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The Little Pony Legend: The NightMare's Return - MaggiesHeartLove

Before Korra stopped Kuvira, she had to confront another friend who has turned to the darkness. But will her compassion, for once, be her downfall?

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NightMares and Celebrations

NightMares and Celebrations

That evening at Air Temple Island, Korra and Twilight levitated the plates of food onto the tables in front of their friends. Pinkie Pie licked her lips, ready to gorge down on her meal. Until a certain white unicorn stopped her. Shaking her head, she levitated her chopsticks and ate her bowl of rice like a lady while Pinkie Pie simply ignored her friends and used her tongue to eat the rice, much to Rarity's annoyance.

Tenzin's family, as well as P'Li, and the rest of Team Avatar attended the simple dinner that the Princesses had arranged for them. Everyone was chatting happily with one another, like friends would do, however somebody wasn't all that happy.

Asami Sato had to swallow down any vomit that threatened to creep up her throat as she watched Opal romantically feed Bolin some dumplings. As selfish as it may sound, she was praying desperately that the airbender wouldn't show up. But, seeing as she technically now lived here and was a part of the circle of friends, particularly for Bolin, Korra, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, Asami would have to deal with her. But the couple's happy romance did not help her at all.

Mako watched the scene unfold and made a mental note to speak with his brother latter on. There was no way he was going to allow Bolin make the same mistakes he made.

But he wasn't the only one feeling uncomfortable. Tenzin watched as his eldest daughter Jinora and the airbender/former thief Kai laughed happily. They were still young so there was nothing romantic going on between them. But judging by the way they interacted, the air nomad suspected it would only be a matter of time before his daughter and the airbeder delinquent became more than friends. As much as he hatted to admit it, that was something he needed to face. Jinora was growing up, she had proven herself to being a powerful airbender and earned her tattoos. Despite his still adjusting to the idea of his daughter eventually dating, at least he had the comfort that Kai was a good boy. He didn't even mind that Jinora was now bald. If anything, he still looked at her with the same admiration as he did the first time they met. Maybe even more.

Twilight tapped her cup with her chopstick, grabbing everyone's attention. "I want to thank everybody for coming tonight. As I look around this room, I feel like the luckiest pony in the world to have such wonderful friends. We have all been through such trials and tribulations, and while we won many battles some of us didn't come out one hundred percent in the aftermath." she briefly placed her free hand over her covered scar-mark, "But even so, true friends never give up on one another. And even when we were beaten and scarred we always came back. Stronger than ever."

Team Avatar burst into applauds, cheering happily at Twilight's heartfelt speech. Every word was the honest to Celestia truth.

"So, in order to commemorate our times together, Korra and I have an announcement to make." she nodded her head to the Avatar beside her, who then stood up and addressed to everyone in the room.

"Earlier today, Twilight and I received a letter from Princess Cadance." Spike stepped forwards and handed Korra rolled up scroll and, using her magic, unfolded it for all to see. It was an elegantly decorated invitation with images of Crystal Ponies on the sides, holding ribbons in their mouths. "She's invited us all to the annual Crystal Heart Full Moon Ball."

"It will be the first one the Empire has had since before the reign of King Sombra." Twilight continued.

"Wow! That sounds awesome!" Rainbow said.

"Indeed, but what will I wear?" Rarity said.

"Um, what exactly is the Crystal Empire?" Kai asked, "And who's King Sombra?"

"You don't' know?" Meelo asked, "Hey, Korra, Twilight, why don't you tell them the story?"

Korra and Twilight looked at one another before turning back to the young airbender, "Meelo, we've told it to you kids a thousand times already."

"Oh, come on! It's still my favorite!"

"Mine too!" Ikki said, raising her hands up.

Bolin clapped his hands, "Oh! I love that story! Tell it, tell it!"

"Bolin!" Mako exclaimed while narrowing his eyes.

"What? For the newcomers."

"I've never heard of it." said Opal

"Neither have I." said P'Li.

The princesses nodded to each other before using their magic to create a screen-like image above the table for all to see. The image contained moving pictured the Crystal Empire and its ponies, astonishing the younger viewers and Opal and P'Li. Mako, Bolin, Flash Sentry and Asami, while being familiar with the tale, were still pretty impressed by the trick. The Mane Six as well, even though they too knew the story by heart. Everyone listened as Korra narrated.

