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Celestia invites Spike and Rarity, as well as Rarity's family, to the castle for Harvest Feast. Just like most family get togethers though, it can only end in hilarity and embarrassment. Especially when the two lovebirds have been going out for less than a year.

Thanks to Imaginary Valued for some very impressive speed editing.

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On a side note, I didn't have time to get this proofread/edited if I wanted it out today, so please feel free to point out any mistakes and their corrections.

Also, if anyone happens to know of any Cover Art that would fit this, point me in the right direction!

This story is awesome!

Perfect just the way it is, even if I don't understand why you wrote Magnum as a conspiracy nut. Also, Luna's reaction to the food fight was perfect!

I now want to see a four way princess food fight story.

3553005 I based Magnum's characterization on Flimflambros.' version of him in Beauty and her Spike.

Oh, I did notice one thing.

When Rarity's talking about the calm week in Ponyville, she says that they had a picnic 'with' interruption. I believe that's supposed to be 'without'.

I'm wondering how Spike and Rarity got their parents' approval of their relationship.

3553185 I doubt it was in anyway hard for Spike.

must celebrating the day before or after

You mean most?

“Maybe a dashing stallion with a golden coat and microphone on his rear who sings back up with you?”

Who is this pony?

Still, cute and funny story.

3553024 AKA The best characterization of Magnum! :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though, this was a blast to read! Loved every moment of it!

Conspiracy nut Magnum is the best Magnum.


You two are practically setting Magnum's character into the fandom. I have seen conspirational magnum many times out of your stories, Flimflambros. Its a thing now.

I was looking for a MLP version of Thanksgiving.......needless to say, this one takes the cake. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

3553790>>3554125>>3554193 It is indeed best Magnum.

3553582 That would be random ass pony I made up for the sake of story.


That, or him being some kind of action-detective.... Now that i think about it, it would totally fit with paranoid-magnum.

3554679 people need to show me where these stories are.

A few silly typos here and there, probably could have used another once over before publication.

That said, a heartwarming and hillarious family story. Having a big family that stays close, I always have a special weakness for stories that focus on it. I think you nailed the dynamic.

You family are the people who know the best ways to get under your skin, and will use it at every opportunity they possibly can. But that combination of love and annoyance is what makes family get togethers so much fun. Everyone can just drop all of their masks and be themselves, even crazy Magnum.

Well done, sir. Thank a lot for making this, it was a great read.


Pretty fun story.
I liked that you used the famed Flimflambros characterization of Magnum and went even further by keeping the travel time conspiracy theory.

Now you get in there and be polite and respectful or so help me, Magnum, you will never get another one of my cookies so long as you live.”


Loved the fic and it really was a great how it all escalated into pure chaos and how will all of them play off of each other. Also loved that part where Magnum attacks Celestia with a sweet potato, but misses and nails Luna with it.

3561691 I figured someone would make that joke eventually :rainbowlaugh:

Guess his hoof isn't what it used to be.

That was a fun way to pass the time.:pinkiehappy:
Wish the food fight would have lasted longer though.:twilightsheepish:

Nice story! Fun with family.:moustache::raritywink::trollestia:

3564679 There simply were not enough participants :applejackunsure:

Grabbing on to a yam, Magnum fired it like a hoofball without taking any real aim while screaming, “Give me back my ten minutes!” :rainbowlaugh:
Magnum in these stories is just hilarious, and in my opinion may be one of the funniest side characters on this cite.
Here is a mustache for you. :moustache:

A strong, adorable story.

Ha, that was great fun. Well done.

Love how you wrote Celestia.

And how Rarity loses it and dives into the food fight. It's always hilarious when she snaps like that. Have a like.

4109667 She's such a drama queen :raritywink: :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know how many times I've read this story. It always puts a smile on my face lol. I would love to see a few more one-shots about them all getting together for more holidays or events. Seeing Spike show up to the family reunion would be interesting.:moustache::duck:

Ralph ,Alice of the Honeymooners with a 3 stooges mix.":derpytongue2: The fun has been doubled":trollestia:

Omigosh, Luna, never change! That was hilarious and awesome, tho i now wonder if i blinked and missed a story. I had no idea what Rarity's Father was talking about.

Most excellent.

Aww, what a lovely story. Well done as always. Rarity and Spike are so adorable and cute here.

6467588 It was a reference to a story by FlimFlamBros.

8162853 I see. Thank you for the info! :yay:

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