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When their final plan has failed, what can the bearers of the Elements of Harmony do against an unspeakable evil who is holding all the cards?

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Brilliant! :D

Honestly was expecting something different from the summary but this was really good. 1 like for you.


I am glad you liked it! I was worried (justifiably apparently!) that people wouldn't care for this one. Something felt off about it as I was writing it. Oh well, live and learn!

Thanks again!

This is how that episode should have went.


Hah! Don't I wish! They could never be this obvious about the relationship though, they are just gonna keep teasing us about it. :P

Thanks for the review!

D'awww. So heartwarming, and so awesome.

3279052 It means a lot to hear so!

Glad you enjoyed it

... Oh wait, you also wrote the other Sparity fic I just read.

... Yeah, goes to show how a bit more time can really improve a story huh?

3279093 XD, and here I thought you were just going around and reading my stories. :P

Yeah, there were lessons learned in this one, but still a few errors that I am seeing. Mistakes that I have since learned to fix, but that is the joy of writing. And to be honest, this story took maybe three hours once I settled down to write it.

Thanks again!

Quick writer! And was going through my alerts, and as I saw some Sparity stories I decided to read them ASAP instead of putting them on the 'read later' list.

Probably a good thing as well, because I've got too many stories in it.

Hmmmmmmmmmm::unsuresweetie: ............................... Better:heart:

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