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Sombra was a FILLY, apparently... (MLP Comic Canon) · 2:52pm Nov 20th, 2015

So I went to my local comic shop to pick up My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #36 (Siege of the Crystal Empire Part 2) last night. This morning while doing laundry and other house chores, I read it and stumbled across THIS:

Sombra was female as a child. It's canon. Is this why he's so angry all the time?! :raritydespair:
They robbed him of his fillyhood when they threw him out into the pony world?! :unsuresweetie:

Poor thing. :pinkiesad2:


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This is yet another example of why Bobby Curnow should be fired. He's without question the worst editor ever.

:pinkiegasp::That explains everything!

wait Sombrais getting back story!?

...Or, he transitioned from female to male. It could be an event that caused a small bit of happiness too.

3555543 Yep. The current storyline (comics #34-37) is all about sombra's backstory, return, and rise to power!


It explains so much now....

Yeah, I thought that was interesting. Can't quite decide if that was intentional or an accident.

Comment posted by Dracon_Pyrothayan deleted Nov 20th, 2015

Havent read that one yet, though they did cover his back story very well in Fiendship is Magic.
Its rather tragic

That would be an editor who didn't realize that 'filly' meant female, I presume.

I understand mistakes in the commercial products. I've got a blindbag figurine of Soarin' who has Spitfire's description and name on it.

No wonder he was so grumpy ...

Be interesting to see if that's intentional and they address it in the comics, or if it's a mistake.

This is why I don't read comics.

*Face palm*
Do the authors/editors/whoever else even read the lore, or do any research?

I think someone confused the words foal and filly while writing that.

That being said, Twilight has another new spell to learn - one she didn't even think could be done!

3555531 With stuff like this, I tend to agree with you.

But then again, in this season's Crusaders of the Lost Mark episode, the CMC said "helping fillies get their mark/helping fillies to break through" (whichever one came first in the ep) in their We'll Make Our Mark song, so Mr. Curnow isn't the only person connected to the MLP comics or the show itself to make this particular flub.

3556099 That isn't a flub though, that's the pitfalls of writing lyrics. Sing the song. "Foal" would not fit the melody. Also, they're fillies. So yeah.

3556292 Hmmm, okay. Good point.

As to ME singing, no thanks. I can't carry a tune in a bucket; that's how bad I am.

Who edited this?! It should obviously be 'foal', not 'filly'. That's just some bullshit right there!
:rainbowderp:...Wait...I just thought of something. Would it be weird between Hope and Sombra if that was true?:twilightoops::facehoof:

Your headcanon is correct, he must be part changeling.

Now I am waiting for some SJW group to have a spaz about how the only transgendered character is depicted as a ruthless, evil tyrant...



One of my followers just sent me the link to this. Gads! I never caught this!

But the next panel says, "so we had to lock the darkness away in HIM. We had to make HIM look and seem like a pony, so HE could pass through."

My Brony husband and I think its gotta be a typo. NO ONE in their ever-lovin' right mind would intentionally piss off the transgendered community by insinuating he was gender switched. :twilightoops:

3555552 So you're saying Sombra was a she?


This changes my understanding of Celestia.

Remember that comic where she met the Alter Version of Sombra?

Was that guy female oringal too?


That would be an editor who didn't realize that 'filly' meant female, I presume.


No.:ajbemused: Nooooo!:flutterrage: This concept that no one knows this angers me!:twilightangry2:

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