Canterlot Get's Chaotic

by Fear Ripper

Get Chaotic

The girls looked at their male friend in shock and confusion.

"Wait, Chaotic is a place?" Twilight asked.

"Remember when I said the Chaotic game with change for you forever? This is what I meant." Braveheart said signaling to the whole place. "When players in the real world win an uncertain amount of online matches and show enough skill, they get sent an entrance code. Which were the codes you girls got earlier. When that code is input into your scanners, it transports you here to play the game for real."

The girls were still in shock, but took in all the information. But something caught Sunsets attention.

"Play the game for real? What does that mean?"

Braveheart, with his unrelenting smirk, chuckled at her question.

"I feel it better to show you than to tell you."

Suddenly, one of the floating service robots floated up to the group.

"New Chaotic players, the seven of you have your first battle drome matches in 10 minutes." it said in a generic robotic voice.

"No problem, allow me to guide them to the battle dromes." Braveheart said to the robot as it floated away.

"What in tarnations is a 'battle drome.'" Applejack asked.

"Battle dromes are where the matches are held. Every player is scheduled to do at least one drone battle once a week, but other players can challenge who ever they want to drome matches any time, anywhere." Braveheart lead them away from the port court.

They all arrived at a large open area. They stood atop of a large round platform with seven conveyor belts going off in seven different directions.

"Okay, according to the battle schedule," Braveheart stated while looking at his scanner, "Twilight's battle is in the Crellan Drome, Applejack in the Hotekk Drome, Rarity in the Amzen Drome, Rainbow in the Oran Drome, Pinkie in the Tirasis Drome, Fluttershy in the Imthor Drome, and Sunset in the Chirral Drome." He lead each girl to the different conveyer belts, "The conveyor belt will take you all to your individual Battle Dromes, which are dome like buildings. When you get to your Dromes, go inside and you'll see your opponent."

"Now hold on Sugarcube! We ain't goin' nowhere till you tell us what's going on!"

"Quite right! All you have told us is where we are, how we got here, and we have to participate in these 'Drome Battles."

"I'm sorry Braveheart, but I have to agree with them. Why are we here? How do we get home?"

Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy questioned Braveheart.

"Yeah! And is there anywhere in this place to get some cake?!" Pinkie Pie asked, making her friends sweat drop.

Braveheart sighed, "Look girls, I know I haven't been the best Chaotic tour guide, but you're running out of time. If you're late for your Drome Match then you forfeit, which isn't going to do good for your reputations as Chaotic players. I promise I'll answer any questions you have when you all get done with your matches, so please trust me." He pleaded.

The girls still had worried looks on their faces, until Rainbow Dash walked up to Braveheart and threw her arm over his shoulders.

"I trust you, you're my friend after all." She said with a smile. "I don't know what you girls are stressed about. We just have to win our Chaotic matches. No sweat since we are all awesome players."

Everyone took one last glance, and nodded in agreement.

"Alright, when you're done with your matches I'll be waiting for you right here." Braveheart said.

With that, the girls gotten on the conveyor belts.

(With Twilight)

While she was waiting, she heard a ringing coming from her scanner. She pressed the D-pad, and the screen showed Braveheart.

"Hey girls! I opened this group chat on our scanners to use this time to briefly explain what you are getting into."

"Our scanner can make video calls? I never knew that." Twilight said.

"It's a function that activates only when you receive your entrance codes. Now, in the Dromes, set up your side of the field for a one-on-one match, just like you would for the card game."

(With Rainbow Dash)

"But we don't have our cards. How are we supposed to battle?" Rainbow asked.

"Trust me, you won't need your cards for the Dromes." Braveheart said.

(With Sunset)

"Oh, so it's an online match?" She asked.

"Not exactly."

(With no one in particular)

As if on cue, the seven of them had reached their individual Battle Dromes. Braveheart wanted to take this time to say one last piece of advice to his friends.

"Alright girls, I can still contact you when you're inside the Battle Dromes, but once you lock your decks I won't be able to give you any more advice. So listen to what I'm about to tell you, cause it's really important." He said seriously as the girls were listening intently. "When you are in a battle, you aren't 'you' anymore. Act and battle like the creatures you choose. If you can accomplish that, then victory with be yours. That's all I have to say, Braveheart, over and out!" With that he hung up, leaving even more confusion on the girl's faces.

Shrugging of their confusion, they all entered the Dromes.

(With Twilight)

Twilight entered a large green room, and a revolving Chaotic symbol appeared in the middle of it.

"Welcome Twilight Sparkle," a deep robotic voice said. "Chaotic Code Name: Merlina."


"Chaotic Code Name: Jack Hammer."

(Rainbow Dash)

"Chaotic Code Name: Sonic Rainboom."


"Chaotic Code Name: Rare Jewel."

(Pinkie Pie)

"Chaotic Code Name: Party Pink."


"Chaotic Code Name: Nature Goddess."


"Chaotic Code Name: Shimmer Shine,"

(Back With Twilight)

"Dock your scanner."

A pole with a slot looking device raised from the ground. She walked up and put her scanner on the slot. A holographic screen popped up in front of her, much to her shock. Even more shocking is when she poked it and actually felt something.

"Amazing. A physical holographic screen, and it's set up just like the game." She said to herself.

"Your opponent will be,"

in walked a teenage boy who had short blond hair, wearing red shades, a brown coat, and black jeans.

"Klaybourne. Chaotic Code Name: Klayotic."

Klaybourne looked towards Twilight with a sinister grin.

"Hello newbie." He said with a condescending tone.

Twilight frowned. Immediately she know that she hated the guy.

"Players, Choose your creatures."

'Okay Twilight, let's play this smart. I don't know anything about him, so I'll play my best cards. Najurin never let me down.' She thought as she scrolled down her creature cards and found Najurin. She used her hand to drag it to the creatures slot on the board.


'I better hook Odu Bathax with a Plasma Pounder, for his earth attacks.'


'A Torrent Krinth will up Intress's water attacks. Plus it's stylish!'


' A Canon Of Casualty Mugic will give Nivenna an edge'


'I better give Tangath Toborn a Song of Resurgence mugic in case he gets hurt.'

(Rainbow Dash)

'Ten locations, huh? I better use locations to help Takinom. Like Underworld City and the Lava Pond.'

(Pinkie Pie)

'Mipedian Oasis and Mipedian Dew farm will make Jorre feel at home.'

(Back to Twilight.)

"Players, lock your decks."

Both Twilight and Klaybourn pressed the top button of their scanner. They could both see each others side of the playing field. Twilight's Najurin was facing off against Klaybourn's Barath Beyond.

"Because it is her their first battle in Chaotic, Merlina will attack first. Activate your location randomizer."

Twilight spun her location randomizer, it spun around until stopped on one location.

"Lakke Ken-i-po." Twilight let out a small cheer for the home field advantage.

"Choose your attacking creatures."


I was sitting in the same place as I was when the girls left for their matches.

I still couldn't believe it, they finally got their codes. Now I can finally share my Chaotic experience with my greatest friends.

Thier earth selves are probably still thinking I'm crazy, but I can't wait to see their faces when we port back home. I was watching their matches through my scanner. I kind of felt bad for Twilight and Fluttershy since their battling Klay and Krystella. Those two snakes make Pyrithion look bad. At least Sunset, Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie are facing the nicer Chaotic Players.

"Alright, this is it. Time for you all to, Get Chaotic!"