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The Little Pony Legend: Rainbow Rocks - MaggiesHeartLove

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We Shine like Rainbows


1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 ~

Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.


We Shine like Rainbows

The Rainbooms were all gathered near the statue of the horse in front of the school. Korra and Twilight's mission was complete, now it was time to head home.

"Sure wish you guys could stay longer." said Applejack.

"Me too." said Twilight, "But I have responsibilities in Equestria that I have to get back to."

"And I bet Tenzin's throwing a hissy fit by now with me gone. Plus, the citizens need us."

As they spoke, Pinkie Pie stuck her head into the portal, only to come out a few seconds latter in a haze. That was one deep vortex.

"But now we can go through the portal whenever we need to." Korra wrapped her arm around Sunset, "Which is good news for you if you're going to master that firebending of yours."

"Thanks, Korra. I couldn't have done it if it were't for you and Twilight. You taught me to face my fears and accept them, but also not to let my past determine my future."

Korra was slightly taken aback by this. This whole time, they have been helping Sunset to let go, even Twilight learned to accept her new change, but Korra…maybe she needed to follow her own advice more. Either way, she smiled at Sunset Shimmer.

"Don't forget, your friends helped you too."

Sunset smiled at her friends. "Yeah. And I'm sorry you couldn't fight off the sirens before."

"That's okay. I guess I'm still a bit rusty, luckily they didn't put up much of a fight. And, surprisingly, I kind of learned something from them."

"What's that?" Rainbow asked curiously.

"They kind of reminded me that my strength doesn't just come from my bending, but how I treat people." she turned to Twilight, "Like you said Twily; we can learn from any experience. Good or bad."

Sunset embraced the two in a tight hug. "Good luck with everything."

"You too."

"This isn't goodbye." Twilight said sweetly, "It's just goodbye 'til next time."

Korra nodded her head to Spike, "Ready?"


"Wait!" the girls gasped when Flash Sentry came running towards them. "Before you go again, there's something I've been meaning to tell you." Twilight recognized that tone of voice anywhere. She knew what was coming. "I..I really…" but before he could continue, Twilight placed her index finger on his lip.

"Flash, I know I should have told you this sooner but…the truth is…I already have somebody special."

Flash's eyes widened and he could feel his heart break into a million pieces. "Oh…I see."

"But, I want you to know that, not matter what, you will always have a special place in my heart. And even if it didn't work out between us, I have no doubt that one day you will find your own "Twilight". And I have a strong feeling you'll be the special one she's looking for too."

Even though he still felt hurt, Twilight's words did give him hope. And maybe this was for the best. After all, having a girlfriend from another world would cause some problems.

"Thanks. That's sweet. And, tell your boyfriend he better treat you right."

Twilight smirked, "Trust me, you guys would definitely see eye to eye." she said with a wink, much to Flash's confusion.

The girls giggled at the silent joke. Twilight and Korra linked arms like sisters. "Let's go home. It was great seeing all of you. Take care."

And so, with one final wave, the two princesses and dog entered the portal and disappeared as their dear friends looked on.


The pony Mane Six, along with Team Avatar had recently arrived at Twilight's palace. Mako looked at his reflection in the mirror, a worried expression on his face. "It's been two days. You think they're okay?"

Suddenly, the image rippled and sparkled. The Firebender took a step back once his girlfriend and her pony companion, as well as the little dragon, all jumped out of the portal, landing in front of them all.

Twilight looked at her body, she was a pony once again. Korra touched her ears, discovering they had reverted back to their normal human form, and her wings had returned.



The princesses were immediately welcome by a group hug from their friends. Once the hug disappeared, the girls received special hugs from their respected boyfriends.

"How was it?" Flash asked, "Did you stop the sirens?"

"We did. I wouldn't worry about them anymore."

"What else happened?" Bolin asked, "Did you see anypony we know?"

Korra simply sighed, "We'll tell you everything latter. Right now, I need to take a rest. My voice is still sore from all of that singing."


Mako placed a hand on her shoulder. "You go ahead and rest."

"Thanks. Come on, Twilight."

The two girls headed up to their shared room to rest.


Twilight continued looking at her reflection in the mirror. Even though she had learned a lot from her times back in Canterlot High, she still didn't feel 100%.

