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Hello, friends! I am The Slending Angel, and my friend, Pon3 has decided to open up this group! It'll have only the best of the best of FIMFiction here, so expect fun times! Myself and Pon3 are the Admins, but she is busy, so message me instead. Whenever something like this comes up, where there is no distinction between who is talking, I will always be the guy with Italicized Bold Red lettering. I hope you all have fun!!! Also, no group will have no stories. They all do, but it is just a glitch in the system.


Please do not be an asshat.

If you have a story to submit (even if it is not your own), the only place it will be able to go is Submissions, which will be checked daily. She or I one will move the story to the proper folder from there.

If somebody DOES insult you, please come directly to us. If you respond in a rude manner to the troll, you will be punished as well.

This is a group for love and tolerance, but we will not hesitate to dole out punishments if the need arises.

Don't be a salad. Be the best Goddamn broccoli you could ever be.

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See like you just
i mean you


i didnt

you mean i
but youre not

Ah, forget it.

379411 I have a small memory loss I wouldnt remember lol :P

376389 But, if we are both mashed potatoes... WHO THE FUCK AM I?!?!?!

376295 You DO know that's a quote from PewDiePie, right?

Don't be mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are better at being mashed potatoes than you could ever be, so just be you. Don't be mashed potatoes.

"Dont be a salad. Be the best Goddamn broccoli you could ever be" - The Slending Angel 2014 lololol

The lack of TwiDash... IT HURTS!
Oh well. I guess we can deal with it:pinkiecrazy:

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