"The Crystal Empire is a land that contained a powerful magic. It's inhabitants are known as the Crystal Ponies, who's hearts are as pure as the white snow, and their crystal coats rivaled the glow of the stars."

Ikki and Jinora were enamored with the beauty of the ponies, even Kai found them fascinating. "Wow! Look at the way they sparkle!" he said in awe.

"They really are beautiful." Jinora said dreamily and Twilight continued the narration. "I remember the first time we saw it at the Equestria Games!"

"Those were fun!" Ikki exclaimed with glee.

Korra continued her narration, "The Crystal Ponies's magic is shared with the Crystal Heart; The most powerful and important artifact to their culture. The love within them shined through, reaching the Heart, filling it with Light and Love that spread all across Equestria." her tone then fell, "However, that all changed when a unicorn named King Sombra came into power."

The children gasped when the once beautiful scenery of the Empire suddenly turned dark and black crystals grew from the ground, entrapping the ponies and turning the once beautiful Chrystal Palace into darkness. They gasped when the image of a demonic looking unicorn with a dark coat and blood red eyes with a red horn emerged. Purple smoke emitted from his eyes as he bared his sharp pointy teeth. This was the infamous King Sombra.

"Not mush is known about his past," Korra narrated, "All that we know is that his heart was as black as night and his hatred and pride shifted the fate of the Empire. The Crystal Ponies were forced to become his slaves. He ruled the land with an iron hoof, until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna defeated him, turning his body to shadow and was banished to the north."

"But he did manage to place a curse on the Empire." said Twilight, "Causing it to vanish into thin air. For hundreds of years, most ponies forgot it ever existed."

Before Twilight could continue, Pinkie Pie stepped in, speaking rather quickly. "Then after one hundred years it came back Princess Celestia got us to go to the Empire, but all the ponies didn't remember anything before the king ruled them and so Celestia asked Twilight and all of us to go to the empire and help Cadance and Twilight"s brother to get the empire happy again, so we made a huge festival to make them happy! It worked, but then Sombra tried to get back in and so Twilight had to get the crystal heart but then she was trapped and Spike had to return the heart and then he fell off a balcony and Cadance SWOSHED in, saved Spike, got the crystal heart back and then the crystal ponies were all sparkly and king Sombra went POOF! And then we were all very sparkly and everypony was happy!”


”What she said.” Korra finally said, following after a brief silence and everyone blinking in surprise. The children and Opal watched in awe as the scene unfold before their eyes; the moment where Spike brought the Crystal Heart back to Cadance and defeated King Sombra.

"Since then, the Empire had been happier than its ever been." Twilight concluded and she and Korra made the images fade away. Ikki and Meelo were clapping.

"Serves you right, King Sombra!" Meelo exclaimed and jumped a few feet away from the table and started doing karate kicks, "I be if I ever saw him I'd give him a--Ha! And a--Heyah! And then a--Hoowah!"

His sisters rolled their eyes while Jinora made sarcastic jazz hands, "All fear the great Meelo."

The other teenagers and ponies laughed along to the silliness and P'Li noggied Meelo's head, "Take it easy there, tiger."

"So, what do you all say?" Korra said.

Bolin spoke first, "Are you kidding? A festival at the Crystal Empire sounds like a blast!"

"But why is it called a Full Moon Ball?" Rarity asked and Twilight explained.

"The Festival is celebrated once every year under a full moon. On this night, the light of the moon will hit the Crystal Heart, manifesting its magic and the magic of the Crystal ponies, creating stunning crystal snowflakes that descend down from the sky, creating a crystal winter wonderland."

"Basically, it's their version of winter time." Korra explained, "It hasn't happened in thousands of years since Sombra hid the Heart away. Now the ponies can finally have it back. It's such a big event I even invited my parents."

"And The alicorns invited President Raiko and Queen Hou-Ting. We wanted to tell you guys first before giving the announcement tomorrow for the whole city. It will be a great time for humans, ponies and spirits to spend some time together. As friends."

The event sounded like a can't miss opportunity. They could only imagine what sparkling crystal-like snow would look like. Team Avatar was on board.

Rainbow; "I'm in!"

Mako; "Me too!"

Flash; "Like I would miss it?"

