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This story is a sequel to Dresden Gets Schooled

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden's life has been even stranger than usual ever since he first got involved with Equestria. However, after his last adventure sent him to some strange high school dimension, things have finally settled down into something approaching normalcy. Or at least as normal as Harry's life ever gets. His new apprentice Sunset Shimmer is proving to be quite a handful, but Harry has experience with handling headstrong young women.

However, things take a turn for the worse when he learns that a new threat from Equestria has made its way to Earth. And naturally it's up to him to stop the Sirens before they rock the world's foundations.

Cover art by Pon3Splash

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Dun dun dun!

This is shaping up to be quite the fascinating story.

I so want to see Sunny eat a burger in front of Celestia whilst just staring her in the eye. That would be BEAUTIFUL!

Very eager for the next chapter.



I'm very much looking forwards to more of your DresdenHorsewords. They're very good quality Horsewords at that.


Been looking forward to this one for a while. Great start!


Looks good so far. I'm unclear; has Sunset Shimmer embraced meat eating?

Awesome to see some more Dresden from you!

Wow, this story is great. Glad to see Dresden teasing Sunset again.

“Good news, everyone! I found the bad guys.”

Damn it Harry...

Harry Dresden vs. Youtube!

The puny wizard doesn't stand a chance.

Harry Motherfucking Dresden plus angry teenager pyromancer Sunset vs a trio of Sirens with the power to drive people to violence and hatred....
....the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 won´t hold a candle to this one. :twilightoops:

Question: as a non-human, yet souled and free willed spellcaster, must Sunset obey the Seven Laws, namely the First one?

5637370 Unicorn magic has been shown to enchant minds and change shapes without turning the pony responsible into Darth Sparkle, so my guess would be no.

"What's this?" I proclaim. "A crossover with one of my favourite fandoms by one of my favourite authors? Count me in!

But wait! It appears to be a sequel!

...Of a sequel!

...Of a seq-- HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS?"

And it is said, that day, that Taranth's spare time shrunk two sizes...

5637683 Don't worry. This day your free time will have shrunk, but thou hath much to look forward to, on the day thou catch up.

5638035 :ajbemused: My read it later list is at 2564 stories right now, and has only expanded over the past months.

That day is far off yet. *dramatic pose, staring into the distance as wind blows my cloak around*

Ahhh, It's here, excellent.... You'd think that earth would be fairly resistant to music that drove it's listeners to new heights of rage. I get that feeling every time I am forced to listen to music younger than I am. :flutterrage:

Hmmm... The sirens are Emotivores aren't they? I get a feeling that the White Court would not appreciate them muscling in on their territory. Not to mention that I doubt they're signatories of the Accords, and thus it's officially the opening of the siren season, all fees payable to gamekeeper Mab. :pinkiecrazy:

This looks like it will be very good and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Big question for me though (and perhaps it was answered in the previous story and I have forgotten) I assume Sunset has a soul now but when did she get it? She probably was not on Equestria when that world went through the process of becoming real unless the alternate dimension of EQG is for all intents and purposes part of the same dimension at least in this way.

Also one thing I hope we get to see at some point in this story is how things have changed in Equestria since the life changing events of the previous stories.

I know a guy with like, 3000.
But hey. Plenty of reading material for years, assuming Fimfic doesn't get nuked.
Then again, we have that archiver who scrawls the site every 3 months.
I should really make a list of all my bookshelves' stories somewhere offsite. Arrrrgh.

The sirens appear to be deliciously competent in this, which is always a good thing.

Is this going to weave into the mainline Dresden Fillies canon? I can't remember if Twilight mentioned being a human at all in the last story.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Eagerly looking forward to more, especially since the Dazzlings are already functioning at a level they never dreamed of. Giant equine avatars of friendship probably aren't an option for this one.

5637370 the laws only apply to humans.

This isn't Dresden Fillies.

Get Earplugs. Or kill the entire human race by employing the single most powerful magical EMP wave ever. That'll solve the problem!

Huh, i am surprised to see that there is yet another sequal to My Little Denarians but very happy it's here and looks to be going very well, Anyway i think Harry should summon Derpy much the same way he summons Toot-toot, but using muffins, in order to send Twilight a letter asking for help/information.

5640451 No this is a completely different story line the first part is here.

Why is this not on your fanfic site yet?

We got an adventure on our hands! Lets see if this updates faster than scubas.


Goddamnit I feel dumb.

It doesn't help that both are so good.

Don't worry about it. I almost made the same mistake too.

Interesting, it seemed like the Dazzlings couldn't affect people who didn't hear their music live in EqG land (or else they would have been doing things a lot differently than they did in Rainbow Rocks), but you've already indicated that the EqG dimension was some sort of low-magic space, so maybe that's what stopped them from projecting over the airwaves.

