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Who dares to summon the Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow, Aku?


After antagonizing Timmy Turner one too many times, Norm gets wished away by the buck tooth wonder, permanently. Through pure coincidence, he winds up in possession of three former sirens turned human who have seen much better days. Will Norm put aside his normal disdain for those who rub his lamp and help the sirens?
Warning: May contain comedy.
Cover art is by SkycatcherEQ, thank you!
Featured May 14, 2015 and another feature on the one year anniversary April 8, 2016

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besides a few grammar issues, this is honestly a good start. Norm has, and always will be, one of my favorite FOP villains. Seeing him finally paired with a group as bitter as him will be something to keep watch on.


5839315 Thanks, yeah I tried to get all my errors…but I didn't. I noticed a distinct lack of Norm here and tried to fix it.

What I'm seeing thus far? I'm liking.

Oooh, this has a lot of potential.


5839494 Glad you enjoy, hope I don't disappoint.

This shows immense promise as a premise. Also, interesting use of the "you can wish for more wishes" clause that Norm explained to Crocker. After all, Norm never said there was a limit on the Number of additional wishes one could ask for. This does bear potential for over abuse though, so I would like to pitch an idea, feel free to ignore it, the Dazzlings (since they rubbed the lamp together) have to take turns when making wishes. Each would get three wishes at a time before the next siren got her turn.

It's just a thought though.


5839522 This is an interesting idea. I actually went through a few limitation ideas myself, one was to limit the number of wishes a day, another was to have the wishes horribly backfire unless they we're painfully specific. But in the end I decided on something similar to this.


Backfiring wishes are a mandatory thing when Norm is the Genie.


5839690 of course. That's why I dismissed it as the main limitation

Looks like this could be funny. There are a few grammar issues I noticed, however, such as:

"Now that we have established that I am a genie, lets kick back,"

Should be:

"Now that we have established that I am a genie, let's kick back,"


Well, until their dead.

Should be:

Well, until they're dead.

Also, I believe the preferred way to show thought is usually by italicizing it rather than putting it in single quotation marks.


5839936 Thanks for that, though I actually ment to put their death. And I have always used single quotations for thought and italization for emphasis.

Norm... Norm... oh wow, that Norm? Damn it's been forever since I've seen that!

I'm putting the timer on 'I wish we had our full siren magic back' in the next... ten seconds? Ten minutes maybe?


5840516 Lol, but it's going to be fun to see how Norm twists it. He may feel bad for them, but that doesn't mean he's not going to have fun twisting their wishes.

5840616 'Fire-alarm type siren' magic.:rainbowlaugh:


5840621 Or maybe a manga titled 'Full Siren: Magic' or maybe he misunderstood and gongs up 'Fool Soarin' magic' or hell, gives them the magic, but not the ability to use it. Genies are tricky buggers.

5840642 Hence why lawyers are super-effective.:rainbowlaugh:


5840658 Norm: the genie pokemon. Type, Genie. Strong against, nearly everything. Weakness: Smoof, the Charms of Barbara Eden, Magic Lamps and Lawyers.

Wait dose that mean they can wish for their pendants and magic back?


5840735 Perhaps, or perhaps the power of harmony is enough to override that of a genie. You'll just have to wait and see, Mwhahahahaha!


5841076 Foolish fool! Aku is all about ponies!

Thanks for stopping by.


5841494 Who is this Mrs. Buzzy you speak of?


I'd like to see where this goes. Please continue it.

It's amazing how hard it can be to just wish someone to Mars.
Anyway, I found some typos for you:

his lamp would always land I front of someone

You forgot the 'n' in 'in.'

let out his furry on the

He should see someone about that shedding problem. Or the extra 'r', whichever comes first.

I managed to get a weak of free time

The exact opposite of a Von Strangle Vacation.

a giant palace with banner barring his face all over the place,

Must be a pretty big banner if they only needed the one.

surrounded by woman and gold.

Ditto on the lady. To each his own, I suppose.


5843716 I know, right? Thanks, I'll get on those as soon as possible.

Now THIS is the kind of crossover fic I can get into. That and you got the characters down to a science. I am impressed.


5844275 Thank you. I must admit I was worried over my characterization, but people seem to approve.

Hoo boy, I bet the Rainbooms are in SOOOOO much trouble now! :trollestia:

This can only end one way

5840642 You could do something with them wishing to be hippocampi again (that's the formal name for their true forms, the horse-mermaid creatures) but the hippocampus is also the part of the brain that regulates memory.


5846670 A little memmory loss, or gain?

One day, Canada. One day...

'Or a Canadian, one of these days, Canada, one of these days.'

For some reason, ever since I was like seven or so I've hated the country of Canada and always glared at the mere mention of that evil country's name...I think I remember just where that hatred came from now.

5840671 Supereffective when combined with the item: Fez

Yes, I do think Adagio would take the Mars option. Sonata though...would probably take the Arc de Failure or painted cave

Ha, just wait until Norm finds out the 'teens' aren't quite teens. Though given how old he is and what he is, he may just not bat an eyelash.

Though :rainbowlaugh: at Sonata being in charge.


5862050 I think he'd just shrug it off, hell, maybe stop calling them teens and just call them kids. 1,016 vs 50,028.
I still laugh at that, and I wrote it, I had that part planned for days.
5862045 So what would Aria do, in your opinion.


You know, I´m beggining to suspect the Dazzlings don´t actually need Norm twisting their wishes to bring doom over themselves. I give them five more chapters before they run to the Rainbows, begging the Six (and Twilight) to bail them out.


:trixieshiftleft: 5862217 You know to much.

Adagio wouldn't make the Mars wish! She'd want to see her victims suffer personally! Can't do that on Mars without some hardware...or a really good telescope.

Almost forgot about that Mars Wish deal. :rainbowlaugh:


5862910 Or a magic genie and unlimited wishes

5863306 Well yes, but she'd have to wish for them, wouldn't she?

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