The pony she looked in the mirror, while she knew who it was…there was something different about her. Sunset was right, she had changed. She experienced something horrible, but she still managed to survive. If she did, then there had to be a reason for it. She and Korra survived. Of course, she knew that streak would end one day, but so far, it was clear that their story.

Their legend.

Was far from being over.

Korra was sitting on her bed, thinking about what Sunset had said. She learned to look at her fear in the face, accepted it and realized it did not defy who she was or who she would be. As proud as Korra was, it made her think. She recalled what Leilani said to her before she left and compared it to what Sunset had done. She accepted the truth rather than running away from it, while Korra…maybe a part of her was still running. Still afraid over what might have been.

Twilight approached her friend and sat beside her. "Well? What are you going to do?"

Korra had been thinking about this for a long time, pondering it for hours…but her choice was still the same. "I don't know if I'm ready yet. To face him."

"You will…we will. When the time calls for it. For now, let's just enjoy the peace we have tight now. It may not last for long."

Korra agreed. One day, she swore, she would confront him again. To look him in the eye again. But for now, she was going to stop fighting and at the very least try to accept what happened as Leilani said. Twilight did, Sunset did, maybe it was time she did as well.

While these two princesses had learned a lot from their experiences, their journey was far from over. The two approached the mirror.

"You sure you want to do this?" Korra asked.

Twilight closed her yes hesitantly for a brief moment before opening them again. Twilight levitated her own pair of scissors as she stretched out her front straight bangs. She cut the side of her bangs and various edges, giving them a messy edgier look and did the same with the rest of her mane.

Korra removed the top hair tie on her head, allowing her long hair to fall down her back. Tracing her fingers through her hair, it started to grow longer to resemble a pony's tail. Two new streaks grew from her hair as well, one was dark blue and rested on the right side of her head, while a long aquamarine one grew on her back. The two strands were now tied with two shorter hair ties than before. Her hair now resembled the hair extensions the Rainbooms had, only slightly shorter bellow the rear.

She wore a new shirt, similar to the one she wore at the south pole, only it was split in light blue, in the front, and dark blue, on the back, with decorative patterns on the front and her friendship necklace adorned her neck. Her long arm warmers reached her shoulders and revealed her fingers. Her fur pelt was slight purple in color with white fur lining and a heart-shaped stone around the belt. Her pants were slim and had brown boots with purple diamond shaped at the top and her cutie mark was sowed onto the left side of her pants. Her hair was done in a low ponytail.

Once they were done, Twilight observed her new look…and smiled. Her bangs were now brushed to the left side of her face with edgier cuts and the lower part of her mane was tied into a low ponytail. The two girls smiled at one another, satisfied with their new changes.

Suddenly, the book where Sunset had sent her previous message began to vibrate. The two sat on Korra's bed as they read what Sunset had recently wrote.

"Dear Twilight and Korra,

Missing you already, and I hope you'll be back soon. Things are definitely looking up for me here at Canterlot High. But I know I still have a lot to learn about friendship. Hope you don't mind if I write to you for advice when I need it.

Your friend, Sunset Shimmer."

Korra took a pen and started writing a response.

"Dear Sunset Shimmer,

We miss you too, and can't wait to see you again. I want to say thanks again for all that you did for us. While we may have a long road ahead of us, you helped us realize that learning to let go of the past is one big, if not the most important, step into a brighter future. Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems…is by helping someone else with theirs. Keep in touch.

Your friends, Twilight and Korra.

P.S. We kind of mentioned the Battle of the Bands thing to our friends, and let's just say, you inspired our friend Bolin."

"Hey, guys!"

The princesses heard Bolin calling out to them and they walked out towards the window to see him, Mako and Asami all with their own instruments. Mako with his father's guitar, Asami with a keyboard (invented by Varrick) and Bolin with a pair of drum sticks.

"C'mon! We need you!"

The girls spread out their wings and flew down, greeting their friends. They had arranged a concert in Ponyville, with Korra on base and Twilight as lead vocals. Mako smiled at his girlfriend. "Love the new look."

Korra winked, "Thanks."

"You ready?"


Bolin tapped the drum sticks, "One! Two! Three! Four!"

