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I'm a writer of fluff, kibitzer, and especially interested in canon AU: Equestria Girls, the comics, etc. They are fun to play with.



Sometimes you have to laugh, so you don't have to cry. Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich may have more in common than they thought, including Ponyacci, the greatest clown in all of Equestria. But when Pinkie Sense and Cheesy Sense combine, it sends them on a journey to throw the worst party of their lives.

Featured in Twilight's Library and on Equestria Daily. Art is"Generations of Laughter," by Fractious Lemon/Matt Garner. Used by permission, and it's also a shirt.

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I could totally see this happening offscreen. Seriously, you completely and utterly nailed it. Doesn't overstay its welcome, and delivers a small but deep jab to the feels.

Very well done. I enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

I like this! This is an interesting story, so far! Also, I love how you incorporated the technicalities of parties and the inner workings within them.

*le gasp* Sweet mother of Celestia!!! Epic plot twist is epic!

3921996 Thank you so much! That's what I try hardest to do: create something that's just offscreen. Glad to hear about the feels, too. :pinkiehappy:

<---forgot how to fanfic/rate

Loved it:pinkiehappy:

I absolutely adore this fic. It's punchy and a verbal/physical rollercoaster that can only be done right by ponies as energetic as these two. The characterization is pretty darned faithful, and makes me wish you had afew more chapters too. Great stuff!

3968315 Thank you so much! If you do want to read a sequel, "It Bombed In Seaddle" pretty much takes up where this one left off.

...daaaaang. You are brilliant at writing these two - Pinkie especially. Seriously, she's so in character, it's almost unbelievable. Most of the time people tend to make a fault with her, but you're doing really well so far. And shocker, but I don't really ship this. I just find your writing style interesting, so let's see what else we have in store.


... I mean, wow. This story was both deep and fluffy at the same time, and you literally made my heart ache with both sweetness and sadness. You wove the words together in a way that entertained and indulged, and you didn't make me drift out of the story for a minute. Why your stories aren't more popular is beyond me, but now I'm off to go read more of them.

4066327 Pinkie's in character, YAAAAY :pinkiehappy: Considering what gets done to writers when Pinkie isn't in character, I'm relieved, too!

Aw, thanks. I've got to admit that I'm really proud of this one. Pinkie and Cheese are just so much fun to write, which is probably why I'm neglecting doing a whole lot of other stuff to do it.

a 1.25 to 1.75 confetti/glitter ratio

That's 5 to 7. Not supposed to use decimals in ratios.:twilightangry2:

I do so hope there will be more tension between Cheese and Gummy.

Feels like someone pulled a rug out from under you, causing you to almost trip down the stairs, only to be stopped by someone kicking you in the head.

Very sweet but felt very rushed.

I always enjoy stories that bring in elements from the MLP comics. I think you captured Pinkie perfectly and gave her and Cheese a pretty good dynamic. :pinkiehappy: This ended up being a bit sadder than I'd expect a story about Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich. But you know it sound's perfectly appropriate that Equestria's greatest clown would want to have a party thrown to celebrate his life upon his death. Even though it's tagged romance, the romance is very subtle. That's probably for the best. It was very short and sweet and to the point. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

DA FEELS!! OH LUNA DA FEELS!!:raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

You know, I was hesitant to read this at first, because of the "sad" tag and I don't really like reading sad stories. But I liked your other stories so much, i eventually caved.

I don't regret it in the least.

Sad as it was - someone pony that Pinkie & Cheese both greatly respected & were inspired by just died - there's something beautiful about celebrating a life well lived after it has ended. As for Pinkie & Cheese themselves, their chemistry is just so wonderfully natural, it brings me a smile to see them bounce off each other. Even - or perhaps especially - when Cheese is comforting a crying Pinkie.

omg the feels the feels everywhere :fluttershbad: :fluttercry: :raritydespair: :raritycry:

Man this hit me just as hard when I reread it. Thanks for writing such an interesting story.

4637835 EEEEEEE!

You magnificent human being, you! Those are gorgeous! EEEEE!

EDIT: Can I link to those on my blog page? They're awesome!

4637869 ABSOLUTELY! I'd LOVE if you used them! :D <3

That... YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU holy crap I feel so much better now I can't even tell you ;_;



I am in the PinkieStories now. Jordan179 is right; ¡you do get Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie. You understand that she is eccentric genius with an eidetic memory. You write Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie better a than over half of the show-writers. Please no AntiScience or genocide.*

* ¡We should erect a memorial to the massacred Pinkies and send Princess Twilight Sparkle to the Moon for a thousand years for her crimes against sentient sapient beings!

4921634 Wow, thank you! Yes, this is the one that started it all.

¡My! ¡That is a buck in the gut!

¡This story is a real rollercoaster!


> “>> Walabio Wow, thank you! Yes, this is the one that started it all.”

¡I shall read all of your stories now!

I recently marathonned Friends. They mentioned that when you're in love with somebody there is one night where you stay up really late and just talk, and learn everything about each other. Yeah, I think I found it.

So sweet, my teeth are rotting because of all this CheesePie fluff (and that freaking huge spider in my sink that didn't want me to brush my teeth)

Do you know that -- in the US -- there are four towns named Mantua? One NJ, one in OH, one in VA and one in UT.

I'm guessing the Ohio-analogue from the geography, though I know of course it's based on the original, in Italy.

Nice fic so far, I'll be needing to read up on my Cheese Sandwich if I'm going to write a fic with him.:eeyup:

5861096 Thanks! Yeah--I have a LOT of stuff with Cheese, as you can see, but a good bit of the character as I write him is in Goodbye, Boneless, if you had to pick just one story.
5368256 Sorry for the late reply! Yep: I'm from NJ, and we've got a Verona, too. Seems as though that's common. On the other hand, I wasn't thinking of any of the American namesakes, but of a small Neightalian village, improbably set somewhere in the Equestrian mountains. And Mantua had an easily Ponified name.

It was about time I gave this a long-overdue re-read. On to the sequel next...

“Oh, look, a distraction,”

I love that bit!

Party Pony lore done to perfection. Also, best pony is being best pony.

Ouch. And I"m sorry, but I have to say this: Pickle Barrel? Who's your brother, Kumquat?

Good gravy that was awesome! The perfect combination of silly and serious. You do Best Pony proud.

Me: over enthusiastic screaming and squealing tbh the first one I saw was Goodbye, boneless

Anyways it's an awesome story
Everyone except my bff's (a boy and a girl) make fun of me for crying over stupid things, and loving mlp
But I'm like: the heak to you, I'm unquie (or however you speel it)

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