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The Little Pony Legend: Rainbow Rocks - MaggiesHeartLove

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Welcome to the show/ The Music of Friendship


Proverbs 10:12 ~

Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offenses.


Welcome to the show/ The Music of Friendship

The Principals had received word that the Rainbooms had forfeit from the competition, which left Trixie and her band the only remaining band in the competition. That night, the competition began and Trixie was singing with her bandmates on stage.

Ya better believe

I got tricks up my sleeve

And I captivate

'Cause I'm powerful and grea-ea-eat

The Illusions;

Oh, whoa, oh-oh-oh-oh


Ya better believe

I got tricks up my sleeve

See me dominate

'Cause I'm powerful and grea-ea-eat

The Illusions;

Oh, whoa, oh oh oh oh

But as they sang, the door that contained a certain Avatar remained closed before completely breaking apart from an air blast. Korra stepped out, finally she was free. She still couldn't believe she had been out for so long. Then again surprisingly, as weak as the Dazzlings bending attacks were, avoiding them did take up plenty of energy. She really needed to get back into shape. But now, she had to find where the girls were. She made her way further backstage, only to spot the Dazzling, impatiently awaiting their turn to perform. Korra quietly snuck the other way, avoiding them. Last thing she needed was more commotion. She had to find her friends. She subsequently bumped into a stage manager.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be back here."

"Look, I'm sorry but I really need to--hey!" The manager dragged Korra by the arm and away from the stage, "You don't understand, I need to--"

"Hey, down in front!"

Another voice called out, before she knew it, Korra was being shoved father back by more and more people who wanted to get a better look at the stage. Korra could have just knocked some sense into them but she didn't want to cause a commotion. Besides, she didn't want anything else to keep her from finding her friends. She shoved among the crowd of people, trying to find someplace that lead to where the girls were held. Then, she felt something tug on her leg.


"Spike!" The little dog jumped into her arms, licking Korra's face. "Have you seen the girls?" she asked.

"Not yet. C'mon!"


Meanwhile, underneath the stage, the Rainbooms were already exhausted from being trapped, and had lost all hope of being found. Pinkie Pie laid on the ground on her back while Rarity fanned herself with her hand. Twilight, who had tried numerous times but the door wasn't made of wood. It was nearly impossible to break. And Sunset couldn't bare to use her powers due to fear of loosing control over them again. Rainbow Dash continuously kept slamming herself against the door, but it was futile. She grunted and rubbed her sore arm.

"Give it up, Rainbow Dash." said Applejack, "You've been tryin' at this for hours. It's not gonna open."

Twilight Sparkle stood up, removing the arm warmer around her arm, revealing her burned scar. She missed having Korra around. "Maybe it doesn't even matter that we're trapped down here. I don't think the counter-spell would have worked anyway."

Applejack tried to encourage her, "Of course it would have worked, Twilight." her attitude then changed as she glared at a certain blue-skinned, rainbow haired teen, "Assumin' a certain band member didn't try to hog the spotlight the whole time we were tryin' to play it!"

"Hey! If you wanna tell Twilight that Korra was getting a little too caught up trying to be the new leader of this band, you don't have to be all cryptic about it."

Rarity stepped in, "She was talking about you, Rainbow Dash!" she said, grinding her teeth and crossing her arms.

"Me?! I'm just trying to make sure my band rocks as hard as it needs to!"

"OUR BAND!!" the other girls exclaimed in union, their united voices causing Rainbow's hair to bellow behind her.

Twilight got down and clenched her head, "But why wasn't it working? I should know what to do. How could I not know what to do? How could I have failed like this?" Twilight began to sob in between her knees and Sunset was already growing more anxious as the rest of the group continued their arguing, mainly Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

"It might've been your idea to start a band, but it's not just your band, Rainbow Dash!"

"I'm the one who writes all the songs!"

"I write songs!" Fluttershy intervened, "You just never let us play any of them!"

