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Whoa, first...? Okay, cool I guess. Anyway, ON TO FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS

First off: you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

You're gifted. This is one of the funniest and most clever stories I've read for quite some time. You captured each character perfectly and made each one believable. You also realize that grammar is your friend, something I'm always glad to see. The story is great and if you would be so kind as to oblige a fellow reader and writer with a Part 2, that would be most excellent. Great work! I look forward to your future submissions with great anticipation.

Owlicious flew out the window.

And that's why you shouldn't read during lectures. Now I've got a few hundred people wondering who the madman lying on the floor laughing is. :P

I think you did a very good job on this story and for the most part you where very ttrue to the show enough to the point where if i didn't know then maybe i would think that this would be a new episode. anyway still the whole thing with spike adressing his letter as "Mom" not really sure what you were going for there but i think i'll leave that alone for now. well thats about it for me :raritystarry: fame is fleeting but the internet is forever :rainbowkiss:

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Oh geez, I'm fresh out of complaints and critiques today, do you accept compliments?

Very good story here and all. It was sweet and kind of cute. I actually want to see another chapter or like some sort of sequel to this.

This is absolutely outstanding. One of the best one-shot Sparity fics I've read in a long time.

Bravo, good sir! Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

It was a nice, short little piece.

Uhm, that is all? Nothing much to say one way or another. It was ... nice.

EDIT: Relatively short - almost 9k words in 3 hours is a feat.


:twilightoops: *cringe*

Some really good humour in here, one thing which I didnt enjoy was the mention of CMC bondage, other than that good job.

Congrats on your first fic. I really enjoyed this.

Commence read.

Nicely done.


"Begin the initiation. Tear it apart." I'm afraid that will be difficult, for it's just too strongly held together. Oh well. I've leave that to people better at critiquing than I.

This was a gorgeous story. You did a simply spectacular job with Rarity, and, indeed, everypony's characters throughout the entire fic. I must really applaud you for this story; It was flawlessly executed, and shall definitely go down in my book as one of my all-time favorites in both pony fanfiction and other literature. It was a perfect and satisfying resolution to the current relationship between Spike and Rarity, yet still leaving enough room for the reader to interpret things as they will.

Meanwhile, some of my favorite parts of the story:

Want to help me solve the numerical analysis for the approximation of the rate of dissipation of magical energy?"
Owlicious flew out the window.

Rarity's eyes shined for a moment before she looked uncertain. "That's very kind of you to offer, darling. But there is simply a lot of work to be done, and while I would appreciate nothing more than your help, I'm afraid I would not be the most courteous of mares [...]"
That amazingly represented Rarity, again.

Sweetie Belle walked in. "Hi, Rarity! Are you making dresses? Can I he—"
"Spike, stop her!"
"Sorry about this!"
This whole section was amusing; this line in particular made me laugh out loud.
Huff. Puff. "Getting tired. Losing momentum. Ego boost!"
"You're the most beautiful, most talented seamstress in all of Equestria! You can do this!"
Fabulosity recovered. "Raaaa!"
Also this part. :D

Soon, he smiled and rolled down the scroll to start anew.
Hey Mom,
OH. MY GOD. YES. YESYESYESYESYES. I cannot tell you how happy this simple line made me! I've always thought of and interpreted Twilight, Spike, and Celestia's relationship as a very intimate, family-like one, so this line really made me positively squee. Thank you ever so much! Seriosuly, I can't tell you how much sweeter this story became for me when I read this, even though I thought that would have been impossible at that point. (I mean that in a good way.)

She gazed at the ruby, events from today flashing before her in the gleam of the gemstone.
By the way, this is a really small detail, but I'll mention it because why not: I believe the technically correct wording here, to correspond with past-tense (and I may be wrong, forgive me if so), would be something more along the lines of 'Events of the day', but wording it like this made it feel so, so much better. It really immerses me when simple things like this are referred to as such; it makes me feel more like I'm living the story with the characters.

Seriously, I have few words to express how much I enjoyed this story. I would only ask one thing of you, my fine writer: Writer a sequel. By Celestia and Luna and eveypony else, write a sequel. You have done such an excellent job of this story, and there is so much potential, it would be a crime against literature to not do so.

wow!! I skipped between parts, going to read this later, but with the scant amount that I read i can tell you this is going to get featured!!:rainbowwild:

Amusing, cute, well written, and funny... that's just not fair :raritywink:

And maybe Spike will get to try out those rope skills on a certain white fur, purple manned mare in the future :moustache:

This was really, really good. There was good little sprinklings of comedy throughout, you got everyponies characters right and you added in some of my favourite head-canon (Spike thinking of Celestia as his mother).

