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I'm a writer of fluff, kibitzer, and especially interested in canon AU: Equestria Girls, the comics, etc. They are fun to play with.


This story is a sequel to Swear On Camembert

Cheese Sandwich is having a hard time distinguishing between the Cheesy Sense sending him to throw parties all across Equestria, and some other mysterious force that keeps pulling him back towards Ponyville and its pink Permanent Party Pony. He's fighting it as hard as possible, but when his career literally bombs, he may have no choice but to give up---or give in. Either way, he has to ask Pinkie Pie for her help.

A Hearts and Hooves Day sequel to Swear on Camembert. Cover art by FillyBlue: used by permission.

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Well that was an interesting story. Best of luck with future ones.

3971629 Thanks! Yeeeah--they're kind of cute. I don't even write shipfics, usually!

I'm ecstatic you wrote a sequel, and I appreciate you allowing me a heads up as well. This really does put a beautiful cap on your previous story, and it's even better that you got it finished in time for Valentine's Day. I wouldn't have minded seeing more what was happening with Pinkie's reaction, even though her friends were vicariously explaining it for the reader, since it made some of her reaction alittle muddled to figure out. But that's a minor nitpick I don't think detracts from what you've made

You may not write ship-fics often, but you still wrote an awesome story. :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Sorry for all the confusion


Also I think I might have my feature for the upcoming week at the Library :raritywink:

3991105 OOoooooo! Thank you!

No worries. I am so glad you liked it!

3989607 I'm so glad you liked it!

Wow, I'm not sure I could write from the Pinkster's point of view, not that I haven't considered it. I am trying to tell myself I am all CheesePie'd out, but I'm not sure that's true. They're too much fun to play with. What hampers me with Pinkie is that (as I see it, anyway) she's a lot less clear about exactly what's going on. Remember, her idea of how you should throw a wedding is like a six year old's birthday party. On the other hand, it doesn't worry her, either, because on a deeper level, she understands everything that's important. I'm even having trouble explaining it, let alone communicating it!

Cheese is way easier, because my version of him is that essentially, he's still a shy, nerdy colt under all the razzamatazz. He only says stuff like "hey, gorgeous, would you like some mayonnaise?" in full out Super Duper mode. He's got a clearer idea about how things look from his end, but he'd prefer not to say anything about it out loud, even in his head, in case he's wrong about everything and it pops like a soap bubble.

But the main thing that's fun to write is that to him, she looks completely sane. Possibly the only pony in Equestria who is. This, coming from a pony whose best friend for years was a rubber chicken, is probably not surprising.

Yeah. I'm probably not all CheesePie'd out, but I think I'll hold off until after the last of the Pinkie episodes this season, and of course it would have to be something completely new, but I do have an idea I'm kicking around.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm..that's a good point. Trying to explain her rationale would be both incredibly straightforward and monstrously curcuitous. I always figured her logic was like '5 Degrees of Kevin Bacon', where it's all actually connected and rational, but by slivers of logic that only make sense when each individual sliver is explained. Would pretty much murder any attempts at a narrative, I imagine.

Which makes the subtle differences between Cheese and Pinkie all the more interesting. So alike to be able to see how the other thinks, but microscopically different in the approach. And now I have to go reread the Camembert just to see this realization in action!

You've made a great argument. Pinkie/Cheese is now my OTP.

Huzzah, I don't have to wait for the sequel! ...i just hope there aren't that many feels in this one.

Damn you and your cliffhangers!

Anyway, like all of the other characters, I gotta say - you write the Mane Six very well too.

Awww, now this was an adorable finish to what was a very feelworthy beginning. :rainbowkiss:

4066344 Even I didn't have the heart to leave Pinkie and Cheese where they were! I truly thought I was done with them, but since they're not entirely out of the woods yet, and since I enjoy them so much, I guess I'm not.

That's quite a compliment, writing the Mane Six well. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I tried. I wanted to avoid it becoming them all coming along just because they had to, so I tried to give them all something to do. Note almost totally accent-free AJ! I promised myself that I'd stay away from it whenever possible in the future.

I confess when I started this fic I was worried it would be rushed. I sometimes feel like you rush though your endings rather than building them up enough. This though...was perfect. Pinkie is often a hard character to pull of and Cheese as well and you got them both spot-on. The mane 6 also felt fantastic, especially Fluttershy and Dash.

Fics like this are why I follow you.:twilightsmile:

4147215 Aw, thanks! And that's helpful to consider. Hadn't occurred to me, but I'll be watching for it in the future.

4147328 No problem n_n I figure it's like a roller coaster. you spend lotsa time building up to the big finish and then it's kinda freefall:twilightsmile: It doesn't make your fics less enjoyable by any means, just something to keep an eye on.