Bolin; "Crystal Empire, here we come!"

Pinkie; "Yay!"

Rarity; "It would be devine!"

Fluttershy; "Wonderful!"

Applejack; "Can't keep me away."

Jinora, Ikki and Meelo pleaded to their parents, "Can we go daddy?" Jinora pleaded.

Ikki; "Please, can we?"

Tenzin sighed and smiled, "Of course we'll go. This festival sounds like a wonderful experience. Plus, we should thank Princess Cadance for being kind enough to invite us."

The children cheered happily. "Can I come too?" Kai asked.

Tenzin stroked his beard, thinking. "Hmmm. I'm not sure." Kai looked down in defeat, only to be surprised when Tenzin placed his hand on his shoulder. "Of course you can come Kai."

"Cadance did say we could invite as many friends as we want." Twilight said.

"So that means P'Li and I can come too!" Opal stated with an excited smile. But someone at the table was not smiling.

Asami should have realized the airbender would want to tag along for the trip. It was bad enough she had to deal with her and Bolin at diner, now she had to attend a festival with them too. The jealousy started to build up inside of her, making her stomach hurt and her neck and face feel hot. Very hot. Something didn't seem right. She started to feel woozy, almost like the very thought of Opal was now making her feel ill. As cruel as it may sound that seemed to be the only explanation for now.

"Asami? Asami, you okay?"

She was snapped out of it when she heard Bolin's concerned voice. She shook her head and placed her palm on her forehead. His face was the last thing she wanted to see right now.

"Yeah, I think I just…I just need some air." she stood up, slightly wobbled before exiting the room. Her friends looked on with concern.


Asami stood by the cliff where Korra would usually sit whenever she was upset. It seemed like the best idea for a quiet place to mope. Her green eyes looked up at the full moon high above the sky. It's light being her only companion for the evening.

(Mariah Carey's; I Want to Know what Love is)


I gotta take a little time

A little time to think things over

I better read between the lines

In case I need it when I'm older

In my life, there's been heartache and pain

I don't know, if I can face it again

Can't stop now, I've traveled so far

To change this lonely life…

She slightly chuckled, "Look where that's got me."


I wanna know what love is

I want you to show me

I wanna feel what love is

I wish you can show me…

I'm gonna take a little time

A little time to look around me

I've got nowhere left to hide

I thought love has finally found me

In my life, there's been heartache and pain

I don't know, if I can face it again

But should I stop now? I've traveled so far

To change this lonely life…

I wanna know what love is

(Oh, ohh, uhhh, ohh)

I want you to show me


I wanna feel what love is

(Feel what love is)

And I wish you can show me…

(Show me, I wanna know, oh, oh, ohh, ohh)

I wanna know what love is

(Ohh, ohh, I wanna know)

I want you to show me

(And wanna feel when someone shows)

I wanna feel what love is

(And I wanna feel eee)

And I wish you can show me…

(Show me, I wanna know, oh, oh, ohh, ohh)

I wanna know what love is

Ohh, ohh, I wanna know

I want you to know…

I want to know…

What love is…

To you...

Asami hugged herself, feeling even more miserable. Then, she heard something which she could only depict as a whisper. The sound was very faint but she could hear it. She turned her head, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

No answer. She figured she was only hearing things and figured she probably had had enough alone time to herself. As she walked away, she could still feel as if someone was watching her.


He couldn't remember the last time he felt this happy. The young earthbender reached down towards the picnic blanket and lifted his cup. "To the most amazing girl I have ever known." he said with a smile that was nearly impossible to hide. His cup collided with another, held by a young woman who looked just as happy as he was. However, this woman did not have tan skin or short brown hair and her eyes were a mush lighter shade green. Her hair was longer, wavy and the identical color of a raven's feathers and her skin was a creamy white. Her lips were as red as a rose and her features sharp but strong. To him, she was an angel, both inside and out. The two were having a romantic picnic on a grassy field. There was no one else but them. Just as they wanted.

"If anything, you're the most incredible guy I've ever known." said the woman. "I can't believe it took me so long to realize that."

"Me too….I love you…Asami."

"I love you too, Bolin."

He cupped her cheek with his hand as she leaned in further, puckering her lips and closing her eyes while he did the same. Their lips were only inches away, he could feel her breath.

