will get all the recognition he deserves by me, he's a horribly under rated character. That and I really liked Spike understanding the dangers of greed and desire better then anyone else.

So thanks once again! Glad you enjoyed it!

This was exceptionally well done. It's interesting how closely you've tied Rarity's generosity and greed as two sides of the same coin. And it's nice seeing Spike be the one to deal with the problem. This shows quite a bit of depth to Rarity's character, and a fair bit in Spike's as well.

Thanks again for your review!

With Rarity, I find it being a huge part of her character that a lot of people over look, which leads to a lot of people just looking at her first layer and thinking she is a bitch. I'm just trying to inspire people to look a little deeper, and see that real strength comes from overcoming temptation, not a lack of having it.

That was beautiful man. Beautiful.

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Man, I really like this! I could never decide if Rarity's desire to be popular bordered on vanity or greed. However, the latter makes sense in relatable terms to Spike. That connection is absolutely fantastic!


Ambition isn't wrong, neither is desire...but if you let it run your life, there won't be anything except desire.

There is so much truth in those words!

3237099 Much appreciated! And yeah, Rarity is a really three dimensional pony. It's why I write about her, because I think that a lot of people don't appreciate the qualities she has. She tries, it isn't easy for her, but she really tries her hardest.

Thanks again for the comment, glad you enjoyed it!

3237114 Yeah, many people don't appreciate the hidden qualities exhibited in Rarity's character which is why I like her so much, too. There's a lot more to her assuming one is willing to look beyond the surface.

I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing it!


From the mouths of drakes.......perfectly said!! Well done, I could not have said it any better. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Edit: You know, it's funny. It seems like the writers apparently try so hard to make Twilight Sparkle into this relatable character that has all of her strengths and weaknesses, her triumps and folibles. And real talk, it's a beautiful thing, though sometimes, it seems like they try too hard. Yet the irony is that it comes so easily for Rarity to be completely the most complex character in our fandom, and that's saying something, considering some of our more complex characters tend to be Rainbow Dash, Spike, hell even Discord.

This is one of those times. Beautifully done and executed. I do hope that this actually is a lesson that could show up on the show itself (I understand that it probably wouldn't happen, but hey, dare to dream).

Glad to see that you enjoyed the story and the insight it provided! Thanks very much for your review.


Edit to account for YOUR edit :P

It's odd isn't it? Someone here said that Rarity is the exact opposite of the other Element Holders. They are defined by their good traits (RD could be an exception), but made three dimensional by their flaws. The first thing you see about Rarity is her flaws, but the good is still there. It's just not so obvious, which is what makes it an absolute joy for me to write her. So much exploring to do into her growth.

Do me two favors? Put a space after your ellipses... like this. Furthermore, treat the word "anypony" like the word "anybody". You wouldn't write "anybodies". Use "anybody's", a possessive pronoun.

A pleasant little fic! I see a lot of improvement from Chains. Well done!:twilightsmile:


I don't want to sound like I am fanboying TOO much, but it really means a lot for my stories to have caught your attention. I've noticed you around, and since I heard your name dropped on the Seattle's Angels podcast tonight as a really dedicated author, it does do wonders for my self esteem!

Ok, fanboying done. I really appreciate the advice, and I'll make sure to fix em up and keep an eye on that in the future.

Thanks again for the critique!

Heh, really, I was mentioned on Seattle's podcast? Neat! Thanks for letting me know!:pinkiesmile:

Yeah, I try to read as much as I can. I'm not very good at Faving, but I do Upvote and try to leave comments. I'm just a guy readin' pony fics and writing a few, nothing big. I'm glad that you value my input.:twilightsheepish:

Yes yes I am late with this comment. I know. Full time job, wife and a 5 year old will do that. (No, my gaming habit has absolutely nothing to do with it. And shame on you for suggesting it. I am perfectly innocent in that regard :scootangel:)

As someone else has stated before, though I often forget who and where, most of the Element Bearers are positive archetypes with flaws to give them more depth. Rarity, with a possible exception for RD, is the opposite. A negative archetype, (the snobbish, over-dramatic, greedy noble) with a positive side that gives her true depth. This, in some ways, actually gives her more depth than most of the other Mane 6, in my opinion anyway. In fact, this is something she shares with Spike. Both of them are greedy by nature. Always wanting something, and always wanting even more when they get it. But they are both very loyal and generous. And just like how the truly brave are not fearless, but rather those who are terrified and continue on anyway; they can (at times) overcome their greedy natures and give freely of themselves.

This is also why I am a fan of this pairing. Because they are both greedy by nature, they can truly understand each other. And this understanding is something that would allow them to help each other more another could. They are the only ones who know what it is like to face such greed every day and thus what it takes to overcome it.

PS: Chains has been read, and I really will comment on why its faved... After all, would I lie to you?

3273701 Better late then never, eh? I don't mind, it means a lot to see that people like my stories so much. You pretty much echoed my views on Rarity to a T. I love her because she fails, because she falls short, and she is a great inspiration to keep trying to do the right thing, even if you make mistakes.

Take your time with reading and reviewing, these stories aren't going anywhere!

Heh... I dunno! I guess that you could say that I don't "feel" like I'm popular or well-known. I'm just glad that folks are enjoying my stuff.:twilightblush:

I like the concept more that the Crystal Heart one, through the payoff was a bit off. It was built up pretty good, but I think Rarity learned the lesson too quickly.

3279192 Yeah, I noticed that on one of my later readings of it. The pacing kind of tripped up at the end. I wanted the line from Spike to have the effect of being a 'Wham Line' that really struck deep within her, but I screwed up in the delivery of it.

Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for another helpful review.

Yeah, the Wham Line can be hard to use successfully... as can any trope really.


Another awesome story. For me, this is part of the reason why I like Sparity shipping. The dynamic between them. Both are capable of being selfish and yet at the core, both are selfless. Greed and Generosity are based associated with the two.


Thanks very much! It always feels nice to get comments on my earlier stories, because they were by far my weaker stories as far as editing goes, but apparently they were my best as far as storytelling goes.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Nice. Spike does it again, A good simple reading,:twilightblush:

A very apt title "Greed and Generosity".

Story wise i think Spike and Rarity were portrayed very well in this story :twilightsmile:

Oh wow this is lovely. It seems like something that could perfectly fit in the show with on the spot characterization, a realistic lesson, some humor

She spoke, flipping her mane with her usual dignity. She may be in the process of being strong armed by a baby dragon, but she would still keep some dignity in her situation.

oh my gosh I'm still dying over this:pinkiehappy:. Even with over 100 likes and 200 views I believe this deserves more. Just so sweet and cute, I can't get over it :rainbowkiss:

Well bravo! I was pleasantly surprised. This is way better than what I thought! Seriously, this was great! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

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