Comment posted by MariusIoannesP deleted Apr 9th, 2014

“Are you sure it isn’t “never eat a lady in distress? Never mind, Spike,” Twilight hedged, as Spike glowered at her.

Eat a lady? That sounds kind of dirty. :moustache:

Well that was an interesting followup to the last story. I don't feel the final kiss between Pinkie and Cheese really had the impact you were striving for. It just happened. And really there isn't an answer given to her friends as to why Pinkie was feeling the way she was. We all know it's probably because Ponyacci died, but they still don't. I like the reference to Trixie though. :trixieshiftright: Made me laugh. So, it was a good effort. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

PLZ PLZ PLZ LET DIS BE HAPPY! Swear On Camanbert made meh sad.:raritycry:


Me listening to da song: WAT?!? WAT DA HECK IS THIS?!? The party bomb thing was gross. Wonder if Celestia knows about party pony magic?:unsuresweetie:

“C’mon, Cheesie,” Pinkie called, trotting off through the trees. “I’m taking you back to Sugarcube Corner. You need a bath. And a hug. And then a whole lotta cupcakes.”


D'aww. That is just so, so, PINKIE. :pinkiesmile:

"You remember how she behaved when Fluttershy took a day trip—she was racing down the track after her. She stood by the mailbox for days waiting for your letter when you were at the Wonderbolts Academy." wasnt that rainbow dash who did that and not fluttershy? by the way love your stories.

4204940 Hi! Thanks for the comment! Sorry I'm just getting back to these.

I always think that if something doesn't get across, it's the writer's fault, and not the reader's. That said, Twilight and her friends were never supposed to understand exactly what was going on. By the end of the fic, Twilight has given up trying to understand Pinkie and Cheese logically. Pinkie isn't having her issues because of Ponyacci having died. She already had her emotional letdown. It's because of the magical bond with Cheese. That's an explanation, though, and not an excuse.

4261929 Princess Celestia certainly knows about party pony magic, but she wouldn't claim to understand it. Celestia, with her thousand-plus years of experience, knows that nopony can understand everything.

4407322 Aw, thanks. I'm glad you liked it!

4411838 Thank you so much! It's really nice when people come along and read one of the earlier fics--and this one is kind of handy for understanding some of the later ones.
In the bit you quoted, Twilight's giving two different examples:

You know how Pinkie gets when she thinks somepony is leaving her. She thinks once they’re out the door, they’ll abandon her forever.

She's referring to Pinkie racing down the tracks after Fluttershy in Three's a Crowd, and Pinkie standing by the mailbox in Wonderbolts Academy. And that's why, Twilight thinks, it's a particularly bad idea to drop Pinkie at a train station when she's sleeping, and speed off without saying goodbye.

Just reread the first one so I figured I'd reread this one too, thanks for writing it.

“We’re not allowed to be sad at the same time,” she added, as though this explained everything.

Well, it does. Two depressed emotional resonators that close to one another would result in an infinite despair feedback loop that could very well destroy all of Ponyville. Duh.

In any case, an excellent story of love, duty, and the conflict between them. With extra confetti. :raritywink:

AWWWWWW!! And AWWWW again!! And AWWW a third time!! Seriously, my whole brain is just AWWWWing all over the place right now!! :pinkiehappy:

Cheese crying made me tear up...but then that finish was spectacular!! :D :D

So far, so good! :pinkiehappy:
And I love that blog!! It's in my top three! FillyBlue does a great job at portraying Cheese--just like you! :twilightsmile:

First I was annoyed because the girls weren't getting Pinkie Pie, :flutterrage:
And then it got sad, :raritycry:
And then suddenly she was there, and she helped him, and then he... he...
Man I love your CheesePie, it is too adorable.

Also, this is the first time I've read you writing other characters besides Cheese Sandwich, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie. They were pretty good.
Twi and AJ were okay :twilightsheepish::ajsmug:
Flutters was the only one I felt bothered by... I dunno, something was off for me :fluttershysad:
Spike was great :moustache:
And best horse herself was AMAZING! :rainbowkiss: Seriously, you write Rainbow amazingly! I loved how fiery she was, getting in Cheese's face, the whole 'I will end him' thing, and how she dives away at the end. So. Great.

So yeah, another fav from me! :twilightsmile:

Wait, CUPCAKES!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

4509396 Thanks!

Two depressed emotional resonators that close to one another would result in an infinite despair feedback loop that could very well destroy all of Ponyville.