However, it wasn't as he expected. Once he made contact, something felt off. Since when did Asami have whiskers?

He opened his eyes and screamed in terror at realizing he had kissed his fire ferret, Pabu. "AHHHHH!" He jolted up, looking around the room. He was in his pajamas and in his bed. "It was only a dream?"

The door bursted open and both Mako and Flash Sentry rushed inside. "Bro, what happened?" Mako asked in worry.

"Did you have another accident again?" Flash asked, "I keep telling you not to drink so much mango juice before bed."

Bolin narrowed his eyes at his brothers, "No!" he look underneath his covers to check. All was clean. "No! Besides, I was only having a dream."

"A nightmare?"

"No. Well, not from what I saw."

"What do you mean?" Mako asked curiously.

Bolin began to nervously tug on his blanket, "Well…first of all, don't laugh!"

Mako placed a hand over his heart, "I promise." when he noticed that Flash wasn't doing the same, he nudged him arm.

"Ow! I mean, yeah I promise too." said the pegasus.

Bolin took in a deep breath before speaking. "Okay. I dreamed that I…I…Ikissedasami."

Mako and Flash shared skeptical looks before asking in unison, "What?"


"You what?"

"I kissed Asami, okay! I kissed her! On the lips! Me and Asami. Asami Sato. Beautiful CEO of Future Industries, your ex-girlfriend and our friend! There, ya happy? I. Kissed. Asami. Sato." Bolin was literally on his knees as he shouted his confession, leaving both Mako and Flash looking at him with wide eyes.

Mako spoke first. "Could you excuse us?" Mako and Flash both left the room, eyes wide like dinner plates, leaving Bolin with Pabu.

Once the two were on the other side, they both silently jumped up and down, smiling and pounding their fists into the air in victory. Mako was right, Bolin did feel something for Asami. This was the clincher he needed. Flash morphed back into pony form and did a backflip in mid air before morphing back into anthro. Once they got it out of their system, the boys composed themselves and walked back into the room, looking as if nothing had happened.

"So, about this dream?"

Bolin's face turned red, he wasn't sure if he wanted to talk to them about it. Seeing his uncertainty, Mako walked on over, squatted down and placed his hand on his little brother's shoulder. "Hey, you can tell me."

Bolin smiled, he knew Mako was willing to listen.


Flash placed their steamy oatmeal breakfast on the table and sat beside his brothers. "So explain exactly what happened."

"Well, I was having a picnic, you know like the ones I sometimes have with Opal, but she wasn't there. Instead it was Asami."

Mako rested his chin in his knuckles, listening tentatively, "And were you upset?"

"Well…no. Not at all. I was so happy and so was she. She looked, so beautiful. I leaned in to kiss but then I woke up once I found out it was Pabu. By the way little buddy, you seriously need a breath mint." The ferret squeaked, feeling insulted. "What do you think all of that means?"

Mako tapped his chin, analyzing everything Bolin had just informed him. "Well, I'm no Princess Luna but, a dream like this could be interpreted in a lot of different ways."


"No!" Mako flicked his brother's forehead.


"It's pretty obvious what's going on here, little bro. You've got feelings for Asami."

Bolin rubbed the area where Mako had hit him, "What? But I'm with Opal."

Mako sighed to keep his calm, passed his hand though his hair before speaking, "Bolin, do you remember back then when I was dating Asami but had feelings for Korra and how crazy things got?" Bolin pondered on this for a moment. And pondered…and pondered…and pondered. "Take your time." Mako said calmly.

That's when it all came together and the earthbender slammed his palms onto the table as he stood up. "Oh my Celestia! I'm in love with Asami!"

"Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!" Flash said, pretending to be a game show host.

Bolin was at a loss for words, "Gah! How could I be so stupid? That explains the butterflies in my stomach, the loss of appetite and me wanting to see her more often." he then gasped in horror, "Oh no! I've become Mako!…no offense, bro."

The firebender narrowed his eyes, "None taken." he too stood up, "Well, at least now you finally understand your true feelings."

"Wait, you knew about this?"

"You're not that hard to read."

Bolin shook his brother by grabbing onto his white sleeveless shirt, "Why didn't you say anything?!"

"I tried to by bringing up the Korra and Asami topic."

Bolin blinked, "Oh yeah. So that's why you kept talking about it."

