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Aegis Shield vs. Animal Crossing New Leaf · 9:21pm Dec 28th, 2015


Aegis Shield sat by the window. Hearths Warming was over, and he was enjoying some nice vacation days since he'd promised to work for New Years. Princess Luna's favorite holiday was New Years, since a lot of ponies stayed up to ring in the new year. Watching the snow fall for a bit, the stallion flicked on his Joyboy 3D to play some Animal Crossing New Leaf. His fiance Paint Space had gotten him a 'relaxing game' since he 'had such a serious uptight job.'

It was cute, really, with it's animal characters and little 'you're the mayor, design the town', storyline. Feeling like a little colt again, he smiled and enjoyed the firelight while he played.

Then, Poncho happened. Poncho was a little blue teddy-bear character that moved into Aegis' virtual town. Enchanted at all the teddy bears, eagles, wolves, and other characters, Aegis went to interact with them all: get them gifts, write letters, play games. Carefree fun. But Poncho was something else.

"Hey Aegis!" Poncho said, blue teddy bear that he was. "Check out my new outfit!" And then the bear stripped naked and put on a pink, stripey dress.

"Uh..." Aegis leaned back from his Joyboy 3D screen a little, ears turning sideways.

A few days later, still wearing the pink dress, Poncho talked with Aegis (who had been avoiding him) again. "Hey Aegis! Don't you want a picture of this sculpted bod of mine? Use the L+R buttons to take a picture with your Joyboy camera!"

"Should... should I be playing this?" Aegis was more and more uncomfortable. He slowly set his Joyboy 3D down, ears turning back and more than a little wierded out. "I... I uh... is this game for kids?" he asked, flipping the box over. "'E for Everyone', sure enough..." he stared as the blue teddy bear wandered across the screen, then shuddered a little and turned the game off. Maybe Mare-io Maker would be the better of the two video game gifts he'd gotten.


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That...is weird.:rainbowderp::twilightoops:

I'm completely lost.

congratulations, you have reignited my desire for Animal Crossing. ... Maybe I should look into a Wii U...

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