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It has been five years since he first arrived in Ponyville, and Spike has grown both physically and emotionally. Yet even though he's remained infatuated with Rarity for so long, he's bottled up his feelings, until reality hits him, and his depression forces him to make certain decisions he may later come to regret. Now he must face reality, and all that it entails, including his own reflection, whether he likes it or not.

Spike's choices, however, affect not only him, but those closest to him as well. The six ponies he holds closest to his heart will bear witness to his suffering, and they themselves shall know love at its best...

And at its worst...

Rated Teen, because, just in case. Sometimes it's better to be safe rather than sorry. No sex or gore, just in case you were wondering.

Planned out and written previous to the airing of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Season 2 Episode 17. Special thanks to SocraticBrony for all the help and inspiration!

All characters belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust and blah blah blah, whatever, but the story is MINE. If you'd like to share it, or whatever, I'd ask you to please ask for my permission first.

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Seems pretty good. I'd like to see where you go with this. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Looking pretty good so far, although from what's here, it's hard to tell where this is supposed to be going (but then, introductions aren't supposed to give everything away, and you do manage to capture the reader's interest - this readers', at least).

One thing I noticed: the sentence starting with "If there was one thing..." seems to have gotten away from you slightly; I get the general gist of it, but it's pretty confusing and obtuse. That one could do with a bit of revision.

Very interesting, looking forward to reading more.

196352 I believe I've found my problem - it was the word "ambiance", which (speaking as an English language major, albeit a native speaker of German), I'd never encountered before. And I still believe that the article in that sentence should be indeterminate - "a lack of ambiance" rather than "the lack of ambiance", because the latter phrase makes it seem as though there were an actual lack that he can ignore, rather than a hypothetical one that Twilight's presence prevents.

Did I mention, language major? :rainbowlaugh:


Ah, I see! Well, I have no major in such a subject, so I'm not going to argue with a well-constructed criticism! I appreciate your help here, and I'll fix that immediately! Thanks again! :twilightsmile:

Spike x Rarity. I am watching this fic with bated breath. Keep going.

I noticed this on FF... and slightly annoyed that there was no summary on it.

Now however, this has gotten me hook, line and sinker!

Very good capturing of the characters here. Rarity was well done, even if it is unlike her to get so fanatic.

Interesting to have Twilight blush at the thought of Spike, as well as how Pinkie Pie is still making Twilight go though with that promise which in the TV, I think has long been forgotten.

I'm guessing that in this, Secret for Excess is being dodged or didn't happen?

I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next!

first comment yeah. good very good just hate that it was only one chapter today please i want more.:fluttercry:

I get the feeling that after all she's doing to make sure Twilight doesn't break her promise, Pinkie will inadvertently make Rarity realize that Spike likes her.

Good deployments. I really think you have captured the characters well. Spike and Twilight's relationship as well as Twilight's reliance on logic. Then with Rarity's view of the world and her realization...

Very, very nice.

Thank you lot so much! Honestly, you guys are the real reason I was inspired to pick this back up! I have to admit after the first chapter I hit a bit of a block, but hopefully now I'll be able to finish it before the month ends!

Not this month, this month's pretty much over, I mean March!

Once again, you're all wonderful! I hope I'm able to satisfy all you SpikeXRarity fans out there with this story! Hang tight! And don't be afraid to leave constructive reviews as well! Praise is all well and good and very much appreciated, but critique honestly helps make things better!

Your Humble Writer,

Really like this chapter and the Pinkie Pie part. Love to see her randomly showing up every now and again.:raritywink:

Oh no what is Spike thinking about, and poor Twilight crying like that. Sometimes that's the best way to feel better though. I like how Rarity is thinking now, hopefully she learns from her friends that no Stallion(especially a snobby one) is more important then your friends. Love this chapter!:heart:

Hmmm... that was interesting. Rather interesting indeed, not completely what I expected but there was some bits I did see coming...

excuse me my good sir and or madam I would like to notify you that your story is captivating and enjoyable thumbs ups mmmmm... yes *Adjusts monocle* @_o

Usually I don't like TwiSpike, but you've definitely got some awesome building up going on here. Color me intrigued.


A thumbs down? Whatever have I done to deserve such a thing? :raritydespair:

No, I'm kidding! I don't mind at all, I think everyone has the right to voice their opinion. A bit disappointed, sure, but I'll just keep soldiering on!

By the way, I know I may have caused some doubt amongst you with chapter four, but never despair Sparity fans! Oops, did I just spoil something? :raritywink::moustache:

PS - I prefer sir, by the way, Oneyearwarpony, and thank you for your comment. Glad to have written something that appealed to your obviously refined tastes.

Fury of the Tempest, thanks again for all your feedback, and all your help with everything else! Hope to keep things interesting for the rest of this story and its sequel!

... Sequel?


sequel. ummm i expect great things from you. great things indeed.

Another nice chapter, waiting for the next one :twilightsmile:

What's this? The beginnings of what will be the catfight of the century!?

