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Farewell and Adieu... · 8:23pm Jan 29th, 2015

Alas, the time for rest has come,
And all the moments gone,
Have caused my heart to come undone,
At this, my time of parting,

What times we've shared and ne'er forgot,
Are all we'll have to cherish,
And all the battles we have fought,
Must now, must be, conceded,

But think not of the dying light,
That comes with such a moment,
But of the future we can write,
Of dreams we've never spoken

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Ten weeks later, are you even still there?

Damn, I was really hoping you would continue Dawning Reality. But may I suggest writing one-shot stories instead, something more doable and that is your forte?

Are still working on Dawning Reality? I love the story, just hope you can finish it.

678527 DawningReality. The answer was literally on this page.

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