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Collector of interesting stories. Not even amateur writer but love reading. Inquisitive and analytical are BEST BEHAVIOUR. If you ship ponies, ship adequately. We all know what happened to Titanic.


Building Story-verses · 8:30pm Mar 10th, 2015

As everyone know there are so many stories written by so many wonderful authors.
It makes one wonder does people read stories as is or do they do more with them, like:

1. Read similar stories to gain different perspectives to an event, situation or character.
2. Build a pseudo-universe on selected stories. Start with one and trace others as an expansion after the initial story.
3. Read as plenty as one can on various events and choose to keep the best.

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Thank you for the favorite!

Thanks favoriting The Truth of Bonds and Friendship :twilightsmile:. Also thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for your favorite of In Your Dreams: Luna's Farewell.

Hey! Thanks so much for the watch my new friend. :pinkiehappy:

1068038 :twilightblush::pinkiehappy: The pleasure is both ours!

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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