"I had the most perfect outfits for us to wear!" said Rarity.

"Again with the costumes!" Applejack exclaimed in annoyance, "No one cares what we're wearin'!"

"I care, Applejack! So sorry if I enjoy trying to make a creative contribution to the band!"

Pinkie Pie came in between the two bickering groups, "Hey! Anybody here remember fun?! I'll give you a hint: It's the exact opposite of being in the Rainbooms!"

"I wish I never asked any of you to be in my band!" Rainbow exclaimed angrily.

Rarity cried out, "I wish I'd never agreed to be in it!!!!"

"Me neither!", Fluttershy and Applejack said in unison.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie all started arguing with one another, when suddenly Sunset noticed something terrible.

The five girls were starting to emit a strange green colored aura which was rising upwards fading through onto the stage above. The more they argued, the stronger the auras became. It was like their negative emotions were manifesting itself and escaping from the ceiling.

Korra and Spike continued looking for wherever the girls were trapped inside, but the large group of people made it almost impossible to make it through. Korra grunted as she shoved against two people to get pass.

"Seriously, how many kids go to this school?"

On stage, Trixie's song was nearly finished.


Ya better believe

I got tricks up my sleeve

See me dominate

'Cause I'm powerful and grea-ea-eat!

So close the performance, fireworks shot upwards, exploding into a stunning display. Korra face palmed herself. "Oh sure, she gets away with using fire in an act?" she said sarcastically/bitterly.

From behind the stage, the Dazzlings awaited their turn. Sonata enjoyed the show, Adagio was simply smiling contently while Aria…well, she was just bored. They were wearing new outfits for the occasion.

Adagio wore a pale purple knee-length under dress with dark purple triangles on the chest and abdomen. A moderate-purple vest with short rounded sleeves, sparkles, and a dark purple collar with gold studs. A matching poofy overskirt held in place with Adagio's signature golden belt with the gem as a belt buckle. Her signature dark purple headband with spikes, a golden bracelet and spiked wristband on each wrist. Pale purple high-heeled boots wrapped in two dark purple belts each with triangle designs similar to her under dress.

Aria wore a dark purple halter-top with sparkles on the chest and a corset design on the abdomen. A sparkly pale yellow skirt that reached a few inches above the knees in the front but ended mid-calves in the back. Two wrist warmers with alternating pale-green and white stripes. Stockings that reached mid-calf colored in alternating purple and white stripes. Grecian style, dark-purple heels reaching a few inches below the stockings with sparkles on the front and Aria's whole Cutie Mark on the front.

Sonata's outfit was a dress with a purple off-shoulder top with horizontal dark purple stripes and a dark purple tie on the front with sparkles; with a dark purple skirt with an artic blue waistline and Sonata's whole Cutie Mark on the right side. Two dark purple wrist warmers with sparkles. Futuristic-styled, knee-high, wedge-heeled boots; colored mostly moderate-purple with dark purple on the soles and the top lining with three artic-blue straps on each one.

Trixie and her bandmates walked pass them, smiling smugly, "Try to top that!" Trixie said.

Adagio spoke sarcastically, "Oh, gosh! I don't know if we can!"

The three laughed until they witnessed the sparkly green mist emitting from the stage door where the Rainbooms were held prisoners. Their plan had worked.

Korra and Spike managed to get away from the crowed, but the Avatar felt a strange sensation form within her. "Something's not right." she said.

Music started to play was a green mist covered the stage, and the Dazzlings walked out, their pendents glowing brightly. Korra knew she had seen that green mist before.

The Dazzlings:


Ah, ah, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, ah

As the Dazzlings sang, the green mist disappeared, being absorb into the red pendents. The same green mist which was emitting from underneath the stage where the girls were. Korra now knew where she had to go.

Sunset Shimmer heard the sirens' song from above, now realizing exactly what they had been trying to do all along. She found her courage and broke the bickering.

"Stop! You have to stop! This is what they've been after all along! They're feeding off of the magic inside you!"