I liked it.

Excellent work. Funny, well charactered (I consider a sign of good writing when I hear the voices in my head, and I certainly did here).

I will echo metroid_freak and say I would definately not object to a sequel/continutation. I like this pairing (unusually, as I'm not normally that bothered about shipping, so long as it is entertaining), but I see Spike and Rarity as more and more suited each time I see them.

Cracking way to come into the fanfic scene, and I look foward to your further works.

And Owlicious flew out the window.

*snigger*. Besides that, this story was really well written. Instant fave. Although, I couldn't help noticing, when you say Spike's logistical side, do you actually mean his logical side?

Sweetie Belle walked in. "Hi, Rarity! Are you making dresses? Can I he—"

"Spike, stop her!"
:rainbowlaugh: Awesome!

I have nothing to say that hasn't been said better by those who have come before me. Please write a sequel, if that's okay with you.

In every way. I do not believe this story even needs a "Romance" tag. Instead, it hits the perfect mark between romance and friendship that is absolutely beautiful. Too many stories just rush into "Spike/Rarity" but this one deals with it in a very mature, believable way.
Designing session? Hilarious. I was imagining a Looney Tunes-esque cloud of dust swirling and Sweetie Belle suddenly appearing.
I may have seen it before, but I still love the idea of Thunderlane as a very caring big brother, mainly because I am very close with my little brother. He needs more screen time.

I think I should head back to the library and make sure Twilight's still alive and—"

The little moments like this are priceless.
And that ending. Spike's letter and Rarity with the ruby. Heartwarming.
Have a well-deserved favourite.

First!?!:pinkiegasp: Wow, this is great you are a very gifted writer. I noticed a few typos here and there but nothing serious. This is a great fic. :raritystarry::raritywink::moustache:

Hey, Mom...

THE FEELS!:raritydespair: SO MANY!

I hope to see a sequel of this excelent story! yep. I loved it. Too good to be the first one from ya'! I laughed at a lot of parts, as my heart melted at others.. rly!:raritystarry:
thanks for making my day.


Compliments. Currency of the Internet. Accepted.


Am appropriately reproached. Will seek atonement in ritual of Standing In Corner of Room and Sulk. Commencing.

Someone else who went with the Spike/Celestia mother/son dynamic. Thank you for rolling with that! Amazing story!

Cutie Mark Crusaders Bondage Experts!

My hand to face. So hard.. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a really great fic. Kept the characters mostly in check and did a fantastic job with detailing. I'm really interesting to see what kind of story you will write next :twilightsmile:

"There. My first MLP fanfic. Written in 3 hours and 26 minutes, while listening to It's Time by Imagine Dragons on repeat. Go ahead. Begin the initiation. Tear it apart."

You could've fooled me otherwise. You did a great job on this one. Keep up the good work. I especially enjoyed the way you managed to mix in humor with heart in the same way the show does. You have a real knack for this. I would recommend you keep at it.


Outstanding my friend, I'd pay money for a continuation *nudge* *wink* *shotgun*

You should write more for these two! :moustache::raritywink:

This is truly beautiful. I know others have said this, but you totally nailed everyone's character. The story flows really well, and could almost be an episode of the show. I honestly almost cried from this, I'm not kidding, it was that good. Please keep writing more stories, you're really good.

Element of Magic hatches egg as a filly, they have a magical connection.:twilightsmile:
Spike has a magical fire to send letters to mom.:moustache:
If Twilight teaches him to harness his power, would he grow up in all senses of the word?:rainbowhuh:
Pointless questions aside, this was lovely and heart warming.:pinkiehappy:

Twilight would not "solve the numerical analysis for the approximation of the rate of dissipation of magical energy", she would "use numerical analysis to approximate the rate of dissipation of magical energy". (Source: I am a math major)

Edit: I like the way you wrote the dressmaking montage. :twilightsmile:

This is your first fic? I am amazed, as it is fantastic. You manage to catch the emotion of the characters perfectly, which is very hard for many authors on here (I have to rewrite many parts of my stories a few times every so often just to get the emotion correct).

I'll definitely be watching you. :raritystarry:

Thanks for amazing fanfic. I'll be watching YOU!

I know tons of people spell it wrong, but Twilight's owl's name is spelled : Owlowiscious. Now, time to read...

