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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*



2012, the year the world was going to end. I really didn't think much of it, to me the world would be the same no matter what happened. Earth is violent and lacking real heroes. Maybe in my sleep I'll dream of a better world if this one does die.

... Oh that's new, God's in my dream.

Crossed over with:
A Wielder and His Students
Life of A Nobody
Keys to the Harmoy
Lost in Her Time of Need

Crossover with Kingdom hearts. Story that gave me the idea here and the story that inspired that one is here!

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Methinks you've got a little typo in your title there, hon.

7928554 Fixed, don't know how I missed that this whole time.:derpytongue2:

I'm sorry I didn't play all the kingdom hearts games so I dont know what the x blade looks like or what the armor looks like can you send me some pics?

so far not a bad start I will keep reading and see how this goes

two thinks that came to my mind while reading this one each of there gliders especially dinky's I thought was adorable!!! Just thinking about a little gummy ship about the size of a kiddie ride you see in a mall with her head sticking out. LOL


7939191 Thx I only played one two and the one with roxas in the organization

7939203 This... This comment... This is the kinda comment I was hoping for! Thank you! It made me laugh.:rainbowlaugh:

If you'd read the Ansem Reports in KH 2, you'd know that Nobodies are made from the body and soul of one that lost their heart.

7939304 ah... I didn't read them, plus my kh 2 data was deleted so I'll have to read them online. Thanks for the info.

slight problem with this chapter my spike is a dragon not a human with scales... basicly he looks like the shows spike

7939191 ...How is the X-Blade both Keyblades?

7967719 ? Where did I put that?

I thought the Nobodies was the result of the bodies, with enough will when they were alive, that continued to move despite losing their hearts.

I find Nobodies having a soul to be odd since the heart seemed to function as a soul in the kh verse.
Especially when you learn that Nobodies don't have an after life because they have nothing to leave behind, no heart, no soul.
The are the only race in the game that just stops existing upon death.

Is Rune an OC and how does she know the other mares?

7976256 I made Rune up. She knows them from the week Zeke was out cold.

So Tirek and Discord has keyblades Devin's gonna have fun XD

7977899 I just assumed because it said odd ball and Discord is a bit odd

So........blueblood has ultima........DA HECK!!!!!

This is going great by the way. If I had any confidence in my writing(and a laptop). I would write a fic that could crossover with this one. Probably won't start with a keyblade but could get one from Zeke, but I don't have any confidence in my writing or a laptop. So keep up the awesome work.

Dang. Things heating up. O.O

That Huxley guy is way too high strung. He needs a life, or at least a couple grand to blow at strip clubs.

This line made me laugh to much

“Next time, next time I see god… I’m, I’m gonna punch his bearded face for not atleast letting me have Cure as a spell.”

I agree with Zeke on this point, if you're going to not give a guy magic spells, at least give him standard cure, or even a semi-infinite supply of high-potions. Better safe than sorry!

7989379 Is that an impressed or sarcastic wow?

Thats a I'm speachless this best story wow.

Hey i've been reading this story from day one. It rare for me to take intrest like this with a human in equs story, but you have me hook, line and sinker on this story. Keep up the good work.

the beginning of this chapter does raise the question who would win in a serous fight Huxley or Zeke?

Zeke vs dark Zeke. Great chapter. I like the Fenrir keyblade. If only it didn't take a attack fro m ground and air away. Wish it'd appear more often in the games to.

Ha my grampa proposed after he got shot.

Nice chapter! I'm attempting (note the word attempting....its really crappy so far) to make a KH/MLP crossover myself, and I'm glad to see one turn out well so far, if a bit fast for me. The only constructive criticism I can give so far is to slow down. It's been boom boom boom the entire time. slow down to make those boom moments mean more than just another thing for your character to do.

7994692 lucky you, expect a "slice of life" arch soon.

7994781 Thats a good way to chill the nerves before what I'm assuming is going to be a shit fest

Two chapters in one day. That must be tough on you. Well this is awesome.

7995180 Not really. I tend to make one or two of this stories chapters a day anyway. I just felt that since I have no real post chapter schedule set I'll post when I feel like I should.

Wow dude. You post fast. I'm jealous :ajbemused:

I want some changling kids!

how are you getting chapters out so fast when you are helping (I'm assuming) two people and have two different stories to edit?

7997035 Honestly, they do good on their own, they just ask me to look over a chapter if they are unsure. I fix anything that looks wrong or could be made better, and give advice and suggestions. And until I finally get a job writing chapters is part of what takes up my time,

Non-Disney/mlp worlds.....well to help he might need to go to one with strong swordsman like one piece or bleach......could lure some things from those worlds like Haki. Well keep up the awesome work. A wayfinder. From what I just saw/read he is gonna need all the help he can get against Core.

The world that never was? The city part to be spisific

Oh how much I wish I could be this good at writing. Oh well, great job on another great chapter, keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

A studio gibly movie called spirited away.


Would smell like a human or a spirit?

where is discord? if you tell me he's dead he just can't be. he has reality warping powers and he's the god of chaos and just don't die that easily.

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