"How can they be using our magic?" Applejack asked in confusion, "It's the magic of friendship."

Sunset turned to Twilight, as if waiting for her to say something. But no, the princess was just as curious as to what Sunset was trying to say. It was then she remembered all Korra had done. She always spoke the truth, even when it seemed others didn't want to listen. She had an inner strength that, while it was hard to keep up, was still there deep down. Sunset decided it was high time to say what needed to be said. Something Korra had taught her.

"Ever since you started this band, you've been letting little things get to you. I never said anything 'cause I didn't feel like it was my place. Not when I'm so new to this whole "friendship" thing. I still have a lot to learn. But I do know that if you don't work out even the smallest problems right at the start, the magic of friendship can be turned into something else."

The girls did not say a word. Everything Sunset said was right. They had been letting small things get between them, without even talking about it. They all began to feel so guilty, they had given the sirens exactly what they needed. If only they had not been so prideful and stubborn.

Twilight realized that she was wrong too. She had been trying so hard to revert back to the way she use to be, that she began neglecting her friends. Which was kind of similar to what Korra had been doing six months prior. Trying so hard to get back to the past that she failed to see what was right in front of her. Twilight was being so foolish while Korra had been trying to help her see the error of her attitude. Back then, it use to be the opposite, and now it was Korra who needed to get Twilight back to reality. She stood up and looked on regrettably at her friends.

"I can't believe all this tension was happening right under my nose and I didn't realize it. I've been so caught up with trying to get back to the way I used to be, ignoring how I was feeling because I was scared of turning into someone I wouldn't recognize. But because of that, all I've done since I got here was let you down. I'm suppose to be the one with all the answers."

And that was when Sunset remembered what her friends had recently said to her before getting trapped, "I don't think anyone is supposed to have all the answers. But you can count on your friends to help you find them." The rest of the Rainbooms smiled. "And Twilight, I understand what it's like to change from a traumatic experience. But, not all change has to be a bad thing. Besides, you never seemed all that different to me."


"Well, yes I've noticed you have changed, but some parts haven't entirely. You just seemed more…grown up."

Twilight's eyes widened. She had grown up? Well, she did get to see just how cruel the world could be, but that only made her want to hold on to the positive even more. Making it stronger. Maybe she shouldn't have been trying to deny her change, but learn to embrace it. She smiled.

"I guess you can learn from any experience. Good or bad." her confidence returned, "C'mon! We need to get out of here!"

The seven girls all worked together to open the door wide open, but even that wasn't enough. The girls all fell backwards onto the ground, when the door opened up.

"Spike! Korra!" Twilight happily embraced Korra in a tight hug and Spike jumped into their arms, wagging his tail. "What happened?" Twilight asked, "Where were you?"

"Long story, short; Sirens can bend, had a fight, knocked unconscious, I got locked in a closet, just got out, by the way does the entire teenage generation of this place go to Canterlot High?"

"The sirens can bend?!" Twilight asked in surprise.

"You were locked in a closet?!" Sunset asked as well.

"Also, we ran into a friend." Korra pointed her thumb to a pale white skinned girl with blue hair with light aqua/blue streaks, D-J sunglasses and headphones. It was Vinyl Scratch.

"She's the only one who wasn't under the sirens's spell and helped us find you."

"Why isn't she under their spell?" Twilight asked.

"Never takes off her headphones." said Spike. Vinyl gave a thumbs up.

Korra was surprised when she received a hug from Sunset Shimmer, "I'm so glad you're okay!"

"It's good to see you too. What did I miss?"

Twilight placed a proud hand on Sunset's shoulder, "Sunset Shimmer helped me realize I was being foolish in pushing myself to be the way I was and that I should instead learn to live with it."

Korra smirked, "Wow, maybe you should get trapped more often." she joked, only to have the alicorn hug her in return.

Applejack took the lead, "Come on, y'all! Time to prove we've still got the magic of friendship inside us!"