:raritydespair: :heart: :moustache: :heart: :twilightangry2:

This is all going to end in tears isn't it? :fluttercry:

I'm not good with unhappy endings, we get enough of those in real life. :applejackunsure:

Great chapter though, Hoping to see it all work out in the end.

Oh... I didn't know that I signed up for a tear jerker...

ya bastard... :fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:


Oh, I don't know... I just love toying with emotions, but I sincerely doubt that anyone will possibly be disappointed with the ending. Well, technically, those who support a certain pairing or those that despise a certain pairing will obviously not be too pleased with the result, but I can only do so much. If it were up to me, there'd be so many overlapping pairings, that it's not even feasible.


Ship all the ponies!

seriously though, as long as it's a happy ending I'll be happy as well :pinkiehappy:

I hope it all works out in the end. I'm sick of seeing so many Spike fics end sadly for him. I've seen more than enough of those. :pinkiesick:

Wow... just wow.

Pretty big Mood whiplash there...

Ha, it's surprising how much of this chapter was actually explored in the Dragon Quest episode.

I'm not going to get all defensive or anything here, but at this moment, I have actually NOT yet watched that episode, believe it or not. And this chapter was uploaded, and therefore written, before the episode aired. I'm just clearing up any doubts. I was worried this new rumored Spike episode would blow up my story...

Your a evil bastard you know that a evil genius skilled bastard who made me wait for such fantastic writing and description and now is making me do it again why do you hate me? WHY?

ok so enough of my foolishness like i said before awsome job, big cliffhanger, and fingernail biting suspence keep it coming :raritywink:

Great chapter! This story just keeps getting better and better! :eeyup:

I wanna know where this is going :twilightoops:


Well, if you don't mind, I will take that comment to heart, and I'll do my best to correct my mistakes. It was quite foolish of me, although I suppose I was basing the abnormal visibility of celestial objects on the lack, or complete absence of, photopollution that would occur in Ponyville, seeing as how CO2-emitting objects are rare and apparently, so are light bulbs! Don't fret, this is just the amateur writer in me trying to get every last detail right! So, thanks for your criticisms (Don't get me wrong, it was very helpful), and I'll get to fixing that part ASAP!

As for the rest of you, thank you all so very much for all those wonderful comments! I know not much happened in this chapter, but it was a sort of necessary "filler" to further concrete the plot. I know most of you are hankering for some action/romance/dialouge in this story, and that it seems to have turned more mushy than usual, but I promise, I Pinkie Promise, Chapter 7 will fix all that!

Oh, and by the way, things get worse before they get better... Just think about that...

Your Humble Writer,

As long as they get better! Too many stories nowadays seems to end in tragedy. :facehoof:

Mushy? Mushy?

Damn, I would hardly call this mushy. I would simply call it emotional... and guess what?

Emotions are THE most important thing in a story!

Once again, thanks a TON for all the positive comments! I feel obligated to reply to all of you, since you've been what really inspires me to keep writing non-stop! I'm just happy that so far I've managed not to disappoint anyone too much...

I'll get back to writing chapter 7 when I wake up in five hours, and I'll fix the stargazing scene as well. And I know emotions are important, but I was afraid I might have bored some of the readers to sleep, and I just felt it was really important to showcase what's going on inside these characters. Anyways, don't worry Karrakaz, or anypony else with this concern, I'm fairly certain I didn't tag this as tragedy or sad! :raritywink:

And SocraticBrony, I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!

Your Humble Writer,

PS - Pinkie's watching you... :pinkiehappy:

Oh God...Stop Toying with my emotions

Interesting story. It looks like this is building up for a :twilightsmile::heart::moustache::heart::raritywink: love triangle, my favorite love triangle:pinkiehappy:, but I can be wrong. Please update soon :fluttershysad: I wanna see what happens next.

474117 Where do you see that, hell Twilights trying to push um together I mean if theirs gona be some kinda 3 way love thing I prefer that to, I also prefer it ends with spike getting both of um(it neverdoes) but i just don't see that here at all.

I know it may not be my best work, and I apologize, especially since chapter 8 will be delayed for at least another week. I thank you all for your patience and understanding, and I hope to finish this story by August at most. Not only because I{m getting delayed so often, but because I have plenty more chapters lined up! Well, once again, thanks for reading! I couldn't have done it without you guys! Special thanks to Holospartoi258-Alpha01 for pre-reading this chapter. Oh, an those of you who offered to pre-read my story, thank you, and I will most definitely take you up on your offer for chapter 8! The more editors the better!


So i found this pretty hilarious. But now i find myself hanging from this cliff for dear life and my arms are screaming from the idea of doing it for a week but i must! Write on man, write on.

" would take a few minutes before" error detected but just the one :pinkiehappy:

This is awesome. Thanks for the chapter!

Damn it cliff-hanger, this is the eighth time this week I've been forced to hang over you.

Just discovered this story this morning. Read all7 chapters. Eagerly awaiting more.

Also: Dood, Spike! Nice.

Yes Spike. Confronting Rarity while she's is a great idea...:ajbemused:


I don't know the whole thing :trollestia:

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