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Cheese Sandwich doesn't consider his own birthday to be more special than the happy faces he encounters. In fact, he usually treats it just like any other day. But after getting a doozy pointing him towards Ponyville on his special day, it might shock everyone with who he happens to share the same birthday with.

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Alas but I can't. Cheese requires patience. Boneless Two would hunt me down too.

4441499 I understand. :pinkiehappy: I'd roleplay, but it's hard to find time with Australians half way across the world

plz write more:pinkiesad2: or I will kill:pinkiecrazy: jk but still write more

Cheese goes pretty well with Pop-Tarts.
But you know else goes well with Pop-Tarts?


Okay, I'm interested. I eagerly await the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, too!

You, my friend, just earned a favorite. Next chapter soon, please! :pinkiehappy:

4441939 Oh, that's funny...I thought you were talking about South Park.

OK congratulation you suck me in, can't wait for the next chapter:twistnerd:



My apologies for that, I just really love this so far. :heart::heart:

I spprove of this. Please continue.

So, you have a brilliant setup! I don't think i've ever read or seen any stories with this kind of premise. And if it goes well, I might just have a new favorite.


You can't just end the chapter there, that isn't okay.

It really isn't.

I'm guessing bad memories from "Party of One" left her emotionally scarred? It's almost too easy to point out what's going to happen, but I can only hope I don't pick out the entire plot before it's revealed.

And secondly; party trauma. Try to wrap your head around that! :pinkiecrazy:


Interesting, but incorrect. After I read that comment, I went through this chapter again and... well I can see how that's a possible conclusion. Yes some of it is referencing to 'Party of One', but it isn't trauma. Pinkie is sad for another reason. It definitely is predictable; I'm not making it hard at all. Although the most likely reason as to WHY she's sad might be a bit of a twist. I think I know what the most thought reason will be.

But that trauma. Hmm... Excuse me, I need to go write another fic.

Interesting, very interesting............:trixieshiftright:................does this involve death?

I think Pinkie is trying a bit to hard not to find out about her own Surprise-Birthday-Party^^

I like the story. Write more, please.

omg this is one of the best story ever please write more I can't bare to wait:pinkiehappy: :ajsmug:

4450061 Lol I can!:rainbowlaugh: that pic is creepy. KILL IT WITH FIRE:pinkiecrazy:

4453767 Why does KILL IT WITH FIRE make u thik of that? And its veeeeeeerrrrrry random. Perfect for cheesepie!:pinkiehappy::heart:

I have always thought that cheesepie was the best ship ever :heart:

Comment posted by Thi Fernandes deleted May 28th, 2014

Well, seeing as Pinkie was kept from having direct influence on her own party is a much more tame idea than what I commented on the last chapter. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

Again, this is good quality writing. I wouldn't say it's college levels of literature (take it as a compliment), but it's a good, lighthearted read. Easy for anyone to pick up. :heart:

Well, that was a bit.... sexual. Im 12. SHOULD I EVEN BE READING THIS?!?:derpytongue2::pinkiecrazy:

Indeed boneless is the best chicken blocker I've ever seen

4463378 I was reading something much much worse when I was 12... And frankly, I regret nothing. :ajsmug:

4474332 Like what?

4474337 It's my ponysona cosplaying as my two favorite characters at the same time.

4475537 *hides in SweaterTown* 0/////0 I'm never gonna tell anybody that...

Also, I can see the Cheese part but what's the second part?

4476108 AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! I found a Bender/Trixie meme that says "Kiss my great and powerful a$$":rainbowlaugh:

4476138 "Hey good lookin', want some manyonnise?" Sounds wrong if you think about it.:ajsmug:

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