"And there's only one way to do it!" Korra said.

"We're getting the band back together?" Pinkie Pie asked excitedly.

"We're getting our band back together!" said Rainbow Dash, having finally learned a lesson in humility and teamwork.

Pinkie Pie cheered happily, "Whee!"

"Ooh, which version of the counter-spell are we going to play?" Rarity asked.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, "I don't think it matters what song we play, as long as we play it together. As friends."

"I know just the song." Rainbow said, and the others looked at one another with concern. "Fluttershy's written a really great one." said the rainbow-haired girl, which made the pink haired one smile with glee. Apparently Rainbow did learn a lesson. But she wasn't the only one.

"We're about to save the world here." Applejack began, "Personally, I think we should do it in style. Rarity?"

Rarity was deeply touched by this, "I thought you'd never ask!" she immediately pulled out a clothing rank, already with their beautiful multi-colored rainbow themed outfits. "I even have one just for Korra!"

The Avatar smiled at the creation. Even this version of Rarity respected her style.


On stage, The Dazzlings continued their vocalizing while the students all watched the performance. This was the sirens' time to shine.

Their time…

To rule


Welcome to the show

We're here to let you know

Our time is now

The Dazzlings;

Your time is running out

From above a hilltop, overlooking the stage and audience, The rainbows were already wearing their outfits, the midnight wind bellowing their skirts and hair.

Twilight wore a pale-blue halter dress with a high collar a yellow star on the chest, black bordering around the star and collar with sparkles on the chest and collar; a moderate-purple skirt higher in the front above the knees than the back at the knees, with a dark belt at the waist with a pale-blue star as a buckle, two dark belts draped around the skirt and yellow star around the edge with sparkles surrounding them. Stockings were both pale-blue and pale-yellow; the left leg was blue and the right was yellow. The wedge-heeled boots were colored the same way except for the top lining, the star on the front of each boot and the soles which were all colored moderate-purple. Each boot had two pale blue stars on each side of the heels.

Applejack wore a country styled top colored apple-green with red swirl designs and buttons shaped like apple seeds and sparkles. A country styled skirt colored gold with pink apples and blue dreads at the edge of the skirt. A dark brown country-styled belt was draped on Applejack's waist with a blue belt buckle with two blue hearts attached. Stocking were both apple-green and apple-red. Left leg was red, right leg was green. Golden. sparkled, country styled heeled boots with curved designs on the front of each one and golden apples on the sides of each boot. Outfit is topped off with a red stetson hat with a darker red band around it.

Fluttershy had a dark-purple frilly top with a pale-green and black butterfly over the chest with sparkles. A segmented skirt with pale=green and black stripes with dark purple butterflies and a pale-purple frilly under skirt. Stockings were both dark-purple and pale-pink. Left leg was pink, right leg was purple. Grass-green, Grecian-style heeled sandals with butterflies on the front, upper straps and sides of the soles.

Pinkie Pie had a sleeveless dress that hot-pink in the chest area and the shoulder straps with a black waistband and a blue heart on the front. Shoulder-straps, waistband and heart were sparkled. Skirt was pale blue decorated with blue, pink and yellow confetti and balloons of the same colors that sparkled. Stockings were both hot pink and mulberry purple. Left leg was purple, right leg was pink. Wedge-heeled sandals that were blue with yellow hearts on the front straps and pink hearts outlined in blue are on the sides of the soles of each boot.

Rarity had on a sleeveless, hot pink vest with thin, vertical black stripes, pleats that jut out from a black waistband studded with sapphire-blue diamonds and a blue star that was pinned to one of the shoulder straps. The skirt was hot pink with blue diamonds and musical notes with heart designs. Her stockings were both sapphire blue and hot pink. Left leg was pink, right leg was blue. High-heeled sandals that were pale pink; straps were studded with blue diamonds and the soles had hollow diamond shapes in the front.