"I was trying to ease it into the conversation. But now, thank Heaven, I don't have to anymore."

Bolin released his brother, "But what do I do now? I mean, it's obvious I should tell her but what about Opal? Oh man, I really messed up. She's so nice and smart, this'll break her heart."

Mako placed reassuring hands on his shoulders, "Look, I can't guarantee she won't get hurt, but leading her on like this, even if it wasn't your intension, isn't a wise move either. Tell her the truth, speak from your heart and I'm sure she'll understand. Trust me, it's the right thing to do."

Bolin felt his worries slowly draining. "Thanks Mako." he said before embracing his elder brother in a warm loving hug.

Flash crossed his arms, smiling proudly, "Wow, I'm impressed. Who'd have thought you would give good advice on romance."

"Thanks…I think."


The train in the station in Ponyville came to a stop as Team Avatar and the Mane Six exited with happy smiles, they were all wearing extravagant clothing. “Wow, that ball was amazing!” Spike said as he jumped happily out of the train.

Bolin exited behind him, “Best party ever!”

“Couldn't have said it better myself.” said Pinkie Pie.

“Thank you so much for inviting us.” Asami said to Korra.

“Hey, it would't be a party without my whole family.”

Twilight nodded in agreement, “That's right. Best friends forever?”

“Forever.” Korra and Asami said in unison before they embraced in a warm hug. Everything was perfect.

Suddenly, Korra gasped, her eyes widdening and quickly stepped away from Asami. Everybody else screamed in horror…one of Korra's wings had been clipped!

They looked at Asami, who bore a wicked smile on her face, while holding many of Korra's feathers in her hands. Korra had never seen her friend like this before, “Asami, wha--“

Mako glared at the heiress, “What's your problem!?”

But before anybody could react, Asami electrocuted them all with an intense lightning blast from her electric glove unlike anything they had ever seen. Korra watched in horror as they all fell to the ground.

“Asami! Stop this!” Korra was on her knees crying from the pain she felt in her wings. Asami then picked her up by the collar of her shirt, nearly choking her. Korra could hardly breathe as Asami smiled wickedly.

“The shadows shall rule…forever!”

Korra screamed one last time before Asami stroked her with her glove.



"Korra wake up!"

The Avatar jolted upwards, sweating from the nightmare. She was in her room with Twilight. She sighed as she rested her face on her hands. "It was only a dream."

"Relax, it's over."

This was so strange for Korra. She had never had a dream about Asami before. And even if she did, she highly doubted it would ever be like this. "I just don't get why I keep having the same nightmare. It's not with Zaheer or Vaatu but…Asami. Why is that? What does Asami have to do with my past enemies?"

"I don't know." Twilight confessed honestly, "Did you two have a fight?"

"No, not that I can remember." Korra then shook her head, "You know what, forget it. It was probably nothing. Come on, we've got an announcement to make."


"Goooooooood morning Republic City! It is a beautiful sun shinning day, and right here with me today are everyone's favorite royal beauties; Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Avatar Korra!"

Twilight spoke through the microphone first, "Thank you for that lovely introduction, Shiro Shinobi."

"Oh, please, call me Shiro. So, you girls say that you have an announcement for us today."

Korra nodded with a smile, "We sure do. Princess Twilight and I received an invitation to attend the Crystal Full Moon Ball next weak."

"A Crystal Ball? What's that?"

"It's a celebration being held at the Crystal Empire in Equestria. It will be the first one in a thousand years."

Twilight continued next, "And because it's also the first of the new era, Princess Cadance and Prince Shinning Armor welcome not only ponies from around Equestria, but humans and spirits alike as well. A chance for everyone to have fun together."

"Wow! That sounds spectacular!" said Shinobi.

"It really is. Of course, we will also be having the Chief of Police Lin Beifong to keep tabs on security."

Korra continued, "It will be a memorable time for everyone so we really hope to see you there."


For the next few days, people and ponies were abuzz with excitement, getting dresses, tuxedos haircuts, the works. They could not wait for the Crystal Ball. It was certain to be an unforgettable evening.

In that time, Bolin tried to amp up the courage to tell Opal that he couldn't be with her anymore, but no matter who hard he tried, the innocent look in her eyes made him chicken out. The last thing he wanted was to break her heart. However, she was already with her hands full calling her family, telling them about the festivities as well as practicing her airbending. If he didn't know any better, Bolin would have thought that Opal was trying to avoid him.