Celestia fussing over Sunset was just too cute!

Oh, and for the record, "alicorn" has been used to refer to a winged unicorn for many decades, as well as the substance of a unicorn's horn.


“Oh crap.”

Its the moment of dawning realization that I live for.

5637579 Note that the Laws of Magic aren't about how magic works in the Dresdenverse. They're traditional laws, rules imposed on the wizardly community by the White Council.

Technically yes, Sunset is exempt by virtue of not being strictly human... But it's an open question whether the Council will see it that way.


I think you have that wrong. The White Council doesn't go around enforcing the Laws of Magic on vampires or fae who mess with people's minds, both because they can't and because what would be black magic for a mortal doesn't affect them the same way. And vice versa, which is why (per the Dresden RPG book, which was vetted by Butcher) it's not a violation of the Laws to invade the mind of a vampire or fae. Albeit still an extremely bad idea.

It hasn't been stated, but personally I'd guess that the Laws of Magic began as warnings that THIS SHIT BE DANGEROUS and morphed into what they are now over time.

5652005 I never said White Council enforced the laws on magical creatures, and that's besides the point. I'm talking about whether the Council will view Sunset as something inhuman.

We know that Sunset is actually a unicorn from a strange otherworld in the Nevernever, and only superficially resembles a wizard. From the Council's perspective though, she looks human, she acts human, she uses near-as-damnit human magic. Will they believe she isn't human? Will they care? Do they even know?

Remember, travelling that deep into the Nevernever is generally viewed as a dangerous and somewhat unhinged act - there's a reason the Council was so grateful to be granted access to the Winter Path's. Now couple that with Dresden's... History, and it's entirely possible he never saw fit to inform the Council that his new apprentice was anything other than a regular human. If he told them anything at all.

All of which means that the Council is fairly likely to view Sunset as subject to their authority and Laws even if technically speaking she shouldn't be... At least, if she weren't attached to the Winter Knight, who can basically flip them off with impunity.


Not really? Sunset Shimmer's magic is described as being different from wizard magic (note the teleportation), and we know that Twilight has used magic to shape change others and alter their minds without going cackling mad, so clearly unicorn magic doesn't interact with black magic the way a wizard's does.

And the last story began with Harry saying that basically all the various supernatural powers were trying to figure out how to react to Equestria becoming part of our reality, so they know that unicorns exist. Ands she's with Harry at Celestia's personal request. No reason why they'd assume she's human, anymore than they would a vampire or Sidhe in Harry's company.

Hell, it's an open question whether Harry is considered under the White Council's authority anymore either. Don't forget, he has his own exemption from the Laws of Magic. It's called "Fuck you, I'm the Winter Knight." And as his apprentice Sunset Shimmer would be classified with him under the Accords, just like Lash in My Little Denarians. Going after her would mean going after Harry. And by extension Mab.

Looking good so far! Can't wait to see where you go with this.

It's great to see Harry back once more :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

Just out of curiosity, since this isn't a one-shot like your previous Dresden/EG story, how long is it going to be, novella or novel size?

Aiming for more novella than novel

Comment posted by EverfreeNorthwest deleted Mar 15th, 2015

More sinior, or I'm crying out that door.


That's fine. It makes sense, since the Dazzlings were a far more credible threat than Sunset Shimmer. Gonna take loner for Harry & the gang to take longer to stop them.

Still, I was hoping that since you finished Winning Pony, we could have a full-length sequel to My Little Denarians. Oh well, this far better than nothing.

Is there any problem that silver-coloured adhesive can't solve?

...oh, Harry. You picked yourself a WINNING horse with this apprentice.

Ok, I really liked Bob's opinion on the Dazzlings and I found it hilarious the way Harry and Sunset interacted with Sonata, especially the tidbit where Sonata complains about human names and thinks Harry is Sunset's boyfriend. I hope the next chapter comes soon.

I forgot to ask something. Will Thomas appear in this story. I kinda want to see Sunset and Sonata's reaction to meeting Harry's incubus brother.

Taco Tuesday called, they want their Sonata back. Great second chapter... and muffin stuffs.

Brilliant! We kick of the adventure with the most amusing kind of fey and kidnapping? What more could one want?
Lovely chapter, though for some reason everytime you have a word in italics it is colored white.

Huh. Seems like Sunset is now more on the level than Harry. Guess it makes sense. You don't get to become the most 100% authentic bitch without learning how to kick ass and take names.


I mean, most of these guys have names like Tom, Bob, and Harry. Those’re such boring names. They don’t even mean anything!

Well, we're already two-for-two. Besides, what place is better for an impromptu interrogation than the Raith Manor?

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