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While the boundaries of between dimensions were being torn during the Friendship Games, an unexpected repercussion occurred. The Digital world discovered their world. How will the Humane 7 when they get mixed in to the digital mayhem about to arise.
Thankfully, a hero in training is there to help them.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 38 )

What is the crossover?

7307938 Digimon.

Will read later, got a lot on my plate right now.

7307938 Digimon. Haven't seen one of these in a while.

Sun and Moon? My guess is this is crossover with Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. And I see Brave Heart is another Goggle Person like the previous ones in series with some fighting style from Marcus in Data Squad.

Though I'm impress with the new concept of the new digivice. Hope you can do more of it. I tried to read other MLP Digimon Crossover but some are good but I got faith in this story and I hope you continue with it.

Awesome choose of digimon for the girl

lopmon for fluttershy oh this is going to be fun in the future

Digimon and MLPFIM is a popular crossover to do

7323239 not that popular. From what ive seen there arent that many.

this is going to be an awesome story please continue to upload more chapters please:raritystarry::twilightblush:

7324898 hi i really love reading tis story please upload more chapters

Question what's that a Power Rangers Jungle Fury reference in there with him being from Ocean Bluff?

DORUMON IS BEST DIGIMON!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

More Please this is a great story!!!!!!

7533672 kind of. I just wanted to name where he was from and I like the name so yeah.

7324898 Hope we see the cutiemark crusaders and guilmon.

I found the story interesting but after seeing Legend of Everfree and wiithout sating any spoilers i think you should have used other characters that are not the human 7 and were the hecka re the virus parters? this is all black and white like digimon 1 and 2 again

7689172 :twilightblush: Yeah. i know it seemed like a random, cheap joke, but Uncle is a major side character. Only later on.

Nice, and I already know the reference of the 'Battle Chip' :ajsmug:

Mega Man AND Jackie Chan Adventures?! I like.:raritystarry:

I like the Megaman.exe reference. Keep up the good work

Never been a fan of the harem element, boy this story is fine.

Question: Will there be an armor evolution for Veemon? or a ninth Digidestined? I ask about the armor, because one of the armor digieggs compatible with him in the show was the friendship digiegg.

8151300 I've thought about it, so maybe. And for the next question, let's just say when their not around, there's gonna be another to pick up the slack until they are back.

:fluttercry: please. can we have more??

So, I'm not sure if it was described, but does Brave Heart have a pair of goggles on his person? Because you can't lead a team of Digidestined without goggles. They even made a point about the importance of the goggles in the finale of Digimon Xros Wars.

Yeah it was described in the first chapter.

I love this dorumon is the best digimon ever!

Wait who was that the end? Is the Data Squad going to show up too?! Who's going to be partnered up Wormmon because Veemon needs him to DNA Digievolved into Pilmildramon then into Imperialdramon. Also Veemon is my number one favorite Digimon of all time from the TV show.

Yeah, that was indeed a Power Rangers Jungle Fury reference when he said he was from ocean bluff.

Im actually gonna do something with that later on XD

MegaMan Battle Network and Jackie Chan Adventures.

Sí, amigos, él es ese tipo de protagonista.

Oh shit, las chicas no estaran muy contentas

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