Rarity had just added the finishing touches for the balls gowns while Varrick visited his honorary Apple Family to help them with the catering for the party. Even Zhu Li helped. Smiling for once. President Raiko was getting fitted for a new suit for the occasion, and his wife Buttercup added a lovely crystal pin on his jacket. Hou-Ting wore her hair in a simple bun, now after being humbled she wore much simpler clothing than before. No more large headdresses or long fingernails for her anymore.

The day was coming near and Mako was going to make certain he looked his best. He ironed his royal police uniform, smiling in satisfaction at his handy work. He placed the jacket on, showing it off to his brothers, admiring his work, "Well, what do you think?"

Bolin and Flash both arched an eyebrow, "I think you've been spending a bit too much time with Rarity." Bolin said, earning a bro hoof from the currently pony Flash Sentry, who rested on the couch along with the earthbender.

Mako laughed sarcastically, "Ha, ha, very funny. This is a pretty big event, not to mention I'm royal confidant of the princesses, and Korra's boyfriend, I gotta look my best." his eyes caught sight of something and gasped, "Is that a loose thread?! This is the worst possible thing ev--!" his eyes shifted to the two boys, both smirking with knowing grins, Bolin crossing his arms. Mako narrowed his eyes at them, "Not. Another. Word."

But among the happiness, one person was still struggling with her decision. Asami sat on her bedroom vanity, brushing her long raven hair, sighing sadly. She barely slept last night, too busy struggling with herself if she should or shouldn't attend the Crystal Empire Ball with her friends. No doubt Opal would be there, and she couldn't bare to see her with Bolin. A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in."

The butler entered and bowed in respect, "Miss Sato, Princess Avatar Korra is here to see you."


It didn't take long for Asami to get dressed and meet her friend downstairs at the entrance to her large mansion. The Avatar smiled and greeted her friend. "Hey, Asami."

"Hey. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to come by and ask if you were going to the Crystal Empire with us. Have you made up your mind?"

Asami turned her gaze away, "Yeah, well I um…I've decided not to go after all. I've got too much work here."

Korra looked at her with sympathy. "Is this about Bolin and Opal?"


"Asami, I understand how hard this is for you but you can't just stay hidden behind your company forever."

"Face it Korra, it's obvious he doesn't feel the same way about me."

Korra scoffed in disbelief, "Are you serious? Haven't you noticed the many times he's come to visit you?"


"So, he's obviously been trying to find ways to get closer to you. Even Mako's noticed, and you know he has an eye for this kind of thing, being a detective and all."

"Maybe, but--"

"But nothing! Asami, I know in my heart, without a shred of doubt that you two are meant to be together."

Music filled the air as the Princess started to sing.

(Parody of "He could be the one" from Hannah Montana)


Your heart is poundin'

Your hands are shaken'

Oh, honey I know exactly what you're going through now

Your knees are buckling

You feel like giggling

She lightly tickled Asami and the heiress giggled in response.

I've gone exactly through the same not to long ago

It happens to people once or twice

It's a heat that can melt any ice

As Korra sings, they both make their way across the mansion, with Asami behind her, Korra dances and flies in front of some portraits of couples and poses like the women in them with their guys.

You feel something special

He's got something special

And when you look at him you wanna get al sentimental

He's got something special

You both got something special

If you listen to it closely you can hear it telling you

He could be the one

With her magic, she made one couple look like Asami and Bolin. Asami looked at the painting with the images of her and Bolin dancing…together. She smiled.

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one


Smooth talking, sparks are flying

Everywhere I go he's always on my mind

I'm going crazy

About him lately

And I can't help myself from doing something stupid

Think I'm really diggin' on his vibe

He's really one of a kind

I feel something special

He's got something special

And when I look at him I wanna get all sentimental

He's got something special

We both got something special

I'm listening closely and I can feel it telling me

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

He could be the one

Oh, when I'm with him, I feel that all is fine

Korra, I'm not sure

Is confessing the cure?

Did I cross the line?

Korra playfully flicks Asami's forehead, "Hey!"