Rainbow Dash wore a sleeveless, cyan-blue vest with a black stripe going around the waist and a yellow lightning bolt that juts upward from the left shoulder. The skirt was decorated with rainbow-colored lightning bolts separated by black lightning bolts. Stockings were both grayish-green and yellow. Left leg was yellow, right leg was green. Cyan-blue, wedge-heeled boots, partially unzipped with black zippers, soles had yellow lightning bolts on each side of each boot.

Korra's outfit was a cyan strong colored blue shirt with a V neckline and a darker blue colored jacket with short sleeves and lighter blue outlines around the high collar with a strap. Her pants were navy blue and purple; left leg was blue, right was purple. Over her pants she wore a pale purple skirt that was cut on the left side with grey fur lining and long blue converge with white toes and dark blue laces. She wore two long up the elbow shoulder aqua colored arm warmers that exposed her fingers and a silvery headband with blue opal shaped jewels on her head, exposing her pony ears.

"How are we supposed to play over them from up here?" Rainbow asked. She heard honking noises and saw Vinyl arrive in her white car, and with the push of a button, it converted into a portable DJ station, complete with speakers.

Korra smirked, "That could work."

Down bellow, the sirens' spell began taking full effect. Soon, all of the students; eyes gained a hazed and unresponsive looks as they fell deep under the sirens' musical spell. With this, their pendents glowed brighter.

The Dazzlings;

Feel the wave of sound

As it crashes down

You can't turn away

We'll make you wanna stay

The three were lifted up into the air as red sparkling swirls emitted from the gems, entrapping them in a magical aura as their hair grew longer, resembling tails and pony ears grew on their head. But, unlike Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, their wings were not feathery, but translucent and shaped in the form of bat wings. Adagio's were purple, Aria's were light aqua green while Sonata's were pale pink. They had gained their own warped anthro forms by absorbing the magic from the Rainbooms.

We will be adored

Tell us that you want us

We won't be ignored

It's time for our reward

Now you need us

Come and heed us

Nothing can stop us now

Suddenly, the sirens stopped singing and winced when drums were heard from afar, but loud enough for them to hear. Aria pointed forward and Adagio saw the Rainbooms singing loudly and beautifully. With Korra and Twilight on lead vocals. This spelled trouble for them.

The Rainbooms;

Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

I've got the music in me

Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh


Don't need to hear a crowd

Cheering out my name


I didn't come here seeking

Infamy or fame

As the girls sang, the students could feel themselves breaking free from the sirens' hold. Their spirits being lifted by the beauty of the music.

The Rainbooms;

The one and only thing

That I am here to bring

Is music, is the music

Is the music in my soul

As their music grew louder, their magic grew stronger. One by one, their outfits gained sparkles and multicolored streaks across their hair as well as their anthro forms. Applejack's streaks were red, Rarity's were pink and blue, Fluttershy's pink and lime green, and Pinkie's were purple and blue, all the streaks matched their cloths perfectly.

Korra gained dark purple and light aqua green streaks just like from her Rainbow Form and her hair grew longer to resemble a tail while her stunning wings emerged from her back. The same happened to Twilight and her hair gained pink and light blue streaks.

Gonna break out


Set myself free, yeah

Let it all go


Just let it be, yeah

Find the music in your heart

Let the music make you start

To set yourself apart

Adagio Dazzle smiled wickedly at their attempts to try and beat them at their own game. Their attempts were adorable, but futile. Still, it could still be fun to play around with them for a while. "So the Rainbooms want to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands? Then let's battle!" As the Dazzlings sang, the students once again fell into their hold.

The Dazzlings;

What we have in store

All we want and more

We will break on through

Now it's time to finish you!

The pendents glowed brightly and so did Adagio's eyes, glowing bright bloody red. The same trait was shared with Aria and Sonata. Their powers increased and from their gems, they created astral projections of their true siren forms. Adagio's was yellow, Aria's purple and Sonata's was blue.

