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Hmmm... What to write here? I'm 22 years of age Living in Cologne, Germany I'm writing for the fun of writing and all the ponies. Join us in insanity if you want. There's always room for more.

Stories by Me. Read Them!!!

Important info

Well hello there visitor of the realm of words.
I'm pleased that you found your way to my site.
Now to the important matters right away.
I'm in the group called The MLP Fan Club!!!!
It's a very nice club to be in and we are all friendly to each other. Furthermore we'll accept every story as long as it is nothing too gibberish and just for troll purposes.
So with that join the ranks of the on and only, The MLP Fan Club!!!!


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I am!!!
Hey Swirly. :pinkiesad2:
I'm so glad to hear from you again. I was worried sick!
I haven't seen you around for ages here and didn't know if you were okay. :fluttercry:
Are you alright? What happened? How are you doing? :twilightoops:


I miss you.................
if you're still around.

Hey, thanks a bunch for adding Five Nights at Pinkie's 2 to your favorites! :yay: It really means a lot to me.

  • Viewing 215 - 219 of 219
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