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So, I'd like an OC Pony · 11:57pm Dec 15th, 2017

Hello All,

I know I've always portrayed myself as a Lunar Stallion here on the site (and written enough Luna stories to boot), but I've come to realize over a long time that I'm not really being honest in my portrayal of myself. Not in my stories, mind you-- Aegis Shield has appeared in lots of stuff and he's fine. I meant more like "me-me", and I realized I've never tried to make an OC that reflects myself as a person. I'm not a soldier or anything remotely close to a super-physical power house. I'd like a more honest interpretation for an avatar here on the site and on other pony places of the internet. (Pony-sona? Personal OC? Not sure how to put it.)

Anyway, do you guys have any thoughts or ideas on how to explore this? Do you know of any "pony creator" websites I could try? I'm not much of an artist (that is my wife's territory), so I'd need some digital help. I remember some primitive pony-makers from back in the day, but I didn't know if there were any more modern ones now a few years later.


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I also do not know the answer to that-

No, never mind, I just checked, and the answer is yes. Kind of.

Here's one I don't recognize, but it generates a 3D model and is physics-enabled. Haven't played with it much.

The others I've found are the same ones from 2011, or are better but only have mares.

Dude, an OC doesn't *have* to be anything like you. Personally, I like your icon a lot more than mine. (Yes, pony creator and about ten minutes three million years ago when I started writing poni. And not even a hat.)

What color scheme s are you looking at? Do you have a special talent or a name?

You could ask someone to make it for you from a description. I happen to be an artist and colorist and currently opened for commissions. I could draw your OC if you want.

If you want an OC to be reflective of you, I'd recommend using General Zoi's Pony Maker on DeviantArt, along with use FireAlpaca or other photo editing programs to help cobble together a design. If you want some help with some of this, just tell me.

If you're looking to make a Ponysona, make a Ponysona.

It doesn't have to look like you- it's going to be a pony in a world of candy-colored ponies: make it look however you want (but consult someone on the colors: none of this "contrasting/complimenting colors because that's what I've been told to do" nonsense). Race doesn't matter, either, unless your Ponysona needs to have a specific ability like flight or levitation or a green hoof; roll a die or something if you can't decide. However, what's most important to a Ponysona is honesty. You're making yourself, so make sure you're comfortable with writing yourself in fiction that others are going to see.

...unless your Ponysona's not for writing purposes. Then ignore that bit. :twilightsheepish:

If you need help with color schemes and general appearance, I've not only made a Ponysona (Well, a description of her. I don't have the patience to do digital art.) but several OCs as well, and I've learned a bit about color schemes that are easy and appealing to the eye and manestyles that look good and make sense.

Well there is no need for my 2 bits lol

Dude just be your self and your sona will reflect it

Trust me as someone who enjoys making new characters constantly

What I did was I used pony creator for a template, and then commissioned an artist.

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