The Rainbooms were not expecting this. The horrifying creatures came flying towards them, circling them like sharks. But the Rainbooms were not going to go down without a fight. Adagio's siren came hurling down, her mouth open, ready to unleash a fire attack.

Vinyl turned up the volume and Pinkie Pie played her drums, the speakers increased the music which destroyed the incoming fire attack.

Rarity played her keytar, unleashing a diamond-style attack at Aria's siren form.

Fluttershy unleashed a butterfly-styled attack onto Sonata's siren.

Twilight and Korra both vocalized, their eyes glowing brightly white as they did, their voices creating star and heart shaped symbols aimed at Adagio's siren. But the creature opened its mouth, unleashing a powerful vocal attack, which countered' Korra and Twilight's. The princesses looked up at the creature with pure anger.

The three sirens banded together and simultaneously unleashed another vocal attack, which only pushed the Rainbooms father away.

As they vocalized, both Korra and Twilight had flashbacks of the Red Lotus, losing their concentration. Twilight's mic flew right out of her hand during the impact, rolling down at Sunset's feet.

The Dazzlings smiled wickedly as Adagio's voice spoke thought her siren protection, sounding like a long haunting echo.

"You may have beaten us once before, Avatar. But this time, you'll be the one to fall!"

She saw her friends in distress, Korra grunting and clenching her head, shaking from the image she had just seen. Twilight held her close in a hug and looked over at Sunset with hope on her eyes.

"Sunset Shimmer, we need you!"

Her? No, she couldn't be.

Korra, looked at her with pleading eyes. "Sunset…show them who you really are."

Sunset was conflicted, should she help? She looked up at the sirens, the image of her past self manifested in her mind. She gasped and closed her eyes shut. She looked over at Korra, who was still shaking from her vision. Sunset understood the feeling too well. Korra and Twilight fought, despite their fears. If Sunset was to help her friends, she needed to let go of the past. At least try.

She looked up at the sirens, a look of determination dawned on her face. Even though she could still see that monster, she refused to allow it to consume her. She looked at her fear straight in the face. That was her past, who she was, a reality. But not who she would be for the rest of her life. Not anymore.

"That fight is over."

Sunset walked up and stood protectively before her friends, facing the sirens. She removed her jacket and Vinyl turned up the music, playing the track of a drum solo. Sunset opened her mouth to sing with all of her heart, confronting the sirens.

Sunset Shimmer;

You're never gonna bring me down

You're never gonna break this part of me

She held Twilight's hand and helped her up, who in return helped Korra up. Both princesses smiling proudly at their friend.

My friends are here to bring me 'round

Not singing just for popularity

The sirens sneered at this. There was no way they could win. But they underestimated the girls. Korra and Twilight both felt inspired to keep on going, and sang with such power and strength.

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and Korra;

We're here to let you know

That we won't let it go

The Rainbooms;

Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow

The siren projections were not going to take this, and so they hurled towards the girls, Adagio's siren's mouth was wide open, with a fire attack at the ready.

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and Korra;

And you can try to fight

But we have got the light of friendship on our side!

Because of Sunset's bravely and selflessness, she increased the strength in Korra and Twilight's voices, as they sang with all the courage and love within their hearts. With their free hands, Sunset, Korra and Twilight unleashed a combo fire attack, which in return, merged with a rainbow shockwave that spread across the area, freeing the students and backing the siren projections away. Adagio, Aria and Sonata's eyes stopped glowing red as they watched in disbelief what was happening before them.

The Rainbooms;

Got the music in our hearts

We're here to blow this thing apart

And together, we will never

Be afraid of the dark

Suddenly, Sunset's body began to glow and rise up. The Magic of Friendship consumed her, pony ears grew on her head and her hair grew longer, resembling a tail, and her cutie mark appeared on her skirt.

She had gained her own anthro form!

