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Hello and welcome to Fanfics for Family. Come on in and pull up a bean bag chair.

What is Fanfics for Family and why was it started? Well, to put it simply, this is a group dedicated to writing quality children's stories from the My Little Pony Universe. Here at Fanfics for Family, we believe that just because a story is written for children, does not mean it has to lack characterization, substance, depth, or entertainment. At FIM fiction, most of us focus on writing stories for adults. However, this group was founded to reach beyond that, to challenge ourselves to write entertaining stories for the entire family as the authors of the show do on a daily basis.

How do we hope to accomplish our goal? One word: collaboration. Whether that collaboration be writing stories, critiquing each others works, discussing ideas on forums, or simply giving positive encouragement. Contests will be held, time permitting, and will feature stories that exemplify the qualities that make a good family story.

Well, now you know what Fanfics for Family is about, let's cover what it is not. This is NOT a group for petty arguments, cursing, trolling, or negativity. This is NOT a group to post stories with adult content or content which would be objectionable on a children's channel (such as the Hub).

1. Any content on this group, be it forums, comments, stories, or threads must be G rated at all times. If it's not appropriate to show to a classroom of children or on a children's television station, don't post it here.

2. Absolutely, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER is cursing allowed. You will be given one and only one warning. If you are found to violate this rule a second time, you will be expelled from the group: no exceptions. Creative "curses" like "fudgesticks" are permitted in moderation. Remember, we want to practice writing stories for children, keep it that way guys.

3. Stories that are posted may NOT include clop, gore, sex, teen tags, mature tags, shipping (some crushing okay), and content not considered appropriate for children. Every story must fall under the Everyone category. Stories found to violate this agreement will be deleted and a warning given. Three strikes you're out.

4. No negative, derogatory, or otherwise offensive comments, threads, or forums. This group is meant to be a safe, positive place for everyone. If you want to debate politics, religion, policies, etc. find a different group. Offending comments/posts will be deleted and a warning given. Three strikes and you're out again applies here.

We encourage anyone who has an interest in writing family friendly fanfiction to join. Once you do, go to the introduction thread to tell a little about yourself. Welcome one and all!

Eciting news everyone! We have a sister group, the Sibling Story Stockpile! Sister group, sibling stockpile get it? Ha ha I amuse myself at times. Go forth and check them out.

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A group for family friendly stories? Oh boy! Who made this gr---

Blue. Grass. Brooke. . . .?

The author who is famous on this site for her dark, heavy scenes and emotionally/physically abused characters? Okay. Makes sense to me. :scootangel:

359221 Yeah same here. I'm not good with what stories go with what age group. I think I'll stick with the genre approach.

359208 Sorry, I saw your thread after I posted. Every group sorts by genre, mainly because it works well. There's not much need to sort by length, as you can select to search by word count. Sorting by reading level is hard, and I don't know how to rate the reading level of my stories.

359197 See my dilemma in the threads. I'll set some up for now and we can add/modify the categories as necessary.

359186 I'm pleased we agree on this. Um...the groups needs story folders opened for submissions.

359146 Me too. I would be ecstatic if someone were to share our stories with their children. Even if we make just one child smile, it'll be worth it for me. Welcome to the group!

This is delightful! There's little I want more than to hear of a brony parent sharing one of my stories with a child.

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