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A new filly just came to town, and as expected, Pinkie Pie threw a party. But when her friends arrive, they begin to realize that something is very wrong. Something that Pinkie's friends wont let her go through alone.

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I'm guessing that Surprise is Pinkie's daughter, and she's kept such a thing secret from her friends out of fear of how they'll judge her. Because she doesn't even know the father. :pinkiesad2:

It's okay Pinkie Pie, we all make mistakes. You should be more concerned about how bratty Surprise seems to be. If she's hanging around you for so long she should know better. :eeyup:

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Jan 12th, 2014
Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Jan 12th, 2014

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to…”

“To butt in where you’re not wanted!” Surprise interrupted, finally catching her breath. “Why are you even here?”

Wow Surprise, talk about ungrateful. You're short of breath, and when Pinkie Pie comes to help you you reply by spitting in her face. Just keep it up, see how long she can take it. Because she'll snap eventually, and then'll you realize just how wrong you are. :trixieshiftleft:

Surprise seems to be warming up to Pinkie slowly. About time, she's been rather nasty so far. :eeyup:

I love the Doctor Whooves jokes near the end!
I really hope this all turns out okay for everyone. I mean, all the facts are only sort-of there, but we all have the same assumptions from what Pinkie and Surprise have said. And I just.... GAH!!! I wish this would update faster. But I cannot complain much, seeing how I update every few months.
Anyhoodle, I love this!

Thanks and dont worry, I plan to have another chapter or two done and posted by monday. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiesad2::applecry::fluttershysad: poor Pinkie Pie, why does Surprise hate her so much!?

Yay, Surprise Scootalove!:rainbowlaugh:

3813710 I really don't know. No amount of emotional trauma could explain her being so cold. She's outright rejecting the mare who's trying to help her, and likely took her in when she had nowhere else to go. :ajbemused:

Clearly there is something we don't know yet. Heck there probably is a reason why Pinkie has taken her in. It is unlikely that she chose Surprise at random. She is too attached and far too invested for that. There must be a connection of some sort. Feels almost like guilt of some sort.

:applecry: why must surprise torment pinkie?

Good story I wonder if pinkie and surprise are related

Well good, maybe if Surprise talks about what happened she'll finally turn over a new leaf. Cause she's being rather ungrateful. She might as well just to say to Pinkie Pie "Throw me out on the streets, I want nothing to do with you." :ajbemused:

Miss Cheerily

It's Cheerilee!

isnt suprise suposed to be a party pony?

I hope we find out why Suprise is being so cruel to Pinkie, 'cause so far, I really hate her.

Looks like my hunch about Pinkie Pie being Surprise's birth mother was right all along. But that still doesn't excuse Suprise's behavior, Pinkie Pie gave her up to give her a chance at life. Surprise needs to apologize for treating her mother so harshly. :pinkiesad2:

can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

“Pinkie Pie, dear,” Rarity’s voice calmly called. Turning to face her friends, Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but become worried by the way they looked at her. Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy all looked at her with concern, while Twilight looked worried.

Either Fluttershy went to the mirror pool or you made a typo.
Great story, knew she was the mother but I want to know how and why hehe I can't wait to find out. Awesome story.

typo, I'll fix that now and thanks

How many more chapters

I saw it coming around the first chapter, but over the course of the rest of the chapters I changed my mind. I thought that Surprise being Pinkie's child was too much to ask, when all evidence points to Pinkie Pie having inadvertently murdered Surprise's parents in a baking related electrical fire. Pinkie popping out Surprise isn't nearly as grimdark, so many authors would never go that way. Does it count as surprise when you were surprised even if a while ago you thought maybe it was true?

Don't worry Pinkie! Once Surprise gets to know you, she'll be thanking you for putting her up for adoption! :trollestia: :pinkiesad2:

I can't wait for next chapter

I am wondering how. Many realize pinkie pie was originally based on a g1 pony named surprise before they made some changes

Figures that Applejack has a problem with what Pinkie Pie did. But is she really this dense? Does she think Pinkie Pie would give her filly up for adoption for no good reason? It's obvious that Pinkie Pie couldn't provide for Surprise and didn't want to deprive her filly of the chance to have a life, so adoption was the only option.

4025928 I do not think Applejack is thinking of Pinkie being unable to provide for Surprise because when she imagines a world where Pinkie kept Surprise, she sees the exact current situation of Surprise living with Pinkie and the Cakes, as that is the only Pinkie she has known. Think about your friends and try to imagine them in a situation completely different than how it is when you became friends. It is difficult is it not?
And even if Applejack could imagine a time where Pinkie could not provide for Surprise, Applejack has a different personality. Applejack thinks that if she was in the situation, she would have pushed through instead, but she would not have been completely alone as Pinkie might have been.

Long story short, Applejack seems to be thinking more of what she would have done rather than what happened.

4026081 And that's a bad thing, especially since Pinkie Pie needs support. Applejack tends to be a pony who is very stuck in her ways, and often struggles to admit that she's wrong. In fact it's almost a fatal flaw of hers.

Well, I am certainly enjoying this story.

4026315 I do agree. Sorry, but your first comment made sounded more like a questions of how the character was being written and not just a comment against the character herself, if that makes sense.

Yup Apple Jacks mind works just like mine and my families. Since she had such a big and close family they have the never leave an Apple behind mentality. I think her family may be the type that if someone in the family can't take care of a child A family member will take care of the child and mabe even the aren't until they are on their hooves and can.

Well are you happy now Applejack? You got the answers you wanted so badly! :ajbemused:

Not bad, but I'm pretty sure all occurrences of strait should actually be straight. Unless there are bodies of water somehow involved.

OH GOD:applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair: ALL THE FEELS

I really thought she would tell us who the father is. Okay, because of this, Suprise is officially added to the list of "fictional character where I am desperate to know who the father is". I think I am putting Suprise right under Lin Beifong but above Kovu.
At this point I do not care if the father characters are made up to the point where a name was pulled out of a hat.

Are you talking about Kovu from the Lion King 2? Cause, his father is Scar, it, says that in the movie, if you're not talking about that Kovu, then nevermind.

4160333 yes, I was talking about that Kovu. And in the movie they specifically say that Scar is not Kovu's biological dad, but was "hand picked" by Scar to be his heir. I think it was Nuka who said it, but Zira said it a little more vaguely somewhere.

Ooooh, huh, I always thought he was Scar's son. It's been a while since I saw it. Ok.

I’m so board,”

bored. Yeah English is terrible.


aybe he’s just her to see you

“Pinkie, your not…”

4165901 ... is that guy planking on a tiger?

I love this!!!
oh , I'm so desparate for a happy ending...
and how will Surprise find out that her 'mom' is actually Pinkie?
can't.wait :yay: :heart: :moustache: :pinkiegasp:

YAY!!!! I missed this story! and DOUBLE YAY SHE'S GIVING PINKIE A CHANCE!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

She already knows (´・_・`)

What the crap made this chapter take so long ive been waiting forever! !!!!!!!!

A 500 mg pill of procrastination taken daily. :P

4725055 I have no idea what that means

Basically, I was lazy and didn't have any motivation to write.

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