The other girls gained beautiful glows around them as they rose up, each of them emitting a colorful light upwards into the sky, Sunset included. The colors all merged together as one and high above their heads as a pair of large sparkly wings emerged from the spear.

Here to sing our song out loud

Get you dancing with the crowd

As the music of our friendship



Now, everyone all around was singing to the Rainbooms' music. Feeling the magic of friendship inside their hearts!

Got the music in our hearts

We're here to blow this thing apart

And together, we will never

Be afraid of the dark

Here to sing our song out loud

Get you dancing with the crowd

As the music of our friendship




The Dazzlings looked up in fear as the colors created a large majestic silver colored woman who had a long unicorn horn and two feathery wings on her back. Her hair was wavy with colors depicting the Rainbooms' signature colors. She was a human alicorn. She unleashed a powerful ray of pure light onto the siren projections, which were far smaller, and they broke apart, disappearing entirely.

The light hit the Dazzlings and in a blinding light, the Human-Alicorn disappeared, and the Dazzlings no longer had their anthro forms. Their wings, tails and ears were gone.

Including their gems.

The pendents were sheathed into pieces before them. Adagio quickly grabbed the remaining pieces, she and the others were so hoping there would still be magic within them somewhere. They opened their mouths to sing.

"wE wIlL be AdOooOoReD..."

"TeLl us ThAt YoU WAntuS'..."

"wE woN't Be IGnOrEd..."

The crowd started booing as the sirens, or former sirens, sang way off key, even started throwing fruits and vegetables at them. It was then they had to face the awful truth: their magic was gone! The three ran off the stage, only to encounter the Rainbooms. Korra crossed her arms while smirking. But Adagio was not done yet.

"You think you've beaten us? Well, let's see how you feel about---" she extended her hands, expecting a fire blast to come out. But nothing did. She repeatedly attempted to unleash her powers but nothing came out. "My…my bending!"

"Gone." Korra replied, "Yeah, that large display you just saw, was fused with my spiritual Avatar powers, which includes taking away the bending of those who don't deserve it."

The Dazzlings gasped in horror. They had no bending. No magic. Nothing!

They heard even more booing when a few very, very angry students approached them. Korra leaned in closer to Adagio, still smiling smugly, "If I were you, I'd start running."

As the angry students came in closer, the Dazzlings ran away at full speed, screaming like the cowards they were. Sunset took a piece of the now shattered stones from the floor. "Guess that explains why these were so special to them."

Twilight stated, "Without those pendants, their bending and the magic you brought here from Equestria, they're just three harmless teenage girls."

"Rainbooms rule!" Flash Sentry, now completely free from the sirens' spell, rushed up and embraced Twilight in a warm hug. Taking her by complete surprise. "That was amazing!"

Twilight began to blush as Korra cleared her throat to get their attention, "So, now you're being nice again?" she asked in a rather disapproving tone, which made Flash look downwards in shame and regret.

"I'm so sorry for everything I said. I never really meant it. You were right Korra, I was being a jerk."

But, Korra being Korra, shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "Eh, I've seen way worse."

Sunset and the girls giggled along with the Avatar at her humorous quip. But, Flash was still holding Twilight. She knew she had to come clean, for both of their sakes. But before she could say anything, once again, Trixie came by and intervened, much to the annoyance of the two.

"You may have vanquished the Dazzlings, but you will never have the amazing, show-stopping ability of The Great and Powerful--"

"GIVE IT A REST!!" The Rainbooms and Flash all yelled in union, making Trixie flinch in fear.

"TheGreatandPowerfulTrixie!" she said really fast before unleashing another smoke bomb of blue dust, causing the others to cough.

Pinkie Pie gasped, "She's gone!…Oh, wait. There she is."

They saw Trixie trying to leave the arena, accidentally tripping and falling from the bleachers. "Trixie is okay!"

Korra simply shook her head in amusement. Same old Trixie.

"You know, Twilight and Korra are going back to Equestria soon." said Rainbow Dash to Sunset Shimmer, "The Rainbooms could really use someone to help Fluttershy on backup vocals."

