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A new group for those of us who are in school! · 11:37pm Nov 6th, 2014

Maybe you're a high school or college student. Maybe you're a teacher or professor. Maybe you like to read or write stories about ponies in school.

Join me in this new group called Scholars of Equestria! We all get that school experience, so let's join together as the ponies/bronies/pegasisters/pony-lover-or-whatever-you-go-by's that are stuck in educational situations.

IT might even be fun. :rainbowkiss:

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"The earth is round. There is no up." -Pinkie Pie

Say this the next time someone asks, "what's up".

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Twilight: I really gotta hit the books...
Pinkie Pie: I understand. Your studies come first, but don't worry. We'll be sure to save you some cake.
Twilight: Please do.
Pinkie Pie: Oh. And Twilight... You shouldn't hit the books. You should just read them.
Twilight: I'll keep that in mind.

Oh, Twilight, what did those books ever do to you?

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... please? come back

sis? you're okay?

Sis? You're alive?

1497087 I know how it feels sis. There is so much I have to do.......
hey,it's cool. But I will keep calling you Tyler d of rose
I will never be mad on you.......

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