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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.


Avatar Korra and Twilight Sparkle's daughters, Princess Iris and Princess Akari have their hands and hooves full with preparing their very first Friendship Festival in Canterlot! Now young adults, the girls and their fellow Guardians of Harmony have alot cut out for them, but they are determined to honor their family.

The festivities are cut short when a mysterious pony from their parents's past named Tempest Shadow arrives with an army of the evil Storm King and invade their beloved homeland! The Avatar and the Mane Six have been turned to stone, and the children have been separated from their loved ones. Now, in order to save their families and their homeland, The Guardians of Harmony will do what no one has ever done before: Venture beyond the borders of Equestria into parts unknown!

Their skills and friendship will be put to the test as they face off against con artists, sky pirates and the villainous Tempest Shadow, who is determined to capture the princesses in order to regain her broken unicorn horn.

Witness all the magic, fun and action in this epic conclusion to the five year long crossover saga!

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You know. Maggie, this ride has been fun. I'm glad that I first stumbled on this story and joined in on this fun trip, if not for that I'd probably would've have been as deep into crossovers as I am now, and wouldn't have been able to meet such a good friend like you (and probably won't be able to put songs into stories as easily since I didn't know how to until I read this :rainbowlaugh:). But yeah, it can be a bit of a hard time to find a ending point for some big projects you're having fun with, and once you do end up finding that point it can feel a bit jerking on some emotions, knowing that you reached your point where the series is finally done, one way or another. But you know what? Memories of something like this are hard to get rid of, and I'm sure the Little Pony Legend series will live on, surely. And as for these original projects, well, I can say this: with your inspiration and creativity on the stories so far, from what I see, you got a bright future ahead. :scootangel:

God bless

Thanks, Hermano! I'm so glad I got to meet you through this series. It truly will forever hold an important place in my heart, as will your friendship. I'm sorry we never got to do that collaboration, but if so, trust me when I say that you have a whole bucket of creative and downright AWESOME ideas!! Don't ever doubt that. I've definitely learned something from this series, and it's that a story really can come from anything, even from fanfics. After all, it was this fanfic that pushed me to travel into new territory and explore my original works, so don't ever stop writing or creating. What you make for a fanfic today, might become an original epic adventure tomorrow! The borders beyond Equestria may look scary, but if you keep your chin up, much like the Mane Six, not only will you make new friends along the way, but even learn something new about yourself.

Never stop creating my friend, and thanks again for everything. God Bless! :scootangel:

Welp. Here we are. The final adventure. You know I still can’t believe that its been almost THREE years since stumbling across this series. This has truly changed my life. I made new friends, got back into fanfic writing, Even created my very first OC’s. Two of which I never regretted making. This has been one heck of a ride and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for your next adventure. (jeez im tearing up already heh XD) It will be hard to let this go always remember the good and the bad. mostly the good that this came out of. Thank you for making this saga my favorite fanfictions of all time (no exaggerating here) and here’s to hoping hearing from you soon.

God Bless and Always Write On!

AWWWW! Back at ya, Hermano! As I told Ginga, never stop creating and take risks to see where the future takes you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to but ten boxes of tissues just to clean my tears! Take care, buddy!

wow. all in one go on this story huh MHL. ........ nice. :ajsmug:

All that is needed is a cover, and I can't wait to start reading it.

Cookie Cram Pie, you're in trouble. Well at least for a minute or two, anyways love the chapter!

I can definitely see Hozu as a Nick Wilde type of character, as well as Keith given his attitude.

I can almost see where this is going, but I'm not gonna spoil either.

Yep, there is definitely something going on between them. 😏

I like it! I'm sensing a strong connection with Capper and Chrysalis, well maybe.

Heya. So, I'm definitely going to TRY...key word being try....to give some of the other stuff reviews/comments later on, but it's late, we're out of time, and I guess I have a few start up thoughts I want to get down before I get lazy.

