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"Nothing will change. Even after years pass we'll always be able to be with the people we love and care about.
And even thought at some point we won't be together anymore, we will at least have the time to smile and wish us good luck in our next journey and express our wish to meet again somewhere else."

Many ponies believe this to be truth. They don't know how much they'll miss what they have once they no longer are able to have it.

NOTE: This story takes place after Equestria Girls and all the events of the show took place.

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You have randomly unspaced paragraphs and your chapter title should be capitalized.

Aside from that, wasn't bad.


Thanks for the comment. I already read once more the fic and tried to correct as many mistakes I could. I don't think I fixed the random unspaced paragraphs yet, but I'll try to.

Oh, I need more! I gotta know if this was just a dream, or if Rarity's mind is going on her! :raritydespair:

Hmmmm.... its certainly an emotional read, I'll give you that. Curious to see how it will go... and why she had such a powerful, vivid dream.


It was a dream.....a very vivid one, the kind that blurs reality and fantasy, but yes, it was a dream. But dreams occur for a reason, it is rare that one just has a dream that is just completely random. I think Rarity's dream is just confirming that Rarity misses both of her friends that have returned to Canterlot, but she's finally realized that she had feelings for Spike all this time, and that when he returned to his home along with princess Twilight, that event was the chink in Rarity's armor that caused it to break apart.

Very nice, very nice. My first story in a while and I was not disappointed. You seem bent on this whole sleeping thing, which is good, I need some advice, even if you did bullshit this it was good bullshit. So suppose a dream happens for a reason, there must be a reason for that dream to happen, but in a story of mine Spike isn't really having a dream more as a meditative state. Would he be able to view himself differently in the dream?


It's a side story to good-bye Spike.
Here is a link just in case you want to read it:

good bye Spike

Okay... I really, really want to like this stroy, but the formating is just, killing it for me, the -" 's, and the speech keep dropping onto new lines for no reason, makes it very hard to read.


Fixing the format right now.
Sentences will be colored depending on the character and I'll eliminate the -"
Just give me 10 minutes.

Ok, I think I fixed it.


Aside from the occasional grammar and spelling error, this side story is amazingly beautiful. I love Rarity's dream and how it seems like Spike was actually there and was aware that he had maybe minutes left, but choose not to possibly mess up Rarity's dream or get a kiss from the mare he loves, and instead tried to spend his last moments with her, pampering her, and unknowingly releasing her hidden emotions.

Or at least that's how I interpreted.

I would love to see this continued but it seems that all your stories are on an extended hiatus.

Edit:Wow I had some obscene spelling errors in this comment.

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