Mhm. The feature box is something I mostly despise, but things in it still get looked upon from time to time.

Anyway, I really wasn't sure what I was going to see - short, and not that concise summaries paired up with 'Slice of Life' give you just a vague glimpse. I would have definitely been more prepared if you included a 'Comedy' tag. Comedy is actually what I'd consider the weakest point of the story - I doubt you were aiming for an actual comedy, yet the fic ended up having quite a few witty lines, but most of them came off as your own snarky remarks - not the best approach when an actual narrator isn't present. Not only that, but they oftentimes blatantly stole the mood; the first, eh, part of the story suffered from that most, only seconded by Pinkie's random appearance. If I were to put comedic situations here on a graph, it would look like a magnitude 7 earthquake on a seismograph, while what it should be is a steady heartbeat - just enough shakes from time to time, to keep the thing alive.
Long story short: unnecessarily grotesque. Same goes for Twilight, and Rarity, to some extent - while our favorite librarian is obviously a nerd, here she's more of a mad scientist. Not something I'd think would be her day-to-day appearance. Rarity - well, just a tad too many dresses, somehow :trixieshiftleft:

All in all, by the end of this little slice of the road that's life, we have two paths we can go by, and the sights we've seen on the way were fairly nice, and even if the sun that's comedy was too bright, the trip was alright. Not 'The White Box', but still a good first try.

2092794 About that:
After the owl's first appearance on the show, Lauren Faust clarified on her deviantART page comment section that his name is spelled "Owlowiscious", though "it probably should have been Owloysius", which is closer to the real name "Aloysius". On Twitter, Jayson Thiessen used "Owlowiscious" in November 2011 and Cathy Weseluck used "Owlicious" in June 2012. The spelling "Owloysius" is used in the tags and description of a clip from Owl's Well That Ends Well uploaded by Hasbro's mylittlepony YouTube channel in September 2011 and in a question posted by Hasbro's My Little Pony Facebook page in February 2012. In the 2012 trading cards, the owl's own card uses "Owlowiscious" and lists it as a trademark, while the Golden Oaks Library card uses "Owloysius". Source
So I suppose it varies.


After investigation, determined that the featured box is not necessarily indicative of quality of story. Agree to your assessments and resulting score. Hope to improve further.


Matches with information on FiM wiki. Thanks. Will edit.

2093353 That's why I hate it, Microsoft Sam

Th-three hours and twenty-six minutes?

I'm green with jealousy. :pinkiesick: Where are you finding all those words?

This is amazing. You've captured the characters marvelously, the humor is funny (Spike looking like he was going to headbutt someone sent me into fits), and the sweet not-quite-romance is just adorable. If this is your first story, then you have a rare talent that I'm glad is now out in the world. :yay:

That is a great vent on shipping it seems like you were talking about how everyone rushes into the love part in shipping and always forget about the values of what it means to be in the relationship. I feel like Spike is the shippers and Rarity is you telling us to at least take things a little slow and not to give up because love takes time. I was also worried for Spike when Thunderlane came into the picture and was glad thinking about those bad things but sadden with the way he was acting depressed that Rarity had to talk to him about this in the first place. Like the others say you almost got their characterizations of everyone involved right that it almost feels like the actual episode itself.

I have to ask you though you wrote over 9,000 words and got featured to your good writing I wonder how you felt when you notice you were featured? Speaking of which, do you even get a notice when you get featured?

This was my favourite chocolate! Sweet and slightly bitter, made with a lot of care and love.
Characters feel spot on. Humour is great and genuine and most importantly: It FEELS like the show. I could almost see and hear them.
I was surprised how invested I got into the romance part, how realistic Spike's jealousy and regret felt and the ending was just perfect.
A wonderful story that I will share with my friends.
Please keep writing for us, because I will watch you! :scootangel:


No notification given for achieving featured status. Was unaware of implication until informed. Still uncertain of what formula is used to determine such status. But honored by compliments.


Request acknowledged. Request pending. Verdict achieved. Request granted. Outline 70% completed. Will execute writetheshiitakemushroomoutofit.exe upon successful allocation of free time. Will request less lab time from professor. Unlikely. Professor is douchebag. Evidence: does not agree that Luna is best pony. Ergo, douchebag.

Also, will only execute writetheshiitakemushroomoutofit.exe after Cadence story and Fighting is Magic are completed. Inputs welcomed.


Figurative shotgun wound to face, surprisingly effective incentive. Acknowledged.

This story.....I like it.

ANOTHER!! *smashes drinking glass*

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