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I'm just a fan of MLP, Touhou, and much more and now for a personal quote. "Inspiration is a fickle thing it’s there when you don’t want it and gone when you need it."


*Please read the entire description* Go to bed one day, and woke up as some kind of fusion of a werewolf and dragon. I doubt i'll ever learn what happened but at least I have my knowledge on how to hunt and survive in the wild so I might as well do something with it. Time to call upon my inner Monster Hunter and take care of some beasts.

I've been wanted to do a non-Displaced story for a while but since I tend to do more Adventure then Slice of Life stories I figured I'd stick with what I know. While I'm going to avoid bringing in lore or people from other series but I'm making an exception to monsters and races because so far Equestria doesn't have the widest selection of monsters. I am going to give let everyone know where the beasts come from and I'm going to include a few monsters of my own design when I get the chance.

Edit 1: When I uploaded this story I forgot that the people of Equestria were going to be human but still have the skin tone of their pony counterparts. Sorry about that.
Edit 2: The main reason I've kept the Anthro tag is due to Ajax having a werewolf like form. Hope this helps clear things up.
Edit 3: I changed the name of the District that Ajax lives in to the Craft's District and the food market area to the Market District. I realized this made more sense in the middle of writing chapter 4

As with all my stories I hope you enjoy.

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very interesting beginning. I cant wait to see how this continues

Finally a story that is actually not like a damn happy go lucky anime. Great story so far, no problems from me and reminds me of this other story called Star Eater, heard of it?

Yup. Great story and I can't wait to see where it goes.

if you want to create a last name for him this might help "monster Hunter" in latin is "monstrum venandi"

Thanks. I'll keep it in mind.

When I uploaded this story I forgot that the people of Equestria were going to be human but still have the skin tone of their pony counterparts. Sorry about that.

So... It's NOT anthro? What's with the anthro tag, then?

Since Ajax is a werewolf i'm counting him as an Antrho. Thanks for bringing it up I'll add an edit to the description.

please for the love of god! Give me another chapter!!!! THIS STORY IS AMAZING!!!

Trust me I don't plan on just dropping this story.

I must have had a lot of salt today cause I'm DAMN thirsty for more chapters;)

Glad you're enjoying it so much.

Let me guess with Scootaloo. A werewolf killed her parents and turned her into one as well but she can control herself. And she doesn't trust Ajax because of what he is and believes he will kill everything she holds dear.

Now would I be that predictable? The answer to that is maybe, BUT I did think about that kind of thing and decided not to use that idea. I've got another reason for way Scoot's doesn't trust Ajax in mind.

This is making me have ideas for Of Bones and Balloons. Curse this lack of energy.

Inspiration can be a pain. It can come when you don't want it and leaves when you need it. and is there any scene in particular that's giving you ideas?

His talking with Berry Punch. I have my own plans for the inhabitants of Ponyville, when Jared gets there that is.

hi question are you going to make this story have romance and sex?

Romance maybe. Sex is doubtful, and if I do it'll only be mentioned and not shown.

Well Ajax having someone is a maybe. I've got other ideas for characters that'll have romantic feelings

Didn't know about that but that's somewhat similar yeah. I might use that as the image for a different Lycan-Scale. What exactly is that from?

i searched up werewolf dragon hybrid on google it's still amazing what you can find on it XD

also love the fic not as good as "Don't Get Cocky" in terms of funniness (some of it's chapter made me laugh so hard i couldn't breath"

I'll pm you some pictures that you can use for the story

Thanks. I'll find someway to work em in

This is great. A few grammar trips but i tend to gloss over those, and thy're hardly noticeable anyway. All in all, well done so far. I'm eagerly hoping for more. :moustache:

Thanks for the words of confidence! Hopefully I can get past the little writer's block I'm having for this and things can pick up in a chapter or two.

So question. how tall is he and how tall is he compared to the princesses?

Celestia is around seven and a half feet tall, Luna's only a foot shorter and Ajax is just a little taller then Luna.

Thanks knowing things like that makes it easier to get a good view of the scene in your mind.

I always wanted to see a form of karma that will end with Spoiled Rich gagged...and half naked in front of every pony.

that's not quite what i'm planning but that is one way to punish her i'll agree with you there

I wasn't exactly requesting it, but the feelings mutual.

Good to know! My hope is that I'll be getting into the first real story arc in a chapter or two.

and more there shall be. I just need to figure out a couple more details before I work on the next chapter

What kind of details? I'm told it’s really easy to bounce ideas off me.

nothing that major but I'll keep you in mind if I need another opinion.:pinkiesmile:

Are we EVER going to get a new chapter for this?

as soon as Inspiration comes back and helps. I don't like feeling like I'm forcing the words to come as I feel like that lowers the over all quality. I'm sorry for the long wait thought. I hate leaving people hanging like this.:pinkiesad2:


Understood....hope you get an idea soon.

you could always have him "run into" ponies you want him to meet as he heads home or something

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