Only if you decline

Korra and Asami;

I/You feel something special

He's got something special


And when I look at him I wanna get al sentimental

Korra and Asami;

He's got something special

We/You both got something special


I'm listening closely and I can feel it telling me

He could be the one

Korra and Asami;

He could be the one

He could be the one


He could be the one


He could be the one

Korra and Asami;

He could be the one

He could be the one


He could be the one

"You know what, maybe you're right. Okay, I'll go!"

Korra hugged her friend, "That's my girl!"

"First I need to pick something out. Maybe that new rose dress I got last month." as she pondered on what to wear, Korra smiled proudly at her handily work as Twilight Sparkle's head peaked from the doors.

"See? Told you she'd wanna go."


Finally, the day arrived. Team Avatar, P'Li and Tenzin's family all awaited patiently at the train station while Spike carried the bags with their gowns and accessories for the balls. Raiko, Hou-Ting, Lin and even Opal's family would be arriving latter during the day, but Korra and her friends wanted to get there early to help out with any preparations. So far, the only ones who had yet to arrive were Mako, Bolin and Flash Sentry. Since they were now in Equestria, all the ponies remained in their pony forms.

Ikki kept jumping up and down excitedly, “Oh, I'm so excited for the Crystal ball! Are you excited? Cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited!”

Pinkie Pie jumped along with the young airbender, “I know, I can't wait to see the crystal houses and the crystal petting zoo and the crystal corn cobs.”

“I can't wait!”

“Me too, me too!”

Kai chuckled at their silliness, “I can't believe I'm going to the Crystal Empire.” he said.

"I bet it's even more beautiful in person." Opal said, her eyes sparkling.

Asami, for some reason, couldn't help but scoff at the young girl's enthusiasm. As out of character as it was for her.

"Where are the guys?" Twilight asked, "The train will be here any minute."

Pinkie Pie popped in front of here, "There they are! Hey guys!"

Asami turned her head to see Mako, Bolin and Flash approach. Opal quickly ran up to greet her boyfriend. A gesture which Bolin would normally return, but this time he too was caught off guard and hesitantly hugged her in return. Mako and Flash looked at one another with concern while Asami narrowed her eyes at the pair.

"About time you boys got here." said the airbender, "We were almost about to leave without you."

Right on cue, they heard the sound of the train horn and the vehicle arrived at last. Ikki was already jumping excitedly ready to get on board. "The train's here, the train's here! Come on guys, let's go!"

"Slow down, Ikki." her mother said while cradling baby Rohan.

The pony train conductor arrived and called out, "All aboard for the Crystal Empire!"

One by one, the friends boarded the train, but Asami and Bolin were the two last ones. The earthbender tried to have a word with the heiress but his girlfriend already dragged him by the arm, unaware of what he was about to do.

"Come on, Bolin."

The heiress herself was beginning to doubt her decision. However, she suddenly got an idea as a smile crapped up on her face. Once everyone was inside and took their seats, Asami found her chance. She found a seat near Bolin and Opal, and causally tossed her luggage to stand near her seat, which then tumbled and made contact with Opal, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Opal!" Bolin quickly rushed to help her, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." the airbender looked up at Asami, she wasn't angry but…rather surprised. "Asami, what did--"

The raven-haired beauty gasped, "I'm so sorry! I swear, I didn't mean to!" she extended her hand and helped her stand up. "Are you okay?" she asked sincerely as Opal dusted her cloths.

"I'm okay." she then arched an eyebrow, "Maybe you should be more careful with where you put your luggage." she said.

"I will. I promise."

Despite still feeling a bit suspicious, she sat down next to Bolin, who was also a bit confused by this. It was so unlike Asami to allow this kind of thing to happen, even by accident. However, somebody realized it wasn't an accident. And that was Mako.

He could tell by her body language that Asami intentionally wanted the luggage to make Opal fall down. Question is, why? Was she really letting her jealousy turn her into something ugly?

Even Korra took notice of this. She started to wonder if it was a good idea to invite both Opal and Asami to the Ball. Either way, she swore she would keep an eye on her, and Mako did the same.

The train started to move and the airbender chidden were already thrilled to see what lied ahead. Even the Mane Six chatted happily with excitement. As Asami looked out the window, she did not notice that her stunning green eyes briefly turned a sinister blue color as the scenery passed before her.

Everything was going according to plan.


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