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Now that I made you laugh, you are now my best friend we shall engage in various activities that Best friends do from, Bowling, playing video games, camping, and long walks on the beach

About me

Best pony: Rainbow Dash
Favorite game franchises: Bioshock, Grand theft auto, Uncharted, Resident evil.
Favorite villains: Songbird.
Favorite movie franchises: Tremors series, Predator,
Music I listen to: Rap, Metal, ETC.


Darude Sandstorm · 5:55am Jun 13th, 2015

I'm still alive but Song of Sorrow is on hiatus because PC got sent to Shrek's swamp. I have spent my last few months shitposting on 4chan. I will return in the later future.

Things I wrote that all you turds read.

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1282054 Dodge has been a popular internet meme BEFORE Roblox existed, dude.

1282054 I have both the santa and normal doge hats on my character (Battlefury132)

Ok, nevermind...
ROBLOX is an online free downloadable game. Doge is like, REALLY famous there. He's sorta like the mascot.

1281255 what's this Roblox you speak of?

Did you get Doge from ROBLOX?

Much thanks for the follow.:eeyup:

1248551 Best movie franchise ever of course.

Wow, you love Tremors too! :pinkiehappy:

much doge so generated 2meme4me such funny

1102886 I think he did in he recent chapter

how come he has not used any cam mo can he use cam mo

1099646 Wowe Such excorsism much fright such Stan Wowe

Hi there random friend would you like a follow for a follow?

1042658 Because you're awesome and I hope to be your best friends Jk I'm hoping you'll continue the Red thrush private school series with the authors permission

Why are you watching me?

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