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Upon Fluttershy visiting Spike one morning with an oddly detailed, though cute guest, the dragon soon decides he would like one too. After getting an adorable doll of his very own, he finds it difficult to keep such a thing secret from Rarity. Will she discover his secret? Will she be freaked out when, and if she does, or could she end up being overall flattered by the whole incident?

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From the picture, I thought it was a plushie of Fluttershy, but on closer inspection and a full reading of the description, I came to the conclusion that it is a Rarity one.

"Angel must have thought it was a toy"
"fluff slipping out from a tear"

Dont tell me Angel tried to fuck it. :rainbowlaugh:

2485982 In the picture, he's holding a Rarity plushie.

2486052 Thank you.:pinkiesad2:

2485982 Those shades must be clouding your vision.:raritywink:

2486143 No prob. This fic seems nice. I might fave it.


No real errors but...doesn't exactly grab my attention. The description was real interesting but the beginning is a bit lackluster. I found the dialogue between Twilight and Spike really silly.

Still, let's see how it goes. Not a bad story really.

Awwww, its so cute. Im looking forward to more.


Oh, Rarity, your timing is impeccable. Also, I suspect it's going to be quite large.

This is gonna get cuter than it already was. Poor Angel, he needs a more sturdy plush.

So she is making her own spike doll, uh?

2492749 Huh, where did that come from?!:twilightoops:


Photos of Spike's body.
Shards that must take the perfect shade of green.
Cotton, used as filling for plushies.


Oh alright alright. If you say so... :ajbemused:

2492969 Hey, I haven't even read this yet.:derpyderp2: You might be right!:derpyderp1:

Rarity's being straight up creepy! :pinkiecrazy:

Can I have a Rarity plushie? Please!

2504088 Only if you promise to take good care of her.:raritywink:

I think the abominable snowman says it best.

I'll bet Rarity got the idea to make a Spike plush when she heard Fluttershy was making a plush of herself. So it's NOT a coincidence!

:flutterrage: Angel Bunny get off it ! That's not how you make a plushy !

I lost it ...:duck: I found it :twilightsmile: She made it. . .:fluttercry::moustache::raritywink: :facehoof:


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