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NOTICE: I feel I need to say this to avoid confusion the only ponies turned human are Sunset and the Dazzlings all other charcters are the human world version of them and have neither the memories or experience of their pony counter parts. The Twiligt in this story was the Twilight that at the end of Rainbow rocks in glasses. Not the princess pony one. Thank you for your time.

Having finished high school at Canterlot high Sunset goes to College with the human Twilight. While Twilight studies mostly established fields of science, Sunset focuses on the paranormal after hearing of the heroics of the Ghostbusters in New York. Shortly after they finish their studies, and return to Canterlot, they get wind of numerous unexplained and ghostly events. After getting the gang together Twi and Sunny head out on a road trip in Vinyl and Pinkie's failed party bus to ask the Ghostbusters to investigate. Due to having just finished dealing with the events of the games the Ghostbusters offer the girls the option of franchising rather then just a simple investigation trip. So they help them set up the bus as Ecto-16 and set up in Canterlot.

Now the new Ghostbusters of Canterlot must take on a rising hoard of ghosts. Join Adgio Dazzle the team leader, Aria Blaze the badass, Sonata Dusk the slime exorcist, Rainbow Dash the driver and awesomest of all, Applejack the mechanic, Sunset Shimmer the field expert, and Twilight Sparkle the labtech, secretary, bookkeeper and boss. As they face of with demonic power of the Nightmare Moon and her legions of the dead!

Joint project of myself and Bryan Luna

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Ok this show promise, i really can't wait to see more.
Will they also helping some Ghost find peace or will they just capture only?

6058401 It will follow in the spirit of the Ghostbusters moves and game as well take lightly from comics an show. But given its Equestria girls maybe. That's all I can tell you.


Not colleague.

Shortly after they finish their studies, and return to Canterlot, the get wind of numerous unexplained and ghostly events.

'they get wind', not 'the get wind'


College, not Collage

I can only imagine how your day is going...~

*Gives you a hug*

6059198 :yay: flutter hugs. Lol. Not bad if my biggest mistake is Collage spelling like you say it rather then College.

6059198 Uh two things, ones sorry about this reply being late, And two I'm the one that goofed that up, sorry about that. I have been trying to improve on my editing skills. It's been slow going.

If the Ghostbusters go to Canterlot to help the girls and end up fighting some poltergeists, I will hunt you down and hurt you if there isn't at least a passing mention of Ghash!

I know this is a late question but what is the source material for the other ghost busters franchises .
also the ships confirmed the two female doctors and ace and an oni
also this is a great story

6161028 Well we thank you for that. As for the other sources they are the Ghostbusters Video game for PS3/X-Box 360, the Ghobusters Sanctum of Slime also on the same tow consoles, the I.D.W. Ghostbusters comics, the Real Ghostbusters T.V. show and one called the Extreme Ghostbusters. Not too sure about that last one too much, Gundamdragon knows the comics and Extreme Ghostbusters as well as Sanctum of Slime better than I do.

6161170 Well it doesn't exist outside of this story, the same as the Paradise City branch. We have given some thought to the possibility of stories showing these branches in action, but nothing solid yet.

6161170 there basically my OC Ace and his Bran. Tho also Megan from MLP g1 and humanized g1 windwhisler for the peradice city and Japanese branches.

Love it! I sense a Human Twilight/Sunset shipping! Please please please make it so!

6161501 We're considering it for sure, that's all I'll say about for now.

6161417 ah so the other branches are oc and g1 thanks, but don't lie I only read the 666th but I know you ship.
just because I have trouble expressing emotions this is meant as a playful joke.

6161899 just cause I have stock in E.P.S. (Equestrian postal survas) dose not mean I ship thing every chance I git.

Also this is more action based story. No promises there will be any shipping.

But on a side note did I we have you worried about Sunset with the whole snake thing?

6162072 Really? I usually go with Ditzy's Muffin Express myself.

6162072 well by the action needed to escape and based on my fear of arachnids and snakes yes yes you did.

6162140 oh really afraid of spiders? Then you are going to just love part 2:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

6162148 well there getting shot at so I think I will be fine besides they have the power of music hopefully metal to protect them.

6162140 Don't like snakes or spiders huh? Neither do I.


Oh I'm going to have so much fun with the next chapter...:yay:

"Though, then again if someone we knew got eaten we would would go a little nuts too. Remember when Peter saved us and the world from that thing?" Said Ray as he ran.

"I still can't figure out how he did that." said Egon.

Was that a reference to Necksa?

6163467 Yes that's is what I was refinancing Peter saved the world

6163708 wait so your who sent that mail woman to ferrous dominious

I like the fedora bandits can they please keep them like slimer

6197340 it's under consideration I actually had another ghost in mind.

6197370 please no more spiders or snakes or rapist or rapist with pet spider snake hybrids

6197414 ah I gave one of my favorite writers an idea that may or may not scare me. if any on needs me I will be acquiring an inquisitorial rhino with anti demon wards to hide in right now

6197654 lol oh a demon spide snake rapist that's a even better idea!

6197735 sweet warhammer 40k and gundam no . why would you do that to them .
unless it up to the gangsters and slimmer and peter to save them .

6198064 well I figured if a demon couldn't get into something neither could a ghost

6197654 Oh I think we can come up with some real nightmares between us. *evil laughter*

6198099 but idon't try to be evil I just like dark stuff like doctor bright and the scp and warhammer I am not trying to cause demon snake spider rapist ghosts

6198162 Dude I was totally messing with you. Things should get pretty weird in best Ghostbusters tradition though.

6198205 yeah gangster ghost with working guns is kinda weird I want to know where they get rounds for them

6198233 Um yeah I have no idea how that works either. :rainbowlaugh: There it is none the less though. The great thing about a story like this one is that there is a lot of creative freedom, so you never know what we'll come up with next. It should be fun to see.

6198247 yeah stories like this are awesome cant wait for what ever laughs or nightmare fuel is next

6198233 ecto plasum bullets they just generate them da

6198260 Well now that the Tantabus has been put into play by the show's writers that give us a dimension to work with too. We'll just have to see what we come up with.

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