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Voting Time! · 1:04am Jan 21st, 2013

It seems I've gone and over-extended myself again. Poo. I have three stories going at the same time, and I want you guys to vote which one you would like to see finished first. I really hate it that I keep doing this, but you guys are gonna help me clean somm'a this off my plate. So! Decide!

A. Luna's Story 4: Traitor Among Us

B. Twilight and the Spartan Stallion 2

C. Stallions on Strike!

ONE vote per person, and if you mention more than one story in your response your vote will not count. Our Mom Princess Luna is not there because it doesn't have a defined plot yet, so I dunno where its going to go. Anyhoo, time to let the people speak. Vote away!

~Aegis Shield

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Spartan Stallion.

I vote....................... C!

B, and I demand a 300 reference.

B. Twilight and the Spartan Stallion 2

keep doing it.

B. C. B. C. B. C



I haven't read your other stories yet, so I'ma have to go with C.

Undecided...If you have multiple personalities does that count as separate people?

Stallions on Strike was pretty impressive. Plus we had someone awesome to read it out to me. I love fanfic readings so much :pinkiehappy:

Spartan Stallion. It's great.

Hmmm this is a tough choice but I'm going to go with Twilight and the Spartan Stallion 2.

C! (I would've totally voted for Our Mom Luna if I could have, though.) :ajsmug:

So I wont. :pinkiehappy:

C. because it seems like it hasn't got all that much further to go really (though I could be wrong)

Luna's Story 4: Traitor Among Us

First past the post is a terrible voting system... I'd like either B or C but you are forcing me to choose...

So let's go with the most original, Stallions on Strike

B. Twilight and the Spartan Stallion 2!

A! its been so long!!! :raritycry:
but I won't be mad if C gets it.. whatever you feel like writing
sometimes ya gotta get in the right zone for a story and a certain mix of them at a time leaves it feeling a bit off for each :twilightblush:

I vote 'A'!


I wish I could also say B. but you said not to so I won't mention that I hope that B would also update.
I already said C so please do not pay attention to any of these ramblings. :twilightsheepish:

B... becuse B is the letter which crushes C. RIP A


although I'd like to see A continued I won't waste my vote seeing as no-one else has chosen it :eeyup:

Luna's Story please? It was the reason I started reading your works to begin with.

A. Prospect looks bleak. :fluttercry:

C, because it's hilarious

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