As Team Avatar played, back in Canterlot High, the Rainbooms played their own song, which intertwined with that of Team Avatar.

Applejack and Mako;

Once upon a time

You came into my world and made the stars align

Rarity and Asami;

Now I can see the signs

You pick me up when I get down so I can shine

The Rainbooms and Team Avatar;

Shine like rainbows

Shine like rainbows

Back in Canterlot high, Sunset dropped her books, which were caught by Apple Bloom and she, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle joined her in walking to class. Much to Sunset's happiness.

Next, she was trying to help Fluttershy in getting Angel Bunny down from a high place at school. Bulk Biceps happily lifted her up to help her.

Rainbow Dash and Korra;

Friends, you are in my life

And you can count on me to be there by your side

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle;

And when the music comes alive

You sing us songs to lift us up so we can shine

The Rainbooms and Team Avatar;

And the sound that we hear in our hearts

Makes our friendship grow

And the light that ignites in the dark

It makes us all glow

And shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

Korra and Twilight improved on their fighting, while still taking it easy. It felt so good to be with their friends. They were the comfort and support they needed.

Together we stand

As the rain begins to fall

And holdin' our heads up high

As the sun shines through it all

And the sound that we hear in our hearts

Makes our friendship grow

And the light that ignites in the dark

It makes us all glow

And shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

Shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows

We shine like rainbows


Somewhere back in the human world, a young scientist was doing some research on the strange going ons at Canterlot High. Her indigo hair pulled into a messy bun, held by a number two pencil and wearing a lab coat. She knew she was onto something regarding Canterlot High, and they had only recently gotten stranger. She turned to her dog.

"No doubt about it, Spike. There's definitely something strange going on at that school…"

Her little puppy on barked in response. No matter what, Twilight Sparkle was determined to reveal the secrets of Canterlot High. But she was not the only one who made a discovery.


Her princess counterpart looked on at her new throne, still feeling uncertain about it. She sat on it, surprisingly finding it very comfortable, when suddenly, something magically emerged from the side of her throne. It appeared to be some kind of crystal, blue in color and in the form of a raindrop. Korra was out for the moment so Twilight levitated the jewel towards herself. Her eyes widened when a holographic image appeared before her eyes. It was then that she suddenly knew what she had to do.

The doors opened and Twilight quickly hid the stone away, hearing her sister's voice. "Twilight, I'm back."

"Coming, Korra." she secretly hid the stone away where she knew Korra wouldn't find it. What does the stone mean? Well, that, my friends, is another story.

The end


1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 ~

Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.


Author's Note:

Wow, I had no idea this would take me slightly less time than the previous stories. Well, I should let you know, while I am satisfied with most of this, I'm not a 100% sure if it was as cinematic as my previous ones. Trying to blend in Korra elements with this simplistic story was a challenge. I give my thanks to Atea1793 for giving me the idea for the Dazzlings and their bending. It was a really big help, thanks!

Also to crystalempirelover on deviantArt who gave me the idea of Spike and Sunset having a conversation. It was great inspiration.

I hope I portrayed Korra and Twilight's PTSD, as well as Sunset's well enough. Again, I wasn't trying to magically make it go away, but the girls would be on the right path to getting better. Maybe they would not be exactly the same as they used to be, and I understand how for many that's pretty scary, but at the same time, maybe it can be considered a good thing at times. It really depends on the situation and how you look at it. I know I probably didn't live up to Bryke's standers in writing, but I hope I wasn't too sugary with it, especially at the moment where Korra and Twilight had a flashback during the final battle as well as Korra holding back a bit during the fight with the Dazzlings so as to avoid having a flashback. And the last part, a foreshadowing of book 4. ;)

I wanted to stay true to Bryke's vision while sticking to the rules and AU of this story. Besides, I plan on rewriting season 5 of MLP. I am already working on drafts for book 4, but I want to at least see the first few episodes of season 5 to know for sure where it's going before I post anything.

I was thinking doing something similar to what Disney does with sequels and prequels. They write the first story in the first movie, while the sequel takes place before the actual film happened. Kind of like Monsters Inc 2, or The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginnings and Bambi 2.