First off, there is definitely some good stuff in this story. Trying to balance out your own notes and style with the source. Particularly in trying to give Tempest...sorry, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, er, I mean, Rosalyn, something of a deeper stake in what's the end of your story. Actually though, this does also give me some...interesting ideas for my work. Particularly on some of the side conversations I'm planning to work in. And it seems that Iris is alike her mom in one way. Somehow, the family has a bad habit of falling for strays. Although, I do wonder what their children will turn out like. A mixture of spirit, alicorn and human? How would the kids even land on the power scale?

I also enjoyed that you took Akari in a different...yet still understandable direction for the story. As well as that whole thing where in each spot, one member got to element it up. At least a little.

And it was good how you tried to keep incorporating the whole family in for the final battle, even if just in hand to hand. Really a fine attempt to make this your conclusion to what's going on.

Now, as the creator on the fim legend story page, I'm not going to be done trying to get a few non-canon stuff in now that the legend is over. I won't let anyone add anything new to the core page, but if you're walking away, I can still say that I want to see what other creative things others might be able to do with the setting, ideas, and magical crossover stuff with what you created. Cause let's face it. Nobody's done with something until it's forgotten. And I'm going to do my best to ensure this saga is never forgotten. Because no writer on fimfiction has quite managed to have a commitment to this setting the way you've done for linking 2 stories. (now original work is another story, but I digress) And that deserves at least a little recognition.

I'm sorry that I was only truly be passionate in feeding back for Balance of the Heart, but don't doubt that I do see something unique in this series. Not just the Christian perspective, though one brother to his sister that was still rather enjoyable. But the hunting for some sort of creative uniqueness that goes beyond putting new characters into old settings. Digging for new ways to see things unfold.

Thanks for all this, and thank you for finally getting me to commit to finishing a story I started. Cause I don't want to let you down by leaving my part of the legend hanging.

Thank you, and God bless. :pinkiesmile:

wait....... you're not going to keep the story up any more?!? :pinkiegasp:

wow. now lets see if old friend will pop up from the 'murky' past.

Boy, Hozu must have had a rough life.

Ouch, talk about rough past.

And so the story, and the series as a whole, have come to a close.... But the memories they have left will always be remembered, for legends never die....

It's funny... The first LPL story was what brought me into this series, and now... It's finally finished. I mean, yes, there will be stories that will be inspired by it and even based in it, but even then, they won't stand up to the original.

Maggie, you have done an amazing job, and I have enjoyed this series immensely. I'm sad to see it end, but even I know that every story has an end, no matter how long it is.

And as a Christian, I liked how you incorporated verses from the epistle readings throughout the series, showing that there's a deeper meaning behind the scenes.

So may you keep doing an amazing job, and may God be with you always...

(reads the river part again) ........... it seems like you watched dr wolf's channel on youtube MHL. nice.

(reads the new storm king & punishment) :rainbowlaugh: oh MHL. you have such a wicked side to yourself.

:pinkiesad2: man. talk about a way to end the saga. but the hart is still in it MHL. jest know that well one door closes another one opens up for new possibility's. jest remember that ok.

I like as usual but why change tempests' real name in the movie it was fizzle pop berry twist

Hay maybe this doesn't have to end now that you've finished here with writing it you can do an audio version on YouTube that way we here and others can enjoy it more.

What do you think

Not that I hate the name or anything, but I just felt it was more for comedic effect and kind of took away a bit of the angst I was trying to go for. Plus, Rosalyn sounded far so elegant and symbolic for Tempest. She's as lovely as a rose, but you know what they say... they have thorns.

Oh ok and what about my YouTube idea

It sounds like a good one, and one I have considered in the past. I will take it under consideration, but seeing as I'm trying to focus more of my creative energy into my original projects, and I do plan on editing older chapters it may take a while. However, I do plan on posting more artworks of the series when I open up my Patreon.

Good for you and thank you

I actually prefer that name over her canon name. It actually fits her character a lot more.

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