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yo! thanks for the follow bro :twistnerd: keep rockin' :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey you! Yea you! thanks for favoriting "The GIrls!"

Thanks for faving the Triumvirate

Big Mac needs YOU, for STALLIONS ON STRIKE~!

CMON EVERYPONY-! Big Mac needs your vote!
The author of "Stallions on Strike" is having a vote... for which story he'll focus on updating~!!!
We need awesome-YOU to go to his blog VOTE AND type C in the comments sections.

STALLIONS ON STRIKE! Go to-> http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/116108/voting-time
Please!!! Hurry. And Celestia thanks you~ :D
"Ah hope this gets me, mah Cutie Mark." <3

Thanks a lot for the watch! :heart::rainbowdetermined2::twilightblush:

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