Until I make my final choice, I hope you were happy with this. And you can expect to see The NightMare's Return soon enough. Pinkie Promise!

God Bless you all, *kiss, kiss*

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You did an excellent job with this. And I can't wait to see what happens next, especially involving the next Legend of Korra season where they take on Kuvira.

Most awesome!

Keep up the gud work. Im a fan to bpth Avatar an ponies. I gotta say both stories r very linked in many ways.

Is this the sequel to something? If it is then you should really link to the previous story...

Still a HORRIFYING design. but, love the series non the less. :pinkiehappy:

Aw, so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH NO, HERE IT COMES BLAA:flutterrage:AAAAAAAA:pinkiecrazy:AACH! HMPH! That's what you get for writing such a good story. :twilightangry2:


Just finished reading this, and while I enjoyed it, there are a few glaring problems. The first and biggest is the strict adherence to the Rainbow Rocks script. Too many of the scenes don't fit in this AU, even with the slight ptsd bits that were added (though they did help quite a bit). Too many times, it felt like the AU was completely pointless, with the most glaring examples being the part where the Rainbooms go off on Sunset, the part where Twilight and the Rainbooms get trapped, and every time Korra had an impact (seriously, everything she did was completely ignored in the next scene, except for the parts where she encouraged Sunset). These aren't canon Twilight and Sunset, nor was Korra part of the original script, so even if scenes end up going the same way (many of which shouldn't with how different Twilight and Sunset are, plus having Korra there should really shake things up), the dialogue should be different. There was too much time spent describing character appearances as well, with it not spaced out well. There were too many times when there would be multiple paragraphs in a row doing nothing but describing character appearance, and it got worse as the story went on (it was much better spaced out in the earlier chapters).

The next issue is with the way the AU is set up. It was just a massive history dump that stated what happened almost immediately after writing out the intro to Rainbow Rocks. There was no flow or emotion to it, just a massive blurb of a rather awkward AU (the AU could work really well, but it needs to be properly fleshed out). If this is a sequel or based off of another story, link that in the description and only explain the relevant bits (especially convenient when the CHS crew has no clue about any of it, giving an easy place to explain relevant backstory and mechanics). If this is the first story, than spread out the AU details. Give some of the backstory early on (explaining what Korra is and that the worlds are bridged for example), then give more as the story progresses. Instead of just saying that Korra and Twilight had ptsd, you could just show them suffering from it, then have them explain why to someone later (Sunset would be the perfect candidate in this case), or just show it through the nightmares.

There were other smaller issues as well. The bible verses were very distracting and immersion breaking. They don't fit this story at all as the Avatar world has it's own spiritual stuff and it doesn't fit MLP as well, instead just making me wonder why they're there (yes, they are for the most part relevant quotes, but honestly, there are many more fitting quotes from famous people, shows/movies, literature, and Eastern religions). The action wasn't all that great either, primarily due to there being no real tension (as the story sticks too closely to the movie script). It also didn't help that there was no real indicator of how powerful any of the characters were and the lack of the martial arts part of the bending (every demonstration made it seem more like elemental magic than bending). It also seemed like Sonata and Aria didn't even know they could bend, as they didn't know what Adagio's ace was (and they couldn't learn that fast).

The story did have a few major strengths as well. While there was too much direct reenactment of the movie, the scenes were well done. The Korra and Twilight dynamic was interesting, and made even better when adding Sunset in as well. The scenes that Korra did something in were particularly well done. The ptsd was also utilized well, adding weight to the characters' struggles and helping explain why Korra and Twilight didn't just curbstomp the Sirens. Frankly, if so much of this story wasn't just Rainbow Rocks with a few extra bits thrown in, had more original dialouge (the Sirens could've had another plan to do with their tie in to the AU backstory, or maybe an ally from either universe), and focused more on the characters and their interactions (maybe with better quotes to lead into the chapters, or drop them all together), this story could be great to amazing. As it is, it's decent enough, with moments of brilliance and plenty of parts that drag the story down.

Edit: Just saw that this is a sequel. Please clarify this in the story description.

Comment posted by MaggiesHeartLove deleted Jan 11th, 2017

Did you write a sequal for this, you're really good.

Thank you. And yes, you can read the entire series on my stories page. Enjoy! 😊

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