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I am a young author who dreams of getting a published book! I often write sad/slice of life stories, but I also enjoy writing dark things.


Couples · 10:28pm Aug 19th, 2012

Just in case anypony is confused, I'm for

Pinkiedash (pinkie and Rainbow dash)
Celestcord (discord and celestia)
Twixie (Twilight and Trixie) (this ones a kiiiinda for it)
Fluttermac (Big mac and fluttershy)
Swist(Snails and twist)

And Docterderp.

Report Dream-Plushie · 293 views ·

Welcome to my account!!!!

Here is some basic info about me!!!

Name: Dream Nightflyer
Gender: Mare
Cutie Mark: Two pencils crossed in an X


Favorite Pony- :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:
Least Favorite Pony: Flim and Flam >:I

Fav Episode (SO FAR): Rainbow Falls
LEAST Fav Episode: Boast Busters :trixieshiftleft:

Fav Song (So far): Apples To The Core
Least Fav Song: Hearth's Warming Carol

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