Since they and their fellow party ponies are responsible for maintaining levels of Joy throughout Equestria, it would be like two large power plants failing at the same time. Pinkie Pie alone is bad enough. Someone asked me what it was like when she got Discorded, and I said it would be something like, "We're sorry. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Our party ponies are working around the clock to restore Joy in your area."
4750331 Thank you! Ah, so YOU'RE MeepyMeeper. I was wondering ever since I got your message on DeviantArt!
4783169 Thank you! It's nice to be compared to FillyBlue :pinkiesmile:

Ah, yes--I wish I wrote Fluttershy better. Maybe I'll get the chance to sometime. I'm happier with the job I do with her in my EG fic.

And best horse herself was AMAZING! :rainbowkiss: Seriously, you write Rainbow amazingly! I loved how fiery she was, getting in Cheese's face, the whole 'I will end him' thing, and how she dives away at the end. So. Great.

I am glad you said that, because Rainbow Dash was Best Horse for me for a long time. I never really demoted her. It's more that Pinkie Pie took over, and let's face it; Pinkie Pie wants to be everybody's Best Horse and will jump at the opportunity. The first clue I had that this was happening was when I went to Build-A-Bear to get Rainbow Dash and went home with Pinkie instead because I felt so bad about leaving her there. And with all of the other ponies, you know they're just toys, but with Pinkie, I dunno . . . Anyway, I truly love Rainbow Dash. I do tweak her a tiny bit. I make her just a bit more overtly nicer and friendlier to Pinkie than she is on the show, and I know that I'm doing it. It's more like correcting the curve, I think, and gives her a chance to shine without taking away her amusing belligerence and her lack of a filter.
4856448 In my fics, cupcakes are only ever a dessert.

4856683 Good Good because I wouldn't want that in a nice fic like this.

I have a feeling that the strange drawing force is love.

I just had a strange thought:

Mister “Weird” Al Yankovic is old enough to be the father of Miss Andrea Eva Libman. I remember when ¡ReBoot!, the first 3DCGITVShow, debuted. ¡I wanted to know everything about it! 1 of the facts I discovered is that the show uses children for childvoices instead of AdultVoiceAcresses. Miss Andrea Eva Libman Joined the show in the 2nd season as the Voice of Miss AndrAIa. This must be a Canadian thing because the CMC have ChildVoiceActresses too. She used her ¡ReBoot!Money wisely:

As a VoiceActress, she runs the risk of permanently blowing out her voice everytime she voices Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie. After ¡ReBoot! but before MLP:FIM, she earned a degree in Structural Engineering. That is very wise of her. It is like I say to kids who earn SportsScholarships to Universities:

“Do not just bide your time until you can go professional. You are 1 injury from never going professional, or as awesome as you are, you might just not be good enough to make the cut. You earned a SportsScholarship. Take advantage of it and earn a degree while you are at University.”

In reality, “Weird” Al Yankovic is old enough to be the father of Miss Andrea Eva Libman, but on the show, Mister CheeseSandwich and Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie are about the same age.

> ““Are you sure it isn’t “never eat a lady in distress? Never mind, Spike,” Twilight hedged, as Spike glowered at her. “I’m kidding. We know you only eat gems. Point taken: you’d never just have run off and left one of our friends like that.””


Dragons are the ultimate omnivores, eating anything and everything, up to and including Baked Bads.

¡HammerSpace, EarthPonyMagic, and the Great & Powerful Beatrix LulaMoon!

¡You referenced the Massacre of the Pinkies! :pinkiesad2:

Isn't that just then cutest thing EVER!? :pinkiehappy:
Gosh, I totaly habe to draw them kissing like that, I can't hold myself :heart::pinkiehappy:
You're so awesome, thanks for this one :pinkiesmile:

I had no idea you to enjoyed the accordion XD its a pretty sound isnt it?

5203678 It's a gorgeous sound. Trufax: I dated an accordionist for over two years, and that's come in very handy for writing Cheese.

That's pretty awesome it came in handy. :scootangel:

The song Cheese was playing sounds absolutely beautiful. *sigh* You always now how to make someone smile! This is perfect... AND I LOVE THE SONG HE PLAYED! Its perfection! I like to imagine that he dedicated it to Pinkie in his mind.

Merci, Au Revior

I should have read this ages ago. I love Twilight's attempts at analysis -- pure Twilight.

While the official name for that place where objects disappear to until they are needed is called hammerspace, in the MLP reality, I call it Pinkiespace.

And this song is perfect for Cheese to sadly play while feeling the ennui.

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