However, Sunset smirked when she spotted an aqua colored electric guitar and began playing it like a total rock star, "I also play guitar."

The Rainbooms, even Flash, all had their mouths hung open wide in shock. Twilight and Korra smiled proudly as Rainbow nodded her head, "We'll see."

Sunset was happily surprised when her friends all embraced her in a group hug, even Spike joined it. It was at that moment that Sunset truly felt like she belonged.

Flash scratched the back of his head as he spoke, "Uh, I know it probably doesn't matter much now but, we've still got an audience."

Korra smirked as an idea came to her head. "Yeah. We do." the Avatar quickly rushed up on stage, not even wearing a hat to cover up her pony ears. She took the mic and grabbed everyone's attention. "Excuse me, everyone. Good evening, now I know a lot of you were expecting a winner but, I'm happy to inform you…The Battle of the Bands is canceled. There won't be a winner."

The students all began muttering with one another in confusion.

"Because there shouldn't be one. No one should try to act like they're better than anyone. Before the Dazzlings showed up, this was suppose to be a Musical Showcase. A time to come together and share music. Music is about bringing people together, that's what makes it beautiful. But if you use it for selfish reasons, then it looses that beauty. So how about tonight we bring it back. Forget the contest and have the Musical Showcase as originally planed."

Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna preached the girl and smiled in approval. "What did you say your name was, sweetie?" Celestia asked.

"Korra…just Korra."

"Well, Korra I say… let's do it!"

The entire stadium burst into applauds and cheers and the bands that were disqualified before started grabbing their instruments and ran up on stage to join the Rainbooms. It was time to sing it loud. Korra took Sunset's hand and handed her a mic. The red/golden haired girl looked at the Avatar in confusion.

"It's your stage too, Sunset. Take it."

With much more confidence, Sunset took the mic. It was her time to sing too. And sing it proud!

Pinkie Pie;

"One, two, three!"

(drum solo)

Music played and Sunset took center stage singing a song from her heart.



Was all I desired

But all that grew inside me

Was a darkness I acquired

Worried at first, but seeing how everyone was enjoying her singing, Sunset continued. She turned around to Twilight and Korra who now stood beside her, ready to sing along.

When I began to fall

And I lost the path ahead

That's when your friendship found me

And it lifted me instead

Korra, Twilight, Sunset;

Like the phoenix burning bright

In the sky

I'll show there's another side to me

You can't deny


I may not know what the future holds

But hear me when I say;

Korra, Twilight, Sunset;

That my past does not defy me

'Cause my past is not today!


Oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh



Is what I believed

To be the only way

To set me free


But when it disappeared

And I found myself alone

Korra, Twilight, Sunset;

That's when you came and got me

And it felt like I was home!


Flash jumped in stage and began shredding his guitar while Sunset, Twilight and Korra danced while performing a stunning firebending display. Now, Sunset had a much more firm grip on her new abilities, no longer feelings scared of them, but embracing them.

The crowd cheered as the other bands danced and played their instruments. This was exactly what they needed all along. To play music together instead of apart.


Like a phoenix burning bright

In the sky!

We'll show there's another side to us

You can't deny!

We may not know what the future holds

But hear us when we say;

That our past does not defy us

'Cause our past is not


Rainbow shredded and the three firebenders unleashed a stunning fireblast up into the sky, which exploded into a stunning firework performance.

This was truly a magical night for everyone.

But, a certain trio of former singers were not happy. Adagio sneered as she watched the Avatar perform.

"Enjoy it while it lasts Korra. You haven't seen the last of me."

Her eye widened when Vice-Principal Luna handed her, Aria and Sonata some brooms and ordered them to clean up the mess that was left from the fruit that was tossed at them.

One day, they would get their revenge.

Just, not today.


2 Corinthians 5:17 ~

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!


Author's Note:

One more chapter left. ;)